Chapter 16:

Battle in the skies above

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

Nighttime.Bookmark here

Somewhere in the forests of the Chablis continent.Bookmark here

A huge tree dwarfs everything else in the surrounding area.Bookmark here

Lights surround it, reaching all the way from the top to the forests below.Bookmark here

An elven city. Bookmark here

In a place that looks like an arena.Bookmark here

Hundreds of elves sit on the podiums, silently watching as two elven fighters duke it out in 1v1 combat.Bookmark here

One is dressed in an elf noble’s attire. His weapons brand-new. He casually smiles as he continues to overpower his opponent.Bookmark here

The other is wearing human clothes, his weapons are also new. His ears are pointed, but too short for an elf.Bookmark here

He’s clearly not used to handling elven weapons. His bow breaks as he tries to block his opponent’s sword.Bookmark here

“Dumb move, half-breed!”Bookmark here

The sword swiftly goes past his defense. It stops just as it grazes his neck.Bookmark here

“You’ve lost.”Bookmark here

The half-elf raises his hands.Bookmark here

One of the elder elves speaks up.Bookmark here

“Once again Seiji, you’ve shown no skill in battle. You fight just like a human. You may be of High Elven bloodline, but just like your appearance, you act like those flawed beings. You may return to your house”Bookmark here

Seiji bows to the elders.Bookmark here

The winner gives his sword and bow to Seiji. Bookmark here

“Take this half-breed, you’ll need it”Bookmark here

“Thanks, Iston”Bookmark here

Seiji walks out of the arena.Bookmark here

He jumps from tree to tree, the light of the houses below him illuminates his path.Bookmark here

His new weapons in hand, he heads out farther into the forest.Bookmark here

The half-elf stops by a lone house, far away from city. The forest in front of the house ends in a steep drop, giving a wide view of the area below. Bookmark here

He places his weapons inside the house, grabs some medicinal leaves, then sits on the roof.Bookmark here

He looks up to the sky. Bookmark here

“Why am I such a failure, why was I born like this”Bookmark here

He places the leaves on his bruises.Bookmark here

Suddenly. Bookmark here

A circle appears high up in the night sky. Bookmark here

“A portal?”Bookmark here

Seiji stands up.Bookmark here

“What in the-”Bookmark here

A meteor appears. It falls then quickly stops mid-air. Another one appears beside it. Bookmark here

From the portal, hundreds of other circles appear. Bookmark here

Hundreds of meteors descend on the two.Bookmark here

He grabs a pair of binoculars from his house, a memento from his human father.Bookmark here

He uses it to look at the two glowing objects.Bookmark here

Only that they aren’t objects.Bookmark here

The pair appear to be two girls. One has 3 pairs of white wings on her back, her black hair flowing in the winds. She wears a dress similar to the other one. Several glowing swords float around her body.Bookmark here

The other one is holding her stomach, gold and red liquids flowing from her wound. Despite her injuries, she seems to be the more powerful of the two.Bookmark here

The two look at the sky above them.Bookmark here

Seiji looks at the multiple objects above them.Bookmark here

Hundreds of them wear the same gray attire, holding spears in their hands. They all have one pair of gray wings. Bookmark here

The two leading the army are a man and woman. They both wear gray dresses. They exude such a terrifying aura.Bookmark here

Seiji rubs his eyes.Bookmark here

Am I dreaming?Bookmark here

He pinches himself. Bookmark here

“Looks like it’s not a dream”Bookmark here

He looks at them again. If only he could make out what they’re saying…Bookmark here

Suddenly, the man in grey clothes seems to order the army to attack the two.Bookmark here

The 6-winged girl summons a lot of rod-like things that begin to ignite on the lower end.Bookmark here

They fly towards the army at an alarming speed.Bookmark here

The projectiles hit their targets.Bookmark here

A huge explosion occurs.Bookmark here

It’s silent for a while.Bookmark here

A circle opens outwards towards the surrounding areas.Bookmark here

*Boom!*Bookmark here

Winds suddenly fly in Seiji’s direction followed by a loud boom.Bookmark here

It’s silent again.Bookmark here

He looks into his binoculars again.Bookmark here

There are no traces of the army. It’s just the two up above against the two below.Bookmark here

This time, dozens of beings with the same number of wings as the one below rushes towards them.Bookmark here

They separate the two from each other and begin chasing the 6-winged girl.Bookmark here

The sky lights up as the girl summons more of those rod-like things followed by the appearance of numerous metal objects that swarm around the girl.Bookmark here

“What’s going on here!?!”Bookmark here

Multiple armed elves appear behind Seiji. They seem to have been alarmed by the loud explosions reverberating across the forests.Bookmark here

They fall silent as they witness the events that unfold before them.Bookmark here

Night has become day.Bookmark here

Seiji continues looking through his binoculars.Bookmark here

The man and woman in grey chase after the wounded girl. She continues to deflect their attacks despite being injured.Bookmark here

It looks like the match is evenly tied. Suddenly the girl stops glowing for a moment, and the two quickly take their chance to attack.Bookmark here

The man appears behind the injured girl and hits her with his fist, sending her upwards towards the sky, where the woman appears and quickly follows up with a downward kick, sending her falling down at high speeds.Bookmark here

*Boom!*Bookmark here

The sky lights up once more. Thousands of rod-like projectiles bombard the two.Bookmark here

Shockwaves pass through the forests once more with a deafening boom.Bookmark here

All the elves could do is look on.Bookmark here

Seiji looks to the left. The 6-winged girl won against her attackers, albeit seeming to have broken her left arm.Bookmark here

She disappears and reappears under her falling comrade, catching her.Bookmark here

More swords appear around them, pointing towards the smoke.Bookmark here

The smoke clears and the two are unscathed.Bookmark here

They shrugged off the attacks like it was nothing.Bookmark here

The portals behind them began to close. Seeing this, the two utter something at the girls. They then went back into the portals.Bookmark here

“Is it over?”Bookmark here

One of the elves exclaimed.Bookmark here

“What were those things?”Bookmark here

“Everyone be on guard, some of you head back into the city and do an evacuation! We might be under attack!”Bookmark here

Seiji puts down his binoculars.Bookmark here

“We’re not under attack”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

Despite having excellent night-vision, the other elves couldn’t see what was happening because it happened so far up.Bookmark here

The glowing object in the night sky begins to fall, their glow fading out.Bookmark here

At least that’s what the other elves see.Bookmark here

Seiji grabs his bow and a hang glider from his house and jumps off the cliff.Bookmark here

“Half-breed! Wait!”Bookmark here

Their voices fade into the night as Seiji hurries over to where the two girls are falling.Bookmark here

He lands on top of the forest canopy below. Bookmark here

“Spirits of the forest, lend me your aid-”Bookmark here

He continues chanting.Bookmark here

Several vines interlace among the trees, making a huge net.Bookmark here

Vines reach up towards the sky, catching the falling pair, wrapping and slowing them down until they reach the net.Bookmark here

Seiji stops chanting. Using the help of spirits takes a lot out of him.Bookmark here

He jumps down unto the net.Bookmark here

“Are you okay-”Bookmark here

He is at a loss for words. Bookmark here

Elves are known to be perfect in appearance and yet, before him lies the most beautiful girl he has ever laid his eyes upon. Her dazzling pale white skin, her golden hair, no one in his city could dare compare. Bookmark here

She’s looking at Seiji, staring into his soul. He looks at her ocean blue eyes, then her ears.Bookmark here

“You’re a high elf?”Bookmark here

The one with the wings is nowhere to be seen. Instead, a sword which glows with intense power is embedded into the tree beside the girl. He straps the sword over his back.Bookmark here

He looks at the girl.Bookmark here

“Hey, don’t be scared, I’m here to help you”Bookmark here

He tries to help the girl up, but she winces in pain.Bookmark here

“Ah you’re hurt!”Bookmark here

She’s bleeding. It looks like a sword pierced her stomach area. Her blood is a mix of what looks like molten gold and blood.Bookmark here

“I can get you somewhere where your wounds can be treated, I’ll have to carry you. Is that alright?”Bookmark here

The girl nods.Bookmark here

“Alright then”Bookmark here

Seiji lifts her up in his arms.Bookmark here

Back at the elven city, on a huge platform. Bookmark here

A council of elves are arguing about the impending danger.Bookmark here

“We can’t just leave the forest!”Bookmark here

“What choice do we have?! Have you seen the magnitude of what we’re dealing with?”Bookmark here

Thousands of elves are packing up and evacuating in the city below.Bookmark here

“We should have just accepted the Demon Lord’s offer, now our city is doomed!”Bookmark here

“Doing so would be against our teachings! Our faith in the Goddess Amaris should never waver!”Bookmark here

The king and queen sit on the throne, watching the council argue amongst one another.Bookmark here

He raises his hand. The room falls silent.Bookmark here

“Once the citizens have finished evacuating, we’ll send the army to investigate the forests. That decision is final.”Bookmark here

“Yes, your excellency!”Bookmark here

There are Elves and also High Elves. All High Elves are of royal blood, and as such are granted privileges that regular Elves don’t have. They also live a lot longer than normal Elves.Bookmark here

Seiji bursts into the room, carrying the girl in her hand.Bookmark here

“Uncle! She needs help!”Bookmark here

The king looks at Seiji.Bookmark here

The council is shocked. Bookmark here

“What are you doing here Seiji!?”Bookmark here

“Can’t you see this is an important meeting!?”Bookmark here

“Everyone please listen! we’re not under attack! I found this girl at the scene, she’s a high elf. We need to help her!”Bookmark here

Although they don’t want to listen to Seiji, the injured high elf could be from one of the other elven kingdoms, they can’t just ignore her condition.Bookmark here

The king motions the court healers to heal her.Bookmark here

The council members fall silent again and walk over to Seiji.Bookmark here

“Is she from the Lyfelune kingdom?”Bookmark here

“Everyone make space for the healers”Bookmark here

The court healers run over to her.Bookmark here

They begin casting healing spells on the girl.Bookmark here

“I-It’s not working”Bookmark here

“What!? Keep healing her!”Bookmark here

As the commotion continues, the king walks over to Seiji.Bookmark here

He looks at the girl.Bookmark here

His eyes suddenly widen.Bookmark here

“You fools!”Bookmark here

He pushes away the council members and the healers. Dozens of magic circles appear around the girl.Bookmark here

“Divine Healing!!”Bookmark here

The room fills with blinding light. As the light fades, smoke can be seen coming from the king.Bookmark here

“Dear!!”Bookmark here

The queen rushes over to him. She immediately starts casting healing spells on him. The court healers do the same.Bookmark here

Not only do High Elves have almost perfect affinity for Magic, they can also use Divine Spells that typically only Gods and Angels use. This comes at the cost of their life though if not treated as soon as possible.Bookmark here

As soon as the life force starts coming back to his body, the King immediately shouts.Bookmark here

“Everyone! Kneel!!”Bookmark here

Everyone kneels. Including the King and Queen.Bookmark here

He holds the girl’s hand.Bookmark here

“Forgive me and my subjects’ insolence, oh merciful Goddess”Bookmark here

Everyone is shocked. Seiji doesn’t know what’s happening either.Bookmark here

The girl wakes up, her wounds partially healed.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry I couldn’t heal you completely!”Bookmark here

The king puts his head to the ground.Bookmark here

“Your Excellency! Just for this high elf!?”Bookmark here

The council members are confused. Bookmark here

“Look at the statues you dumb imbeciles!! Do you not see who is in front of us right now?!””Bookmark here

They look at the statues around the room. They look almost the same as the girl.Bookmark here

Immediately fear shows in their eyes.Bookmark here

“Please forgive us Goddess!”Bookmark here

The girl stands up.Bookmark here

“It’s alright. It’s been almost forever since I came down to this world”Bookmark here

She looks at the king. His body has deteriorated so much, yet he’s still prostrating himself before her.Bookmark here

“Thank you, my child. You sacrificed your wellbeing for my sake without so much as a second thought”Bookmark here

“Your kindness is too much for this humble servant, Goddess Amaris”Bookmark here


Seiji is dumbfounded. Bookmark here

Amaris places her hand on the King’s head. In an instant, he is healed.Bookmark here

“T-thank you… Goddess”Bookmark here

She looks at Seiji.Bookmark here

“Thank you for saving me and Yatsumi”Bookmark here

“Y-you’re welcome Goddess!”Bookmark here

This was one heck of a night.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The city of Durahl.Bookmark here

The wall has a huge hole in the middle.Bookmark here

In the city, a Greater Dragon is waiting outside the Governor’s office.Bookmark here

“You’re telling me you didn’t know that the heroes were in your city?”Bookmark here

Loralei tosses the governor around like a ragdoll.Bookmark here

The entire office is in shambles.Bookmark here

“Ack-”Bookmark here

Evelyn looks at the two.Bookmark here

“Sister, that’s enough. I believe him”Bookmark here

Loralei looks down on the bloodied dwarf.Bookmark here

“Okay then”Bookmark here

She picks him up – holding him by the legs. She throws him out the window.Bookmark here

He lands outside with a sickening crunch.Bookmark here

“Sister!”Bookmark here

“Alright alright, I just can’t bring myself to believe him. I know you don’t as well by the way”Bookmark here

“But he’s already suffered enough!”Bookmark here

She looks outside the window.Bookmark here

“And what about us? That damn demon lord might hurt you again.”Bookmark here

The dragon looks at the body that just fell from the 2nd floor.Bookmark here

She looks at Evelyn.Bookmark here

“Even I can’t beat him.”Bookmark here

The two continue to stare at each other.Bookmark here

Loralei gives in.Bookmark here

“Fine, let’s get out of this place then”Bookmark here

She jumps down beside the governor.Bookmark here

“I usually have no problems with you dwarves. Usually.”Bookmark here

She places a rare magic stone near the governor – compensation for the broken infrastructure.Bookmark here

The dragon places its head on the 2nd floor. Evelyn stands on top.Bookmark here

It brings its head down near the dying dwarf.Bookmark here

She comes closer and heals him.Bookmark here

She then stands up and looks at Loralei.Bookmark here

“Let’s go”
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