Chapter 6:

Foreigners & An Eccentric Boy

The Forbidden and the Gifted

[9:31 a.m., August 8th 2048, Shanghai, China. Noise can be heard from outside, as the clock ticks on the wall of a small rundown shop. A large man appears in the scene, raising his fist towards the ceiling, then slamming it towards the empty tabletop. Three shadows then appear from the corner of the shot, against the wall, hands tied]Bookmark here

Aleksander: Hey, hey, hey, hey, who told ya you could move? Eh?Bookmark here

[One of the three shadows moves forward]Bookmark here

Martial: With all due respect…Bookmark here

Aleksander [Walks forward and slaps him]: Huh? Who said you could talk either?Bookmark here

Martial: You think your slap will get me to sh…Bookmark here

Aleksander [Punches him in the ribs, to which Martial gulps]: You think I’m shitting around?Bookmark here

Kohaku [To Martial]: Maki, that’s enough. Please.Bookmark here

Martial [To Kohaku]: How can you say that? I’m the one who put in this shitty situation, I’m the one who’s gonna get us out.Bookmark here

Kohaku: You’re only gonna escalate the situation!Bookmark here

Martial: I won’t, I won’t, trust me. [Looks at Aleksander] I’m not escalating the situation, am I?Bookmark here

Aleksander: You’re being a fuckin’ piece of shit, that’s what you’re doing.Bookmark here

Martial: Ehhhhh? You don’t seem to be doing much of anything though! You should let us out of these, y’know?Bookmark here

Aleksander: God, how I wanna stick a bullet into your damn head right now.Bookmark here

Martial: What, what? You can’t? Why, why? [Inches closer] Hey, hey, tell me why, tell me.Bookmark here

Aleksander [Punches him in the nose]: Shut it, damn it. Bookmark here

Kohauku [To Ryouchi]: Hey, you hear? He can’t kill us.Bookmark here

Ryouchi [Looks at her, then looks down at a bag of chips hes holding]: Cool.Bookmark here

Kohaku: That doesn’t make you the littlest bit hopeful?Bookmark here

Ryouchi: No.Bookmark here

Kohaku: Dang. You’re boring.Bookmark here

Aleksander [Approaches Ryouchi]: Hey brat. Gimme that. [Snatches the bag]Bookmark here

Ryouchi [Turns his head towards Aleksander]: NO [Snatches the bag, scratching his arm. A few seconds later, Aleksander’s coat appears with a patch of red in the area of the scratch]Bookmark here

Aleksander: DAMN BRAT! [Swings his fist towards Ryouchi, but Martial moves in the way]Bookmark here

Martial: Ow, that hurt! Dang man. [Shakes it off] Anyway, you gonna tell me? Hey, hey?Bookmark here

Aleksander: The hell you made of, friggin Titanium? Why the hell don’t you get hurt?Bookmark here

Martial: Oh no, no, no. You do hurt, hahaha. But I wanna know, I really wanna know, so I’m not gonna give up, y’hear? If I set my mind to something, I’m gonna do it. [His eyes darken, and he Thinkings] And when I say something, I mean anything. I won’t waver this easily, you damn brute.Bookmark here

Aleksander: So what? You wanna know about why I can’t kill you? You’re that damn interested?Bookmark here

Martial: And if I say I am?Bookmark here

Aleksander: You think I’m gonna tell you?Bookmark here

Martial: No, but you do realize I won’t shut up, right?Bookmark here

Aleksander: You’re tiring. [Looks towards his men] Yaro, Nikita, can y’all handle this shitbag?Bookmark here

Nikita: In the backroom?Bookmark here

Aleksander: Yeah, just fling all three of em there.Bookmark here

Kohaku: Hey, hey, hey, me and Ryou haven’t done anything. I don’t wanna go to a place with no heating, y’know?Bookmark here

Aleksander: Does it look like I care? Maybe you’re dumb boyfriend can learn to shut up next time.Bookmark here

Kohaku: Boyfriend? He’s my cousin!Bookmark here

Aleksander: I don’t give a shit, now move. [Looks at Ryouchi] Hey, shit-sack, move your ass.Bookmark here

Ryouchi: Got it, got it.Bookmark here

Nikita [To Martial]: Come on you annoying brat, move.Bookmark here

Martial: But he still hasn’t answered me!Bookmark here

Nikita: Why the hell does he have to answer you?Bookmark here

Martial: He doesn’t, I just want an answer.Bookmark here

Nikita: Are you cracked in the head?Bookmark here

Martial: Maybe a little bit. But I love doing this kind of stuff!Bookmark here

Nikita: Oh nah, you’ve got a screw loose buddy. [To Aleksander] You sure you wanna keep this one alive as well?Bookmark here

Aleksander [To Nikita]: I told the boss I got three extra pickings, he said they’d all be worth it. He’d lose his shit if even one of em was lost, I’d be sure.Bookmark here

Nikita: But it’s the crazy ones ya know, it’s the crazy ones who always turn something out of nothing. I don’t like the vibe he gives off.Bookmark here

Aleksander: Again with the superstitions eh?Bookmark here

Nikita: Not superstitious, just the truth. You don’t mess with crazy man, I’m telling you.Bookmark here

Aleksander: What, you got with crazy? Bookmark here

Nikita: That, I won’t answer.Bookmark here

Aleksander: So, you did! Ha, dipshit, that’s different. Bookmark here

Kohaku [To Martial]: Uh…Bookmark here

Martial: Don’t look at me, I don’t know what they’re talking about.Bookmark here

Yaro: Hey boss, we should probably get to moving them, no?Bookmark here

Aleksander: Yeah, yeah get on with it. Put em in the back room, two doors back.Bookmark here

Nikita: Gotcha.Bookmark here

[Nikita grabs Martial, while Yaro grabs the other two. They walk down the hall and Nikita opens the door, flinging the three into the low-lit, non-windowed, empty room]Bookmark here

Nikita: Don’t worry, don’t worry. Those other idiots should be here soon enough. Once we get what we need from ‘em, we’ll move. Y’all should only be in here for a couple of minutes, ahaha.Bookmark here

Martial: Heyo, you.Bookmark here

Nikita: Whad’ya want?Bookmark here

Martial: You called me crazy, eh?Bookmark here

Nikita: Yeah. Whad’ya want with it?Bookmark here

Martial: Oh, nothing, nothing. You wouldn’t be willing to tell me anything, would ya?Bookmark here

Nikita: Why would I tell you shit?Bookmark here

Martial: Oh no, I just thought you’d be willing to tell the crazy boy, right? Before I go too batshit, right? [His eyes darken, and his smile gets creepily larger] You sure wouldn’t, right?Bookmark here

Nikita: You tryna intimidate me?Bookmark here

Martial: If I said I was?Bookmark here

Nikita: I’d beat the shit out of you.Bookmark here

Martial: Don’t be stupid. You’re not even close to the level of your boss. Shrimp-arms.Bookmark here

Nikita: HUH? Whad’ya say? You think I’m a weakling?Bookmark here

Martial: Yeah, I do dipshit. You aren’t respectable like your boss. You’re just a shit-for-brains, scummy lackey. I couldn’t care whether I get information from ya or not. You’re boring in every sense of the word.Bookmark here

Nikita: You fucking…Bookmark here

Yaro [To Nikita]: Nik, enough. He’s provoking you, can’t you see?Bookmark here

Nikita [Inhales deeply]: You’re right. [Stares down Martial] Y’know, once we deliver y’all back, you guys should be fair game. I’ll make mincemeat out of you then, damn brat.Bookmark here

[Yaro and Nikita slam the door shut, and the noise of a key turning is heard, followed by silence]Bookmark here

Kohaku [Screams at Martial]: Maki you idiot!Bookmark here

Martial: Huh? What’s this all about?Bookmark here

Kohaku: Why are you like this? Are you trying to get them to kill us? Are you mad?Bookmark here

Martial: What, what, no! A little provoking hurt no one, y’hear?Bookmark here

Kohaku: It very clearly does! Ryou, tell him!Bookmark here

Ryouchi [Looks up]: Huh? What do I tell him? [Pauses] Can’t you two keep it down too. You’re loud as ever.Bookmark here

Martial: Ryou, you know the situation we’re in right now. You think being stubborn is a solution?Bookmark here

Ryouchi: And who exactly got us in this situation, pre-tell?Bookmark here

[Kohaku glares at Martial]Bookmark here

Martial: Ah yes, yes, you can blame me, but you came along with me, no?Bookmark here

Ryouchi: Yes we did… cause we thought you weren’t this stupid to actually execute a plan as flawed as this one.Bookmark here

Martial: Who says the plans flawed?Bookmark here

Kohaku: The fact that we’re sitting with our hands tied up right now in a pitch-black room, you huge idiot!Bookmark here

Martial: Okay, yes, this isn’t ideal. In fact, this is damn far from ideal if I’m being honest. Bookmark here

Kohaku: You admitted it?Bookmark here

Ryouchi: Wow.Bookmark here

Martial: I’m not that much of a self-centered prick you know?Bookmark here

Ryouchi: I’d beg to differ. [Pauses] Besides, why’s this such a big scoop for ya?Bookmark here

Martial: Oh, so you are interested.Bookmark here

Ryouchi [Grimaces then whispers rhetorically]: So, what if I am?Bookmark here

Martial: Oh Ryou, didn’t I tell you? These guys aren’t from around these parts.Bookmark here

Ryouchi: Well, I’d better friggin hope they’re not from these parts if we flew from god-damn Beijing to get this scoop you moron. Besides, they got such a heavy Russian accent, I can tell they’re Russian mobsters or from those parts.Bookmark here

Martial: Bingo!Bookmark here

Ryouchi: Bingo?Bookmark here

Martial: That’s why we’re here. These guys are precisely the mobsters from Moscow, Petersburg and the Baltic states that are in hell right now. These guys are likely the closest we’ll get to getting information about Katarov.Bookmark here

Kohaku: Katarov? You mean, that Katarov that you keep talking about?Bookmark here

Martial: Yup. Bookmark here

Ryouchi [Quizzingly]: Katarov?Bookmark here

Martial: Oh, did I not mention his name to ya Ryou? He’s the ‘giftted’ guy or whatever. The Russian guy.Bookmark here

Ryouchi: Oh, this the same guy? [Pauses] You really think these guys are gonna have any info on him if he's the main boss though? What’s the real incentive?Bookmark here

Martial: Well, the boss here, whatever the big guy’s name is, he’s not just a bum.Bookmark here

Ryouchi: Really? The hell are they doing sending actual important people to the other side of the world? They tryna take the underground scene here?Bookmark here

Martial: Nah. They were out for their biggest haul in quite a while.Bookmark here

Kohaku: Really? I mean, there’s probably big hauls in Europe too, right? Why come all this way and go through all the trouble?Bookmark here

Martial: Well, the information I have said that they wanted a girl with the surname… [Pauses]… Yoshino, was it? Yeah, I think. Can’t remember her first name.Bookmark here

Ryouchi: One girl? She’s worth all this trouble?Bookmark here

Kohaku [Interjects]: Wait, are we talking about Ashe Yoshino?Bookmark here

Martial: Ashe… hmmmm… Ashe. Sounds familiar. Might be the same name, can’t remember. Why, something up her?Bookmark here

Kohaku: She’s like a super-idol in Korea! How have neither of you two idiots heard of her?Bookmark here

Martial: Well, for one, I don’t care for idols and all that – I’m more into having a commitment.Bookmark here

Kohaku: A commitment to what? Your rag?Bookmark here

Martial: It’s not even that bad.Bookmark here

Kohaku: Oh it is bad, it’s egregious.Bookmark here

Ryouchi [Sighs]: Anyway, anyway. What type of information are we getting out of them now? Aren’t we just gonna get shipped out of here with whoever that Ashe girl is?Bookmark here

Martial: No, no. [Reaches into his back pocket, pulling out a wire] You know I keep everything on me, right? Bookmark here

Ryouchi: But how are we gonna do anything even if we bust out of this room?Bookmark here

Kohaku [To Martial]: Ryou’s right Maki. What are we gonna do? They’re just gonna beat us to a pulp, and it’s not like we have a manpower advantage. It’s 3on3.Bookmark here

Martial: Excuse me, did I say that this was a lockpick only?Bookmark here

Kohaku: What else would it be then?Bookmark here

Martial: A blade.Bookmark here

Ryouchi: A blade? To do what? Stab that meathead?Bookmark here

Martial: No, no. To stab her.Bookmark here

Kohaku: Ashe? What did she do? Huh? Bookmark here

Martial: I’m not actually gonna stab her. I’m just gonna time this well enough that we get out of here at the same time as they get Ashe. As they’re talking with the lackey’s, I’ll swoop in and stick this to her throat. Bookmark here

Kohaku: So, you’ll offer to trade her back to them alive if we’re set free?Bookmark here

Martial: Bingo!Bookmark here

Ryouchi: Ain’t this way too flawed though?Bookmark here

Martial: How so?Bookmark here

Ryouchi: I mean, you can make the trade and all, but how do we know they’re just letting us go? Bookmark here

Martial: I’ll hold onto her as long as I need to, and then let her go and run. It’s the best bet we’ve got for getting out of here.Bookmark here

Ryouchi: Odds of us actually making it out of here?Bookmark here

Martial: I’d say for all three of us, maybe not great. But I think at least you two can get out of here. It’s just the big guy with a gun, these two moronic lackeys shouldn’t have anything.Bookmark here

Kohaku: So, you’re okay with being the guy who’s probably going to take the fall?Bookmark here

Martial: Yeah, I am. Hell, I’m not even that against being sold into whatever ring they have out there in Russia. More info for me.Bookmark here

Ryouchi [To Kohaku]: Yeah, he’s crazy.Bookmark here

Kohaku: Batshit. [Pauses] But still... I don't like the idea of you being the fall guy.Bookmark here

Martial: Ah, don't worry about me.Bookmark here

Ryouchi [To Martial]: Okay, we’ll go along with your plan. I don’t want you to die though, alright. Try and make it out though. I’m only agreeing because you seem kind of enthralled by the idea of going to Russia with these guys.Bookmark here

Martial [Smiles]: Oh, I honestly may be, ahahaha. Bookmark here

Kohaku [To Martial]: Please though, if there’s a chance, get out. Their car’s right outside.Bookmark here

Martial: Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ll try my hardest to get out. I will. I will.Bookmark here

Ryouchi: By the way, what’s the deal with this girl? You know something or the other besides her being an idol?Bookmark here

Martial: Eh, I’ve heard some stuff here and there.Bookmark here

Ryouchi: Like…Bookmark here

Martial: Well, she is an idol, and she’s popular for what she does. I’ve heard that there’s been people who’ve tried to kidnap her and all when she was younger.Bookmark here

Ryouchi: So, they’re coming all this way for a pretty girl? I mean, who are they selling to?Bookmark here

Martial: One of the Arabian Princes, I’m pretty sure, if what I was hearing from the other people was correct. Bookmark here

Ryouchi: So, great, they’re gonna make a lot of money, I bet. But, really? Couldn’t they have just done this job themselves? Hell, why would Katarov take on such a job with such stakes, especially sending a guy of this guy’s caliber out here.Bookmark here

Martial: Well, there was a rumor…Bookmark here

Kohaku: Ooooo, what is it, what is it? Tell us, tell us!Bookmark here

Martial: Well, to be honest, I don’t know much.Bookmark here

Kohaku: Still, what do you know?Bookmark here

Martial: From what I’ve heard, her father is someone important. Well actually, he was someone important. May not be anymore. Bookmark here

Ryouchi: You probably know something or the other about him, no?Bookmark here

Martial: Well, I tried to do my research, and I remember, he came up as a Scandinavian guy, but nothing out of the ordinary on his record. Came here with his kids but nothing really happened. He had the one kidnapping incident where he fought of some other guys, but that’s really it. But…Bookmark here

Kohaku: But, but what?Bookmark here

Martial: Nah, there’s nothing tangible. I just have my own suspicions and stuff. That’s all.Bookmark here

Kohaku: You think he’s a bad person?Bookmark here

Martial: Bad, good, who knows. There’s definitely something hidden behind his name, that’s all I can say. I want to know more, oh, I want to know more so bad.Bookmark here

Kohaku: You think she’d know anything?Bookmark here

Martial: Who, Ashe? [Pauses] Probably not. Whatever it was he’s done or hasn’t done, it’s definitely before he came here and settled down. He wouldn’t have told her, but these bastards probably know something or the other.Bookmark here

Ryouchi: That’s why you want information so bad?Bookmark here

Martial: Bingo!Bookmark here

Ryouchi: You know they aren’t telling you shit still though. And even if you get to go to Russia and be their lapdog, you still won’t get information from the inroads.Bookmark here

Martial [Sneers]: We shall see about that. Anyway… [Looks at Kohaku] You think you can pick this thing?Bookmark here

Kohaku: You really relying on me?Bookmark here

Martial: Well, I’d assume you’d be better than me with these delicate types of things. Am I wrong?Bookmark here

Kohaku: Well, you’re not. Bookmark here

Martial: Neat. We’re counting on you Ko!Bookmark here

Kohaku: Ryou, come help me.Bookmark here

Ryouchi [Annoyed]: Help with what? What am I supposed to do?Bookmark here

Kohaku: See if you can see anything outside the door that’s happening.Bookmark here

Ryouchi: How’s that supposed to help you? Matter of fact, who even is that helping?Bookmark here

Kohaku: Just do it! I don’t need them coming to check up on us and seeing one of us trying to pick a lock. Bookmark here

Ryouchi [To Martial]: Aye, could you do this you shithead?Bookmark here

Martial: Nah, I’ll pass.Bookmark here

Ryouchi: Huh?Bookmark here

Martial: I’m the one risking my life after this goes down. [Sneers] Don’t ya think you should cut me even the smallest bit of slack?Bookmark here

Ryouchi: You are… [Pauses] quite possibly, the biggest pest ever.Bookmark here

Martial: Well, that’s what I’m good for, y’know.Bookmark here

Kohaku [To Ryouchi]: Ryou, come, come. Let’s get on this.Bookmark here

Ryouchi: Fine, fine, I’m coming.Bookmark here

[The shot pans away from the working on the door, and pans towards Aleksander, Yaro and Nikita talking amongst themselves]Bookmark here

Aleksander: Niki…Bookmark here

Nikita: Yessir.Bookmark here

Aleksander [Slaps him]: Don’t try and do anything to the damn kids. Boss’s orders from up top.Bookmark here

Nikita: Yessir, I know. [Pauses] Anyway, what’s the deal with the shipment… she coming in soon? And even then, what’s the big deal with her? We’re kinda in the dark here… [Yaro nods his head]Bookmark here

Aleksander: Oh, her? Kat wants her for some reason, I think she’s gonna be sold for a pretty penny to some people who got a bounty on her folks.Bookmark here

Nikita: Her folks?Bookmark here

Aleksander: That’s all he told me.Bookmark here

Nikita: So, it’s safe to assume her family’s done something to piss someone off, right?Bookmark here

Aleksander: That would be the assumption I’m making, yeah.Bookmark here

Nikita: Y’know the people she’s being sold to?Bookmark here

Aleksander: I do, but it’s confidential business. Kat’s already got me on a tight rope. Bookmark here

Nikita: Oh alright, alright, that’s fine then. [Pauses] So, what’s it been like back home for ya? Must be nice in the cushy place you’re in.Bookmark here

Aleksander: Don’t think that we have it that easy. A boatload of shit is tossed on our heads, including sending most of ya lackeys out and doing the dirty work.Bookmark here

Nikita: Still, must be nice not having to come out unless there’s actual tough work to do like this job. Most of the time, it’s us getting our hands dirty.Bookmark here

Aleksander: Eh, not really, hell, I’ve been cast to the side for a lot of shit by Kat. And hell, the situation, even at the top, has been kind of dicey lately.Bookmark here

Nikita: Really?Bookmark here

Aleksander: Although Kat’s got the stronghold over the Empire as it is, there’s been some infighting, especially within the Russian sects and whatnot. Biggest issue is that we hold pretty good power in St. Petersburg, but Moscow’s not all that good lately.Bookmark here

Aleksander [Thinking]: I can't mention anything more than that about the infighting and what I think about Vlar personally... he's just a damn lackey all things considered.Bookmark here

Nikita: Really? I would’ve expected a stronger stronghold in Moscow, no?Bookmark here

Aleksander: That’s what most people think, and it’s part of the reason Kat isn’t so keen on moving there, since any foreigners – especially those British mobsters – would probably think the same and go there first. Bookmark here

Nikita: Why’s Petersburg got such a stronghold anyway?Bookmark here

Aleksander: Close to the Baltic border, I’d guess? If you really wanna know, go talk to Kat himself, he probably has all the answers – at least, I’d hope he does.Bookmark here

Nikita: Yeah, I’ll pass, haha.Bookmark here

Aleksander: Apart from Russia though, the Baltic states probably haven’t been in a better state since the war.Bookmark here

Nikita: [Confused] Really? You actually believe that?Bookmark here

Aleksander: The economy of the combined state is nearly triple when the fighting began way back, y’know? It’s all thanks to what Kat’s done – bastard’s done a lot, as much as I don’t wanna admit it. Bookmark here

Nikita: Have you seen the streets though?Bookmark here

Aleksander: I’ve seen them in Tallinn, they aren’t that bad. Bookmark here

Nikita: That’s cause that’s where y’all have most of your shit holed up. I came here from Vilnius, and every so often I go back there because we’re sent there. Nothing’s changed. The economy’s only moving because Kat’s got the Minister in his left pocket and there’s been the sudden influx of money into the government. Otherwise, everything’s the same.Bookmark here

Aleksander: So, what do you want me to do? Go cry to Kat about it? He’s doing the best he can without letting the underground run loose, even if he’s an asshole y’hear? Bookmark here

Nikita: Sure, sure, but you should know better than thinking that this situation is the best it possibly could be. For the majority of us absolutely nothing’s changed. I’m one of the fewer upper-class lackey’s so I get to see the royalty you guys are treated as. For the ragdolls like – shit, what were their names – [pauses] – shit! – ah, Elias and Mitri, those two scapegoats, do you really think that life’s any better than it was before?Bookmark here

Aleksander: Sure as hell it is. They aren’t fighting with their lives on the line anymore like they were during the damn war and days of poverty. There’s no more bloodshed, it’s just a little dirty work to keep their families afloat and keep the Empire the way it is.Bookmark here

Nikita: A little dirty work? Half of these guys are out there trafficking God knows what across borders and tracking down escapees and traitors for days on end just for their families to get enough to eat the next day.Bookmark here

Aleksander: So what’s your solution? Make them stop doing the dirty work? What’ll that lead to? Another power struggle, followed by military intervention, followed by more bloodshed, followed by another person other than Katarov doing this same shit.Bookmark here

Nikita: But couldn’t…Bookmark here

Aleksander [Interjects]: Couldn’t we what? Increase the damn wages that they get? Sure, we could, but the moment we do, it becomes the same garbage, people complaining about not having enough every two months, more people leaving and rebelling, more bloodshed between us and the escapees, and eventual military intervention, and the same garbage. It’s a no-win street man. Can’t you tell?Bookmark here

Nikita: There has to be something that y’all can do… you’ve got to agree.Bookmark here

Aleksander: Mate can’t ya tell that we’d like to change something and make things better? But we were already in such a shit situation to begin with, to be able to even afford to pay the people at the bottom what they’re getting now is ludicrous compared to what it was back then.Bookmark here

Nikita: Still mate…Bookmark here

Aleksander: Quit living in an ideal fantasy man, that type of shit just ain’t gonna happen, look at what kind of shit we have to do now. Kat may be a fucking hothead, and he may have cast me off to the side for Fet… [Clinches his teeth], but he’s done wonders for this state, you  moron.Bookmark here

Nikita: That I won’t doubt at all, Katarov’s been instrumental in everything and has helped repair the state from what it was. My issue is just that we’re still not even close to being finished.Bookmark here

Aleksander: I don’t know if we’ll ever reach that ‘finish line’ that you want, ya hear? Even if we do, things may be changing soon with the new guy and all.Bookmark here

Nikita: New guy?Bookmark here

Aleksander: It’s just rumors and all, but I heard about some guy coming on board with us and leapfrogging a bunch of us, just like that other bastard who gave Kat this idea. All of this shit’s pissed off Fetistof, that much I could assume. Bookmark here

Nikita: Hmph. Interesting, interesting. What di –Bookmark here

[A noise can be heard from the background, sounding like a door opening]Bookmark here

Nikita: Oh shit, is that them? That took quite a while, hopefully everything’s okay.Bookmark here

[Aleksander moves his hand backwards, signaling for Nikita to stop]Bookmark here

Aleksander [To Nikita]: Wait.Bookmark here

Nikita: Huh? Ain’t that the damn door?Bookmark here

Aleksander: It’s the other door. Damn brats. [Runs towards the room] I thought you locked it Yaro, goddamnit!Bookmark here

Yaro [To Nikita]: Didn’t I?Bookmark here

Nikita: I thought ya did.Bookmark here

Aleskander: Find them damnit, stop the idle chitchat.Bookmark here

Martial [From behind]: Yo, yo! You looking for me!Bookmark here

Aleksander [Angrily]: Get him, damnit!Bookmark here

Nikita: But what about the other two? Wouldn’t they be in the room?Bookmark here

Aleksander: I don’t care, get this damn brat for me! Stop asking questions or I’ll do it myself, damnit! [He charges at Martial, who runs towards the main area]Bookmark here

Martial [Thinking]: Wait what the fuck? The girl isn’t here? Oh shit…Bookmark here

Aleksander [Leaps towards him, kicking him into the wall]: Damn brat. Where’d your damn friends go, eh? Bookmark here

Martial [Smirks]: Why should I say? Can’t we go back to our conversation? Aren’t you gonna take me home with ya? Aren’t ya? Come on, come on.Bookmark here

Aleksander [To Nikita and Yaro]: They can’t be far; the door was just picked. Get them two and we’ll go – this one’s too much a nuisance, screw bringing him. [Cocks gun] I’ll kill him myself.Bookmark here

Martial [Startled]: Woah, woah, this wasn’t what we agreed on! I want to go with yo – Bookmark here

[A loud thud can be heard from the main door, and Nikita and Yaro look up towards it]Bookmark here

Shin [With a gun in hand at the door, lowly]: Yeo.Bookmark here

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