Chapter 5:

Chapter 5 - I found you


We arrived at the faculty laboratory after walking for a few minutes, we noticed that the doors had been destroyed by blows, the dents in one part of the door showed that they were the result of strong blows caused by human beings.

We both peeked out at the same time to see if it was dangerous.

<What an idiot how can I think that, of course it is dangerous with those things roaming around, who knows how many there are and maybe we are the only survivors for the moment>.

I look sideways at Angela

The light provided by the sun coming through the windows illuminates the second floor, letting us see the clear marks of blood on the wall and some chemicals scattered on the floor creating harmful or poisonous reactions for our health.

- Wait here - I said in a serious voice heading towards the stairs.

- What do you mean wait here for... you need me - she answered with puffy cheeks showing his discomfort with my words,

- You heard me, stay here -

without further words I start to climb those stairs with the silver railings tinged with crimson, showing the scratches on each cream ceramic step.

I'm on the third floor where the thought of this being an absurd quest comes to my mind but the screams of a girl drive those thoughts away, heard loudly, echoing in the darkened hallway, the dark moons turning the sunlight into shadows.

- Help! - the cries sounded like a cry.

< I recognize that voice, it sounds familiar, if I remember correctly that's the voice of that friend I'm looking for, her voice half hoarse and high-pitched, of course it's her voice, how could I forget >

I approach slowly through the dark corridor without noticing what is at my feet, also an unpleasant smell very similar to a dog's esses combined with rust and alcohol enters my nose and shakes my senses.

I cover my mouth and nose as a natural reflex with my forearm <what is this stench>. I look down at the floor and get a very discouraging, frightening and disgusting surprise.

A body with an open belly lies in front of my feet , the organs seem to have been devoured from the inside , and the fetid smell in front of me was the one escaping from its intestines scattered all over the hallway , with the eses mixed with blood staining the whole place .

< so this is what stinks the smell of eses but > I get closer to the body .

The closer I get the smell gets more intense to the point that I can no longer tolerate it , I feel an acidic rash erupt from my being which forces me to crouch to the ground and let all that liquid out .

- umg wua wua wua wuaaaa ! - < I hope the thing that did this doesn't hear me > I think this as I wipe my mouth with my forearm , I check my body quickly for fear that the thing that had done this will find me .

This person had this done to him from the inside . < but how is it possible that the body is of a man , if I remember correctly that girl before in the faculty , the student introduced something a the tentacle inside her , but did not get this result how curious >

- help !- the voice is no longer as strong as a few minutes ago , now it seems to fade .

- Uffff aaa !- I give a loud sigh taking courage to go to the place where the voice comes from.I get to the room where the voice comes from , which has two white doors and a sign above with the title < lab no. 4 > next to the doors there is a fire kit , a metal and glass box that has inside a fire extinguisher and an axe.

The door is no stranger to all this massacre , it has some bumps and blood marks on the door and is between open .

The girl is in the laboratory.

The fumes coming out of the eses (methane) and the debris scattered around the hallway again upset my stomach making the gastric eruption come back out.

- Ummwuaaa !- back on my knees with my head down, sweating from fear and nerves, plus a pounding headache,

Standing with the feeling of wanting to faint , head sweaty and arms shaking and I feel that some of the vomit had stayed in my mouth , no matter .

I approached the door to watch , as her voice only turned to tears , I looked through the slot and the fact left me in shock .

That girl was my college classmate whom I offered to look for .

Her eyes were red with blood, they only let out tears of pain, she was hanging on the wall face down with her hair soaked with urine and vital fluid.

I observed everything through the opening of the door, at that moment I could make contact with that girl, just by looking at her eyes crystalline with tears and dilated by fear, they said - help me! -.

Although I had no strength to speak, I was able to receive the message of help that she was transmitting to me through her crystalline brown eyes.

I merely nodded my head as a naïve affirmation that I had a chance to help her when the situation did not reflect it .

Grrr rrrr

The growl alerted my senses , my heart raced for a moment , as heavy footsteps echoed in the lab and the shadow of a being loomed from the background .

As she only shuddered more and more from fear , pain and desperation for her life . I got the thing that did all this in front of me, a totally silver being, practically gray with silver tones, a corpulent form, with slight blood stains on its body, a circular head and antennae that moved like a radar or compass, concentrating on that girl, it had its back to me.

The creature slowly approached her with strange and striking movements, it gave the impression of being very curious about her, when the creature was in front of her, it made a strange movement with its neck, the same one does when it wants to thunder its neck.

< What is it doing, if it wanted to kill her it would have already done it >.

A tentacle sprouts, I can't see where it comes from but remembering what I saw minutes before I'm sure it comes out between her lips.

He grabbed her neck and tried to insert it into her mouth , but she refused to open it , taking other attitudes he threw a punch in the center of her stomach to which she spat blood immediately as a reaction to the moment .

Tufu wuaa !

Saliva mixed with blood stained the creature's gray feet, but he simply brought his tentacle to his feet, proving to have great elasticity as it grew in length and width as it came out.

He proceeded to wipe its feet, that's not what it looks like, it's more like if your favorite food stew was left on your plate and you licked it to keep all the food from leaking out.

As if tasting blood, he moved the antennae on his head from left to right.

With her large hands that still had human skin on them, she began to rip her cream-colored blouse, leaving her in just a bra.

She was still writhing in pain face down, hanging from the thin silver threads hanging from the wall, as the blood rushed to her head and she would soon be unconscious from it.

Her small breasts were exposed, covered only by her purple bra.

He shook his head again , and proceeded to rip off her bra , exposing her small tan breasts , she was holding back the urge to cry as the pain and fear kept her from crying .

<You seem to like playing with victims , even if you have that strange figure you are nothing more than a being who is guided by his most basic instincts , although I have to thank you for something , the sight of her breasts is more than enough , she is a girl that really attracts me , that's not enough , she needs my help I can't keep watching this , I have to think of something >

Grrr rrra!

With a scream he ripped her arm off without warning, an instantaneous act.

He moved his head closer to see if she reacted, she did indeed let out an instant scream accompanied by crying.

The creature put the arm in its mouth and sucked the blood that came out of the torn arm, resembling the way you drink a bottle of beer.

It tossed the arm aside, letting out a great crunch as if satisfied.

He thumped his chest like a gorilla and looked down, I don't quite know what he was doing but I don't think it was a good thing.

I noticed the tentacle poking out, directing it towards her breasts, the uncovered part, you could tell it was slimy, not only from the saliva they naturally produce but from the blood she just drank.

She rubbed her breasts with the tentacle leaving them dilated, then what she did was practically something very bizarre.

The tentacle went back into her mouth and approached her breasts and proceeded to suck them, one by one, sucking them, leaving little sores on them.

I wondered why she didn't cry out in pain, or resist, but I remember she had been in that position for a long time and even though her arm had been ripped off, the blood in her head was slowly knocking her unconscious, but her natural reflexes wouldn't go away, causing her to let out dry tears of pain and rage.

The silver creature kept going until it got tired, spat in her face, moved its antennae towards her body and waved them all over her body.

- It's looking for something- I whispered.

Its body looked like a map because every place it stopped, it left a small mark.

 The silvery creature raised its head, opened its mouth exaggeratedly large and full of sores, and out came the tentacle again, gray, slimy, shaped like a pointed fish.

When I looked closely at the points it had marked, they all reminded me of a woman's arousal points.

She began to stimulate these points with the pointed tip , leaving the image of a simple depraved monster guided by her reproductive instincts .

The skirt she was wearing pointed towards the floor, although some parts were stopped by the thin silver threads, she let her purple panties with small details of black flowers on them show.

She stopped her head when she reached that point, right in front of her intimate area (vagina) where her fluids began to flow unconsciously motivated by fear. ( urine )

He turned his silvery head with the intention of introducing the tentacle into that intimate part of female reproduction.

The protrusion of the tentacle began to enlarge and she closed her eyes resigned to her fate, without uttering a sound.

There was nothing more she could do , about to lose consciousness , bound by the arm , with the other torn off , unable to defend herself.

< I can't allow this , no , I can't keep watching this , I always thought being brave was stupid but I think I can do stupid now >


The dry sound of the axe produced as it impacted on the body of that gray monster .Without realizing it I had already run to his aid , I had grabbed the axe from the fire kit and had run like the knight-errant who would give his life for that damsel in distress .

-What the fuck am I doing, I can't believe I was so stupid to come to her defense without a blessed plan, damn it I think this is the end of me.

Tump!  - a deafening sound.


- Where am I... ah my head hurts, what happened I just remember I was sleeping in the living room.... why am I leaning against this wall -.

I raised my head, I was shaking my head to come to, I put my hand to the back of my neck and I only felt a backpack behind me.

 I saw the creature with its obsessive and in-emotive look in my direction, shaking its head like a tic that is usual when it plans to do something, I looked a little more and that girl was fainted.

- Ahh, you hit hard -I got up with difficulty with my hand on my ribs- it looks like you broke a couple of my ribs, why am I not surprised?

The creature lunged at me without warning, I managed to move at the last moment, while he left his fist on the wall.

I looked at him and noticed that the part where the axe was stuck had hardened.

- It's the same thing that happened to the delegate , it can apply to him too then he can solidify , but as I do it apparently his body already adapted to the medium , minus his hands since he still has human skin then I will have to attack that part , but I need a distraction , I have to take the hacho and attack his arms ....

- Ahhhh!

The scream of a girl interrupted my thoughts , it was that girl who had asked me for help Angela , I looked for her in the lab but she was gone .

- I guess she is in the hallway horrified by what she found in that place.

The light entered with more force through the windows causing irritation in the black eyes of the creature , which blinded him and only moved the antennas .

- This is my chance.

I lunged towards it, at its back where the axe was lodged, I managed to grab it, I held it tightly but it was stuck.

Planc !

Another blow from the creature, the force of the impact helped me remove the axe, I fell next to a fire extinguisher.

-Tufu ahh - I vomited some blood.

The creature's antennae twitched at the sound, causing the tentacle to come out of its mouth, which extended to the part that had vomited blood, and was covered in it.

- It's disgusting, but it seems to be instinctive.

I was still disoriented, as it slowly approached me, looking at me curiously after regaining my vision.

I shook my head and stood up leaning on the axe .

- This is costing me a lot, I hope Angela thanks me in the best way - a smile escaped me ,I broke the box where the extinguisher was, and with the axe I broke the lock.

The extinguisher let out the liquid nitrogen it contained inside, which caused an unfavorable reaction for the creature.

 He became a little sleepy, he seemed slower and overwhelmed, I hid in the fog for the moment.

I jumped in an instant attacking his arms which can cut very easily leaving him serious wounds.

- Looks like you need some time to adjust, hahaha fucker, now it's my turn to have fun.

The wounds and arms began to stiffen instantly .

He watched as his arms stiffened and for the first time in his emotionless eyes I could see fear for this solidification .

I trusted him and prepared to continue attacking but he immediately reacted by spitting something , missing me by inches , but a little of what he spat splashed my hand .

I immediately dropped the axe from the burning , I was instantly distracted .

Crash ! - the sound of windows shattering alerted me and when I realized the creature had escaped .

- Ahhh I barely survived - I approached the girl who lay slumped and hanging on the wall .I removed the silver threads that seemed to be a kind of organic net, it was very hard but with the axe I removed them. I laid her down on the floor.

I started to check her body , which was naked , with her breasts in the air , and the torn skirt showing her panties , with her fluids smeared all over her clothes , I checked her body to see if she was not injured , but she seemed intact except for her arm which had been ripped off and some bruises and sores , these were starting to take on a metallic tone .

I can't keep looking at her body like that , I caressed her face , even in that state she looks beautiful .

- What are you doing , get away from her !

The girl in the white tees, who had forgotten her name from all the action, walked in . - I closed my eyes for a brief moment - and don't think bad just revi....


The sound of a slap hitting my face interrupted my sentence.

- What were you thinking of doing to him pervert, can't you see the state he's in - she said with glassy eyes about to crack and scream in rage.

She tried to slap me again but I didn't let her, grabbing her wrist I stopped her slap.