Chapter 1:


Otherworld Transfer: The story You don't know

White. I open my eyes and see a world blanketed in white, a complete absence of color, my eyelids feel heavy, even though I just woke up, I immediately feel like I want to go back to sleep. I resist the feeling of drowsiness before it takes over my consciousness again. I try to stand up... I can't.. I try again.. I fail. I try moving my hands. Stiff. My brain thinks about moving but my hand feels distant, as if it's something separate from my body.Bookmark here

Only now do I notice the cold. Snow? My mind feels fuzzy, even though I feel cold lying in the snow, it doesn't worry me at all.

I move my eyes, which, apparently is the only freedom I have right now. I notice a tinge of red in the edge of my vision. In this white world, it easily stands out. The brilliant red color seems to only be around the spot where I am, moreover its a bright crimson. Beautiful. A touch of red on a white background, an all too familiar flag surfaces in my mind, which causes me to chuckle lightly. What a useless thought in a situation like this.

I can feel the warmth slowly leaving my body, at this point even thinking is becoming a burden, I feel drowsy again. Is this what death feels like? That's right. Death. I'll most likely die here. Cold. Alone.

Wait. Here? Where is HERE anyway? How did I even end up HERE? And as those questions fill my head, I finally surrender to my desire to sleep.Bookmark here

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