Chapter 7:

I Think She Saw Too Much

Grimm: Life or Death

After we had our interaction, things haven't been the same. She's been actively avoiding me at all costs, the teacher in our AP class put us next to each other on a seating chart and she had the teacher move her at the end of class. She just doesn't want to be around me. It's like while we were standing there, she could see my intent with her, all I want is to be close with her, but its like she saw the part of me that killed her grandma. I guess all she would have to do is look at me to see that. But I thought that I hid that pretty well. It didn't seem like her tears were tears of sadness, but tears of joy. It's hard to tell what she's expecting of me. People are so hard to understand. I walked up to her at the beginning of the school day, when we have our first class together, and it was just like before where I can't talk to her. It's like I have made no progress at all. I go back up to her at the end of the day and ask her "What's wrong?" and in response she gave me a hug. A hug so tight that if I could breathe, it would stall me from breathing. A hug that was needed by the both of us. She looked up to me and said "I don't know what it is, but when I'm with you, everything feels better. This is the same feeling I had about a week ago." I looked down to her and told her "I feel the same." Then after some time passed I asked her "what happened last week?" and she told me all about it. On how her grandma had a heart attack, and while she was waiting she felt this presence with her, and that she feels that with me, and that she doesn't want to lose that. Again, the world felt like it came to a stop, and once again, we were standing there. Just us, no one else, and not a care in the world. Just as long as we were together we needed nothing else.Bookmark here

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