Chapter 10:

We went to the amusement park.

Teenage life isn't supposed to be like this

It was just another school morning and students of our class were just coming one by one and there was one person who didn't arrive yet, Miyoko.Bookmark here

"May be she has taken a leave today because she is not the type to be late for school. She practically comes to school atleast 5-10 minutes before it starts. So that is the only thing possible" I had thought.Bookmark here

But about 15 minutes later someone whom we all thought wouldn't be arriving today had come and that person was Miyoko. Well, Yua sensei was surprised.Bookmark here

"Why have you come this late to school and it is already 15 minutes since class started." She asked.Bookmark here

"Sorry Sensei, I had so much home work that I had slept late and I happened to wake up late." Miyoko said while breathing heavily.Bookmark here

"Ahh, well rules are rules and it is the same for everyone. Stand outside till this period ends and then you can come in." Yua sensei said.Bookmark here

"Okay sensei" Miyoko said and stood outside.Bookmark here

Well, it was lunch brake, we all went to grab lunch and we went to the room we all go.Bookmark here

We sat down and Miyu asked."You finish your homework very soon and sometimes you even finish it in class don't you. What took you so long yesterday. We didn't even have much homework yesterday."Bookmark here

"Huh, I know that I had just gotten tired of school and homework so much that I just wanted to get a break from it so I decided to watch T.V yesterday and I had gotten so involved in it that I had forgotten to do homework. When I went to do home work I just didn't want to do it so I went to watch T.V again and I did my homework in 1:00 AM and that is the reason I came late." Miyoko said.Bookmark here

"I get the feeling because I also had times like this one." I said.Bookmark here

"So what do you do in times like this? Sleep late, Wait you don't even do your homework. You forget it almost all the time??" Miyu asked.Bookmark here

"I don't do it because I just sit simply doing nothing."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"Well,it is because I haven't gotten enough break to do any work and also I haven't done enough work to catch a break, so I just sit simply doing nothing. Absolutely nothing." I said trying to look cool.Bookmark here

"Wait that is totally dumb." Miyu said.Bookmark here

"Yeah why don't you do your homework and then do what you want." Akiyoshi said.Bookmark here

"Hey you don't get it do you?"Bookmark here

"I totally understand it. I also have these type of thoughts that I also end up doing nothing for the day." Akio said.Bookmark here

"This is the kind of the feeling I had yesterday." Miyoko said.Bookmark here

" Woah, but you do your homework and also ace the exams. So why do you feel like not doing anything." We asked.Bookmark here

"Huh I do my homework not because I want to but because I have to and also I get those good grades because of the fear of getting scolded by my parents." Miyoko said.Bookmark here

"We understand you. So you want a good break." Akio and I said.Bookmark here

"Yes" Bookmark here

"Why don't we go to a amusement park this weekend?." Akiyoshi said.Bookmark here

"Yeah that is a great idea. We could also watch the fireworks this Sunday it will be very pretty." Miyu said.Bookmark here

"Yes, so let's all go together this Sunday."Bookmark here

"Woah together with Miyoko huh seems pretty nice. I just wish I get a chance to watch the fireworks with her alone, it will be pretty romantic." I thought.Bookmark here

"Woah" Akio said to himself in a very low voice.Bookmark here

"I think he is thinking about the same thing." I thought to myself.Bookmark here

"Okay, let's all get the tickets while we go home today." Akiyoshi said.Bookmark here

"Okay" we said together in excitement.Bookmark here

School was over and we all left in a flash to get the tickets.Bookmark here

"Let's hurry those tickets will be sold out if we don't go quickly." Akiyoshi said.Bookmark here

We went and bought the tickets and we were on the way home.Bookmark here

"Hey why don't we also eat together in a restaurant after we enjoy ourselves." Miyu said.Bookmark here

"Hmm. We will go to my restaurant, it is my treat." Miyoko said.Bookmark here

"Woah thanks, I will be waiting till Sunday evening."Miyu said.Bookmark here

"Okay let's meet up on Sunday evening at 6:30."Bookmark here

Well is was finally Sunday the day we have all been waiting for!.Bookmark here

We all had come at 6:30. We were in the park it was a little crowded considering that there was going to be a fireworks show and it is also a sunday, they were to be expected.Bookmark here

We all were roaming to see which ride we all should go first but Akiyoshi came up with something.Bookmark here

"Hey we should probably go to the haunted house first and to make it even more interesting let's all pick a straw the one with the smallest straw should go first and also alone while the rest of the people can pair up."Bookmark here

"Oi oi why don't we all go together." I said because I knew I was the one who will get the short straw because I was damn unlucky.Bookmark here

"Girls can't walk alone in this path we need a boy to walk with. I want Akiyoshi to be beside me if I don't get the short straw." Miyu said.Bookmark here

"Fine fine." Which leaves Miyoko.Bookmark here

"I will walk with anyone of you two but I just don't want to walk alone in the haunted house." Miyoko said while shivering.Bookmark here

"Oh God I wish that Akio should get the short straw." I thought.Bookmark here

"Don't worry Miyoko I will be with you while we walk in the haunted house." Akio said trying to look cool.Bookmark here

"We haven't even picked the straw yet. Don't go thinking that I will get it." I said.Bookmark here

I am scared of the dark and creepy places. And I call my mom to walk me to the the bathroom in the night. And sometimes I can't get a brink of sleep after I wake up in the middle of the night because there is always a mysterious sound going around and I literally cover myself in the blanket and stay awake till morning.Bookmark here

"Okay let's pick a straw in 5,4,3,2,1……" Akiyoshi said.Bookmark here

"Phew it is not me or Miyoko. Ohh it's you Itsuki-kun." Miyu said.Bookmark here

"Why do I always have to be unlucky." I said.Bookmark here

I could already sense Akio smiling that I was going alone while he was pairing up with Miyoko.Bookmark here

I slowly went into the haunted house. It was really dark I could barely see anything. And I could hear creepy sounds "crrak crrak".Bookmark here

I could hear my inner conscious asking me to run as fast as I could.Bookmark here

I heard a Creek and crack and then a hand with no flesh but bones touched me. I screamed and the next thing I knew was to run but unfortunately the fear caught up with me so much that I did not pay attention to the walls that I had hit them and fainted down.Bookmark here

Few minutes later I felt somebody tapping on my shoulders and shaking my body, it was Akiyoshi.Bookmark here

"Oi what happened why did you scream. We were able to hear it outside." Bookmark here

"You fainted, you are a scaredy cat." Akio said while laughing.Bookmark here

"I thought you were courageous Itsuki-kun." Miyoko said.Bookmark here

That was the last thing I needed to hear. My heart had a been sliced into a million pieces.Bookmark here

We were walking back from the haunted house.Bookmark here

"This is all your fault Akiyoshi." I said.Bookmark here

"Don't get angry without knowing my intention. I wanted you and Miyoko to go together in the haunted house, if that had happened, Miyoko would have gotten scared she might have even hugged you because of fear. This was my intention but your luck is just too slim." Akiyoshi said.Bookmark here

" You are a true bro". I said.Bookmark here

"Wait does that mean Miyoko and Akio came into the haunted house and Akio got a hug from her. That guy is getting really lucky. If this keeps up Akio might end up marrying Miyoko and I might have to live a life of emptiness." I said with great anger.Bookmark here

"You are overthinking it." Bookmark here

"No I am just being precautious." I said.Bookmark here

While I said that we had arrived at the roller coaster ride, it had a really long queue.Bookmark here

We were still waiting for a little while when Akio said.Bookmark here

"I hope you don't faint this time too Itsuki-kun."Bookmark here

This guy is insulting me infront of Miyoko.Bookmark here

"Don't get too cocky. I am worried that you might piss off in your pants." Bookmark here

"Don't fight " Akiyoshi tried to calm us down.Bookmark here

"Let's just see who screams first" Akio added.Bookmark here

"Fine." Bookmark here

We were on the ride. It went faster than we all expected it to go. So we were all scared of it except for Akiyoshi.Bookmark here

"You both are scaredy cats." Miyu said.Bookmark here

"Stop now.Let's all go to the ferris wheel" Akiyoshi said.Bookmark here

We were on the ferris wheel it was almost half way up when Miyu asked.Bookmark here

"Hey Miyoko what type of boys do you like.?"Bookmark here

"I like boys who are really smart, kind and cool."Bookmark here

"That's the exact opposite of me. The battle ended before it even started. I think I am kind may be??" I thought.Bookmark here

Seems like Akio was a bit dull too. Huh what could we do about it anyway we were the most unattractive and uncool guys in the class. But Akio is plays very good in volleyball as compared to me.Bookmark here

And Akiyoshi is the most attractive and coolest guy in class.Bookmark here

Which leaves me as the underdog.Bookmark here

We had reached the top of the ferris wheel and it was a wonderful view the lights in the city were a treat to the eyes and we had taken a selfie together at that time.Bookmark here

We all had a wonderful time together. The time was 8:45pm.Bookmark here

So had got down the ferris wheel and we went to Miyoko'restaurant to eat.Bookmark here

We all ate till our stomachs filled up.Bookmark here

We all finally took another selfie there and said goodbye to Miyoko.Bookmark here

Then Akiyoshi went to drop Miyu to her house and finally Akio and I went on our way home.Bookmark here

"Today was a really fun day." I thought.Bookmark here

" I hope more days like this happen together with Miyoko" I thought.Bookmark here

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