Chapter 3:

Chapter 3 - What is this ?


After the words I shouted at her, I pounced on her acting on pure instinct. At the same time the delegate with demonic airs pounced on her.

Fortunately I hit her first, knocking her out of the way of the savage delegate.

We were both inches away from him, lying together on the floor.

Lying on my back, my hands feel the cold floor while my head rests very comfortably between her soft, supple breasts.

< Seriously of all the places I had to stick my nose, I have to fall right on top of her breasts not that I dislike it, but. this just seems like a situation from a typical anime romantic comedy. the universe really doesn't help >.

I inhale and exhale very fast between her breasts, the situation had me nervous so I raise my head, I feel my head getting hot, I put my arms on the sides of the girl in white tees.

I look at her with embarrassment and fear, I notice that I'm not the only one with a hot head, she, being a girl with light tes, shows it more clearly, her face with reddish cheeks and a strange countenance.

I looked straight into her eyes, dread, excitement, sadness, contempt, it was a mixture of emotions.

- Are you stupid or what? You didn't realize you were going to die- I shouted in an attempt to disguise my current state.

- st-st-get away! - he exclaimed forcefully placing his hands on my chest with the intention of pushing me back.

- A thank you is the least I expect, isn't it? - I brought my face closer to his, his attempts to push me back were weak.

- You want to take advantage of me, just for the terms, don't you?

- W-what are you saying? Wow! wait, you think I want to take advantage of you- I immediately stood up a little confused- I'm not like that-.

I stretched out my right hand with the intention of helping her up, she accepted it a little hesitantly.

Once on my feet I found it strange that the delegate had not attacked us again. He seemed like an unstoppable animal and now that the atmosphere was calm it seemed to me a suspicious situation.

- Well, if you have understood. I want to observe the delegate -with those words I turned my attention to him, who had ended up smashed against the wall, his head shattered by the impact as if you had smashed a watermelon with a maso.

- That really sucks- she exclaimed with a slight change of mood.

<She seems to be slowly recovering from all this>.

I knelt down to take a closer look. The thin man was expelling a silvery liquid with a metallic butane-like smell combined with more fumes I couldn't make out, all from his mangled head.

I take one of his inert arms, since, it seems strange to me that his veins are very pronounced in the style of a highway, I check it for a few seconds, but something strange happened.

His skin began to peel off as if a snake were shedding its scales, leaving me to see how the inner muscle became transparent while a cartilage of the same color formed.

I become more curious about those pronounced veins, I gently press on them, with the use of a little force they burst letting reddish and silver blood flow at the same time.

<What the hell is this, this is not normal, this happened just today, when it was announced that the D virus arrived in the country, the D virus has already covered the whole world so that means this is a product of the D virus. but I don't understand, I don't understand how a virus can do this, as far as I understand a virus can cause diseases but this, this is more than that. it's a mutation > .

- W-What's wrong with him, do you think the virus could have something to do with this? - asked the brown-haired girl with a pale look on her face.

- You know I don't know. You told me someone kidnapped your friend, didn't you, you don't think it was a being like him?

The delegate's flayed arm began to change its state, it hardened like a white rock, after a few seconds it burst into several pieces leaving a lime-like powder in the air.

<How is this possible, there is no material that can instantly solidify with the environment, or is there? what does the environment contain, it is mainly composed of oxygen, nitrogen and other light gases, I think also helium but in small quantities, oxygen is more abundant, then what mat...? > my thoughts are interrupted by a very faint warning.

- Get out of there! - she exclaimed in a weak voice.

I turned to her to ask why she was saying that, but the strange noise caught my attention.

The body creaked and began to writhe on its back, it rose with a great impulse staining the wall with silver color, its head was rebuilt little by little, after a few minutes of observing it both were dumbfounded. it was like new, as if it had not suffered any scratches except for its arm that did not seem to regenerate or something like that.

The shape it took was creepy, it seemed to have the head of an insect, it had bulging eyes, with antennae on top of about 20 cm, a wide and strange mouth from which a greenish liquid gushed, hairless, completely smooth.

- Hey I think it's time to run- I threw these words with the intention that it obeyed them.

<This is bad, if its head was destroyed, how is it possible for it to regenerate? no! this is not human, it is something else, what could it do? this being is going to kill us. it has already abandoned me. i hope so, it would be easier for me to take care of myself> . Instantly I got up to run, but when I turned my back to it, I noticed that it was motionless in front of the delegate, who was now a nameless creature.

- Damn it, I told you to run, are you stupid or what?

-...... - That was his answer, an impassive silence. I would have preferred her to say she was stupid, that would prove to me that she was still here.

I grabbed her by the hand forcing her to run, we fled in the direction of a classroom, I tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge, I struggled desperately with the metal door, I feared for our lives.

The door was still stuck, it would not yield to all the force I put on it to open it, after so much insistence some words came out from inside.

- Go away! - these words with a whispering tone came from the bottom of the door. <There are more people alive, I don't think they will risk letting us in if they know what's out here> .

I didn't realize I was still holding her hand until she gave it a firm squeeze, I turned to her, grabbed her arms and looked through her rose rimmed glasses, I stuck my gaze into her beautiful black eyes, they were immersed in despair with a crystalline touch on the verge of tears.

- Listen to me, we're going to get out of this, yes, but I need you to do something, move, do you hear me? -I shook her hard, but she didn't seem to come to.

<Dammit, this is going to make me look like an asshole, but , it's a sacrifice I have to make>.I raised my hand with the intention of slapping her. before my hand impacted with her soft and clear face she mentioned a few words .

-Look at that! - her cold tone was somewhat disorienting, she raised her hand and pointed to where the body of the insectoid delegate was. pointing with her index finger.

I turned in the direction where she was pointing, she indicated me to see the delegate, when I saw him I felt a bit of relief, his head was freshly regenerated and solidified in the same way as his arm, which burst into solid pieces, his head was starting to have cracks while only some parts of his body still let me see slight movements.

I approached carefully to check it , I touched the head , and with the slightest impact it broke into several small pieces .

- hmmm aahhh! - I sighed < if this is my lucky day , I think I need to get out of this place and drink a beer> .

I picked up a small piece of the delegate, put it in one of my jacket pockets, turned my back to that girl and marched towards the stairs.

As I descended the first step, this girl's words stopped me.

- Hey, you're leaving -her words still showed her state of shock but also showed that she was recovering again- you're still not helping me, I need you!-.

She walked very fast until he was in front of me, looking directly into my eyes, she had a tender expression, maybe he could surpass that of cats when they make those beautiful eyes at you.

- I'm sorry but I have to...

She put his finger on my mouth, changing his expression to a rougher one.

- I need you- she stressed -and you were going to slap me, what kind of man does that and doesn't follow through when he says he was going to offer help.

Take his finger out of my mouth - you need me - .... Damn I promised to help you I was forgetting - I rubbed the back of my neck - what kind of man am I, I'm the kind of man who is a jerk.

- yes you said you would help me - she point to the building across the street, the one that was used as a lab for our faculty - so you are an asshole but it doesn't matter if you keep your word just help me - she has that charming expression again.

< I still don't understand how she does that >

- see if you want me to help you you'll have to offer me something. what's in it for me - I tilted my face towards his as he was one step lower, with a mischievous smile.

- but... - she became nervous, lowered her eyes.

- What do I win? - i emphasized with a mocking tone.

- You are despicable, ... Mm what do you want- her tone of voice was a bit harsh but it sounded like she was about to cry.

- mm well -my eyes strayed to her body.

Staring at her like a stalker trying to undress a girl with his eyes.

She was beautiful, fair complexion, black eyes that could catch you in them, brown hair with some curls, 5'6", with a regular figure and not to mention those nice breasts.

- I see - she stared at her body, grabbed one of her arms shyly - you were right, you really are an asshole, ok, I'll do anything you want until I have sex with you.

I was taken by surprise by her answer and even more by her act, she took my right hand roughly, I could feel her trembling, she brought it to her right breast, placed her hand on mine and put pressure on it.

I didn't know what to do, I had no idea she would do this, plus she glared at me.

<I guess she doesn't mind even offering to save her friend, she must be a very close friend as much as a sister, but well I guess I can take advantage of it>.

- Well it's a deal then - I exclaimed nervously, I withdrew my hand - mm what's your name - I offered her my right hand as a sign of closing the deal.

- I'm Angela I'd say I'm delighted but it's quite the opposite ....

- Tell me Adam

- You know that Adam is synonymous with being despicable - she stressed uncomfortably as she shook my hand.

- Yes, I know- I exclaimed sarcastically.