Chapter 6:

Welcome Back To Asphodel Meadows High School

Grimm: Life or Death

It's been a week since I've seen her at school. I haven't stopped in to see her, as much as I would love to see her, I thought that she'd need some private time. Finally today, she walked into class, with her head down, and she didn't seem like her normal self. Like there was a part missing from her, and she needs to fill it, but she just can't. Her head was down all day, no matter what she was doing, if someone was talking to her, or if she was walking, her head was down. I came up to her at the end of the day, after our final period, and she finally looked up. With a look that she has found her safe haven. Like the hole that was there, is now filled. She started to collect tears in her eyes. She has just know felt the feeling that I felt when I first saw her. She just stood there, and couldn't do anything. After I realized what she was feeling, I did the same. We both just stood there, and we both felt safe. While we were standing there, it felt like the world stood still, and that it was just us. We both never wanted to leave this place. What felt like our whole lives past. She said "I am sorry" and turned and ran away. Leaving me there all alone. Maybe she'll want to stand by me again. One could hope.Bookmark here

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