Chapter 15:

That Time I Ended up Trapped in a Video Game

Diary of a Lost Wish

Lately, there have been some rumors about the shopping district, people say that if you go there exactly at 6 pm you will disappear, and after a couple of hours you will appear in any part of the shopping district without knowing what happened.

Takeshi, Hana, and Kanako wanted to see if the rumor is the truth. So here we are at the shopping district to see if it's true.

I really didn't care about the rumor, but this morning I heard my dad talking on his phone about, "a suspicious guy might be related to that rumor about the shopping district." So I decided to investigate, maybe there's something related to a demon here.

We are wandering in the shopping district, it's alone compared to other hours, now it's 5:56 pm, so in some minutes, we will see if anything happens.

“This site looks like that movie where the killer appears from an alley and stabs everyone there.” Kanako is talking about a horror movie with a smile.

“But... what if that's part true, maybe the killer is an alien, and instead of killing people, the alien uses some kind of mind control. and that's why everyone disappears.” Hana has a weird alien theory, she looks scared and is hiding behind me.

“Don't worry, I can protect all of you,” Takeshi, who is a coward, talks as if he's brave.

Suddenly we heard a loud sound.

“What was that!” Takeshi is now scared.

“Senpai help me!” Hana is hugging me.

“Wasn't that the sound from a game?” Kanako doesn't look afraid and what she said is the truth, I heard that sound on a game.

“That's true, I remember I heard that sound on that RPG that I forgot its name, but it sounds when you do a critical hit,” I tell them.

“You're right, Meiko, that's the sound.”

I start to get dizzy, and I see my friends passing out, I also pass out.

I wake up, and I see that I'm in an old house, I go outside, and I see a weird fantasy place, and now it's early in the morning instead of night. I realize that I'm inside that RPG that I think was called, "Personal Dragon Knight 5" or something like that. It's a fantasy RPG with some magic school sim. For some reason, I walk to school without knowing why.

I see Kanako and a text dialogue box with her face appears below her, “Meiko, I think we are on a game, or maybe we are playing with VR, and we are trapped like in that anime.”

“Yeah, we need to find a way to get out of here.”

We are using clothes that look like magic robes, below the ropes, there's metal armor.

Hana and Takeshi appear later, when they talk, they also have a text box with their face below them.

“Wow! We are inside, "personal dragon knight" I hope this is the third one, that's my favorite.” Hana is looking around amazed.

“I don't know why but every time I do exercise, I get something called experience points, I'm too good at it!” Takeshi won't stop doing exercise and some numbers that I think are experience points appears on the air.

Then a mysterious voice sounds, “If you want to escape from this world you need to embark to the wizard's dungeon and kill the monster there.”

“But where is that dungeon?” I ask the mysterious voice.

“Here take a map and some weapons and items!” Some items appeared on the floor, ”I will go now, good luck warriors!.”

For some reason, the mysterious voice sounded busy. We then take everything, and our journey begins.

When we leave the school for the first time, we got into a fight, this is a turn-based RPG.

I'm a black magician, and I use fire magic, Kanako is white magic, Hana is a dragon knight, and Takeshi is a warrior.

We fight against a monster with four eyes and four wings, the monster looks strong. Is Hana's turn to move, but Takeshi talks desperately, “Why I can't move? If I could move, then I would defeat that thing in no time!”

In this game, we have to exploit the monster's weakness, and luckily is weak to fire, so I can defeat it without any problem.

After we defeat that monster we continue our journey, every minute or so a random fight appears, I think this game has a high random encounter rate.

We finally arrive at the dungeon, but there's a golem protecting the entrance. We fight the golem, and surprisingly, it was really easy to defeat it. Kanako who is the healer and the weakest defeat it with one attack of her wand.

Right now, I'm level 58 out of 100, Hana and Kanako are level 49, and Takeshi 72.

We enter the dungeon and is a dark cave with a lot of bats, I don't know why is called the magician's dungeon if there's no magician in here.

“This cave wasn't on the game, I think,” Kanako is looking around.

“Yeah, I think this part is new,” I respond.

“Please let me go, I want to go now!” Takeshi is really scared.

“I thought I was a coward, but you are worst than me, Takeshi,” Hana looks scared but with a smile.

We get to a save point, and I'm sure we are close to finding the dungeon's boss.

“Senpai I think we should save, and before the fight grind, maybe the boss is tough,” Hana talks to me.

“I think you are right, Hana,” I respond.

“We need to get stronger to defeat that monster!” Kanako looks confident.

“I'm already training,” Takeshi is doing push-ups.

We then start grinding inside the dungeon. After a couple of hours, we are finally ready to fight the boss.

The boss looks like an old man with a long beard but with the body of a cricket.

“Here we go, we can defeat that thing,” I tell everyone, and now everyone looks confident.

Takeshi attacks first because he's the one with the highest level, and with just one attack, he defeats the boss.

“That was it?” Takeshi looks confused.

I'm not sure if Takeshi was strong because he did a lot of exercises or if the boss was weak.

Suddenly the mysterious voice talks, “You have proven that all of you are strong, you can now go to the real world.”

“That's bad, it was relaxing to kill those monsters,” Kanako looks sad.

“If we leave, I won't know how much experience I got when exercising like in this world.” Takeshi also looks sad.

“I also liked this world,” Hana looks disappointed.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say, now go back to your world,” the mysterious voice sounded annoyed.

We wake up outside the clothing store.

“Are you all okay?” I ask them while I get up.

“I'm fine, but I can't remember anything,” Kanako looks dizzy.

“Same, I feel like I've been hit by a truck,” Takeshi looks tired.

for some reason, Kanako and Takeshi can't remember a thing.

“Hey senpai, I think this had to do with one demon, maybe that's why we can remember, well I can remember some random moments but not all,” Hana is talked quietly.

“I think you are right, maybe I need to investigate more,” I tell her.

After talking for some minutes, everyone went to their home except for me because I'm still searching for any clue related to a demon. Hana wanted to stay, but she looked tired too, so I told her that I will take care.

I investigate, and I see something entering an alley, it's a dog, but looking it closer, it has two horns.

I follow the demon slowly on the alley, and I see Jason with the dog. I send Shinichiro a text telling him that I found the dog demon.

Now that I think of that mysterious voice sounded just like Jason but a little more excited.

“Hey Jason, can we talk?” I talk to him while I'm getting closer.

“Sure, everyone is free,” he is patting the dog.

“Why did you transport people to a game?”

“Because everyone needs to get fun sometimes, I just give busy people who happen to be in the shopping district a fun moment.”

“I see,” I don't really see the point, but it's better to not argue with him, maybe he could be dangerous, “and what about that dog?”

“You're the first one who saw it,” he points at the dog, ”This is my little buddy, I call him dokya.”

“Oh, I have one too, it's here, and I called it Pakya,” I point at Pakya, who was behind me.

“That's a weird dog.”

“Do you have to make a wish every day?” I'm curious.

“Every two days, I love it,” Jason is happy.

“And how you liberate from him?”

“I just need to wish for something I don't want, but I won't do that.”

“But that demon is bad, you need to stop the curse or something bad will happen.”

“But he is my friend, and I don't mind making wishes every now and then.”

It looks like Jason really likes the demon dog, so it will be tough to free him and defeat that demon.

“Hey man, if you don't do what that girl says, then I will have to kill you,” Shinichiro arrives and is eating a taco.

“But that dog is my friend,” Jason tries to escape, but Shinichiro is faster than him and stops him.

“That the dog is evil, you just don't know what those demons are capable of.” Shinichiro looks menacing.

Jason is scared, “I don't believe you, you are lying!

Shinichiro, with a grin on his face, takes Jason's arm, “maybe you need to hear a story.” Shinichiro looks more serious than usual, ”you too little girl, come close cause I'm going to tell you why I became a demon hunter.”