Chapter 14:

The Most Important Person

Diary of a Lost Wish

Today I'm meeting Hana because she wants me to help her find something that the most important person to her wants, so she can wish it and make the duck demon disappear.

I need to see her at 4 pm, but first I'm going to eat breakfast with Kanako at her house because she invited me. We talked for hours, and I left, outside of her house I see the demon hunter Shinichiro.

“Hey little girl, how's the demon-hunting?” He talks while eating takoyaki, “Sorry my manners, do you want one?”

“I don't want one. Well, I found two, the squirrel and the duck, I ended the squirrel's curse, and I'm going to end the duck curse in some hours.”

“I see, so you're slow but at the same time at a good pace.” I don't understand him.

“But there's something weird, when I stopped the cat and the squirrel curse, I had some weird dreams of people and places that I don't know.”

“That's interesting, tell me about them.”

I explained every dream.

“I see, this is so intriguing, but I don't know why you had those dreams.” He finished his takoyaki, and now he takes an onigiri from his pocket and starts to eat.

“So you don't know why I have them or what they mean?” I'm curious about the meaning of my dreams.

“Unfortunately no, but I have some theories.”

“And what are your theories then?”

“Be patient, I will explain them to you another day, now I have to go to investigate more about this town,” without saying anything, Shinichiro left the place, I hope he finds out about the dreams soon.

Time goes flying, and it's finally time to see Hana and help her. I arrive at her house, and I see her outside, “Hey Hana, what's up?”

“Hi senpai, can we go inside?” She welcomes me with a smile.

“Sure,” I go to Hana's room, and she gets some snacks, I see the demon duck in the room, and it starts playing with Pakya.

“Senpai I'm sorry it took me so long, but I couldn't find anything that the person wants.” Hana looks sad.

I take some chips, and I begin talking, “about that, I have some ideas if you want, I can ask that person or ask someone who knows better that person. But if you are still worried about me finding out the person's identity perhaps I can wish to forget who the person was, so it will still be a secret.”

“Senpai, stop!” Hana now looks ashamed, “I've been lying, I don't want you to investigate someone, in reality, I invited you here because you are the most important person to me,” Hana is avoiding eye contact.

I think she said a joke, “but I'm nothing special or anything.”

“But to me, you are really important.”

“You're also someone important to me, Hana, but I didn't know you thought of me as someone so important in your life,” I feel happy knowing that someone thinks this way about me.

Hana looks me in the eyes and starts talking, “maybe you didn't know it, but you change my life, I will tell you a little about me.

My parents move often, so when I arrived here I felt so lonely, plus if someone talked to me it was related to living in a big city and not about me.

I don't have a bad family, but sometimes I feel like my life is meaningless, no matter where I move I never make friends, and the people I met don't remember me, I'm just like a ghost who travels across the country.

Then one day I decided that my life was useless and I was trying to end my life, but maybe as a coincidence, I meet you that same day.

We were at the school entrance, and I fell, nobody cares about me, but suddenly you helped me to get up and I would never forget what you told me: "If you hit rock bottom then when you get up everything will be better, I think I heard something like that on the movie I watched yesterday, anyway are you ok?."

You see senpai, everyone treated me like some outsider or like a ghost but not you, no matter where I lived, they always treated me like a stranger or like I didn't exist, but as I said you were different. You didn't know who I was, and you helped me anyway and even asked if I was ok, thanks to you, I started to feel alive.

Days later I tried to talk to you, I was so shy to do it, but you saw me, and you started the conversation, after that, we talked more and more, I even made some more friends like Takeshi.

Thanks to you I finally felt like part of something, and even if every day is just meaningless, at least if I'm with all of my friends, especially with you, I feel like that day was the most important,” she starts crying with happiness.

“I just don't know what to say, I always try to talk and help people, but I didn't know you felt bad before talking to you, maybe if I knew before, I would have talked to you when you arrive,” I never imagined that I would be important to someone.

“Senpai, thank you for everything,” Hana smiles at me.

I gave a smile back, “That's what friends are for.”

“Well, I think I'm going to talk about the demon now. At first, I liked doing a lot of wishes, even though I couldn't remember them.

But everything changed after I heard about your problem, I didn't know the demons might be bad, before that, and I decided to help. But because I'm shy, I couldn't ask you for something you want to break my curse, and when I told you how to stop my curse I felt even more ashamed to ask you, the most important person to me.”

“I kind of understand, maybe you felt that it was weird to say that I was the most important person in the world for you, but to be honest, I don't mind, you're also important to me, Hana,” I give her a smile.

“Thank you senpai, I feel like I've been thanking you all day,” Hana seems happy. “By the way, I only investigated Takeshi to be sure that he is a good guy and not a bad one. When I leave the town, if he becomes your boyfriend and you have problems with him, then I won't be able to help you.”

“I understand that, but as I said I'm not interested in him, and you don't have to worry, if someday something happens to me, I will call you ASAP.”

“You can always count on me” Hana now looks motivated, “well senpai I think is time, is there something you want?”

”I don't know, how about a pizza from Italy.”

“Then that's what I will wish now!”

Hana makes the wish to Dukya, and after the wish, the duck demon starts to disappear like if it was dust. Then the pizza appeared on a table, and we eat it while playing video games.

“Senpai I have something weird to ask,” Hana looks nervous.

“What is it?” I hope I can help her with whatever she wants.

“Can you wish to that panda that you forget the next minute? or even half minute.”

“But why?” that's a weird request.

“That's why is a favor, I want to tell you about the guy I like, but part of me doesn't want you to know, just hear and forget.”

“That's weird but fine, I guess.”

I then make the wish, and I don't remember the next minute, but Hana was blushing, I didn't want to ask anything related to that. I stayed there an hour or so playing video games, and then I left.

“See you later Hana, if you want to talk or something, you can always do it.” I wave my hand saying goodbye.

“Thank you, senpai, thanks for everything,” Hana looks happy.

I left for my home, and that night I had another dream.

In this dream, I see a woman looking bored, maybe she is in her late 20s. It looks like she is working every day, but she is saying that her life is meaningless. After some nights she feels her life is useless, and she ended up killing herself, maybe she saw her life as something not worth it.

I wake up, and I write that dream in my diary, again is a tragic one.

The next few days, I notice that Hana stopped being good at technology, she is better than most of the people in town, but now she's not like before, even her robots disappeared, maybe she was like that because of a wish.

Now counting Pakya there are only 3 demons left.