Otherworld Transfer: The story You don't know

A class is suddenly transferred to another world, a world of swords, magic and monsters, but upon the class' arrival to this unknown realm, most of them immediately die from the transfer. Now, the surviving students are coerced into fighting as slaves for an emperor under the pretext of being heroes who fight for justice.

After weeks of grueling training they are led to a battlefield to test their progress, but amidst an attack by the enemy, one of their classmates is left behind as a sacrifice to save the others, with a plot by the emperor himself in order to get rid of the weakest hero-slave. Desolate and alone, he is now pushed to his limits to fight for his survival. But how far can an introverted bibliophile go just to read for another day?

Akio here,
Sounds cliche, eh? Yeah the author isn't very creative. Well like a good way to begin any cliche story, why don't we start with my death?

UpdatedNov 09, 2016
Writing StatusOngoing
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