Chapter 2:

The Battle At The Sfaft Mountain


---Baron’s pov---

It’s is snowing heavily on Staft mountains and the operation is to be taken out during this weather. I can’t understand why Grad wants to fight in such conditions, he can wait for the snow to stop but he plans to finish this battle as soon as possible.

[Hey, Baron you wanted to learn magic right?]

[It is useless, you don’t teach me anything even if I ask you.]

[I wanted to teach you a thing or two but now I think you don’t want to learn.]

[Really! Will you really teach me.]

[Yeah, I can after all I am the Emperor knight.]

[Teach me! I will beat those soldiers and bring victory.]

[Hmm, that’s a hundred years early for a kid like you to beat those soldiers.]

[I can beat them! I will prove you wrong after beating them up.]

[Okay, I will teach you but there are some basics which you need to learn first.]

[What basics?]

[Basics of magic, it is the first thing you must learn in order to learn magic.]

[Then please teach me.]

[First thing is the magic attribute, every human can have upto 3 magic attributes except those who wield the Holy Excalibur.]

[How many attributes are there Grad?]

[Hmm, there are no specific number of attributes. There are many unique attributes which keep occurring among kids from time to time while some are passed down to their children and some are never seen again.]

So the attributes are the first things to know before learning magic, Grad explained me that there are few attributes which are common and are called the primary attributes which are fire, water, earth, lightning, and water. But there are also some magic attributes specified to just one country and my clan’s dark magic was also a specially specified magic of this nation so it has been also a big lose to the nation’s uniqueness.

[Now the first thing to know is what is your attribute Baron?]

[Isn’t it dark magic?]

As I made that statement Grad made an unhappy face, I couldn’t understand what he wanted to say but he immediately stopped.

[Listen Baron, your attribute isn’t dark because your mother wasn’t a thru.]

[Why is my magic attribute not dark only because mother was not a thru?]

[As I have just said you people have different attributes but where do those attributes come from?]

[Where do the attributes come from? It’s parental.]

[Yes and in your case you have inherited your mother’s magic attribute and not your father’s.]

[Then what is my magic attribute?]

[I am not sure in your case because kids at your age can use magic but you aren’t able to use it till now.]

[Huh? Kids of my age can use magic? But Dad used to say everyone starts to use magic at teen age.]

[Hmm, in cases like this when kids don’t use magic the people gives magic items to them.]

[What are magic items, Grad?]

[They are items with highly concentrated mana stored inside, they can be in any form.]

[What is mana?]

[Mana is the cultivation or possession of energy or power. Anything can have mana in them.]

Grad was explaining what magic items and mana are thought I did not understand what mana is.

[Remember when using magic, mana is the most important thing to keep in mind.]

[So how can I use magic?]

[Everyone’s mana is same but their magic attribute is different, you will first have to find out your attribute because the training of each attribute is different.]

I made a really confused face after hearing this whole mana, magic item, magic attribute stuff.

[So I assume that you need a magic item to use magic.]

[Where can I get a magic item?]

[Magic items are rare to find as they are found in extreme mana zones but the easiest way to get them is to take it from those people who have it.]

[Huh? You mean to buy it?]

[No, those people who have it won’t sell them for cheap price. We will have to take it from them by force.]

[Then let’s go and find someone who has it.]

[Hmm, it’s a good idea after all we are on a battle field and many warriors here might have one but I can’t go with you.]

[Huh, why not?]

[If I will jump into the battle field the opposing nation will not sit silently, they will also order their Emperor Knight to fight back. But don’t worry the first squad’s captain will accompany you.]


[Yeah, really.]

If I can get a magic item then I can use magic and then Grad can train me!!!