Chapter 11:



Ace walks down the hall to the student council room stretching out his stiff neck after being a temporary pool boy because of the Mitsuko’s swimsuit incident. “At least the guys weren’t mad about cleaning the pool yesterday” says Ace as he thinks to himself “Looks Like Keichiro didn’t give that I’m disappointed in you glare” Ace opens the council room door only to find Satori and Takeda half dead on the floor. “What are you guys doing” asks Ace. Nishimura looks back at Ace and explains the situation “Satori got a fever and passed it on to Takeda, since non of us is going to look after them they decided that it better to bring it here and lay dead on the cold floor”. Ace cringes as he looks straight at Nishimura “You’re cold you know that”. Nishimura closes her eyes and smirks while holding a game controller. “If you catch it too No one will look after you”.

“I will”

Kaori replies to Nishimura’s statement. “Huh” Nishimura stands as she drops the controller to the floor. “Why would you do that” asks Nishimura. “Ace is cute when his sick in bed... I took a photo of him when we were young” Kaori closes her eyes as she flashes Ace’s childhood photo to Nishimura. Nishimura throws a tantrum as random words exits her mouth. “W-Well Ace groped me before” says Nishimura. Ace shies away. “I see” Kaori stands up from her chair. “He admires the color of my panties” says Kaori. Aoi hides herself with her book as her face turns red. She interjects to Nishimura and Kaori’s argument as she makes the situation worse. “A-Ace pinned me down once and said he’ll be gentle”. Kaneko stands up and adds her thoughts to the mix “He mounted me and told me I’m cute”. Ace backs up slowly as the argument continues. Satori and Takeda looks at Ace with the ‘You sick animal’ look on their face. Ace waves his hands in front of him. Kaori looks at Ace as she smiles “Ace do you want to take another look”. Satori and Takeda stands up as they have this dark aura surrounding them. Ace takes another step back as Miss Kiyomi Mitsuko opens the door and Ace falls back. Having overheard the argument Mitsuko looks at everyone as she folds her arms. “Armatures, He told me my swimsuit looks sexy and untied it with his water gun” says Mitsuko as she smiles with both her hands on her cheek. Satori and Takeda’s eyes glow bright red with the dark aura rising ready to purge Ace as they both draw Katana from thin air. “Wait I can explain” says Ace. Takeda and Satori charge at Ace as Ace quickly stands up and make a run for it screaming.

That night Sasayaki walks casually into a bank that is highly guarded and has maximum security. He whispers into the guards eyes with his thoughts as the guards start killing each other. The bank happens to be another seal that has to be broken so that the mission to go of world domination can go as planned. Sasayaki blows the volt open as he stands inside and looks around. He smiles then BOOM the whole bank explodes as he collapses until nothing but rubble is left. Sasayaki stands as he looks up and takes in a deep breath “Two more to go” Sasayaki disappears in thin air.

Ace walks down the hall to the student council room as he bumps into Mr Keichiro Watanabe. “Oh Ace” says Keichiro Ace looks up at Keichiro “Let me guess the guy you were looking for” says Ace as he predicts what Keichiro will say.

“I don’t swing that way... Where’s Takeda and Satori”

“They are taking a sick leave, came down with a Fever yesterday”

“Well... see you around then”

Ace looks at Keichiro as he leaves. He turns around and keeps walking as he approaches the student council he opens the door and finds no one. Ace sighs as he continue his walk thinking where could everyone have gone to. He walks to Keichiro’s class and finds it to be empty, then Nohaku’s class then Mitsuko's as they both are empty. Ace remembers the first day when Kaori took him to the main office. Ace walks down to the main office as he walks in and interferes the briefing for the next mission. Kiyomi stays silent for a moment as everyone turns and looks at Ace. Ace feels awkward, he scratches the back of his head as a lame excuse leaves his mouth. “Ah sorry... I was um, Where’s the bathroom again” Ace slowly shuffles back as Keichiro stops him. 

“You can stay”


“His here already Kiyomi might as well assign him with the others”

“Fine... Ace you can take a seat”

Ace takes a seat next to Nishimura. Kiyomi turns around as she runs Ace down to what is happening and continues the mission briefing.

“As I was saying already three seals have been destroyed. If anymore of these seals are destroyed the gates of Hell it’s self might be open”

Later that night Ace, Aoi, Kaneko, Kaori and Nishimura are deployed somewhere in the Kanto region where it is suspected that a Demon might come and destroy the seal. They stand on another roof as they stay on a look out for a demon that might approach the building. Minutes and hours pass as they sit and wait. Ace gets bored and takes out his phone and begins to play games. “What’s that” Nishimura asks as she sits next to Ace. “Dragon X Battle 2 they just launched a mobile version of it” Ace closes his eyes as he answers Nishimura’s question. Nishimura takes out her phone after an installation of the game she joins in the game. 

As Nishimura and Ace waste their precious time playing games meanwhile Kaori and Kaneko stand watch and Aoi reading her Book ‘Book’ as always. Kaori scopes a suspicious guy standing in front of the building and just starring at it. She alerts the others as they stop what they are doing and looks at the man. Ace gets a weird feeling about the guy “I know it’s weird but I have a weird feeling about this guy”. The strange man starts to walk into the abandoned building as Ace stands up and starts running down to the building. “Ace” Kaori shouts as she tries to stop him. Kaori gives Nishimura, Aoi and Kaneko an order to infiltrate the building as she stands on the roof to prepare a sniper. Nishimura, Aoi and Kaneko run down the to the abandoned building.

Ace already inside he walks cautiously and draws his hand gun and knife. He holds the knife up and aims with his hand held gun a particular skill he learned from the god of weapons himself Nohaku Kirigimoto. Ace walks to another floor level of the building. He sees a shadow spreading across the floor made by the illumination of the moons light. Ace raises his eyes and sees a guy facing towards the window standing casually as if he is expecting someone.

“Goto said that there would be someone who will interfere with Zagan’s plans and he was right” says Sasayaki. Ace stops and locks on to the target as the target turns his head and looks at Ace with the corner of his eye. “But I didn’t expect that would be you... Ace Scott”.

Ace keeps his aim locked as he is startled that a demon knows his name. “Who are you” asks Ace. Sasayaki turns around and stares at Ace. “My name is Sasayaki Sawazaki one of Zagan’s thirty three legion demon’s pleased to meet you”. Ace cringes as he shakes his head “How do you know my name”. 

“Well you’re famous in hell, Ace Scott half Demon, Son of Zagan”

“Half... Demon”

Ace laugh to the fact that Sasayaki called him a half Demon. “Okay buddy what’s all this half demon bull crap you saying, you must be confusing me with some other person”. “Then who else” Sasayaki asks as he smiles. “All Demons do is lie so I’m not taking that crap” Ace puts his hand on the trigger. “Oh well then...” Sasayaki’s eyes turn purple “If you’re not Ace I still don’t mind killing you then because right now you’re interfering with Zagan’s plans”

Sasayaki rushes towards Ace. Ace takes a shot as Sasayaki avoids it, as quick as he is almost claws Ace’s face as Ace steps back and evades the claw. Ace side steps to avoid Sasayaki. He aims his gun as he pulls the trigger BAM. Kaneko, Nishimura and Aoi hears another gun shot as they try to rush up to assist they are jumped by other Demon’s Sasayaki came with.

Kaori finishes preparing the sniper and ready to take some Demon head shot. She lays flat on the roof and looks through the scope. Kaori puts her finger on the trigger as she is about to take a shot a demon jumps on her as she tries to fight it off. Meanwhile Ace disarmed he uses he knife to defend himself while evading Sasayaki’s claws. Sasayaki lands a scratch on Ace’s face. Ace steps back as he trips and fall backwards. Sasayaki jumps as he is about to stab through Ace’s eye with his claws Sasayaki stops. “Weak but Smart” Sasayaki looks at his chest as Ace’s Knife is one push away to Sasayaki’s heart with a talisman stuck to it. Sasayaki quickly jumps back and stares at Ace as Ace slowly stands up. “Why back out now we were just beginning to have fun”. Sasayaki looks at Ace as he smiles and closes his eyes “I’m sorry but my time’s precious I have important matters to attend to”. 

Sasayaki opens his eyes as he pushes and pins Ace to a wall. Sasayaki looks around for the seal. “W...What are you looking for anyway” asks Ace. Ace struggles to move as Sasayaki stays silent as he continues to search. Ace hears gun shots coming from the building as an alert to him that his team mates are about to rescue him. “Did you hear that the backup has arrived”.Sasayaki smiles “You mean my backup”. The three demons enter the floor each with its opponent knocked out as they drop them on the floor. “No way” Ace looks at his team mates laying on the floor. “Why do you look surprised Ace” Sasayaki smiles. Ace wonders about Kaori as he tries to look at the roof of the neighbouring building. “Ah I almost forgot” Sasayaki snaps his finger as the last Demon enters and throws Kaori on the floor. “Were you looking for her” Sasayaki smiles. “Damn you...”.

Sasayaki laughs “I’m guessing this one is your favourite hey”. He grabs Kaori by her hair as he picks her up. Sasayaki turns her around and places his claws on Kaori’s neck. “Now Ace... Shall we have some fun”