Chapter 14:

Yoku to the Rescue

Spirit Guardians

Yoku- yea got it I'm on my way to Kamira now. VANTAGE POINT!!Bookmark here

*Yoku teleports to the south wingBookmark here

Yoku- Huh… ok never doing that again.Bookmark here

*Kamira from belowBookmark here

Kamira- You Fools are done yet I can go all day!!!Bookmark here

Yoku- Hey I think they're out for the count now.Bookmark here

Kamira- Ahh...One more. Hiding......up there!!!Bookmark here

*Kamira chucks a piece of the broken wall at Yoku.Bookmark here

Yoku- Woah!!! Kamira it's me yoku. Geez you almost hit me.Bookmark here

*Kamira reverts back to regular sizeBookmark here

Kamira- oh Yoku I didn't know you were here…Bookmark here

Yoku- It's my mission, why wouldn't I be here??Bookmark here

Kamira- That's true so what's going on??Bookmark here

Yoku- I'll tell you on the way to get Romaji.Bookmark here

*Yoku tells Kamira everything while running towards Romaji.Bookmark here

Kamira- so that's what's going on…. We better get to Mashù and the others quickly then.Bookmark here

Yoku- No Kamira you're badly injured on top of that you weren't supposed to be here anyways.Bookmark here

Kamira- I'm fine I've been through worse.Bookmark here

Yoku- Ok, but first I need to get you to the med bay in the submarine. We'll get you patched up so you can fight….Bookmark here

Kamira- Romaji! Are you ok??Bookmark here

Romaji- Yea I'm good...T...these armored punks are annoying. I t...took out 3 already..Bookmark here

Yoku- Romaji here I got ya… Bookmark here

*Yoku picks up Romaji and holds him up by the shoulder.Bookmark here

Romaji- Y..yoku how glad I am to see you.Bookmark here

Yoku- Yea save it for later.....Romaji do they have any openings in their armor?Bookmark here

Romaji- (cough, cough) Yea… the back….of their…. Heads.Bookmark here

Yoku-Good.Bookmark here

Armored grunt 1- there's more of you now. Hahaha doesn't matter, I'll kill you all and move up the ranks.Bookmark here

Yoku- Ricochet Bullets!!Bookmark here

*Yoku shoots 2 bulletsBookmark here

Armored grunt 2-ha your aim is garbage!Bookmark here

*The 2 bullets bounce off the stairs and hits both grunts in the back of the headBookmark here

Romaji- Wow you've gotten kinda strong man in just 3 days.Bookmark here

Yoku-(blushes) ah you think so??Bookmark here

Kamira- and hey you didn't faint from that move. Good going man!Bookmark here

Yoku-Alright let's get you 2 to the submarine….Bookmark here

*Yoku calls AnjeroBookmark here

Yoku- Anro I found Kamira and Romaji. They're alive, we're headed towards the sub now.Bookmark here

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