Chapter 21:

Way Two Much To Handle

Bible 2: The Sequel to the Bible

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Voregia State annual culling tournament!” Bartin Styler shouted into his microphone.Bookmark here

He had been drafted in to be the announcer for Voratorium 6 today in the Atlana Vore Village. His contemporaries filled the other 7.Bookmark here

Kobe and Vorelando had taken up some of the seats reserved for fellow competitors. They wanted to catch Two’s match. The scorpion boys had been a very reclusive bunch, so there existed no video footage showcasing their vore styles. Kobe was anxious to get a glimpse knowing, sooner or later, he would probably have to face him.Bookmark here

“Who’s Two’s opponent anyway?” Vorelando asked.Bookmark here

“Some no name from GIV, a two star recruit. He can turn his hands into teeth or something, I don’t know.”Bookmark here

Vorelando tried to imagine what that would look like but struggled to form an image in his mind.Bookmark here

“We certainly do have a range of fantastic matchups tonight, and we start now!”Bookmark here

The light show that precedes Vorings lit up the cage as Styler announced the contestants.Bookmark here

“Our first contestant is Hungry Harry from GIV. He vored at a 73% efficiency in high school, slightly above the national average.”Bookmark here

The light shone on Harry, revealing his thin frame that was adorned by a large fur coat.Bookmark here

“And facing him is one of the two remaining scorpion boys. That one is Two! We have no statistics on record for this man but you don’t get into the scorpion boys without some serious panache!”Bookmark here

The light shone on Two and the crowd let out a gasp. He had entered the cage completely naked other than a large censor bar he had stapled to his groin area.Bookmark here

“That’s just not what you want to see in the cage, is it? A mockery of the beautiful game.” Styler bemoaned.Bookmark here

“Are you taking the piss mate? Have some shame.” Harry said.Bookmark here

“Shame leads to anger, anger to defeat and defeat to shame again. It is a vicious cycle and you would do best to eliminate one of the three from your diet before your life starts rolling downhill.” Two responded.Bookmark here

“Listen to this loser, he tryna preach!”Bookmark here

The crowd started chanting.Bookmark here

“Keep it out! Keep it out! Keep it out!”Bookmark here

Not a single muscle in Two’s face responded, he merely drew in a deep breath and exhaled.Bookmark here

“Well, since there is no rulebook to consult, this kind of attire must be legal, as farcical as it is.” Styler sighed. “Anyway, let’s get this show on the road! It’s Hungry Harry! It’s the Scorpion Boys’ Two! And it’s liiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!”Bookmark here

Each announcer had his own way of building hype and of starting a match. ‘And it’s liiiiiiiiive!’ was Styler’s equivalent of a starting gun.Bookmark here

In an instant Hungry Harry had bitten is right thumb, drawing blood. Lighting sparked from his body and suddenly, both of his hands morphed into giant sets of teeth. Where his wrist ended, teeth no began and they would not stop chattering.Bookmark here

“Harry is HUNGRY!” Hungry Harry howled hungrily, the hunger dripping from his salivating mouth.Bookmark here

Two didn’t react, he merely stood his ground, arms folded. Bookmark here

Hungry Harry charged at two.Bookmark here

“What are you going to do huh? Hit me with a big counter attack? Dodge and try to tire me out? I’m not scared of you! I don’t care what kind of stupid gang you were part of!”Bookmark here

Again, Two didn’t react. He didn’t react as Harry closed the distance between them. He didn’t react when Harry’s teeth hands went straight for his chest. Nor did he react as those pearly whites clamped down on his nipples.Bookmark here


As soon as the teeth in Hungry Harry’s hands made contact with Two’s nipples, they shattered. Two flexed his pectorals and sent Harry flying across the cage, slamming into the bars and slumping to the ground.Bookmark here

Two strode across the arena, arms still folded, flexing his pectorals one by one, over and over.Bookmark here

“You were too Proud, Hungry Harry. Pride is not the opposite of shame, but its source. You must remove pride to remove shame, thinking you can remove shame by itself is a fallacy.”Bookmark here

He came to a stop beside Hungry Harry, who was now crying.Bookmark here

“Please, mommy, please.”Bookmark here

“Rest in peace, Hungry Harry.”Bookmark here

Without moving so much as a finger, Two opened his mouth wide and tractor beamed Hungry Harry’s body inside.Bookmark here

Bartin Styler was delirious, he had jumped out of his seat.Bookmark here

“Twooooooo! Goodness gracious me! What a vore!”Bookmark here

The crowd went positively mangos for Two, who had one with both grace and style.Bookmark here

“Kobe, what the hell was that?” Vorelando asked.Bookmark here

“So that’s what the suitcase was for….” Kobe mumbled.Bookmark here

“Speak to me man, what the fuck did I just witness?”Bookmark here

“It’s not just the nipples Vo, his whole body is hard as granite. He’s unvoreable.”Bookmark here

“What makes you say that?”Bookmark here

Kobe ran his hands across the top of his bald head, looking lost for the first time in a long time.Bookmark here

“This man’s been eating rocks.”Bookmark here

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