Chapter 29:

Her Side of the Story

White Nightmare

Ruru slept on the hard and cold floor of the cavern. It didn’t take long till she realized that she had abandoned the warm clad of her environment, where she was surrounded by Rodan, Nono, and of course, Ringo.Bookmark here

“Cold...Bookmark here

I... miss them already.”Bookmark here

Her tears ran down on her cheeks. The coldness of the dirt below made her tears unfelt. It was so cold, piercingly freezing in there. Ruru’s heart felt like being torn apart as her newest memories came by. She remembered it. The coldness... It’s not like when those times where Rodan gave her a comfy bed and a warm sheet of soft blanket. It’s not like when Ringo gave her warm water bath. It’s not like when Nono gave her a glass of hot chocolate. Bookmark here

But now... it’s all gone.Bookmark here

The environment around her cruelly implied that she will never go back to those days.Bookmark here

“What am I to be in his side? I will only kill him.Bookmark here

...Just like how I... attempted to kill Miss Ringo.Bookmark here

If Roro was not there that time... maybe... maybe she will...”Bookmark here

Ruru cancelled out her thoughts. That future never happened.Bookmark here

The white creature scraped the dirt with her finger. When she was about to sleep, the terrifying memory of her past began to crawl into her mind again.Bookmark here

And to heal her pain...Bookmark here

She reminisced a scratch of her past.Bookmark here

“I don’t remember... well.Bookmark here

The only thing I remember is that I was just a mere slave...Bookmark here

Bow to whoever my master is.Bookmark here

The last slave master was the circus ringleader which I don’t remember his name. He put me in in a large cage as if I’m an animal. His men covered the cage with a huge blanket, preventing any source of light to meet my eyes. They left a small opening, allowing people to stare at me.Bookmark here

Everyone easily recognized that I am a demonic creature just by a simple look. I was unable to retain human form, so I stayed in my demon form. Thinking back about it again... it is a fitting place for a demon like me.Bookmark here

People threw anything to me. Rocks, rubbish, or even weapons that could threaten my life. It irritated my mind. But I was commanded not to retaliate. It pained me. But it was my master’s order, I could only follow. Bookmark here

The reason for such obedience is that...Bookmark here

...I don’t remember a thing.Bookmark here

I don’t remember who I am. I don’t remember what I was before. I don’t remember where I was birthed. I don’t even remember my parents. Are they human? Are they demon like me? Are they something else? I truly don’t know. There’s hundred of holes in my mind. Supposedly, hundreds of memories should’ve filled the emptiness in my brain, but I was unable to recall them.Bookmark here

I can only remember that I was a slave, and that’s it. Days after days I’ve spent as a slave while trying to recall what was missing in me. I couldn’t. There’s not a single thing I could remember. Bookmark here

It pained me more. It hurt me. Why couldn’t I remember anything? There’s a missing piece within my soul yet I failed to know what is. It worsened my mind. Eventually... I quitted. I quit to live my life anymore.Bookmark here

Until... a sparkle of memory began flowing back to me when I’m transferred to that circus. When the ringleader wanted me to go on a debut in his action show, I could only nod. Though I was not given any food for the last few days, even from my previous master.Bookmark here

In a condition where I’ve quitted life... I could only hope for food. Live for food. That’s all. But I was stripped off that simple hope as well. Bookmark here

How saddening. Bookmark here

How aching.Bookmark here

But... in one point, a figure of a human appeared before my cage. He stood so close till I could see his eyes in his silhouette. He’s strange, where everyone dared not to stand near my cage, he stepped in the closest. I don’t know where the guards were that supposed to be watching over my cage. It felt like he just slipped through them.Bookmark here

I thought he’d be just the same as the others. He would trample on me.Bookmark here

But... I was wrong.Bookmark here

He was the first person to give me food in those last few days. He gave me an apple, rolling it to me. I looked at it as I wondered whether I am simply hallucinating or not. It’s not rocks that was given to me, but an actual food!Bookmark here

I was confused by his actions. But when I heard his words...Bookmark here

My hope slowly returned. He’s the first to acknowledge my condition and gave me the solution to it. I was thrilled. There’s someone who would do something so kind even to a demon like me. I doubted he knew what I am exactly, hence the reason of him giving me food.Bookmark here

My heart felt like softening again. It felt like the pain I’ve endured slowly healed up in that tiny moment. His words felt so warm and comforting. Moreover, the food he gave me was the trigger to some of my memories.Bookmark here

I realized in that time...Bookmark here

That I am a White Demon.Bookmark here

I acknowledged my true powers and planned to break free.Bookmark here

But there was something that hindered me. And that was hunger. My hunger was immeasurably great to the point that moving my body was a pain.Bookmark here

The food he gave me was not enough. I wanted to relieve myself from this terrible starvation, so I began making up a plan. I planned to escape the circus afterwards and destroy whoever dared to stop me.Bookmark here

It proved... not so well executed. My hunger took the best of me.Bookmark here

I finally got more glimpse of memory when I was shot by many spotlights from all directions. I couldn’t stand against those, so I destroyed them with my aura. The man in front of me, purposed to be the main actor of the show was killed by my own hands. But there, the disaster happened. I couldn’t control my body anymore. My entire body was moving on its own to find one thing: food.Bookmark here

In the darkness, I searched for food in the dead body of that poor actor. But I couldn’t find any. I reflectively let out a loud roar. My aura was intensifying, making the magic construction in the room went haywire in matter of seconds. People’s scream went out chaotically shortly afterwards.Bookmark here

With my current powers that I’ve realized, I thought nobody could stop me. But that thought began to crumble when I noticed many magical presences being constructed around me. Bookmark here

My head became a total mess. I wanted to control myself from going berserk, but of no use. My anger and starvation fueled my instinct to go fury. The only thing I did to control was aiming that sense of wrath to one man who made me suffer: the slave master.Bookmark here

When I began attacking him with my claws, I was shocked that a power of the same level as I have blocked me from piercing into his body. I tried to break free. I tried to crush this person who tried to stop me. But he’s strong. My strength got bigger when my hunger ached.Bookmark here

My starvation became painful when I tried to activate magic, but none were able to be casted. All of them were nullified by another magic.Bookmark here

I reflectively let out my voice in their language, saying that I was starving and wanted to go. The person seemed to understand what I just said. Even so, he didn’t let me go so I tried forcing myself out of his grip.Bookmark here

But he didn’t let go. Even though his arms were injured by my claws, he stood unperturbed. I kept trying to break free. I screamed. I shrieked for freedom. But the pain just won’t go. I decided to muster my entire Mana to activate one powerful magic as my final resort. Sadly, even that was nullified. At the same time, a massive barrier blocked the surrounding arena.Bookmark here

Began to feel desperate, I kept asking him to let me go, but he just won’t. I said it again, again, and again, but he refused to let my hands go. At first it was my claws that stuck onto him, but now, it felt like he was holding them to prevent me from running anywhere.Bookmark here

My final desperate counterattack was my strongest magic. It penetrated even through the nullification zone I’m in. But in that last moment as well, the person before me realized what was it that I’m longing for.Bookmark here

When I thought he’ll kill me, instead, he gave me food.Bookmark here

I realized it was the same fruit that I ate before.Bookmark here

With his bleeding arms, he gave it to me. His voice was so peaceful to my heart. I couldn’t sense any bad intent in him. His presence alone made me feel like I’m at home, warmhearted and comforting.Bookmark here

There, I decided to lay my trust to him. The first time I sincerely gave trust to someone after a long time made my nerves calm. Without me noticing it, my berserk mode had ended. I’ve reverted into a humanoid form.Bookmark here

I realized that he was the same person that gave me food when I was in the cage. He gave me more and more fruits. He completely realized what I was after!Bookmark here

He’s the first to realize...Bookmark here

It moved my heart. I was so happy. No one else was able to acknowledge my condition like this.Bookmark here

But all of that plunged into darkness when I got blacked out. When I woke up, I realized I was already in his house.Bookmark here

He gave me a comfortable place, he welcomed me like one of his own, and ultimately, he gave me something that filled an empty space in my mind. He gave me name, not knowing that I am a White Demon.Bookmark here

Obtaining a name made me evolve. Well, ‘evolve’ won’t be a correct term, though. Actually, I returned to my previous self. A memory filled into my mind about how I looked like in the distant past, and that was my humanoid body right now.Bookmark here

Even with all of that achieved, I concerned of one thing. And that is about how I still couldn’t control my powers. I learned that my presence contaminated the life energy of monsters. I saw it personally when Roro and Nono went out to the city. Slime monsters became wilder and tougher when getting too close to me.Bookmark here

But I didn’t understand what’s making them like that. There’s still something missing, but I don’t know what is. I kept it a secret from Roro. I kept it to myself from everyone as I don’t want to lose all I’ve got.Bookmark here

But it proved fatal.Bookmark here

In one point, as if a canteen was overly filled and when it couldn’t handle it anymore, it would break apart. My hidden powers made monsters around me to become so powerful and crazy. Though, I learned that I must use my powers to prevent myself from going berserk and to stop those monsters from growing ever stronger.Bookmark here

I realized it when I’m slowly losing control of my body. I felt an immense headache and felt pain across my body.Bookmark here

I realized none of us couldn’t pass the night like that, so I escaped out of the house and found a place where I could unleash hell. But when I released my true powers, I suddenly regained another memory, that I soon noticed as my actual personality: cold-hearted and sadistic. I killed so many monsters which winded-up near me, and some unlucky humans as well.Bookmark here

But when my powers got over the top, it caused Miss Ringo to fell from the crumbling hill. I reflectively wanted to save her, but when she stated what I truly am.Bookmark here

It ultimately brought back many memories and made me went berserk.Bookmark here

I’m the White Nightmare.Bookmark here

I’m everyone’s nightmare.Bookmark here

I was destined to be like this.Bookmark here

When Roro came and saw me like that, I eventually wanted to run away and hide myself. He was about to stop me, but I decided to force him to stop protecting me because I am the White Nightmare. I don’t want my presence in his side endanger his life and Nono’s. I don’t want to be a curse to him.Bookmark here

I attempted to attack him and then I ran away.Bookmark here

After doing that to him...Bookmark here

I believe this time; he will not find me. He will hate me. He won’t trust me anymore. Who would even trust someone who tried to kill you? Moreover, a demon?Bookmark here

I don’t want to endanger him anymore. I left him and those short-lived comfortable times. This... is the best for all people in this world. The nightmare they’re so scared of won’t ever return...Bookmark here

The story of the White Nightmare... ends here...”Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

..Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

But Ruru was wrong.Bookmark here

As she ended reminiscing, and began thinking that she’ll be like that forever, a knock of miracle was sounded. Someone’s voice was heard just beyond the seal that Ruru just made.Bookmark here

“That voice...” said Ruru while reflectively getting back up. When the voice from beyond became much more audible, she was thrilled. She recognized that voice. The voice that she adored and loved. The comforting and friendly voice that had helped her out of her misery.Bookmark here

“No way... this... this is a lie...!” said Ruru disbelieving. “Roro...!”Bookmark here

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