Chapter 9:

Love is for the foolish

She Wolf will not find her mate; I curse the Spring that came too quickly. I won't fall in love!

My day with Caelestis did not end there. In fact, after I had finished eating he invited me to spend time with the rest of the vampires. Of course, I accepted but I was nervous. There was a particular part of the school grounds where they would congregate. Now the school had large walls of stone and surrounding it was the forest but within those walls there was a kind of continuation of that forest, there was even a small creek. It was quite beautiful, and it went mostly unused by most classes. Students during their breaks would spend time within it, as mythical beings a connection to nature is very important.

The Amanes and I would leave the building, but we wouldn’t usually go far into the forest, we mostly hung around the courtyards. The vampires, however, had a little clearing in the forest. It wasn’t too far in. Just enough so that they would have privacy. Iron chairs and tables that were completely overgrown with moss made this clearing comfortable, as well as fallen trees that had been carved into comfortable shapes. I noticed right away, Kayin sitting very close to Lizette. Lizette didn’t look like your typical vampire nor elf. She had brown hair that curled at the ends of it and elf ears that poked out from under it. Her makeup was probably the most striking thing about her, very elaborate and graphic. However, sitting with the vampires, Lizette looked a little uncomfortable, her eyes planted on the ground.

I whispered to Caelestis, “That’s her right?”

“Yep,” he sighed.

“Gold digger,” I muttered under my breath, Caelestis nodded, “I feel sorry for your brother.”

“I always feel sorry for Kayin.”

All the other vampires’ eyes were on me, I was the intruder. At least Lizette was half vampire. I just straight up didn’t belong here.

“Are you sure they don’t mind me being here?”

Caelestis looked down at me, “They’ll be fine with anything I approve of.”

I met his gaze craning my neck, “Even a wolf girl?”

“I’ll defend you. Bitch.”

“Shut up,” I knew he was being playful but I looked away as I felt warmth in my cheeks.

Caelestis started to talk to his brother. I looked over at the vampire girls. One of them was completely ignoring me, but the other was staring directly at me.

“Do they know me at all?” I whispered to Caelestis.

“We know you,” said one of the vampire girls quietly.

This one I didn’t know so well. She was shorter with long white hair, a look more frail than the other vampires.

“Is that a good or bad thing?” I asked, walking over.

“We’ve just seen you at parties,” She looked up at me, “We’ve never spoken.” She offered a hand and I shook it.

“I see. Well I’m Varinia Elch, a member of the Blue Star pack.”

“You can call me Snow.”

“Pretty,” I smiled and she smiled back, behind me one of the other vampire girls rolled her eyes.

I was able to chat a little bit with Snow before the bell rang and we returned to classes. She seemed like the nicest of the vampires. I knew from personal experience they could be a little uptight. She just seemed generally sweet though.

Ephvangeline was waiting outside our religion classroom alone, the vampires and I joined her but took no notice of her. As Lucius arrived he however very much did. He put his arm on Ephvangeline’s shoulder and spoke way too loudly directly into her ear, “Hello big tits!”

Ephvangeline was disgusted, she shoved him off herself so hard, he slammed into the wall, “Don’t ever touch me.”

“Good one dude,” I looked at Lucius' body, winded against the wall.

Sahar called out, “Lucius you can go get fucked.”

“That's the aim,” Lucius replied trying to sound smug but he couldn’t cover up how hurt he was.

“Well you’re not getting any from Angel that’s for sure,” I gave Caelestis a cheeky smile.

He sighed looking at how pathetic Lucius was.

Everything was so tense. Ephvangeline was clearly quite upset and there was still some form of drama between her and Shizuka. Finally the teacher allowed us into the classroom and directed us to study for our big project about the minor gods coming up. I sat down next to Caelestis, unfortunately out of habit Lucius sat beside me. Everyone was so quiet, which was strange for this year level. I opened my notebook. I had already finished this assignment days ago. I closed my notebook, not wanting Lucius to see and make a big deal about it.

Caelestis leaned toward me, “Everyone is awfully quiet today and keeping to themselves.”

I looked at him, “The sexual tension in the air is thicc.”

“Like your ass,” Lucius said behind me, probably staring.

I turned back to him, “Can you not? You're never going to be able to fuck Angel you know, and if you keep this up you won't be fucking me.”

Lucius just gave me a stupid little smirk that made me want to punch him.

Caelestis looked down upon him, “Good luck getting laid now, Lucius.”

Lucius rolled his eyes at Caelestis, “Oh, please like you could do any better. I promise you I will get Angel before you will.”

“I’m not planning on it, yet I still doubt that.”

“But really give up on her,” I added.

Lucius scoffed at me, “Nah she's way too hot for that. Like the hottest girl in the school.”

Across the room I could see Ephvangeline tense up.

I punched Lucius in the arm, “Who can totally hear you because you're way too loud.”

“Whatever she'll come around,” He huffed, looking a little upset. He went back to his work, which I noted had not even been started.

Caelestis quietly laughed to himself, “Oh my,”

I smiled at him, the rest of the class was chatting amongst themselves, helping each other with the work. Shizuka was still sitting far from Katsu and Ephvangeline.

Caelestis turned to me, “Seems like Shizuka has issues with Angel AND Katsu. Maybe she didn’t like that little kiss after all.”

“She's a real daddy's girl right?” I tried to remember more about Shizuka, I knew that she had an overprotective father.”

“She's probably ashamed of having feelings for anyone other than her daddy. Someone needs to do something about that. Someone should go fuck her up,” Caelestis looked angrily at her.

“Maybe I should flirt with her,” I offered and Caelestis laughed at that idea.

If it would get his attention further, I walked over to where Shizuka and Sahar were sitting. I leaned forward, knowing the first few buttons of my shirt were undone, “Hey babes.”

“Who the fuck are you talking to honey?” Sahar snapped at me.

“The two hotties sitting right in front of me,” I winked at Shizuka.

Sahar glared at me, “Bad decision.”

“Why is that?”

“I don’t want you sweet talking me. Or Shizuka for that matter.”

“What's up with you guys anyway?” I looked at Shizuka.

Shizuka looked nervous, “What do you mean?”

I smiled, “You're through with Angel but you're rejecting me?”

“I don’t understand…” Shizuka stuttered.

“Well if you'd like to give me a text,” I gave her a wink and walked off. It was such a strange interaction. It probably wasn’t right for me to get involved, this feud was between Caelestis and Shizuka. I really knew nothing about it.

I sat beside Caelestis and just shrugged. That was my best explanation. He smiled and shook his head. I watched Shizuka walk out of the room and then Katsu run out after her. A lot of drama it seemed.

“What was that?” Caelestis was on the verge of laughter.

I was as well, seeing the wizard boy, Katsu run, “Who even knows.”

Caelestis began writing but I looked back down at my work, completed and looking lovely. I rested my head down on my book.

“This is so boring,” I whispered.

“It always is,” Caelestis didn’t look up from his work.

“This class in particular though. I know how to pray to the gods I’ve even met a few,” I reflected on the times I had seen Hermes and Artemis. A truly magical experience.

“I see…” Caelestis muttered.

“Why do I need to learn about people I know in person?” I smiled to myself and looked at him, “I guess you think that every time we mention your father in history.”

Caelestis’ father was a notable vampire throughout history, the most powerful. Honestly someone who I had researched a lot. It was hard not to when you looked up vampires. He had been alive for an extremely long time. He was the reason I gushed so hard over Caelestis.

Caelestis hunched his shoulders a little, “It’s almost humiliating.”

“Yeah, but you'll be the same. You've got your father’s powers,” I tried to keep the nerdiness out of my voice but I was fascinated by him. Sitting beside me was someone with so much potential it was crazy.

“Only time can tell my true strength,” Caelestis said casually.

“Mine too I guess,” I muttered.

Caelestis was still writing, “Some things are inherited but if you work hard you can be as strong as you want to be.”

I looked over at Ephvangeline, “Yeah but I'm never going to beat a werecat.”

Caelestis looked at me, “Well, promise me that you will try hard.”

“Of course, I will. I'm the only young female wolf in my pack, the pressure on me is insane. I'll be the Luna one day too.”

Caelestis smiled, “Good.”

“Whoever I mate with will be the next Alpha of my pack, I’m so worried about who it will be,” I put my head in my hands to hide my trembling chin. It was too hard to think about, why did I even bring it up.

This was not the time nor the place for thinking of my nightmares. I cursed it for bubbling into my consciousness. I felt a hand on my back, it stroked me, again and again. I looked up and it was Caelestis. His hand was cool, even through my shirt.

“Just worry about the present for now,” His voice was soft and low.

“Minor gods,” I smiled a little, “I think you’re more powerful than some of these guys.”

He smiled back and I flipped through my textbook to the lists of minor gods. There were a lot.

“Have you ever met any of these?” I asked.

He looked over the list, “Hmmmm I’m not sure.”

“Yeah ... I haven't met a minor god either. That I know of.”

“That’s the case with me too.”

“Hermes? Met him?”

Caelestis thought for a second, “Don’t think so…”

“Really? He's everywhere.”

Caelestis tilted his head to the side, “Guess I’m unlucky.”

“I've seen him darting around here sometimes talking to Mr S,” He would also be zipping around to the packs in the area. Hermes I thought was the most common of the gods to encounter.

“What for?”

“Myth hunter stuff I guess. You've heard that they are trying to take down the gods,” I shivered at that horrible thought. Myth hunters had been developing technology to destroy all myths. Their target seemed to be on the gods, those who protected us. It was a chilling thought, if they actually pulled it off.

Caelestis seemed to have heard of this too, “Oh yeah. Who knows when this place will become a warzone.”

“Well this school isn't protected by the gods but it will be a safe haven until they fuck it up too,” I offered to him. The school I believe was protected by demons.

Caelestis sighed, “It’s weird to think we could wake up tomorrow and everything will be different. Tomorrow could be the end for all we know.”

“‘Live each day like it's your last generation’ that's what my dad always says.”

“It’s sad really.”

I nodded, “Terrifying.”

Caelestis thought for a second, “I don’t even know what to do in that situation. I’d have to have responsibility over the other vampires but I don’t know how much I'd try to involve myself in it.”

I grabbed a pen and wrote my address down in his book, “I'm not far from you, we will be safe.”

“Thank you. You’re welcome at ours any time too.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Even in the vampire section?”

“Yes, everyone has to take orders from me, so if I say so they’ll allow it.”

“Aren’t werewolves seen as scum in your house?”

“Basically,” Caelestis glanced over at Lucius, I followed his line of vision. Lucius was struggling to catch up with his work. I knew it was only because I wasn’t giving him any attention. He would be all over me if I weren’t annoyed with him right now.

“Hmmm thought so,” I said angrily.

“Trash is trash anywhere,” Caelestis glared at Lucius.

“Shame, wolves like Mr S and I are the majority. Lucius is the loud minority. Ruining our name for everyone.”

Caelestis chuckled and I smiled at him enjoying the sound. I would have to work hard to change his perception of werewolves. Growing up with Lucius would have been difficult. There was a lot of work to do but it wasn’t impossible.

Caelestis looked over at Ephvangeline, “She’s not bad when she isn’t bothering anyone.”

I smiled and raised an eyebrow at him, “So, what you're saying is if we cut out her tongue...”

“I said ‘isn’t bothering’ not ‘quiet’ besides she can be annoying in other ways.”

“True. Tie her up as well,” I said jokingly.

“Too much work.”

“Besides, if we do that we'll make Lucius’ job easier,” I offered.

“Exactly and we can’t be helping that bastard,” Caelestis turned to Lucius, who was dead asleep somehow, maybe actually studying was too much for him, “Useless.”

I laughed, what else did we expect from Lucius, I looked back over to Ephvangeline, “I’m pretty sure he's in love with her.”

Caelestis scoffed, “I wouldn’t call that love.”

“Well, as close as he can get to love. She means a lot to him,” even though she probably hated him.

Caelestis shook his head, “Can’t imagine why.”

“Maybe he thinks that she's his mate. He drools over her… he has since he was a child apparently,” Though Lucius’ attention had strayed over the years he would always come back to Ephvangeline. She was the one he would always focus his foul perverted energy on. Some kind of unattainable goal if you asked me.

Caelestis muttered, “Creepy.”

I nodded, “I feel sorry for her… also for him though, he won’t ever get her.”

“I guess you could feel that way.”

“Or just laugh?” I smiled.

“Yes. Some people are fools."

I nodded again, “I try my best not to be.”

“That’s how it should be.”

“Instead of foolishly falling in love?” I asked, looking up at him.

“Love is such a ridiculous thing anyway.”

“Yeah…” I flipped a few pages of my textbook. I had to agree with him, love for werewolves was the worst.

“It’s really an impairment,” he said and honestly he stole the words right out of my mouth.

I looked back up at him, “That’s because we don’t get to control who we will be with.”