Chapter 8:


She Changed Me

Shoya and his friends are at the hometown of Shoya, spending summertime with Shoya's grandma but Ayatsuji had another reason for visiting Shoya's hometown. She wanted to make Shoya realize that running from the problems won't change anything and that's why she decided to bring back old friends group of Shoya.
She rang the doorbell of Miuna's house.
"Wait...I coming." Miuna opened the door.
"Hello...did you remember me?" Ayatsuji was a little afraid that her plan may not work.
"Yes, how can I forgot you. Come in...Come in... and have a cold drink or something."
"No, I'm here for something else so I want you to listen to me."
Miuna smiled and replied, "I know for what you are here but to whom you wanna meet is not at his house."
"I don't get it..."
"Means you are searching for Izumi and he is not at his home."
" do you..."
"How? and when? you can ask me inside also so now come in." Miuna holds Ayatsuji's hand and pulls her inside.
The clam and silent room with a small pond in the backyard and perfect light rays falling from the windows and the light sound of cicadas was making a refreshing and relaxing mood for Ayatsuji. Ayatsuji was sitting near the table and Miuna is making the tea in the kitchen for Ayatsuji.

This place is so relaxing and calm I may fall asleep here. Ayatsuji was carried out with the mood and forgets that she was here for something else.
Miuna enters the room with a cup of tea.
"Miuna you had just a beautiful house."
"I know the first thing stuck in your mind while spending time in this room is its calmful surroundings."
"Can I ask you something?"
"Yes, you can."
Now Ayatsuji started asking her doubts."First of all, How do you know I was here to find Izumi?"
"I was expecting you to be here so after coming from your city, I informed Shoya's grandma that Shoya had found someone caring and she will try to come here in the town and when you arrived here grandma just gave me a call."
"Ohh...Now it explains everything. Grandma is really something..."
"I know Shoya's grandma is very amazing, might now also she must be working on something to make a person happy."

At the same time, Grandma had a sneeze.
"A sneeze in the summer??"

Both Ayatsuji and Miuna gets in the gossip and has laugh and fun.
Shoya was unable to find Ayatsuji and grandma in the house because as we know Ayatsuji was not at home and grandma is still hiding and making a plan to make Nanasaki and Umehara close.
Shoya founds Umehara wandering in the house searching for something.
"~Hey, Umehara~"
"Thank god I found you."
"~Why are you so listless?~"
"I'm searching for something but today it's bad luck."
"~Bad luck for not finding it or...~"
"No, bad luck for having coincidence after coincidence."
"I don't know but where ever I go there is somehow an incident that happens and there is always from somewhere Nanasaki appears and helps me."
"~Then it might be your luck that you always get saved by someone beautiful.~"
"Thanks for your so...much optimistic thinking and please don't suggest it again."
"~Why are you getting so angry?~"
"You when I was walking through stairs I somehow got slipped and felled in the arms of Nanasaki not only that when I sit on the chair for having a little rest Nanasaki appeared and...and..."
"~And what?~"
"~Now you are making me curious Umehara so tells me now~."
"....and my pant came off."
Shoya started to laugh very loudly.
"Not only that Nanasaki was right in front of me and my blue color with pink heart underwear was able to see and this was so embarrassing that..."
"~Wait... wait...your pant came off... automatically???~"
"No, when I try to get up from the chair then my pant also came off."
"~Now I can see everything so tell me now where are going?~"
"I don't know that's why I was happy to found you."
"~Then tell me what are you searching for?~"
"I was searching for...for..."
"~for what?~"
"Searching for the model's practice room."
"~Umehara you are always at that stuff only.~"
"So what? you got a girlfriend that's why now you are a good person."
"~We can talk about that later for now I'm going.~"
"Hey at least tell me where is the direction of my room."
"~Go straight take a left then there are the stairs so go on the 2nd floor and there is the room with a pink door where 'Umehara is here. So please knock' is written that is your room but I suggest you not to go in your room.~"
Shoya then runs off.
"Hey, at least tell me the reason before going."
"~You will find out.~"
Shoya then keeps on running but he stops in front of the plane wall then he knocks on the wall. Suddenly the wall was opening like a door and from inside Shoya's grandma come out. It turns out that the wall was a door to a panic room hidden with a perfect color same as a wall making it look exactly like a wall.
"~Hey, grandma are you still using this room?~"
" are not mad at me?"
"~Why would I? After all, you are doing it for Umehara and Nanaski.~"
She was overjoyed after listening to the Shoya and hugs him.
"~Grandma now quit your overacting.~"
"I think due to my age anyone can see what is real or fake. What an old fashion, no more talent geyser I'm..."
"~No... you are still amazing.~"
"I know I'm because this was an act."
"~you got me this time but not going to happen again.~"
"No, you will"
"~I almost forgot that I want to ask you that Do you know where is the Ayatsuji?~"
"Ahhh...Ayatsuji...she was...gone to... market..."
"~Market why?~"
"She said that she wants to make a dinner especially for you so she had gone to the market."
"~Food that to be made from Ayatsuji hand.~" Shoya's face turned to happy and excited.
"So then I'm going back to my work. Bye" Grandma rush inside the room closing the door.
"~Ayatsuji is so lovely. She is making food for me. I'm the luckiest person in this world.~" Shoya was so happy that he was started to daydream. "~Oh, my love Ayatsuji. I can't wait. Please come soon.~" Shoya was now turned to a daydreamer wandering anywhere in the house living in his own thoughts and keep grinning about it. Shoya was stood near the window waiting for Ayatsuji but in that hot season with a relaxing cold breeze coming from the window had made him fall asleep.
On the other hand, Ayatsuji is unaware of what's happened was having a good sleep in the house of Miuna where silence and calm making her relax.

In that summer season having asleep under a shade or tree with a cold wind blowing in surrounding not only makes you relax but also makes you forget that there is a world with anger and hatred and here the same thing is going to happen. In that same summer in that calm and silence, everyone was having sleep no one was aware of what is happening outside, just themself and their dream.
Ayatsuji wakes up she squinted watch.
"Oh no, it's almost an hour...wake Miuna wake up Miuna."
"What happened?"
"It's almost time of sunset and we haven't met Izumi yet and if Shoya going to know that I'm here then..."
"Don't need to worry Shoya's grandma called me and said Shoya is sleeping."
" what? we have to still meet Izumi and talk to him and we have to do this before Shoya wakes up."
"Oh no"
"Then let's go."
Both Ayatsuji and Miuna head toward the Izumi's house.
When they reached the Izumi's house it was locked.
"Why he is not here yet?"
"Miuna tell me, is he out of this town?"
"No, he was in the baseball team so he spends time practicing but he should be back up to now."
"Now what... should I"
"Hey don't be upset you can try tomorrow."

Both of them started heading back.
On their way, they saw a park.
"AyatsuJi you know when we used to be kids we all together used to play in this park."
Suddenly Miuna's eyes stuck on someone.
"What happened Miuna?"
"See that person sitting on the bench alone is Izumi."
"Wait...Izumi Ishikawa??"
"It means I still have a chance to talk with him. So I'm going to talk with him."
"Wait let me come with you."
"No, It's my decision to do it so I will do it."
"Okay, but I will stay close if something happens I come in."
Her steps toward Izumi thinking about changing his thoughts just saying two or three sentences were going to be ruined. She is going to face the coldest and stubborn person whose feelings were almost died when Manaka died.
"Hello, Myself Haruka Ayatsuji and you are a friend of my boyfriend, Shoya Ishida."
"/Shoya Ishida, How dare you to say his name in front of me. Your boyfriend, what a shit... then I think you should leave him before that person makes a hole in your heart./" Izumi was a little louder when he heard the name Shoya.
"No, you are wrong Shoya is kind-hearted."
"/Tell me why do you even love for that liar. He is nothing but a person who likes to play with a person's heart. Even now he must be having his life happy somewhere away from this town./"
"No, he really cares about you all."
"/You are not Shoya, just his girlfriend who doesn't know the real Shoya. When you do you might never wish to date him./"
"Why do you hate him so much?"
"/He is just a liar and selfish person. If that day he had let her go then she might not be dead today./"
"~So you still hate me for that Izumi.~"
"Shoya what are you doing here?"
"~Wait Ayatsuji let me clear this today for once and for all.~"
"~So let finish our talk Izumi that we left years ago.~"
"/You really got balls to even show up here./"
"~Just tell me why you still hold a grudge for me.~"
"/Because you are the reason that she is dead./"
"~No, it's wrong you just don't like to accept the truth.~"
"/Truth that she is dead I accepted it the next day when she was dead./
"~No, the truth that she never loved you in the way you did her.~"
Suddenly Izumi's face turns very anger. "/No you are wrong./"
"~Do you think I don't know what had happened that day.~"
"/No your telling a lie./" Izumi's face is getting sad.
"~I was there hiding in the bush listening to your every word.~"
"/So what it doesn't relate to what happened that day./"
"~You are right it doesn't relate to what happened that day. You might also be right that I'm a coward and run away from it but you were the one who wanted to fix it even after that. I know... every day you still come to this park and not only that you still keep over hideout place clean and you even try to bring all of us back together but I was stupid, no more than a stupid to refuse to come.~"
"/Stop it...stop it... just don't say it. It might be easy for you to say but waiting for you in this park alone hoping that you might come was just the wrong thing because you never did and I was a moron to come to your house for calling you to play./"
"~Please forgive me...~"
"/It really doesn't get you...2 years...2 years all alone and now...suddenly from nowhere you ask me to forgive you./"
"~The days after she died was hell for me. I thought being all alone and away from everyone is like punishing myself for what I did but not after meeting someone who showed me that I'm not only the one who is suffering and having sorrow, grief but there are others too... I was wrong that you were not suffering or having pain after she died but you were the only one who tried to keep her promise...I was just a piece of garbage and I don't deserve a sorry.~"
Everything was turned into silence but a laugh changed it.
"/haha...haaahaa...You really are a shoe. Why do you even need to punish yourself instead asked me to punish you might you won't able to sit after that./"
"~Huh... your hands were so small that time might you won't even able to give a proper slap.~"
Both of them started to laugh.
"Wait I'm a bit confused here, now you are friends or still wanna beat each other."
"/Ayatsuji is I'm right you are his girlfriend./"
"/Now it is over./"
"~Do you know what only left now is?"~
"/No, I don't./"
"~Miuna, she is only left now.~"
"/Yes...yes If she was here our gang will be complete./"
"Hey, you boys are leaving me behind." Miuna comes out from his bush.
"/So you were here./"
"~Hey guys now we all are together why don't we make our promise again.~"
"Yes, we should."
"/Yes why not./"
Shoya, Izumi, and Miuna hold each other hands and promises that...

" We will always be together not by our places but by our heart and every year we will come back to this town to attend the festival of Hisaki. "

"/Hey why don't we all meet tomorrow to attend the festival./"
"~yes we will ~"

The old group is back and their secrets and past will be going to reveal so don't forget to read the next and last chapter of 'She changed me'


She Changed Me