Chapter 6:

A Sweet & Savory Condition

For When Morning Comes and the Sun Doesn't Rise

Okada and I watched as Tomio wolfed down a far-from-healthy amount of sweets. The more I hung out with Tomio, the more I felt like a babysitter. Since he was completely engrossed in his snack, I turned to face Okada who was right next to me. Bookmark here

“So how are we gonna go about this deal of ours, I’m not exactly the sociable-type y’know.”Bookmark here

She continued to watch Tomio eat before turning to face me and replying.Bookmark here

“After getting to know you for a day, I agree that my initial plan may not work.”Bookmark here

The “one condition” of hers involved me getting to know this crush of hers. Basically, she wanted me to infiltrate his friend group, become his friend, and learn everything about him. While doing this, I’d relay this information to her, so she’d be able to appeal to him more.Bookmark here

“Okada, that was the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.”Bookmark here

Huh? It was well thought out!”Bookmark here

“Are you serious right now?”Bookmark here

Yes. Yes she was serious, her tone was both as real and as shocked as could be. Like she hadn’t expected her plan to be bad at all.Bookmark here

“Why don’t you just tell him how you feel?” I continued.Bookmark here

“A-Are you crazy? I can’t do that.” She folded her arms across her chest and turned away from me.Bookmark here

Am I crazy? You’re the crazy one!Bookmark here

I let out a heavy audible sigh, making it clear how tiring she could be.Bookmark here

“You sure sigh a lot.” She retorted, probably picking up on my signal but still being stubborn.Bookmark here

“I’m being serious, you should just ask him.” I attempted to push my point further.Bookmark here

She sat silently again, watching Tomio eat. I watched as a realization struck her and her face lit up. Was she finally going to agree to common sense?Bookmark here

“Inoue, instead of becoming friends with him, you should just stalk him for a f-“Bookmark here

I knocked her over the head several times. Making sure that she wouldn’t finish her sentence. As onlookers passed by, I smiled and waved.Bookmark here

“Okay, okay, you’re right.” Ding, ding. I won.Bookmark here

She rested her head on the table. Tomio paid no mind.Bookmark here

“How do I do this though?” She asked me, her face still planted in the table.Bookmark here

“I’m not the right person to ask for that, don’t you have close friends that you can to about this?”Bookmark here

Uh, they don’t know, and I have no intention of telling them.”Bookmark here

What am I to you, huh? A therapist? Counselor?Bookmark here

I kept my thoughts to myself. If whatever came out of my mouth next was of no substance, she might rescind her decision to join the club. After giving it some thought, my lackluster experience in relationships and such were far beyond my knowledge. As a guy though…Bookmark here

“Maybe you could try giving him chocolate or something to see how he reacts.”Bookmark here

“Chocolate?” Tomio looked up.Bookmark here

“You don’t have to give it to him directly, maybe drop it in his locker or something to see if he’s interested in that kind of thing. Make sure it’s obvious that it’s from a girl.”Bookmark here

She still didn’t look convinced.Bookmark here

“Okay, imagine this. You receive a present that’s clearly from a guy in your locker. You’d be excited because you’re interested in a relationship like that and the thought that it might be from a special someone would spur you on. On the other hand, if I were to receive something like that, I probably wouldn’t care at all. Honestly, I’d probably end up handing the chocolates to Tomio.” As my thoughts flowed out of my mouth, my eyes wandered over to him. His complete attention had switched from the pastries over to us.Bookmark here

“I guess that makes sense.” Okada scratched at her chin pensively. “I don’t know how to make chocolates though.”Bookmark here

“That’s where, drumroll…” Tomio proceeded to drumroll at my queue, “the sweets connoisseurs club comes in!”Bookmark here

“That makes it the first unofficial club activity,” Tomio added, apparently if it has to with sweets, his ears will automatically pick it up.Bookmark here

“It’s finalized then, tomorrow after school, the sweets connoisseurs club will have it’s first unofficial club activity. Operation sweets for Okada’s crush!”Bookmark here

“H-Hey don’t say that so loud!” Okada became flusteredBookmark here

“Sweets for Okada’s crush!” Tomio started to chant.Bookmark here

Okada went back and forth from just trying to hide herself from the embarrassment and attempting to get Tomio to stop. I couldn’t stop laughing.Bookmark here

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