Chapter 15:

The war begins

Waking up in a new world without any memories

When the news rushed in the castle that the elves had conspired against the human kingdom, and that both army were on their way to them, there was a huge panic among the citizens. Sasori and Bertinoff, who had since became consciousness after the strike of Eliphas, tried everything so that the citizens of the city could calm down so that they could manage a quick evacuation before the enemy troops could be seen on the horizon. Taiki and Chizu took the lead in defending the castle walls. Everyone trusted them after Eliphas tried to deceive them with a spell. Yet no one could take away the pain and fear the young boy experienced at the time. He still feels how Klaus continues to torture him and his two friends, he senses that the darkness within him is gaining more and more power. Had one of his friends have died before his eyes, Taiki certainly wouldn't have been able to stop it and the dark Taiki would take controll. He would not know what would have happened if his dark self was in power.

When all the civilians were transported to a safe place within the royal house, they began to place spikes on the castle wall so that the enemy troops could not get onto the wall with ladders so easily. Cannons were aimed at the wide field on the wall so that it could shoot immediately upon enemy contact. Soldiers trained with the sword. During this time, Taiki tried to get in tune with himself and his inner self on his own, but he did not succeed. So the days flew by and the war began. All of a sudden, Sasori shouted down the walls: "The enemy! The enemy is here! Elves and demons have invaded our land and are now trying to take it away from us, but we will fight! We will not make it so easy for them! We are humans who are proud to be one! Soldiers and adventurers! Show them what it means to fight against human warriors!" The address of the nobleman was greeted with loud cheers.

Bertinoff, like three other nobles, who have a clue about swordsmanship, went to the wall. The main commander pulled his sword out of his scabbard, after which some soldiers were ready at the cannons. "Wait for my sign! Then give the enemy everything you have!", Bertinoff ordered the soldiers at the cannons. The troops of the demons and elves came closer. At the forefront of the elves was a nobleman named Armor. The demonarmy, on the other hand, included Gorgol, Baaz and Namrai, who led them. All of a time, Bertinoff drew his sword, after which the soldiers fired their cannons in the direction of the enemies. The cannons struck the field. Large craters were formed.

Both demons and elves were torn apart the battlefield. "Again!", Ordered the chief commander, whereupon the soldiers fired their cannons again. Once again, enemies were blown up into their individual parts. But they marched on like willless slaves. Bertinoff then turned to the three nobles who were with him on the wall: "Lord Bütlenberg and Baron Robin! You remain on standby and command the soldiers at the wall! And you, Baron Fixgeralt! You will follow me into battle!" A squad accompanied the two, whereupon they raced towards the enemies with a loud battle cry. Tsuyoshi was completely in a rage when he saw Gorgol for the first time, so he spurted without hesitation and threw himself into the fight. "Wait Tsuyoshi!" Cyril wanted to stop him, but it was too late. "Let's follow him!", Taiki ordered, whereupon he went into battle with his group and the wolves. Eliphas was also on the battlefield. 

They wanted to settle a score with this magician as he was responsible for Cyril's, Icarus and Taiki's torture. Gorgol couldn't even look so fast, when he was knocked out of the way by Tsuyoshi. Instantly, the goblin picked himself up and recognized the berserker who was pushing him away: "What? You? I thought you had perished with your village since me and my son Ranak rampaged there!" But Tsuyoshi shook his head and opened his mouth, "No! I survived! Hate consumed me on this day! I wanted to take revenge on your family! You took my best friend from me! I'm going to kill you for it!" "We'll see!", Grinned the goblin. Out of nowhere, both opponents stormed against each other. Meanwhile, Bertinoff and Lord Fixgeralt met the elven commander Armor, who wore an elegant war robe. He pulled out his weapon. He was ready to kill. But suddenly Namrai interfered, who swept Bertinoff out of the way, leaving Fixgeralt completely alone.

Out of nowhere, Armor hissed forward and gave the man a deep cut on the shoulder. Blood was pouring on the ground, but Fixgerald reacted immediately, jumped back and pulled out his weapon. Then he sprinted forward with a bleeding shoulder. Their blades collided. But quite suddenly, Armor pulled out a dagger, which he rammed into the lord's neck. He did not see this attack coming. His claret burst out of his throat. A gurgling sound was made. The light in him was extinguished. Then he fell over. He was now nothing more than another corpse on a raging battlefield that once lived. Armor was pleased with his work. "So I could soon rise to an even higher rank and maybe even kill the twins to become king myself!" "Fixgerald! What have you done to him!", Frightened Sasori, who now joined the already bloody battle. "Do you also want to die by my blade?!", Wondered the elf. But without hesitation, Sasori raced forward. Their blades collided. But suddenly the man kicked the elves back with a kick, swung his blade, disarming Armor. The sword flew in a high arc on the ground, where it was stuck in the ground.

"You have no swordsmanship at all. You're sloppy! It's a miracle that you were able to kill Fixgerald at all. Probably that was just the surprise moment of this Lich!", Quipped Sasori. Armor was so enraged by this that he raced forward like a fool and tried to finish Sasori with his fists. However, the man merely moved to the side and beheaded the elf with a quick blow. In his last seconds, the elf heard the voice of his executioner: "You and the demons will fall equally because of your arrogance!" Then his skull clapped to the ground and the light in him went out completely. Meanwhile, Bertinoff and Namrai had a tough fight. Everywhere their wind and fire spells flew through the air, even affecting the landscape. Parts of the wall were also hit, which were then hurled in all directions. But all at once, Bertinoff was hit by a wind spell that caused him to crash against the wall. Blood flowed down from his head. The red liquid also splashed out of his nose and mouth. But he didn't want to give up yet. Namrai came closer to the main commander. He wants to end his life. "Say goodbye to this world!", Namrai laughed as he wanted to perform a powerful wind spell that would surely have killed Bertinoff if he hadn't rolled to the side.

"You annoying person! I'll show you.....", The Lich wanted to scream when Bertinoff suddenly chased a targeted fire spell through his body, causing the slightly transparent body to explode. "You should shut your invisible mouth while you are in a fight! This is no playground! It is a matter of life and death!", Bertinoff coughed overpowered before he fainted, as the blow inflicted on him by Namrai was a bit severe. Sasori took care of his wounded chief commander on the spot, so he helped him and took him behind the walls. Meanwhile, Taiki and his friends reached Tsuyoshi, who was fighting with hatred and tried with all his might to eliminate the goblin. The Berserker already managed to knock the goblin's broadsword out of his hand. Suddenly, their fists met. A huge blast wave was triggered, which blast away some demons and elves. Gorgol gave Tsuyoshi a strong blow out of the blue, which made him stagger back. Taiki wanted to help his friend, but suddenly Baaz got in his way. "I had not thought so many would have survived our ambush! I'll fix this mistake completely!", Said the zombie with a big, ugly smile.

Cyril and Rya tried to light the demon commander with their fire so that he could no longer fight. Tsuyoshi got one blow at a time. The blood splashed out of his head. Some bones broke due to the immense power of the goblin. Suddenly, the berserker lay unconscious on the ground. "I didn't even know that my son's murderer was so weak! I enjoyed killing your friend, just as I will enjoy your death! Die!", The demon's fist came dangerously close to the berserker. His friends could no longer save him any more. "I can't die now! I kept a promise!", Recalled Tsuyoshi as he stopped the blow with one hand out of the blue. "That can't be! I have the title "Berserkerking"! Above me there is only "Berserkergod"! But you could never reach that title yet! Did you suddenly get the same title as me!? But how........You got it through our fight! How can it be that.......We just fought twice! That's why you were able to level up faster, because a fight with an actually stronger opponent also makes you stronger faster and since we fought twice you could get the title "Berserkerking!", Gorgol realised. At a single blow, Tsuyoshi kicked the demon away and with another blow Gorgol staggered backwards. 

The berserker felt the absolute hatred. It was hatred that leads one to kill. Out of thin air, the goblin wanted to carry out an attack, whereby his plan could be prevented by Tsuyoshi, as he chopped off his arm with a quick blow, from which blood swelled out. Gorgol screamed in pain. When he wanted to attack again, Tsuyoshi struck with such a powerful blow that it shredded the entire head of the goblin into its individual parts. Shortly thereafter, the headless body fell to the ground. Gorgol was dead. The blood ran down from the berserker's fist, who marveled at his deed with an evil smile. "Well done!", Praised Taiki. However, when Tsuyoshi wanted to turn around to his friends, they heard a voice they already knew: "It's really amazing that I now have to support the demons!" "Eliphas!", Frightened Taiki, when he recognized the voice. Suddenly, the old magician raised a staff high into the air and whispered something that no one could understand. All of a sudden, any soldiers who had already fallen, began to rise again. 

Their stale gaze solidified in the soul of every living individual. The stench of blood was in the air. The dead gasped for air. It was a disgusting noise. Suddenly, Gorgol's head repaired itself. He got up again. But it was not the same demon head commander who was defeated by Tsuyoshi earlier. It was only a dead corpse that moves on it´s own. He also had a thread and a dead look. And from his not quite repaired skull, the blood dripped down. It drizzled his entire face and then flowed on the ground of the battlefield. "That can't be!", Cyril and Icarus were startled, when they saw the many corpses that suddenly went back into battle and even fought for the demons.