Chapter 2:

To New Beginnings!

For When Morning Comes and the Sun Doesn't Rise

“Inoue Kazuki?”

“Present.” My short, curt reply stirred nothing among my new fellow classmates.

Our homeroom teacher proceeded to take attendance.

Today was my first day at this school. Following the first-year welcoming ceremony, we were ushered to our homeroom classes. It was the first day so it wasn’t expected for us to actually learn anything.

I rested my cheek in the palm of my right hand, turning my gaze out the window. The sakura trees were in full bloom. A new beginning, huh. There wasn’t a single person that I recognized, not a single friend or acquaintance. My new school, Amagawa High School, isn’t well known for anything. Completely average with no strengths or weaknesses, similar to myself. I applied here to put some distance between me and my family. My middle school didn’t feed into this one either so all these new faces were a product of that. It was my first day so making friends should be my first goal, but I couldn’t help but relax in the fact that I wouldn’t have to see my family for a while.

“Should I join a club?”

My interest in hobbies were severely limited; specifically, I had none. In my free time, I found myself doing one of two things, sitting around with friends or reading. Two things that both belonged to their own respective persona types.

I let my thoughts wander until the bell rang, signaling the end of the day. I got up from my seat, watching as small groups began to form around me. My judgement told me that they were pre-formed. Probably pre-existing friends from middle school. I let out a sigh and made my way out of the room.

“This may be more difficult than I thought.”

I hung my head low as I made my way out of the classroom, bag over my shoulder, striking my best main character, no fucks given, pose. What am I? Straight out of a manga?


In my attempt to make myself look as cool as possible, I failed to focus on anything in front of me. A T-bone at an intersection would be the best way to explain it. A slight bumper tap from a larger truck sends the sedan spinning out of control.

I raise my head to witness the rest of the situation unfold. Desperately attempting to regain her balance, this wild black-haired girl swings her arms in circles, like a human propeller. Of course, physics failed her here as she face-planted straight into the ground. I was inclined to clap at such an outstanding performance, but decided to hold it back.

“S-Sor-“ I manage to squeak out half an apology before being confronted.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Her two friends approached me.

Two things about me: First, I’m not exactly sociable, mostly because I grew up with the same friends my whole life in the same school environment. Coming across strangers was new to me since I came from a smaller town. Second, I don’t have a kind-looking face. My friends have told me about this. I’ve heard that I’m not exactly approachable. At home this wasn’t really a problem because everyone knew me. But here…

“Yeah, what’s your problem dude.” This time another guy approached me.

Standing at roughly my height but with twice the bulk, it would take only an amateur to guess he was nothing less than an athlete.

“I-It’s a misundersta-“

Two large muscular hands guided me straight into the wall behind me, dismissing my explanation. The air in my lungs quickly disappeared, I feel my grip weaken, my bag falls to the ground.

By now, a group had formed a circle around us. No teachers or faculty in sight to break us up. My first day of high school had quickly turned into a duel. I came to two realizations, rather, two possible outcomes.

Outcome number one. I fight back and lose any social status that I already had.

Outcome number two. I plead innocence and attempt to tell the truth. Hopefully the girl I accidentally knocked over would also understand this misunderstanding and back me up.

“Get him Akashi-kun!”

“Yeah, get him!”

The opening chant was proposed by the girl I had accidentally knocked over, the rest of the crowd chimed in.

He winded up his fist like Donkey Kong in an arcade game. Fear and fate struck me at the same time, I’m not sure which hit me the hardest, but after that moment I came across the unforeseen outcome number three, one-hit lights out.

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