Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 - Infection


12:00 noon With the path traced to the 3-story building, with white walls and deep blue columns, with its large amber-colored windows covered by metal bars.

The amber color was so that the sunlight could not damage any chemical materials.The lab is our next stop, where, according to Angela, the beautiful light-skinned girl with wavy black hair, with whom I had made a deal a moment ago.

There was a good chance that her friend, another beautiful college girl who I also found attractive was there.

The lab is located across the street from our faculty, only 20 meters away, which gave an idea that it was very easy to get to, except for one problem, the entrance door was at the other end of the building and this added about 15 meters more.

< If we run out we can almost certainly get there but the only problem is how fast those creatures we don't know yet can be>.

He assessed the situation as we made our way down the stairs to the faculty.

<If we go by the experience we had a few moments ago with the infected delegate we are at a complete disadvantage>.

Near the exit, in front of the large deep blue metal doors.

We stop when we hear the desperate screams of several people.

Amidst the gasps and screams we could hear the words - someone! help! help! - that did not keep pace with the hurried footsteps that suggested that several people were running for their lives.

We were a few steps away from the gates, in the middle of them, we watched as several university students ran like a group of rabbits desperate to avoid being caught.

I count approximately 6 university students, who were being chased by other university students who looked more like the delegate.

Some just have dark eyes with barely distinguishable pupils dilated and bulging on their faces, along with two bulges on their foreheads, but the others have completely transformed faces, bulging eyes full of anxiety to destroy something and those horn-like antennae swiveling to all sides.

I acted immediately to this by taking Angela's hand, she was in a cold sweat, her sweat could be felt between her fingers and the palm of her small hand.

They were three colors, white, green and blue, we hid behind the green trash can.

I kept a certain distance so as not to cause her any discomfort as she already had a bad image of me, something I dislike.

But given the situation this small distance was shortening, Angela was getting closer to me, placing her wavy hair right in front of my chin, her back against my chest, she was squeezing my hand very tightly as fear flooded her, making her start to tremble.

I can barely make out her sweet strawberry scent from near the container. Angela couldn't calm her nerves and fears so she was about to let out a few small whimpers that would give away our hiding place.

I peeked my head over the edge of the container very carefully so as not to be seen.One of them was still there, static, just moving its head in a small circle, its antennae were the most interesting thing, as they gave the impression of looking for something like a compass.Hearing her subtle moan I stepped back, with my right arm I held her stomach, pulling her closer to me, I released her left hand to cover her mouth.

Her warm breath moistens my hand and my heart races at being so close to a woman, while the fear of being discovered and attacked grows at the same rate as my heartbeat.

Another scream of fear arises near us that catches my attention, I peek my head out again trying not to let myself be seen.

Between my vision limited by the garbage cans I watch as a young woman crawls along the grayish sidewalk surrounded by green grass about to be mowed.

Each stroke she took was too demanding for her, this was understandable because she was moving slowly, perhaps at the same pace as a turtle.

In the midst of her screams she was calling for help.

That university student who remained static for a moment was the one who was chasing her, his heavy footsteps on the sidewalk were accompanied by somewhat mournful creaks.

With brusque steps he approached her, placing himself right in front of her.

She was a girl with straight brown hair, dirty from dragging it along the sidewalk, wearing blue jeans, a black T-shirt with a cat drawing and a pink backpack.And he was a creepy, monstrous-looking college kid.

- Please let me go! - he begged for his life letting uncontrolled tears fall like little rivulets escaping between his eyes with his voice breaking.

 - Grurruru grrruck gruu! - He followed her very slowly like a cat playing with its dying prey.He kept moving away with those weak strokes, his arm forming an arc with each stroke.

In one of those arcs of the right arm, he gave her a brutal pizoton and she let out a very loud scream of pain that shook my being,

The shoe of the horrible college student was stained with living blood, when he removed it I could see the result of his act.

On the sidewalk, the girl's arm had been brutally broken, a part of the forearm bone had been left in the air, tearing the skin, while it was only attached to the other end of the left arm by muscles and tendons, the reddish color of the muscle was noticeable.

A deafening scream erupted as she held her eyes wide open at the sight of her arm, mouth open and eyes flooded with pain and sobs welled up in her.

- ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh! .... please stop please I beg you, I'll do whatever you want but don't keep hurting me.

She begged as she lay on the sidewalk.

The monstrous and cruel looking college student, just looked at her with those inanimate and bulging eyes, while tilting his head as if a 5 year old child would find a bug or a toy to play with.With a sagas act I grab her right hand, lifting it in the air, holding her head up, face to face.

Angela pulls my hand away from her mouth - hey, what was that scream? - she asks tugging at my lead jacket.

- na-na-nothing - my answer was short and dry , showing horror .

She peeked her head out, before she could see what was happening I covered her brown eyes leaving her without vision for the moment and preventing her from seeing such a terrifying scenario.

Previous situations had already shown me that she would return to a state of shock if she saw something similar again.

- What are you doing? Let me see -Angela gave me small blows on my chest but they were so weak that they did not produce pain, only discomfort.

- Don't look at it,"- I replied dryly.

He opened his mouth full of sores, it extended more than normal until it almost reached his ears, a silvery, slimy tentacle with a seed-like tip emerged, from my point of view it was 50 cm long.

Its victim, the young girl was choking in pain, closing her eyes so as not to see the thing disguised as a college girl.

Apparently she had gone hoarse from screaming so much that her lips only moved but produced no sound.

He grabbed her jaw with his remaining hand and pressed his thumb and forefinger to both cheeks.

The pressure was so great between her cheeks that blood escaped between her lips, which turned from pink lipstick to crimson.

After the struggle, she opened her lips at the same time as her blood-colored teeth.

He waved his tentacle all over her face, enveloping her in the viscous liquid, and with a great snapping motion forced the seed-tipped tentacle between her crimson lips.

The poor girl's eyes widened, her pupils dilated, her whole body twisted in the air, she threw punches with her right fist but it didn't seem to do any good.

After a minute in that situation, she began to lose strength, her eyes slowly went out and her body stopped twisting in the air.

He forcefully withdrew the seed-tipped tentacle and dropped it to the ground.

It let out a mighty roar into the air, the monstrous looking college student with the silver head and bulging eyes walked away leaving the girl unconscious on the crimson gray sidewalk in a pool of blood.

I can't get over the shock of what I had just seen, this was something inexplicable the only thing I could relate to was rape or like watching a lover force his beloved to have a tongue kiss but in a bizarre way .

- Can you take your hands off my face? - She pulled my hands away from her face with great force or maybe it was because I didn't want to hold her anymore.

She leaned out a few more inches than I had previously - what's wrong with her, let's help her, hey hey hey hey listen to me - she yelled at me.

<This can't be , what's going on here , I didn't think his way of killing people was in many ways and actually this is a very grotesque way.>

- hey hey - she tugged on my jacket while directing his gaze towards me, noticing that I was perplexed .

Angela stepped out without any caution driven by the desire to help her, seeing that there was no danger she approached the girl lying in the pool of blood on the sidewalk in front of the faculty.

Angela was technically standing over the head of the girl who had just been attacked, Angela's shadow covered the motionless body.

She bent down, I could see her face of sadness to see someone in that state, before near the classroom I could notice a little of that sadness when she fell in terror at the sight of her companion.

The girl's mouth was full of blood, you could see at a glance that she was hemorrhaging, plus her broken arm was about to detach from the muscle that barely held it together.

Watching his intense attempts to help her, Angela pulled back her wavy hair, tilted her face to one side and put her ear close to the girl's face to see if she was breathing.

She was startled with a slight cough that stained her clear cheeks with living blood.

Angela jumped back a little in fright and fell backwards, her hands resting on the sidewalk, her cream-colored pants stained on her leg with the blood clotted on the sidewalk and on her brown coat.

She exclaimed something under her breath, I couldn't hear what she said but seeing her lips move I think she said she was alive.

she quickly returned to her side, bent down and tried to lift her, first sitting her up, then placing her left arm over her shoulder , trying to get her to her feet.

- It's a waste of time, doesn't she know - is what I think now that she's practically dead.Unable to pull her to her feet, he grabbed her around the waist with his thin arms peeking through her coat as he put a little pressure and pulled, Angela dragging her down the sidewalk .

Angela had her back to me, after a few inches she turned to me, her voice agitated and barely audible as she screamed.

I couldn't make out what she was saying with her words.

The young woman's broken limb got stuck in one of the grooves in the sidewalk, Angela didn't notice it as she pulled on it which caused the stuck bone to break away from the muscle holding it to her body.

Angela kept pulling it closer towards me, it was in the middle of the street so it was about 10 feet away.

Something immediately startled me, from where I was I noticed how the blood dripping from his right arm turned silver.

- Let her go, get away from her -I shouted.

- Not like you think, she needs our help, I'm not going to abandon someone alive - she refused to listen to me without hesitation.

- Damn it! - I exclaimed between gnashing teeth - for God's sake let her go - I ran towards her.

I ran towards her, grabbed her two small hands, her soft hands were tightly gripping the waist of the young girl who was trying to help which made it a little difficult for me but after some struggles I managed to separate her from the half dead girl.

I tried to convince her that it was a hopeless case but Angela stood her ground in the middle of the street, I could almost tell she was about to put on a show of anger at the simple fact that I refused to let her help, she puffed out her cheeks like a squirrel and her face turned a slight shade of red.

- I don't have time for this - I said quietly.

I took her in my arms, carrying her as if we were a newlywed couple entering their honeymoon room, she was shocked by my action.

- You don't understand that it's dangerous.

- but she needs my help -

I looked at Angela as she walked, in that small moment I noticed how her brown eyes crystallized, her cheeks blushed and she sounded a little more shy.

- help... you're the one who needs help don't you realize....

We went back to hiding behind the dumpster, I held Angela in my arms to keep her from coming out while I waited for the girl .


I heard the sound of rustling coming from outside the college, I looked up to see who it was. It was her, the girl lying on the sidewalk was standing up and unconscious.

She made the same strange movement with her neck, while from her head came out some kind of antennae that were spinning like a compass, looking for something.

- a moment ago she couldn't stand up- said Angela, dumbfounded.

I grabbed her by the arms very tightly, perhaps exaggerating, pressing her back to reality, looking at her face.

- hey look at me - I frowned - listen to me this is not a game... if you see someone on the ground don't go near him. you want to save your friend, don't do it then listen to me, I don't know if she is alive.... you see that girl over there - I was pointing with my eyes - that's what possibly happened to your friend and what can happen to us and I'm not going to die like that.

- you're hurting me, su-let me go please - she said showing pain and coming back to reality.

- I will let you go when you tell me you understand me.

Yes - he nodded his head.

- Good - I let go - we wait until she leaves. Keep an eye on her and tell me if you see anything strange.
< it was just a hunch about her , I wasn't sure she would recover instantly but thank God I was able to keep Angela out of danger >.

There was no one outside except the two typical college kids , the pretty light skinned girl who needed help at a very dangerous time and the classic idiot who offered to help her , the others hiding in the classrooms and the infected girl who a few minutes ago was lying on the sidewalk.

After a couple of minutes she walked away, walking slowly in a straight line as if she was in a state of rest, her right arm in the part of the wound was solidified while the one that had been broken at the point of stomping remained with the appearance of a normal person, which was stuck in the grooves of the sidewalk.

We quietly emerged from our hiding place and headed for the lab where Angela said her friend was.