Chapter 12:


Spirit Guardians

*Romaji, Kamira, and Mashù show up at the south side of the base.

Mashù- Crash on that side of the base Romaji

Romaji- Ok then!!!!

*They crash into the base

Kamira- Geez softer crash next time.

*10 grunts show up.

Grunt- Hey prepare to die!!!

Mashù- Kamira you got this??

Kamira- 10 Men with knives, swords, and shields….. Easy!! HULKEN RAGE!!!

Mashù- Let's go Romaji!!!

Grunt- Hey Get back here!

*Kamira knocks away a grunt with one punch.

Kamira- Who told you to look away!?!?!?

*Mashù and Romaji running down the hall on the 3rd floor.

Mashù-Huh where is he??

Romaji- Mashù I hear action on the 2nd floor. He might be there.

Mashù- Ok let's go down those stairs!

*Romaji and Mashù run into 5 big Grunts in armor

Armored Grunt- And where do you think you're going???

Mashù- Where's Bradoon?!?!

Armored Grunt- he's down these stairs but you're not getting past us.

Romaji- Go on Mashù I can handle these lames.

Mashù- are you sure Rom…

Romaji- Just go!!

Mashù- ok!!!

Romaji- Hey Losers!!! You 5 are lucky.

Armored Grunt- and why is that??

Romaji- Because you get to fight the main character of this story!!! BEAST SOUL TRANSFORMATION- GORILLA, AND CHEETAH!!!

*On the Bottom floor

Ok, Jeremi said 2nd floor...i hope he's alright….Shinkei please still be alive.

*Anjero finds the elevator.

Ok Guess I'll use this….. Come on, go faster…

Grunt on the upper floor- Hey someone's using the elevator ready your guns men.

Shit...think, think oh I got it

*Elevator opens grunts shoot up the elevator

Grunt- Hold your fire.....where is he or she.


Grunts- Ahhhh

Ok I'm glad that worked….anyways laboratory labor….

Jeremi- Ahhhh

*Jeremi gets thrown into Anjero

Jeremi, are you ok???

Jeremi- yea, but this guy is pissing me off.

Devanga- Oh!! Look now, there's 2 of them. How fun.

I don't have time for this move or get moved Big boy!!

Devanga- What did you just call me!!!!

Jeremi- Great I think you pissed him off.

Devanga- Rawwwwwrrrrr!!!!!! ROCK ARMOR!!!!

Jeremi- That armor won't help you in the slightest. PHANTOM PHASE!!!

*Jeremi phases through Devanga's armor and punches him in the ribs. Fracturing 3 of them.

Devanga- you scrawny piss head Die!!!!


Devanga- Haha Haha do you really think some little ass water can hurt me?

Shoot no dice…...Jeremi

Jeremi- Yea

I've got a plan (Anjero whispers into Jeremi's ear).

Can you hold him off for 40 secs? I need to collect energy.

Jeremi- I'll try don't take too long.


*Anjero stands still and starts meditating.

Devanga- Hey is he dead? I wasn't done playing with him.

Jeremi- You fight is with me Fat boy

Devanga- Now….i'll beat you into a bloody pulp till there's nothing left…

*Anjero in his head

I just need to focus on the water around me and channel some of its energy into my body…

All this energy it's incredible....ok Jeremi move out of the way!!! GEYSER…..BAZOOKA!!!

Devanga- Hahaha more water huh…...what the hell!! it's chipping away at my armor!!!!

Jeremi Now!!!


*Jeremi throws countless punches at Devanga

Devanga- Ahhh…..

Good job man now onto Tenki

Devanga- Did you really think I'd be done with those weak ass pun….

*Devanga finally faints

Jeremi- Anjero gives me the Spirit nullifying handcuffs before he wakes up.

Yea definitely should do that.