Chapter 10:

The one who makes an instant Bloodbath, is a Goddess


The Buzzer to Ace’s door rings. Ace in his shirt and shorts walks up to the door as he opens it he finds Aoi in her casual clothing “H-Hi Ace”. Ace stares at her holding his chin, mesmerized to how Aoi seems hundred percent hot out of her school uniform. Aoi diverts her eyes away from him. Aoi bows as she hands Ace a heart box of chocolates as a thank you for saving her from that grenade blast. “Thank you” says Aoi while bowing. “Umm... you’re welcome...” Ace confused he accepts the chocolates. Aoi stands straight as she smiles and leaves.

Takeda and Satori passes by Ace’s door as he sees Ace frozen with a box of chocolates in his hands. “Ace” says Takeda. Ace snaps out and looks at Takeda and Satori. “Ah... why is everyone dressed so casually today” asks curious Ace. “You’re the one to talk you even dressed for the part” says Takeda.

“What part”

“Some students from the green battalion found a pool on the other side of the mountain”

“You mean”

“Yep everyone is going there to escape the heat”

Ace gets lost in thought. The thought of a hot weather and an unknown pool at a school leads him to only one answer ‘Hot babes in Swimsuits’. Ace shakes his head to shake of the thought “So where is this pool” asks Ace. 

After a short trip in the trees Ace, Satori and Takeda find the pool they were talking about. Ace, Satori and Takeda stand as they take in a deep breath of the beauty of the pool. With a lot of students playing in the water and running around this is a vacation they need. Ace, Satori and Takeda walks down to the pool area as they find Nishimura, Kaneko and Aoi sun bathing. “Oh hey Nishimura” says Ace. “if you know what’s good for you, you’ll stop starring” says Nishimura. Ace looks down and closes his eyes “I want refund for groping you”. “What!” Nishimura stands up and start pulling on Ace’s ears. “I’m sorry” Ace screams.

Satori takes off his shirt as Ace does too. Ace turns his head and sees how ripped Satori is. Ace Impressed he nods his head. “How are you this ripped” Ace asks. “I do plenty of push ups and sit ups during the morning” says Satori as He pushes his glasses up. Ace looks up as he sees Kaori under a tree reading a book. He sighs as he takes a water gun. Ace walks up to Kaori and sprays the water from the water gun on Kaori’s face. Kaori flinches as she stands up and drops her book with her face all wet. 

“Look Sayuri”

“It’s Kaori”

“okay Kaori it’s hot there is a pool and people are enjoying themselves”

“And what’s your point”

“Show off that hot body of yours and have some fun in the water. In the mean time I’ll hold on to this book”

Kaori glares at Ace. She closes her eyes and folds her arms as she sighs. “I... I didn’t bring a swimsuit”. Ace looks at her as he shoots the water on Kaori’s shirt as her shirt becomes a bit see through. “Your purple swimwear says other wise”. Kaori takes off her shirt Ace stares as he gets a little noise bleed. “And Yet I thought you would have stayed flat forever” says Ace. Kaori kicks Ace as he flies off and perfectly land on the water face flat. Kaori walks down as she joins Nishimura and the others.

Everyone enjoys themselves until the fun is spoiled by Kiyomi Mitsuko’s gun shot to the air. “Everyone of you is not suppose to be here this area is restricted”. Everyone stops and looks up to see Miss Mitsuko with a deadly look on her face. One of the boys shoot Mitsuko’s gun of her hand with a water gun as they step up to Mitsuko. “Or is it” says the boy as all the boys lustfully glare at Mitsuko. “Well I see that you want to go against us teachers”. Says Mitsuko before she could finish her sentence, the girls show up from the woods with Keichiro and Kirigimoto tied up. “Us? You were saying?”. Mitsuko glares back the male students. “Tch..” Miss Mitsuko throws a tantrum as she throws a water grenade at the boy as it explodes and blinds the boys Mitsuko jumps in as she lands on the talkative boy’s face. All the boys think its a good idea to jump Mitsuko as they all attack at once and Mitsuko takes them all out. The last boy to attack Mitsuko from behind as she flips him to the front as the boy was flipped he happened to fall off with Mitsuko's shirt.

Under Ace’s command all the boys surround Mitsuko and aim their water gun’s at Kiyomi Mitsuko. “Mitsuko If you were here to evacuate us from this paradise, then why are you wearing that black sexy swimsuit” Says Ace as everyone keeps their aim locked on Mitsuko. “Well... I” Mitsuko chokes as words are hard to leave her mouth as every boy glares once more at Mitsuko. “MAN, AIM...” says Ace about to give the a command to open fire. Mitsuko looks around as all the boys have an evil smile on their faces. “FIRE” Ace commands open fire as everyone takes a shot at Mitsuko. Mitsuko to block all the water but over numbered and over powered the water squirts from the water guns unties her swimsuit bra and panties as Mitsuko catches them from falling out all the boys run out of water in their water guns. After taking their shot at Mitsuko the boys sees Mitsuko in a weird position and her face all red. Mitsuko breaths heavily, all the boys take a few steps back as their blood sprouts out like a busted water pipe from their nose, As the pool turn into a blood bath of aroused male student.

After a short while all the male students including the Teachers Keichiro and Kirigimotowere to clean the pool as punishment.

Few weeks later. Sasayaki long flat black hair with a ponytail. Sharp eyes and greyish pale skin. Walks down the street and stops at a stop walk. Next to him appears Goto higher ranking demon Zagan’s right hand man. “What took you so long Goto” asks Sasayaki. “I’m just a mere business man I don’t have to rush myself Sasayaki” says Goto. “Well you know that I don’t like waiting” says Sasayaki. Goto points across “Then why are you using the stop walk. You could always just walk to the other side”. Sasayaki closes his eyes and smiles “well you know human laws forbid you to do that. I don’t want to trouble myself”. Goto closes his eyes and out came a short laugh “Speaking about trouble we’ve had someone interfering with the unsealing of the five pillars that keeps the doors of hell closed”. 

The stop walk turns green as they start to walk. “Those who interfere with Zagan’s plans have to be punished do you have an idea who it might be” says Sasayaki. “Not yet but I’m sure they’ll show up when you destroy another seal” says Goto as they continue to walk. “Using me as bait” asks Sasayaki. “We have to do anything so that Zagan’s plans to conquer this world don’t fail” Goto says as he looks at Sasayaki. “I see” Sasayaki walks as he mistakenly brush pass a stranger. “Hey freak watch where you’re going” says the guy. Sasayaki eyes turns purple as the strangers does too. The stranger waits for a truck that passes by as he jumps in front off it. “That was unnecessary you know” says Goto. “He had it coming” Sasayaki smiles as he walks separate ways with Goto.