Chapter 17:

A moment of rest

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

A few days after leaving Durahl.
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We’re finally off the mountain path. Just a couple more hours and we’ll reach the Chablis continent.Bookmark here

Having lunch out in the open fields is great. Bookmark here

For miles and miles, there’s only grass.Bookmark here

There are some occasional trees here and there. Behind us, the mountain ranges already look really small.Bookmark here

We’re all eating together like some big happy family.Bookmark here

Minus the happy part.Bookmark here

Renz is still in a bad state. Not physically though, more on mentally and emotionally.Bookmark here

So is Hannah. She’s just poking her food.Bookmark here

The others are okay. Though I can tell they’re all thinking the same thing.Bookmark here

I’m too weak.Bookmark here

But I’m not sure they should be thinking that. They’re the best that the two kingdoms could offer, and most of them are quite young. You could even say each one is a prodigy in their professions.Bookmark here

And as time goes on, they can even hone their skills further and such.Bookmark here

*rustle*Bookmark here

A group of slimes appear from the grass a couple of meters away from our group.Bookmark here

Renz stands up.Bookmark here

“I’ll handle this”Bookmark here

He walks over to the tiny monsters. They’re not even trying to attack us.Bookmark here

Hold on. Everyone’s looking at Renz. Someone should stop him.Bookmark here

He lifts his spear. Bookmark here

“Die.”Bookmark here

He thrusts it into the ground. One of the slimes disintegrates under the direct hit.Bookmark here

“Die!! Dive Impact!!”Bookmark here

The ground shakes as the spear pulverizes the slimes and the surrounding dirt. The sound echoes throughout the plains.Bookmark here

I look at Jace.Bookmark here

He doesn’t even make a remark on how much of an overkill that was. He just looks down on his food.Bookmark here

I need to do something. It somehow irritates me that everyone is down and all.Bookmark here

“Gu-”Bookmark here

Wait. I close my mouth. Why would I want to do anything for these people? Hm. Bookmark here

I look at Toshikasu. He’s concerned about Renz and Hannah. This should work.Bookmark here

Telepathy.Bookmark here

“Hey”Bookmark here

“Oh hey Al, what’s up? How am I hearing your voice in my head?”Bookmark here

He continues eating.Bookmark here

“Telepathy”Bookmark here

“Ohhh, like some sort of mind reader stuff”Bookmark here

“I’m not reading your mind. I just need your help”Bookmark here

He looks at me.Bookmark here

“How so?”Bookmark here

I subtly point at Hannah – who’s just looking at her food, and Renz – who’s still out there doing overkills.Bookmark here

“Use Light Clone and ask Renz and Hannah to fight you”Bookmark here

“Why?”Bookmark here

“Just do it. Make sure not to lose”Bookmark here

“Sure… ohh I get it now!”Bookmark here

“Good”Bookmark here

I cut the line. Time to see if this works.Bookmark here

Toshikasu stands up. He walks over to Hannah, extending his hand.Bookmark here

“Yo Hannah, come with me for a moment”Bookmark here

She follows him. They walk over to Renz.Bookmark here

“Renz, I need you to stand with Hannah for a moment”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Renz does what he says without a word. That’s loyalty right there.Bookmark here

Everyone’s attention is fixed on the three.Bookmark here

“Alright. Now that you’re both standing there…”Bookmark here

Toshikasu doesn’t finish his sentence.Bookmark here

Renz and Hannah are confused for a moment.Bookmark here

“Now that we’re both standing here? What about i-”Bookmark here

2 of Toshikasu’s Light Clones appear behind Hannah and Renz. They try to stab the two with light swords.Bookmark here

They both dodge in time of course.Bookmark here

The clones stop. 2 more appear beside Toshikasu.Bookmark here

“Nice nice. Here’s the thing. My clones here will fight you. If you two lose…”Bookmark here

He smiles. The clones assume battle stance.Bookmark here

“I want the two of you to go back to Luna”Bookmark here

The clones charge at the two.Bookmark here

“What??”Bookmark here

They back off in opposite directions. Bookmark here

Renz has little trouble defending as he is used to tanking. Hannah on the other hand, has to chant a spell to even fight back, so all she can do is dodge backwards.Bookmark here

“Hannah! Dash!!”Bookmark here

Just as the clones are about to hit her, Renz appears in front of her and blocks them with his shield.Bookmark here

“Thanks! Oh spirits of the flames, grant us protection from our enemies and scorch those who dare trespass! Fire Wall!!”Bookmark here

Flames extend from her hand, and she guides the fire into a spiral on the ground around them.Bookmark here

The flames then extend upwards, blocking our view of the two.Bookmark here

The Light Clones wait outside.Bookmark here

“Stop hiding”Bookmark here

Toshikasu points at the ground near them.Bookmark here

Light Chains emerge all around the fire and dive straight into the middle of the blazing inferno.Bookmark here

“Caught you~”Bookmark here

The rest of the chains wrap around the two.Bookmark here

With them in sight, the clones immediately run in close.Bookmark here

“Silence!”Bookmark here

A soft pulse emerges from Hannah. The area around them goes silent.Bookmark here

The flaming spiral dies down. The Light Chains and the Light Clones also dissipate. Bookmark here

Hannah continues chanting another spell.Bookmark here

Raising his spear, Renz mouths something.Bookmark here

Dive Impact.Bookmark here

He throws his spear near Toshikasu’s feet. Dirt is thrown up by the impact, blocking his vision. Bookmark here

Toshikasu braces for Renz’s arrival. Instead, the spear glows and Light Chains immediately wrap around him, which then anchor him to the ground.Bookmark here

Renz then appears at the spear’s location.Bookmark here

He grabs hold of the spear and pulls it near Toshikasu’s neck.Bookmark here

Hannah runs behind him and holds a stone dagger near his back.Bookmark here

“We win.”Bookmark here

Everyone stares at the three in silence.Bookmark here

Toshikasu suddenly laughs.Bookmark here

“See? You guys aren’t weak. What happened at Durahl is just a sign that we can become stronger. So cheer up already!”Bookmark here

He smiles at the two, catching them off guard.Bookmark here

“I-I… d-didn’t say that I thought I was weak or anything! Hmph!”Bookmark here

Hannah walks over to us, visibly flustered.Bookmark here

“You do and say the weirdest things sometimes Toshi.”Bookmark here

Renz then picks up his shield, a smile can be seen from his face.Bookmark here

The two properly join in for lunch, and the mood just became a lot lighter.Bookmark here

“Hey, can you guys let me go now? I’m hungry”Bookmark here

Hannah jeers at Toshikasu.Bookmark here

“Haaaa? You do it, Light Magic is your specialty isn’t it?Bookmark here

“But I can’t just dispel someone else’s spell!”Bookmark here

“I’ll do it Toshi”Bookmark here

Julie walks over to Toshikasu and breaks the chains.Bookmark here

“Thanks Julie! No thanks Hannah!”Bookmark here

Everyone laughs. I’m glad that’s over.Bookmark here

We continue eating.Bookmark here

“But…thanks Toshi, for doing that for us”Bookmark here

Hannah holds her plate. Bookmark here

“Yeah man, I guess we needed that”Bookmark here

Renz starts picking up the plates.Bookmark here

Toshikasu smiles and rubs the back of his head.Bookmark here

“You’re welcome! Though I only did most of the work. Al thought of the plan, you guys should thank him as well”Bookmark here

Wow Toshikasu, why did you tell them. Also, humble and proud at the same time? Make up your mind.Bookmark here

“Oh, thanks Al”Bookmark here

“Thanks man”Bookmark here

The two look at me. It’s a little awkward.Bookmark here

“As long as you both understand that you’re needed in this unit”Bookmark here

I walk away from them. Bookmark here

I just need them to have high moral so they can fight better.Bookmark here

But there it is again. That weird, fuzzy feeling. I thought it was only because of Iris. Bookmark here

How strange.Bookmark here

I walk over to the twins. Aidan seems to be talking with Martin.Bookmark here

“Borringg- ah! Al! want to do something?”Bookmark here

“What something?”Bookmark here

“Hmmmm, I’m not sure either actually”Bookmark here

Maybe I can help her as well. I call out to Grayson, who’s helping the Elizabeth and Iris clean the plates.Bookmark here

“Grayson! How much longer until we move out?”Bookmark here

“We’ll rest a little longer, maybe an hour or two!”Bookmark here

That’s enough time. I turn towards Nadia.Bookmark here

“Do you want to test how fast you can go with that sword?”Bookmark here

Her eyes light up.Bookmark here

“Really?!! I’ve always wanted to test how fast I could go, but brother over here is always too busyyy!”Bookmark here

Aidan looks over in our direction. Nadia blows a raspberry at him.Bookmark here

“All right!!! Let’s go Al! Dashhhh!!”Bookmark here

She immediately goes off out into the fields.Bookmark here

“Teleport”Bookmark here

I appear right beside her. My book starts gathering mana.Bookmark here

“So, how do we test my speed?”Bookmark here

“Well, this place is very vast. I’ll set up some markers then”Bookmark here

I focus on the surroundings.Bookmark here

“Detection”Bookmark here

By vast, I mean that the grassy area seems to stretch on for miles. It’s a bit worrying now that I know how much our unit sticks out in this area.Bookmark here

I point my hand in front of us.Bookmark here

“Stone Pillars”Bookmark here

Stone rods emerge from the ground in front of us. 100 feet, 200 feet, 300 feet and so on.Bookmark here

The last one ends at 1000 feet. My range is not bad, for a human.Bookmark here

“Woaahh, I see what we’re gonna do!”Bookmark here

“Yes, we’re going to-”Bookmark here

“Dassshhhh!!!”Bookmark here

The ground breaks under her feet.Bookmark here

Off she goes. I teleport to the 1000 feet stone pillar/marker.Bookmark here

“Oof!!”Bookmark here

Dirt gets thrown up in the air as she crash-lands just shy of the 600 feet stone pillar/marker.Bookmark here

Not even three seconds. She’s fast, but she can’t control it at all.Bookmark here

I teleport on top of the 600 feet stone pillar/marker.Bookmark here

She landed face first in the dirt. I immediately cast Heal on her.Bookmark here

“Are you okay?”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“Just hang in there”Bookmark here

I cast Recovery on top of Heal. Bookmark here

Nadia finally lifts her face up.Bookmark here

“That…hurt…”Bookmark here

“It sure did. But with practice, maybe some armor modifications and a couple of buffs, you’ll be able to reach the thousand-feet marker in just under a second”Bookmark here

“For… real?”Bookmark here

“Yes, the past owner of that blade managed to do it. Maybe you can even surpass them”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

She faints again.Bookmark here

I look at the 1000 feet stone pillar/marker. The previous owner of Nadia’s blade could reach that marker in less than a second. Bookmark here

Currently the only person who could reach speeds like that among us is Renz, whose spear even creates a distinct boom sound while flying or upon impact.Bookmark here

The speed of the projectile from Martin’s anti-materiel rifle is leagues above anything else though.Bookmark here

I take down the stone pillars. I’d rather not leave much evidence here.Bookmark here

I pick Nadia up. She acts almost like a child, but her body and her looks beg to differ.Bookmark here

“Hm?”Bookmark here

Her armor is broken. So much for handling high speeds.Bookmark here

“Teleport”Bookmark here

Nothing happens. Ah right.Bookmark here

I can’t teleport while carrying her.Bookmark here

“Levitate”Bookmark here

She floats in the air. That should be good enough. Bookmark here

I gather the recycled mana in the Grimoire.Bookmark here

I walk back to camp, with an unconscious Nadia in tow.Bookmark here

I arrive to see everyone just resting and such. Bookmark here

Grayson is the first to greet me.Bookmark here

“Hey Al, oh? What happened to Nadia?”Bookmark here

He looks at me suspiciously.Bookmark here

“Just a little training accident, she’ll be fine. Don’t get any funny ideas”Bookmark here

I glare at him. He smiles nervously.Bookmark here

“Of course! It’s not like something happe- huh?”Bookmark here

He picks something off the back of his armor.Bookmark here

“A knife?”Bookmark here

He looks behind him. Bookmark here

“Aelius, I’ll carry her back to the carriage”Bookmark here

“Thanks Iris”Bookmark here

“Hey where’d the knife come from??”Bookmark here

Iris picks up Nadia and heads towards the carriages.Bookmark here

I walk towards Toshikasu – who’s just lying down on the grass. Julie and Elen are right behind him. Una and Uriel are there as well.Bookmark here

“At least do something productive with your companions”Bookmark here

“Yo Al, we did. We’re just resting a bit since we’ll be heading off soon”Bookmark here

“Okay”Bookmark here

We still have an hour, more or less.Bookmark here

I walk away. I look around.Bookmark here

Mercedes and Elizabeth are talking about politics. Aidan and Martin aren’t here.Bookmark here

“Ally locate”Bookmark here

I focus on Aidan.Bookmark here

“Levitate, Teleport”Bookmark here

I appear just above Aidan and Martin. They’re around a mile away from the camp. Martin is looking through the scope of his weapon. Aidan’s using a telescope.Bookmark here

The two are looking far down the plains.Bookmark here

“-and that’s how far I can shoot with this baby!”Bookmark here

“That’s almost 4 times my range”Bookmark here

“The elite dwarven soldiers and all dwarven city walls are equipped with this type of weapon now. Bows and Crossbows aren’t a match anymore. Their guns can’t compare to this baby though”Bookmark here

“So it’s called a gun. Noted”Bookmark here

I land down behind them.Bookmark here

“As good as it is, that weapon’s going to break soon though”Bookmark here

They turn around to look at me. Martin sighs.Bookmark here

“What do you mean Al? His gun looks brand new”Bookmark here

“He’s right. It looks new on the outside”Bookmark here

He slides off a piece of metal from the weapon’s body. I’m not an expert, but the insides look like they’re about to fall off.Bookmark here

“I’ve replaced most of the inside parts, but I can’t seem to recreate the bolt assembly. The gun may have infinite bullets, but one last misfire and it’s done for”Bookmark here

It would be nice if the gun could get fixed. It would definitely make defeating the demon lord a lot easier.Bookmark here

“But enough about my gun. Care to join us, Al? I’m giving Aidan some tips for far-distance shooting”Bookmark here

“I’m interested. How far are we talking about?”Bookmark here

“5000 feet”Bookmark here

“Aidan’s crossbow can’t shoot that far. That weapon was made for medium range combat”Bookmark here

“Just sit or lie down. It’s just a technical lesson”Bookmark here

“Alright”Bookmark here

I lie down. The dwarf starts talking about wind and angles.Bookmark here

“Detection”Bookmark here

I focus on the surroundings around us. True enough, the farthest I can extend my range is around 1000 feet.Bookmark here

Martin could easily dispatch our whole group from 5000 feet and we would have no way of knowing where he is. The thought is a little scary. I’m glad he’s on our side.Bookmark here

We’d have to take a detour once we reach the Chablis continent to get his family, but it’s nothing compared to how much help he could give us.Bookmark here

That being said, his weapon is falling apart. Fortunately, I remember that the previous owner of the gun- his dad, made a prototype. We could take the parts Martin needs to fully repair his weapon.Bookmark here

On the unfortunate side, the prototype is hidden somewhere in the Epheron continent, a little close to the Demon’s continent.Bookmark here

Martin’s dad, Noah. Among the past heroes, he was a little too knowledgeable at making stuff, mostly guns. Bookmark here

Right before he made his way to the demon continent with his party, he made a temporary base in which he made final adjustments to his and his teammates equipment.Bookmark here

In short, he made a lot of stuff. It would be problematic if the demons found it. But it would have all the equipment that our group lacks in.Bookmark here

I’ll just keep it to myself for now. We haven’t even gotten out of Miele yet. Bookmark here

“Uh-oh”Bookmark here

I turn my attention towards the two.Bookmark here

“What is it?”Bookmark here

Aidan points to the east. I don’t see anything.Bookmark here

“There’s nothing there”Bookmark here

Martin gestures me to come closer.Bookmark here

“Of course you won’t. Look through the scope”Bookmark here

I look through the scope of his weapon.Bookmark here

“That’s not a good sign”Bookmark here

It’s the Greater Dragon. They finally caught up to us.Bookmark here

We need to tell the others.Bookmark here

Cali Maki
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