Chapter 15:

Those who look down

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

How did a giant metal crab even get into the city?
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I looked at the huge mechanical thing. It seemed to be running on something other than magic.Bookmark here

It crushed the carriages within its claws without much effort.Bookmark here

“Dive Impact!”Bookmark here

boomBookmark here

Suddenly, something hits the metal monstrosity at high speeds. Shockwaves cleared the surrounding dust clouds as the metal crab is pushed back a little.Bookmark here

A spear hits the cabin where the driver is located. It would have been a direct hit, but it stopped short just as it hit the glass.Bookmark here

“Haha nice try losers! This is built to withstand even rank 8 Martial Arts!”Bookmark here

“We’ll see about that.” Renz appeared above the cabin, trying to pull out his spear.Bookmark here

“Get off me!” The huge metal claws tried to swipe at Renz. Bookmark here

This just created an opening for everyone else. Shaun casted Mana Recovery on everyone. Another spear hits the legs, causing it to freeze over. Mercedes manipulated the surrounding ice to hold the metal crab down.Bookmark here

Toshikasu went underneath the giant metal crab, slashing at the underside with his Light Swords. Jace jumped on top, trying to help Renz with his stuck spear.Bookmark here

The others are busy fighting off more people as they converged on our position.Bookmark here

Stealth is clearly no longer an option as everyone’s attention is fixed on the giant crab pulverizing buildings in the city and causing mini-earthquakes.Bookmark here

Just as it seemed that we’re gaining the upper hand, another claw from nowhere swiped at Renz and Jace.Bookmark here

“Oof!” They both get flung into the inn.Bookmark here

“You think there was only one? Hahahaha ignorant idiots!”Bookmark here

The new giant metal crab turned sideways and runs into the inn, smashing the building. Oh no.Bookmark here

“Iris! Triple Gravity Well!!” I screamed, reaching out at the inn.Bookmark here

The new metal crab went down under its weight and the gravity pressing down on it. I pulled my hands back, dragging the metal monstrosity towards me. Its legs crumbled as it gets dragged through and into the stone road.Bookmark here

It only lasts a few seconds though as I run out of mana again. With its legs broken, the machine swiveled its mechanical head and turned its attention to me.Bookmark here

“You, you’re dangerous” Its left claw reached out at me.Bookmark here

“Fire Wall!”Bookmark here

A flaming wall extended in our direction, splitting the battlefield in half. Hannah immediately started casting another spell as she ran towards me.Bookmark here

“Is this the best you can do!?” Claws swiped at both me and Hannah from behind the Fire Wall. Bookmark here

Not good! It held me and Hannah in its grasp. What was I thinking dragging the thing towards me?Bookmark here

“Time to get a taste of your own medicine” The mechanical voice growled, bringing us closer to the flames. Damn it!Bookmark here

Everyone is too occupied to help us. If only I had my book…Bookmark here

BOOMBookmark here

Just as Hannah and I were about to be fried, the claws suddenly loosened as the metal crab goes down.Bookmark here

“Ack!” I hit the ground badly, my bones fracturing from the weight of the metal claw.Bookmark here

Hannah seemed to have several of her bones broken as well. The metal claws are still holding us. It gets heavier still as the claws seemed to power down. Whirring sounds from inside the plating died down. Hannah then fainted under the weight.Bookmark here

The Fire Wall dissipated, giving me a clear view of the metal crab. The cabin looked like it exploded. Whatever hit it went straight through.Bookmark here

“Renz?” I asked as if anyone could hear me over the chaos.Bookmark here

I looked behind us but no one’s there.Bookmark here

BOOM!Bookmark here

The other one also went down, its cabin up in flames.Bookmark here

I looked at the one in front of me. There is a huge hole in it. It reminded me of something.Bookmark here

I heard Grayson calling out to the others.Bookmark here

“Let’s go! Aidan, Nadia get Captain Hannah!”Bookmark here

The twins rushed over to free Hannah while Grayson ran towards me.Bookmark here

"You need help?" He said as he tried to lift the upper part of the metal claw.Bookmark here

No. I am good. Just lying over here since I wanted to.Bookmark here

I thought to myself. But I could not even speak, as my lungs seemed to be semi-crushed. I mean this body's lungs. What is happening to me?Bookmark here

Through the broken buildings where the metal crabs went through, I saw something glisten at the rooftops far away. Bookmark here

“Wait, over there-” I forced myself to speak.Bookmark here

I point towards one of the roofs.Bookmark here

“-helped us...”Bookmark here

My vision is starting to blur from the pain..Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Damn. I passed out again.Bookmark here

It feels like I am back in the carriage. I am sincerely glad we got out of that dump.Bookmark here

I looked to my side. Jace and Renz are lying down as well. They must have suffered multiple fractures like me.Bookmark here

I tried to get up, but my body winces in pain.Bookmark here

“Don’t move. I’m still healing you” Shaun placed my head down as he continued to cast Heal over us.Bookmark here

“Where is everyone else?”Bookmark here

“They’re in the other carriage. Toshikasu is healing them”Bookmark here

“How many carriages left?”Bookmark here

“Three.”Bookmark here

I looked around. Grayson is driving.Bookmark here

“How long was I out?”Bookmark here

“Less than an hour or two.”Bookmark here

Someone else is sitting in the back. A dwarf, quite tall for one actually. He wore a weirdly striped uniform. He also held a long metal rod.Bookmark here

Wait. Bookmark here

That design. A two foot barrel coming out of a sheet metal box-like body around three feet in length, with a distinct triangular tip at the end. It is a weapon that has killed a Demon Lord before.Bookmark here

I remembered the owner of this weapon, after defeating said Demon Lord, settled down in one of the major dwarven kingdoms and introduced a lot of new technologies, such as those in Durahl.Bookmark here

“You, you’re Noah’s son.” I muttered.Bookmark here

He does not seem surprised. Well Noah was very famous in his time. Chances of people still knowing his name is high enough. I guess this guy is around 200 years old, maybe more.Bookmark here

“Yes, I am.” He tilted his head.Bookmark here

“Thanks for lending us a hand.”Bookmark here

“You’re welcome. It only compromised my family’s safety.” He looked outside.Bookmark here

“I didn’t expect that the anti-materiel rifle would still function after a few centuries.”Bookmark here

“So you know the history of this weapon? Not bad. My name’s Martin. This baby here did break down a few times, but its power hasn’t deteriorated in the slightest."Bookmark here

He held the weapon like he’s going to fire it.Bookmark here

“Why did you help us?”Bookmark here

“I just felt like it. I was originally going to aim for your head, but suddenly my conscience wouldn’t allow it.”Bookmark here

He imitated a firing sound then puts down the weapon. I felt a chill down my spine. He does not actually mean that does he?Bookmark here

Shaun stopped casting Heal. “I think you should be able to get up now.”Bookmark here

I tried to get up. There is a slight numbing feeling in my legs, but I am glad the worst is over.Bookmark here

I lay down again. I wanted to sleep. This was the longest morning I’ve ever experienced.Bookmark here

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The Heaven Realm.Bookmark here

Two girls looked at the fight currently unfolding in the city of Durahl.Bookmark here

“That was intense.” One of them got up from the sofa.Bookmark here

“Look on the bright side Yatsumi, I managed to convince that half-dwarf not to shoot Aelius!” The girl with the white robes kept swiping at the screen.Bookmark here

“That’s comforting and scary at the same time. Do you like control their minds or something?”Bookmark here

Yatsumi walked around the room. Bookmark here

“What? Of course not. Just a little suggestion in their minds here and there.” The girl waved her hands back and forth.Bookmark here

“I feel like you’re not taking this seriously Amaris.”Bookmark here

Amaris adjusted some stuff on the screen.Bookmark here

“I’m super serious about these kinds of stuff, especially when it comes to that idiot” Amaris stood up as well. Bookmark here

The screen followed her as she followed Yatsumi- who doesn’t seem convinced of her seriousness. Bookmark here

Yatsumi Matsunaga. She has been with Amaris ever since Aelius got transported into the World Realm. There they continued to watch over Aelius and his companions.Bookmark here

“Also what’s the deal with giving Toshikasu three buffs? How come I was only about to get one?” Yatsumi pouted.Bookmark here

“Oh that? He was just lucky. It’s a little out of our control really.” Amaris waved at the screen.Bookmark here

The screen disappeared, along with the other stuff in the room. There was also this priest which was supposed to be their way to communicate with Aelius, but somehow, further attempts to contact him ended in failure.Bookmark here

The two transferred to another room. A whole kitchen materialized out of nothing as Yatsumi got some ingredients from the fridge. She then started cooking.Bookmark here

She opened a stove. “What about the demons? You told me some other two Gods are their patrons or something?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, those two. I’ve sent them a letter regarding a ceasefire since Aelius is in danger. But they aren’t responding. Ah! Scrambled eggs for me please!”Bookmark here

“You don’t even need to eat.”Bookmark here

“Pleaseee!”Bookmark here

Yatsumi grabbed some eggs and started making an omelet. “You’re so carefree.”Bookmark here

“I have a lot more on my mind than you think! Really!”Bookmark here

“You’re thinking like a child, you even look like one right now.”Bookmark here

Yatsumi isn’t wrong. Amaris is currently in the form of a child. She placed the food on the table.Bookmark here

“Thank you for the meal.” Yatsumi said before she starts eating her food.Bookmark here

The two ate in silence.Bookmark here

A few minutes later, a doorbell suddenly echoed across the room.Bookmark here

“Oh I guess that’s them!” Amaris quickly ran out of the room. Yatsumi followed her out. The kitchen behind them disappeared, leaving an empty white room.Bookmark here

Amaris entered a huge white hallway. Two thrones are at the far end of the room. One is decorated in gold and has the sun on it. The other is silver with two moons on it. A white carpet extends from the thrones to the entrance.Bookmark here

“Finally you’re here!” She exclaimed, running towards the end of the hall.Bookmark here

Two figures, dressed in gray are standing at the other end.Bookmark here

“Of course, we can’t ignore an official summon after all” A man walked up to Amaris. He looked like someone in their twenties.Bookmark here

“Stop saying official, there’s only four of us. Well right now five, wait! still four.” She jumped up and down.
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Yatsumi stood beside her.Bookmark here

The man looked at Yatsumi. “I see that. And you, Matsunaga Yatsumi is the name, right? Congratulations on being the very first angel in the Heaven Realm," He came closer to her face, observing her, "Wait no, you’re actually an Archangel since you’re the first.”Bookmark here

Yatsumi is taken aback. “Wh-what do you mean angel?”Bookmark here

“Look around you. There’s no one else here, right?”Bookmark here

She looked around. There’s no sign of anyone else in the hallway.Bookmark here

“Well, yes there isn’t anyone else here.”Bookmark here

The man smiled. “Amaris and Aelius were never keen on getting any helpers. You could chalk it up to their ego-”Bookmark here

“We don’t need helpers because its fine with just me and Aelius!” Amaris pouted, interrupting the conversation. Bookmark here

She then proceeded to remove a piece of food on her chin.Bookmark here

The man looked back at Yatsumi. “See? That means you’re quite the special one, otherworlder.”Bookmark here

“Enough brother, we should introduce ourselves first don’t you think?” The other figure came forward. She looked to be around the same age as the guy.Bookmark here

“Ah, my bad. Greetings, my name is Oberon” He bowed before Yatsumi. Bookmark here

The woman did a curtsy. “And my name’s Oriana”Bookmark here

“Enough greetings! Can we call for a ceasefire right now? As you can see, Aelius isn’t here. He’s stuck down there in the World Realm. I need your help in getting him back” Amaris turned around, her hands behind her back.Bookmark here

“Unfortunately, we can’t do that” Oberon scoffed.Bookmark here

“I’m glad you agree! So let’s jus- wait. What?” Amaris quickly faced towards him.Bookmark here

Oriana materialized a chair, then sat down. “We’ve already given our champion our blessing. It would be quite rude to stop him from achieving his glory~”Bookmark here

“But Aelius is-”Bookmark here

Oberon interrupted, looking down on Amaris. “And what of Aelius? It’s his own fault for listening to the taunts of a mere mortal”Bookmark here

Yatsumi looked down on the floor. “H-hey, I didn’t mean to-”Bookmark here

“Let’s not dwell on the past dear, focus on what’s happening right now” Oriana stood up and held Yatsumi’s chin.Bookmark here

Amaris pushed Oriana away. “Heyy! You’re being rude right now! Also, getting Aelius back is our top priority right now!”Bookmark here

Lines appeared on Oberon’s face. “Do you not get it, Amaris? We’re not here to help you. Do you think we enjoy being treated like we’re lesser compared to you?”Bookmark here

A legion of angels wearing gray appeared at the entrance. Several of them went to the sides of the hallway.Bookmark here

Oriana raised her hand. “Think of this as a coup d'état. Without Aelius, without even a single legion, only you and this pathetic excuse of an angel. What do you think is about to happen now?”Bookmark here

She put her hand down. The angels rushed Yatsumi and Amaris, their spears aimed at their necks.Bookmark here

“It’s true that it’s only me and my friend here against the two of you.” Amaris muttered, changing her form.Bookmark here

But have you forgotten why the two of you are indeed lesser?” her voice boomed across the Heaven Realm.Bookmark here

The hallway suddenly shook violently. The two Gods get pinned to the floor. The angels are flattened and began to disintegrate under the extreme pressure.Bookmark here

“I was too lenient with you fools. Time to learn your lesson.”Bookmark here

She walked closer to the two. Yatsumi is unaffected but she’s surprised at the sudden change in her friend’s demeanor. Bookmark here

The pressure increased by the second. Oriana screamed in pain, but no sound left her mouth.Bookmark here

“We don’t need legions because we’re better than you in every way.”Bookmark here

She looked down at the two. Their bodies continued to crack under the sheer stress. The floor started to crumble beneath them. Golden blood squeezes through the cracks in their skin.Bookmark here

Yatsumi suddenly noticed something odd. Oberon smiled.Bookmark here

“Amaris look out!!”Bookmark here

A sword suddenly pierced her stomach and she falls on her knees. Yatsumi ran over to her. The hallway returned to normal.Bookmark here

“haha… HAHAHAHA!!” Oberon stood up, placing his hand over his bloody face, “Indeed, we may be lesser, but you’re too arrogant!”Bookmark here

He held a strange device on his hand. “Looks like they were right. This thing works like a charm. Not even the great Amaris could overpower it.”Bookmark here

Oberon walked over to Oriana, lifting her up.Bookmark here

“Y-you…” Amaris pointed her finger towards the two. The room shook once again, but only slightly, “What’s… going on?”Bookmark here

“Amaris! Your wound!” Yatsumi knelt beside her.Bookmark here

Amaris looked at her injury. The sword seemed to be glowing, absorbing her powers. Her golden blood started to turn a crimson shade of red.Bookmark here

“I’m pulling it out!” Yatsumi grabbed the sword, trying to pull it out.Bookmark here

“Aghh!”Bookmark here

She successfully pulled it out. The sword crumbles into dust.Bookmark here

Oberon sneered at her. “You can’t do anything about it now, angel. That weapon has already absorbed most of her divinity.”Bookmark here

Another legion arrived at the hallway. Oberon’s wounds have already healed. Bookmark here

He placed Oriana on the chair. “Rest here for a while dear sister, I’ll dispose of this trash.”Bookmark here

He raised his hand, then brings it down. The angels rush the two once again. Swords materialized around Yatsumi. It flew into the legion, destroying most of the angels. The remaining angels took a step back.Bookmark here

“An archangel huh, pretty neat actually.” She stood up, “I’m not letting you touch Amaris.”Bookmark here

She dashed towards Oberon, sword in hand. Oberon disappeared the moment she thrusted her sword forward.Bookmark here

“You’re overestimating yourself.” He suddenly appeared behind her.Bookmark here

Just before he hits her, an explosion knocks Oberon back.Bookmark here

Amaris floated above them. She teleported Yatsumi beside her.Bookmark here

“Don’t forget about me.”Bookmark here

“Amaris wait, you’re hurt!”Bookmark here

Amaris covered her wound with her dress. “Hurt doesn’t mean I can’t fight. For now, we need to get out of here.”Bookmark here

The two disappeared from the hallway.Bookmark here

Oberon stood up. More angels appeared.Bookmark here

“You’re not getting away.”Bookmark here

Cali Maki
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