Chapter 16:

The ghost of revenge awakened

Waking up in a new world without any memories

Then they marched. It was an army of willless dead who would do anything for their master Eliphas without even thinking. The undead strolled through the lands of the living. Suddenly, they killed everything in front of them, regardless of whether they were a friend or foe. "Retreat!", Ordered Sasori as he realized the threat that was approaching them. As a result, every soldier and adventurer fled on the battlefield. Luvin, who was also about to jump into battle with his group, also took flight when he realized that a wave of undead was coming closer. "I'm clearly being paid too little for that!", Luvin thought to himself as he ran away. "That's right! Be afraid of the army that is in front of you! I am their Lord and Master! The Lord over death! The demonking gave me new powers to turn this battle to his victory! I am now more powerful than my older brother! Nothing can prevent this onslaught!", Laughed Eliphas with pride. 

But then the old master of Taiki entered the battlefield while the others went to safety. "I notice that you have become more powerful. Yet your arrogance, greed, and hatred obscure your entire potential! Let it go! We can still fix all this!", His brother tried to convince him. However, he ignored the words of the old master. "Be quiet! I will level you and this entire humankingdom to the ground! I will destroy you all!", Shouted Eliphas. Out of nowhere, the undead attacked the old dragon, which flew high into the air as a response so that he will not be caught by the dead. "Cyril! Rya! Help me and use your fire breath to burn down the undead! They must not enter the gate to the city that is closing right now! Don`t allow them to enter the city!", The old master ordered his children, who directly spread their wings and floated into the air. 

When Eliphas wanted to end his brother's plan and shreded a powerful lightning bolt on the two dragons, the old master stood in front of the spell, he repelled the attack with one finger. Next, more lightningbolts hissed out of the magician's fingertips, which then flew in the direction of the old dragon, but he simply dodged the spell. "Just stay still, you annoying old man!", Complained Eliphas when he still couldn't hit his brother after some time. "The reason you can't hit me is quite simple! You are far too unfocused! You were devoured too much by hatred and arrogance, my brother!", Replied the old dragon after Eliphas' outburst of rage. Powerful hurricanes that came from the magician fury and hissed through the battlefield, were stopped by the old master. "Give up, brother! You can't win!", Said the old dragon. But Eliphas did not stop. He fired one spell after the next at him, where his brother masterfully fending off every single shot. Out of thin air, the undead wanted to attack him, where they were pushed away with a powerful wind spell.

However, Eliphas took advantage of the moment, as the old master was distracted. He threw a spear, which he formed from the air in his hand, on his brother. He was completely overwhelmed by this attack, The spear pierced the old man. Blood burst from his body. His vision slowly disappeared. "You didn't expect that, did you? Haha!", Laughed Eliphas. The old man went to the ground and remained there. "You....You were once my brother, whom I respected dearly! But now you are a monster who serves evil! I can only pity you!", Countered the old dragon. "Master!", Frightened Taiki and Icarus when they saw the fatal hit that their master injured. "Father!", Cyril and Rya also shrugged. "No....That can't be! First we lose mother and now we also father! Why?!", Asked Rya desperately. Rya and Cyril began to cry. They could not quite grasp the situation that their father was dying. They didn't want to believe it, but the truth is often more cruel than one would like it to be. The pain and grief stung in the chest like a blade. In Taiki a tremendous hatred rose.

He wished that he never withdrew, but fought alongside his master. Guilt, grief and hatred flowed through his body like blood in his veins. All of a sudden, shadows poured out of him. The darkness slowly distorted him. The darkness pierced through the light. Eliphas did not notice what power would soon be unleashed. The shadows took over his mind. The death of another soul was within reach. The suffering of this soul was indescribable. Taiki tried to suppress it with all his might, but the anger that he could not save his master, who helped him in life, was uncontrollable. All at once, Taiki lost control and he jumped off the castle wall. When he stomped on the ground, it split. Earth was stirred up. "You shouldn't have done that!", Shrieked Taiki. "No....Don......... Don't let yourself be distorted by the darkness....!", The old master yelled while spiting blood, although the words did not reach the young boy that just felt the pure hatred at the moment. Taiki slowly walked through the gruesome battlefield, where many living beeings lifes have already coming to an end. The undead wanted to attack the young boy. However, the undead immediately crumbled to dust when they came near Taiki.

 "That can't be! How can he just go through the undead like that?!.......Oh crap!", Eliphas pondered when he realized what was happening before his eyes. "He has dangerous titles! He owns "The ruler of Envy", "The ruler of Wrath", "the ruler of Gluttony" and...and now he has just received a new title! "The ruler of greed"! How can that be!", Puzzled Eliphas in panic. "It does not matter! I will defeat him! He can't kill me! That's impossible! I'm more powerful!" At a single stroke, shadow arms hissed out of Taiki, which grip Eliphas firmly. "What the....?!", The magician tried to speak before one of these hands held his mouth shut. "This shall be our leader?! He is truly powerful!", Thought the entire wolf pack as they perceived Taiki's hidden power. "Taiki..... Stop....I don't feel his presence anymore...... Is he something...... No...... That can't be.....", The old master wispered before the light disappeared in his eyes. No matter what Eliphas tried, it didn't work. There was nothing he could do.

Suddenly, Taiki quickly attracted the magician. The boy's eyes were blood red. The pure emptiness stared at Eliphas. It was no longer the young boy on whom Eliphas looked down. "A beast!?", Eliphas realized, before a shadow body sprang out of Taiki, which had the same shape as Taiki himself. Then the mouth of the shadow body opened, whereupon it completely devoured Eliphas. The moment Eliphas were devoured in the shadow body, all the resurrected fell to dust. There was no more undead on the battlefield. "You messed with the wrong one! My revenge will be cruel! My revenge will burn the world! I will destroy you all! You who wanted to awaken me from my eternal sleep and make me suffer! I will destroy every single one of you!", Sounded the voice of the spirit of revenge that could be heard all over the world. "Taiki..... Oh no!", Said Rya in shock. Tsuyoshi grumbled anxiously about his friend's condition. He feared that he would never get him back. "We have to get the real Taiki back!", Said Cyril resolutely.

"I don't want to admit it but you're right,", Icarus agreed. Meanwhile, Chizu thought to herself: "That's what I call a real opponent I'd like to fight against." The half-demon wore a satisfied smile. When Nodin and Osiris heard of the plan of the four adventurers, they both thought at the same time: "We will know how to prevent this! We want such a leader! If they manage to bring the old Taiki back, we need another way to undo it. We want one who has the strength to rule this world!" Baaz trembled. He could not believe that a superior one was standing in front of him on the battlefield. "Why is my rotting body trembling? I don't know the feeling. What is that? Is it.......Fear? But I can't feel that feeling!", The demon head wondered confusedly.

In a cave far away from the battlefield

Yukio was camping around a campfire with his surviving men. He was completely enraged by the loss of Yuri and the fact that a weakling could defeat him just like that. "The next time I see this maggot, I'll break his neck!", Cursed Yukio inwardly. The other survivors of Yukito's bandit gang were crestfallen. "I can hear your hatred and your desire to kill this young boy," Suddenly a voice foreign to them sounded. "Who are you!", Yukio jumped up with a sword drawn. His bandit colleagues did the same. "You don't have to be afraid or beware of me. Just see me as a kind of friend who offers you his help.", The voice tried to calm the bandits, but this was not crowned with success. "What can you offer us? How can we trust you? We don't even know you!", Yukio wanted to know suspiciously, when out of the blue three hooded figures stepped out of the darkness. "I'm so sorry! I'm so rude. I'll introduce myself first! My name is Orax and I also have a goal that I want to pursue what is also related to Taiki. With a gathering, we could achieve our goals! I will make you powerful, Yukio, so that you are able to destroy him on you own! You can do anything with him! Kill him if you want!", Said the hooded man.

"I'm interested! But how are you going to make me stronger?", The bandit leader wondered. Without waiting another second, all three hooded men raised their hands, causing all bandits, except Yukio, to faint. "Hey! What did you do! Did you kill them!", Complained Yukio, when he changed his mind. But it was too late. Out of the blue, he felt an immense power that flowed into him. "It's true that we had to kill your fellow bandits, but in return you get their power, so that you have the strength to defeat your nemesis!", Orax explained with an insidious smile. Suddenly, Yukio fell to the ground. A pain tingled through his body. He bent over in agony. He screamed continuously as the power went through him. An immense lust for blood rose in him. He wanted nothing more than to kill Taiki. It was unstoppable. He was unstoppable. "This is the beginning of my dream! The spirit of revenge will destroy everything! And my goddess will reward me with her blessing! I've been longing for it for so long!", Orax dreamed in his mind.