Chapter 13:

Mashù's resolve

Spirit Guardians

Jeremi- oh yeah I saw another person head into the lab by himself. But I didn't know who it was.

Oh no… was he tall,wore glasses, kinda muscular???

Jeremi- Yea…

Mashù…what is he doing here??? I gotta go back up and Capture Tenki…

*Anjero stumbles but Jeremi catches him.

Jeremi- don't push yourself…

You're right I'll just sit here for a sec

*1 minute ago in the Laboratory

Bradoon- All this darn noise, and Devanga is still not back. I guess I'll have to do the extraction myself.

Mashù- Bradoon there you are!!!

*Mashù tries to kick Tenki, but Tenki stops it with his bare hands.

Bradoon- Ahhh Mashù I see you've come back to give me my Spirit back.

Mashù-Err...your spirit? It never belonged to you!!!!

Bradoon-Oh really!

*Bradoon grabbed Mashù's leg and threw him into the wall.

Mashu- ahh( spits out blood)..... What the hell was that?

Bradoon- Oh, I'm glad you asked. I figured out how to use the machine and keep some of the spirits for myself.

Mashù- You disgusting bastard…. How many kids have you killed in the process?

Bradoon- I'm not obligated to answer that. But if you have to know I'd say about 20 or so….

Mashù- I can't believe such a person exists… that's ok because your grave will be here!!

Bradoon- Yes!! Make it easier for me to take your spirit. Come at me!!!

*Mashù, enraged , rushed into Bradoon. Bradoon blocks all of his hits with ease.

Bradoon- Pathetic!! I thought you'd at least get better in these 3 years….im so disappointed.

Mashù- Shut the Hell up!!!

*Mashù lands a roundhouse kick to Bradoon's face.

Bradoon- Interesting….that actually hurt a little bit. I guess I can get a little serious now.(smiles menacingly)

*Bradoon starts to spew magma out his arms.

Bradoon- Take this Boy!! MAGMA DEVASTATION!!

Mashù- The heck is this??? JACKPOT!!!

*Mashù dodges the magma just in time.

Mashù- Huh…..(panting) you're really pissing me off!!

*Anjero and Jeremi enter the lab

Mashù are you alright???

Mashù- Anjero?? What are you doing here…… right, it's your mission.

Why're you here? Mr.Aado said you couldn't be here

Mashù- I...uh

Well it doesn't matter now, just help us capture him.

Mashù- Alright….Thanks Anjero

*Everyone starts dodging the magma.

Don't thank me yet we still have to complete this mission and all get out alive.

Jeremi- Did you come here alone?

Mashù- No there's 2 others

Who???... Romaji and kamira right??

Mashù- Yea they're currently fighting.

*Anjero calls Yoku on his earpiece.

Yoku!! Kamira, and Romaji are here. Can you go make sure they're ok??

Yoku- Yea I got you Anro do you know where they are?

Mashù do you know where they are??

Mashù- Yea Kamira is on the south wing of this place and Romaji is on the floor above the Lab.

You get that Yoku???