Chapter 9:



A strange woman waits for a train at the train station. She sees a couple converse as the girl giggles to the guys jokes. The strange woman walks in as the train leaves. The couple stand beside her as the guy gets a call from his wife. The strange woman sees a picture of the guy’s wife as her eyes turn all black. The guy ignores the call and continues to flirt with his girlfriend. The train stops at another station as the couple exists the woman follows.

The guy tells the girl to wait for her as he rushes to the restroom. The strange woman follows the guy to the restrooms as she shape shifts into the guy’s wife. After a nice pee break the guy washes his hands as he sees his wife through the mirror he is startled. “Honey... W-what are you doing here” the guy asks. “I called you and you did not return my call” says the fake wife. The guy chokes on his words as he tells a lie “You called?... I’m sorry... I” says the guy before he could finish his sentence his phone rings. He reaches for it in his pocket and takes it out only to find out his wife is calling. He looks up from his phone and sees his wife has no phone on her. The fake wife’s eye’s turns black as the guy flinches and drops his phone. “Who are you” he asks as he backs up to the wall. The restroom door closes shut as the Strange woman slits the guy’s throat and left him to bleed out.

The strange woman washes off the blood and exists the restroom having shape shifted into the cheating husband. The fake picks up the girlfriend as she asks what took him so long. The fake leaves with the girlfriend. “Are we almost to your house” asks the girlfriend. “Just over there” says the fake. As they approach the guy enters an alley with the girlfriend. With no one around, the fake pushes the girlfriend against the wall as the girlfriend blushes. she looks up and sees the guy’s eyes turn black. The girlfriend is startled she tries to escape as the guy chokes her up against the wall. The guy takes out a knife as he slits the girls throat. He takes out a goblet as the blood from the girls throat flows inside. The guy shape shifts into the strange woman he was before. She looks into the goblet as the blood spirals getting a message from beyond.

Three weeks later. Ace walks down the hall to the student council room. He opens the door to only find Satori and Takeda gaming and eating snacks and of course Aoi reading her usual book with a cover titled Book. “Hey Ace” says Takeda and Satori in Unison. Ace looks at Aoi as she looks back at Ace and diverts her eyes away from him. Ace sighs as he sits down. “Where’s Nishimura and Kaneko” asks Ace. Takeda stops playing as he loses. He looks at Ace and answers his question. “While you were nursing your wounds they have been assigned to another assignment”

“I see”

“And they were happy that you are not around to slow them down”


“And so they took Kaori with them”

Ace sighs as he takes a third controller. Before he could even play the game Mr Keichiro Watanabe opens the door. “Hey Ace the guy I was just looking for” says Watanabe. Ace shrugs and looks at the screen. Tempted to press the start button Takeda grabs hold of Ace’s collar and drags him to Keichiro’s office. “So what is it this time” asks Ace.

“A Skin walker”

“Skin walker?”

“Yes, Skin Walkers have the ability to physically transform themselves through an inherently superhuman ability, divine intervention, demonic manipulation, sorcery, spells or having inherited the ability”

“Ah a Shape shifter”

“Yes that but instead this one cannot turn into animals only humans”

“Ah I see”

“Yes, Reports says that the Shape shifter only kills cheating couples and unfaithful Man These killings only started three weeks ago and already five couples and three unfaithful man have their throats sliced and left to bleed to death. The shape shifter did not posses anyone so you’re free to exterminate it”

“How are we suppose to find it”

“I don’t know I can’t tell you how to do your Job. Now you maybe dismissed”

Ace, Satori, Takeda and Aoi are dropped off at the city somewhere in the Kanto region where its is suspected that the demon might be because of the killings happing around there. They walk around looking out for any abnormal activities or any killings going around. Ace grouches with no plan on how to find the couple killer he takes a deep breath and looks down. “Anyone know who we going find our killer” Ace asks. Aoi looks back at Ace and closes her eyes. “Well you can pretend to be on a date with me” says Aoi.

“Really” Ace smiles as his mood is enlightened. Aoi smiles as she nods her head. “And then when the demon sees us together you cheat on me with Satori as you both hold each other and stare into each others eyes. Satori will divert his away from you and say ‘Please be gentle’ and you will push Satori against the wall and start to Kiss” Aoi gets over excited she hugs herself with her face all red. Ace cringes and looks at Aoi. Takeda tries to hold in his laughter as tears start to build up. Ace looks at Satori. Satori diverts his eyes away from Ace and pushes his glasses up. “That will be improper” Says Satori. Aoi looks at Ace and Satori “Please say you’ll do it” asks Aoi as Satori and Ace disagree in Unison.

Ace stops walking as the others continue. He looks at a tall building that gives him this feeling he can’t explain. Ace feels somehow drawn to it as if he has been there before. Takeda feels that someone is missing as he stops and looks back. He sees Ace just frozen on the same spot. “Ace” Takeda calls out to him as Ace ignores. Takeda and the others walks to Ace. “Ace is something wrong” asks Takeda as he pats Ace’s Shoulder. 

“DAD!” Ace runs down the road to the buildings general direction as the feeling gets stronger. The road seems familiar as if it was the same road to his fathers company three years ago. Ace keeps running as the others follows behind him worried about Ace. As they got close the building explodes as it collapse. Ace is blown away by the gust off wind created by the collapsing building. Ace coughs and looks at the rubble. Through the dust cloud he sees a shadow figure as it disappears. Ace stands up slowly. The rest of the team catches up to him. “H-how did you know” Takeda asks. “I just had a feeling” says Ace. He walks to the rubble as he finds salt. Ace bends over as he scoops the salt with his hand. Ace closes his eyes. He stands up and looks at Takeda “Is there a mall around here”.

Ace, Aoi, Satori and Takeda stand outside the mall. Ace says they should split in two groups so that they can cover more ground and look for a woman in black with long black hair. Ace walks with Aoi as it feels a bit awkward. “You don’t say much do you” says Ace as he tries to break the Ice. “Unn” answers Aoi as she nods her head. “I’m just not that great with talking to people” says Aoi. “I see”

“Ace... how do you know it’s going to be here”

“I Just felt drawn to it I had the same feeling on the last hunt but ignored it”

“I see”

Aoi’s gets a call from Takeda she tries to answer it but mistakenly declines the call. “I need the restroom” Aoi says as she rushes and leaves Ace behind. After a nice break Aoi washes her hands as Takeda walks in. “Why aren’t you returning my call” says Takeda as he looks at Aoi. Aoi gets a phone call from Takeda. Aoi lets the phone ring as she looks at Takeda. Aoi set a different ring tone for her brother. Aoi reaches for her handgun on her thigh as she quickly draws it. All the doors in the restroom close shut and Aoi takes a few shots as she misses as the fake Takeda rushes to her. Aoi tackles the fake Takeda as they both fall to the ground.

Ace hears the gun shots and runs to the direction as everyone at the mall evacuates. Aoi struggles to fight off Takeda as she is pinned against the wall and her blocking the knife by holding on The fake Takeda’s wrist, hand held knife. Ace takes a shot at the fake Takeda’s handed knife. The fake Takeda turns as chokes Aoi from behind and takes out a grenade from Aoi and holds it. “Step back or I blow her up” says the fake Takeda as his eyes turn black.

Ace keeps his gun aimed at fake Takeda. Satori and Takeda comes running behind Takeda as they keep their gun aimed at him. “Takeda have you always taken hostages” asks Ace. “I don’t know why don’t you ask Takeda” says Takeda. “I think Takeda isn’t in a mood for Takeda jokes” says Satori. Aoi places a talisman on the fake Takeda’s forehead. Takeda takes a short at the shape shifter’s forehead and Satori takes a shot at the shape shifters chest. Takeda’s bullet pierce through the talisman to the shape shifter as electrical shocks are sent through the body paralysing it. Satori’s silver bullet hits the shape shifters chest to the heart. The murk escapes the body and fades in thin air as the shape shifter falls and the grenade falls to the ground. “Aoi” Ace shouts and runs towards Aoi as the grenade explodes.

The explosion having ceiling collapse. Aoi opens her eyes and finds herself under Ace. Aoi feels like her personal space has been invaded as she kicks Ace away from her. “Are you hurt” Ace asks worried about Aoi. Aoi looks at the ceiling and looks at Ace wondering how the ceiling has not collapse on them. Aoi looks at Ace once more and Diverts her eyes. “Aoi” Takeda rushes to her. “Are you okay” asks Takeda. “I am thanks to Ace” says Aoi.

After a while back at Spades Ace walks to the council room as he opens the door and finds no one. He sees a book Aoi is always reading. He picks it up and randomly opens it and out came a Yaoi manga. Ace having his eye’s violated he cringes and closes the book puts it back and exists the room.