Chapter 7:

Chapter 7: Make Sure to be Attentive to a Girl's Needs, That's the Best Way to Get Her to Like You!

Love Bites

In the hours between Daisuke returning back home and going down to work in his family’s restaurant, he went to take a look at Ueda-san’s “breeding plan”. He was looking for one entry in particular. He knew he’d seen her face in the notebook before, he just needed to find it.

I can’t believe she was able to gather all of this data in one night, Daisuke thought as he scanned the rather extensive profiles. Unless… she already had this information on hand…

The thought that Ueda-san or someone she knew had been keeping records on all the students in their school was a frightening one. Then again… if the famineans are preying on us humans… then wouldn’t they want to pay close attention to our biographical data?

Daisuke wondered if he had a profile like this stored away somewhere. That notion terrified him. He pushed that worry away and redirected his attention to the notebook. He had finally found Mochida-san’s profile.

It’s not like I’m doing anything wrong, he reminded himself as he looked over her page. After all, it’s not like I searched for this information myself, I was provided it by Ueda-san, so that makes it okay, right? I’m not prying into her life.

Okay, yes, I’m prying into her life! Daisuke admitted. But it’s for her own good! I can’t let Mochida-san fall victim to Ueda-san’s plans! She’s too pure and sweet!

Daisuke found himself in a difficult position. He liked Mochida-san, even though she was very… passionate, he thought that she was a lovely girl. And her loveliness extended beyond just her fair features, or a smile so cute it was blessing from the faerie queen herself. She was just as sweet inside as she was out, to see such good in him when he’d done nothing to deserve it. He wasn’t a hero. But those sparkling eyes had seduced him; he wanted to be a hero, her hero, the hero who protected the innocent princess from the wicked monster that was Ueda-san.

And the only way I can protect her is by distancing myself from her. If I don’t get involved with her any further, then she won’t end up caught up in this filthy breeding project, she’ll be able to live a nice, peaceful life like a normal person, Daisuke believed, knowing that the more he got to know her the more Ueda-san would fixate on hooking them up together. He resolved that, as alluring as Mochida-san was, he wouldn’t get involved with her any further.

And since I’m not going to ever talk to her again anyway, it’s totally fine if I learn a little more about her, right?

Having assured himself with half-hearted platitudes, Daisuke began to read.

Hina Mochida

Age: 15

Birthday: October 10th

Blood Type: B


“Daisuke! Dad says come down, it’s time to work!” Sakura said, barging into Daisuke’s room.

“WAAAA!” Daisuke cried, nearly throwing the notebook into the air in surprise. He quickly scrambled to hide it under his other notebooks. Sakura couldn’t have seen what he was actually reading, but when he turned to look back at her, he could see it clearly didn’t matter; his shifty behavior to hide it was enough for her to judge him guilty. Sakura stared at him with utter disgust, like she was looking at an insect. Even Ueda-san’s gaze carried more respect for him as an individual than his sister’s did at the moment. “W-Wait, Sakura, I wasn’t…!”

“…Wash your hands before helping out in the kitchen, Daisuke,” Sakura muttered, turning and slamming the door behind her.

Daisuke hung his head in shame. He hadn’t done anything wrong, and now his beloved sister thought he was scum. I swear, little sister, it’s not what you think! I was only looking out for Mochida-san, I wasn’t doing anything dirty, I swear!

At the Oishi Family Restaurant, Daisuke’s parents prepared the food while one of the siblings would wait on tables. The other would switch between working in the eating area and in the kitchen depending on the needs of the evening, and today was a rather light day. Only Sakura was out waitressing at the moment.

“Mom!” Sakura stuck her head in. “Table 3 says they want Daisuke to take their order!”

Daisuke’s mother looked up from the dish she was preparing. “Oh, is that right? Well, you know what they say! The customer is always right!”

Daisuke was confused, and walked around Sakura to leave the kitchen, picking up a notepad. Sakura was giving him a scrutinizing look as he walked past, like she was confused, and studying him. Seeing her face sent a terrible thought through Daisuke’s mind. What if Ueda-san was here? Had she come to visit him at work?!

He froze in his tracks. He had ended their meeting that afternoon leaving her with the idea that he would study Mochida-san’s data to plan out what to do tomorrow, but… what if Ueda-san was impatient? Had she come here to talk with him right now? Was that why table 3 had requested that he be the one to wait on them?

Daisuke swallowed his fears and walked on shaky legs towards table 3, afraid of what he would find there.

To his surprise it wasn’t Ueda-san at all.

“Oishi-san!” Mochida-san’s radiant smile blew all of Daisuke’s apprehensions away. Her eyes were as bright as they had been mere hours before, pools of warmth that stood out in the paleness of her doll-like face. And yet as peaceful as he felt seeing her there, he found it a bitter comfort. Why was she here? She had run away before, so why did she come back now? He wished that she could know just how much danger she was in, coming to see him like this. Yet he couldn’t help but feel soothed by her gentle grace all the same.

It didn’t help that she looked particularly lovely this evening. Mochida-san was a vision in her uniform, but seeing her in her casual clothes only highlighted her cuteness even more. She wore a slim dress that went down to her stylish flats, the long skirt a snow white of purity that perfectly highlighted her gentle soul. The dark blue of her cardigan make the lightness of her skin stand out in the dim glow of the overhead lamp, flushing her soft features with a warm contrast that made it impossible for him to draw his eyes away. Most striking of all was that her glasses were nowhere to be seen, leaving no barrier between those shimmering pools of brown and his own gaze. He imagined a crown of freshly-plucked daisies resting atop her soft and feathery hair to complete the image of a faerie princess, and found his heart refusing to obey his mind, beating furiously as her kind smile bewitched it.

“H-Hello there, m-may I take your order?” Daisuke managed to stammer out. He felt ashamed of such poor service, but Mochida-san only looked at him with graciousness, not bothered in the least by his flub. How understanding such a sweetheart like this was, he felt unworthy of her generosity.

“Yes please. I was thinking this Sakura-Style Ramen sounds like such a cute name!” Mochida-san said, pointing out one of the menu dishes.

“Ah, yes, that one was named after my little sister Sakura,” Daisuke laughed sheepishly.

“Oh! Is Sakura-san the girl who came to take my order earlier?” Mochida-san asked, her eyes widening. “My! She’s just the cutest thing ever!”

Mochida-san’s radiant smile was blinding, Daisuke was forced to avert her eyes. How kind of Mochida-san, to compliment even his sister! She was such a good girl!

Mochida-san turned her eyes back to the menu. “There’s quite a lot of meat in the dish, though…” she said, her face turning a light pink. “Oishi-san… would you recommend it?”

The bashful way she looked at him brought to Daisuke’s mind the image of the cute Mochida-san trying her best to finish off the large meaty ramen dish. He wanted to see that so badly, but he would feel bad for giving her a bad recommendation. Surely the dainty Mochida-san would prefer a light salad? He decided to tell her the truth.

“When my sister was younger she would ask for extra meat in her ramen and would never eat any of her other toppings,” Daisuke explained. “Eventually, my parents decided to make ramen with extra meat and no other toppings into sort of a house specialty…”

“That’s a cute story,” Mochida-san giggled, her soft voice taking Daisuke’s breath away. “Yes, I will have that.”

So adorable… the cutest thing Daisuke had ever seen. All of Sakura’s baby pictures were nothing compared to a single smile from Mochida-san.

“Oishi-san, you aren’t writing down my order…?” Mochida-san asked, tilting her head to the side.

“A-Ah!” Daisuke gasped, realizing his hand had frozen. “Please excuse me, yes, one Sakura Style Ramen! Would you like the drink bar with that? Or an appetizer?”

“No, no, water will be fine, Oishi-san,” Mochida-san laughed. “Thank you for your diligence. I just knew that a hero like you would look out for me…” She stared up at him with a swooning gaze, and as fluttery as Daisuke felt, he couldn’t help but experience a sting of pain.

Mochida-san, please don’t think so highly of me… I’m no hero… wait! I’m supposed to be staying away from Mochida-san, not getting closer to her! What’s the matter with me?! Daisuke bemoaned. “If-If you need anything, just press the call button,” he stammered out.

Mochida-san’s eyes widened, glowing like headlights. “And you’ll come to my aid? Oh, thank you, Oishi-san!”

Daisuke couldn’t stand in her presence any longer, it was like staring at the sun. After stammering out a thank you, he turned and dashed back into the kitchen.

“Dad! One Sakura Style Ramen for table 3!” Daisuke said.

“That little thing?” Mr. Oishi gasped in surprise. “Wow. One Sakura Style Ramen coming up!”

While his father prepared the ramen, Daisuke went to go bring Mochida-san some water. She held it in front of her with a look of reverence.

“Thank you, Oishi-san,” she said, and Daisuke returned to the kitchen. Just as he got there, he heard a buzz, and the light for table 3 went off. Daisuke quickly dashed back. Was something wrong?

“Oishi-san, refill on water?” Mochida-san asked, smiling cutely up at him. Daisuke was stunned. She’d finished it that quickly?

“Yes, of course,” Daisuke said, quickly going to get a pitcher and filling her glass back up.


“Oishi-san, refill?”


“Oishi-san, refill?”


“Oishi-san, refill?”

How was she drinking that much water with such a small frame?! Daisuke wondered in amazement, staring at her empty glass for what must have been the fifth time that evening.



“Mochida-san, why don’t I leave the pitcher here?” Daisuke smiled. “That way, you can refill your water yourself!”

“Why thank you!” Mochida-san smiled brightly. “How thoughtful! As expected of Oishi-san!”

Daisuke let out a sigh as he returned to the kitchen. Running back and forth like this had him completely exhausted.

“Hey, dad, is table 3’s ramen don-“


WHY? Daisuke glanced at the lights. Table 3 was blinking insistently. He sighed in resignation, and began the increasingly familiar walk back to table 3.

“Oishi-san, can you please escort me to the restroom?” Mochida-san asked, staring up at Daisuke with eyes beaming with innocence. As difficult as the situation itself might have been, Mochida-san’s warm smile erased all traces of frustration from Daisuke’s heart.

Luckily, Mochida-san’s order was completed soon enough. Daisuke couldn’t wait to see the beaming smile of gratitude on her face when he brought her the bowl. As usual, Mochida-san didn’t disappoint. The way her face lit up when he placed her ramen in front of her nearly knocked Daisuke off his feet. It was the most precious thing in the world, he wished she could eat here every night so he could see that look again!

Wait! What are you thinking?! He demanded as he walked back to the kitchen. You’re supposed to be staying away from Mochida-san, not hoping she becomes one of your regulars! Daisuke would never allow a sweet faerie like this to get tangled up in his nightmare of a life.

He was about halfway back when Sakura walked out of the kitchen with a tray in her hands. “Daisuke! Table 3 wants you again!”

What now? He wondered, turning on his heal and returning to Mochida-san. Her ramen remained untouched in front of her.

“Oishi-san! My ramen is very hot, could you please blow on it?” Mochida-san asked, tilting her head to the side and giving him a hopeful smile as innocent as the first snow of winter.

Entranced by Mochida-san’s alluring smile, Daisuke found himself imagining those soft and dainty lips softly parted, blowing gently on her ramen as she tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear. The perfect picture of tranquility, he found himself achieving nirvana just picturing it. But no, that image would be for another time; right now, it was his duty to protect her from the hot ramen, and-


Daisuke was snapped out of his refreshing delirium by the voice of his sister. She wore a fake smile that would put Ueda-san’s to shame, and turned to Mochida-san.

“Hello there, honored guest!” Sakura greeted Mochida-san. “We noticed you’ve contacted our server a lot, is there anything we can get for you?”

“Oh!” Mochida-san gasped. “I’m not being a bother, am I?” The way her face scrunched up like she was about to cry made Daisuke’s defensive instincts flare up. But he resisted the urge to yell at his sister, instead turning his eyes to Mochida-san and basking in her relaxing aura.

“Not at all! We were just concerned that our Daisuke may not be able to meet your needs with how frequently you’ve been asking for him,” Sakura explained things diplomatically.

“Oishi-san has been more than helpful,” Mochida-san sighed wistfully, staring up at Daisuke with a look of adoration that made his heart stop. Sakura blinked, staring at Mochida-san for a second, and then turned to look at Daisuke.

“Are you… friends with our Daisuke?” She guessed. Daisuke wondered if she’d been speculating all evening.

At that question, Mochida-san turned bright red, her eyes widening. She glanced frantically between the two of them, her hands fumbling in front of her.

“It-It’s not like we’re that close or anything!” Mochida-san stammered out. “I just… I mean…” She lowered her head in defeat, all the answer Sakura needed. Why did Mochida-san have to be the most adorable thing on the planet?! It wasn’t fair! How was Daisuke supposed to keep her safe if she kept doing the cutest and most alluring things?!

Mochida-san tried again, lowering her head in a respectful bow. “Hello, my name is Hina Mochida-san. Please to make your acquaintance. I know Oishi-san from school. And you are Sakura-san, yes?”

“I see. Nice to meet you, Mochida-san!” Sakura greeted her back with a smile, clearly having drawn the wrong conclusion. She flashed Daisuke a conspiratorial grin. “Daisuke, it’s getting kind of late, and there aren’t as many customers. If you’d like to take a break and chat with Mochida-san, that would be fine!”

Daisuke opened his mouth to explain why that would be an awful idea, but the way Mochida-san’s eyes shined at him like a starry sky killed the horrible words in his throat. How could he even think to say something so cruel in front of this sweet maiden? He wouldn’t dare!

So Daisuke sat across from Mochida-san as his little sister skipped off, clearly very pleased with herself.

“I’m glad we got a chance to talk,” Mochida-san said, fidgeting in her seat. Now that they were both sitting she suddenly seemed very shy. “I… I wanted to apologize… for earlier today… running away like that, testing you like that, I was very rude…”

Mochida-san? Rude?! Such a thing was unthinkable! For a glimpse of those cute lips twisted into a smile, or those fluffy cheeks flush like cherry blossoms, Daisuke would put up with anything! Even rushing between tables like this was nothing if it meant Mochida-san’s soothing beauty awaited him at the end!

“Not at all! I don’t mind!” Daisuke assured her with a smile. She brightened up immediately. “I actually… I liked getting to help you today, and, um, earlier, with Ueda-san, that was…”

Daisuke couldn’t find words to excuse Ueda-san’s actions, but he quickly realized he didn’t need to. Mochida-san’s eyes were clouded by adoration as she gazed upon him, chin resting on her hands, clearly not listening to a word he’d said.

“Of course you wouldn’t… you are my hero after all…” Mochida-san murmured, a soft sigh escaping her lips like the squeak of a mouse. Everything she did was just so cute!!!

“Um, Mochida-san, your ramen is going to get cold if you don’t eat it soon,” Daisuke warned her. Mochida-san gasped, her cute face twisting in shock and horror.

“Oh! Forgive me! I would never be so disrespectful! Thank you for the food!” Before Daisuke could assure her that there was nothing wrong, that she could take her time, Mochida-san had already begun digging in.

Daisuke was astounded. Everything Mochida-san did was adorable, and her eating habits were no different. She sat up perfectly postured, lifting the ramen to her lips with delicate poise. She didn’t even slurp as she sucked the noodles in, but Daisuke could hardly find her careful nature to be rude! So careful was she, not a single drop was flung asunder. That she could eat so swiftly and with such grace was stunning. Before he realized it she was already finished.

Wait, what?

Daisuke had to do a double-take. Indeed, Mochida-san had devoured the ramen before he could even notice, including the mountains of chashu along with it. She drained the bowl with the daintiness of sipping a teacup, and Daisuke felt honored on behalf of their restaurant that she had so enjoyed the meal.

“Excuse me! Mochida-san?”

Daisuke glanced up in surprise at his mother’s smiling face. Mochida-san stared at her with a wide-eyed look herself.

“Hello, I’m Daisuke’s mother,” Mrs. Oishi introduced herself. “I hear you’re close to my son?”

“Oh! Hello, pleasure to meet you,” Mochida-san said, lowering her head in a bow. “Yes, Oishi-san has been a great help to me in school. I quite enjoyed his company tonight as well! He’s so sweet, taking such good care of me!”

“Ah! You understand so well! What a sweet girl, to recognize how lovely our Daisuke is!” Mrs. Oishi gushed, and Daisuke noticed her holding herself back, like she was about to hug Mochida-san. He could understand the impulse. He also understood a few other things.

I’m noticing a significant difference between this reaction and how she reacted when she saw Ueda-san, Daisuke noted with just a bit of irritation.

“You look so familiar!” Mrs. Oishi continued. “Have we met before?”

“I live in the area,” Mochida-san explained. “But this is the first time I’ve come here.” She looked around the restaurant. “I’ll try to stop by more often! This restaurant is so soothing, it’s just like eating at home!”

“Oh, aren’t you just the sweetest?!” Daisuke’s mother gushed. “A cute girl like you is welcome to eat here any time!”

“C-Cute?” Mochida-san blushed, averting her eyes. “I can see where Oishi-san gets his kindness from,” she added with a bashful smile.

Daisuke and his mother were both blown away by how sweet of a girl Mochida-san was. Mrs. Oishi recovered first, going back to fawning all over Mochida-san.

“Oh, you’re just a sweet little angel, aren’t you Mochida-san?” Daisuke’s mother gushed. “Oh, you definitely must come back! Be our guest! And if you want you can even borrow Daisuke for company!”

“Really?” Mochida-san asked, her face lighting up with glee. “Thank you!”

Mochida-san paid her bill, never taking her eyes off of Daisuke as she did. Even as she walked slowly towards the exit, she was still glancing back at him. To Daisuke’s confusion, she waited nervously at the door, shooting alternating furtive glances outside and towards him. He could see that she was hoping for something, but he wasn’t sure what was going on.

Daisuke’s mother was the one who pulled him aside and chastised him for his behavior.

“Daisuke!” She hissed, pulling him by the ear towards the kitchen. “You aren’t going to let that sweet young thing walk home by herself, are you?!”

“I-I didn’t…” Daisuke felt like slapping himself. How could he be so insensitive?!

“You’re done for the evening, now go escort that sweetheart home, you got that?!” Mrs. Oishi insisted.

Daisuke didn’t need to be told twice. He quickly rushed to Mochida-san, startling her. “Um, excuse me, Mochida-san…” He stammered out. “Would you like me… too, um… walk you home?”

Mochida-san’s face lit up enough to light up the night sky, and she nodded. “You… want to escort me?” She asked hopefully, fidgeting in place. “I-I would love that…!”

“Daisuke, make sure to bring your sweater in case Mochida-san gets chilly!” His mother called from the kitchen. Daisuke blushed, and ran upstairs to get a sweater. Mochida-san was waiting diligently at the door when he returned.

As though following his mother’s predictions, it was a surprisingly chilly night for spring. Daisuke stepped out into the cold and was met by a stinging slap in the face, shivering. He glanced at Mochida-san and saw that she was shaking even more, her face already turning a bright crimson.

“Um, would… would you…” Daisuke was too embarrassed to say it, and when he held his sweater out to her he had to look away so as not to keel over from cuteness. He felt the warmth of her fingers brush up against his for a second as the sweater left his hands, and when he turned her way he saw that she could even make the ratty thing look lovely.

A twinge of guilt went through his chest as he saw a cute girl like Mochida-san in such an old and worn-out sweater.

“Sorry for not having something more stylish,” Daisuke apologized. Mochida-san shook her head, and gave him a reassuring smile.

“No, not at all,” she whispered. “It’s so warm and soft… and it smells just like Oishi-san…”

Smells? What? “Um, that…”

“It’s like Oishi-san is giving me a big warm hug and telling me it’s all going to be okay…” Mochida-san sighed wistfully, and Daisuke noticed she was suddenly a lot closer to him. Her shoulder was nearly brushed up against his arm!

“Well, that’s… I’m glad you like it,” Daisuke stammered out. “So! Um, Mochida-san, you mentioned today that you live close by, right? So where’s your house?”

“Down that way, turn right,” Mochida-san explained, pointing down the street. They began to walk, and when they turned the corner he felt her bump into him. She didn’t move to pull away from him, though, she just left her shoulder resting against his arm. Daisuke froze, feeling the heat of his face pushing away the evening cold. Her tiny shoulder was so warm…

They kept walking down the street, neither one saying anything. Daisuke wasn’t sure what to talk about, honestly, he was too afraid of getting any closer to Mochida-san than he already was. Why did she have to be so attached to him?! It was impossible to keep her safe if she got any closer. He wished he could tell her the truth, that he wasn’t some brave hero. But even if that would end this weird idolization she had, it was out of the question. If she found out about Ueda-san, then she would be in far greater danger. And he would never let anything happen to this innocent doe-eyed elf!

“Oishi-san…” Mochida-san was the first to speak. She peered up at him with shining eyes and bright cheeks, giving him a shy smile. She was truly precious. The night sky suited her, the dim light of the street lamps casting her in a shimmering sheen, like a faerie dancing through a dark forest. Her pale skin glowed against the dusk, calling out to him; those soft cheeks of hers were no doubt touched by the cool air, flushed as they were, and he could understand Ueda-san’s wish to squeeze him.

“It’s… the next right,” she whispered. Daisuke nodded, and they turned right again. As they did, he felt her tiny little fingers pinch the sleeve of his shirt, a tiny little surge of bravery that made his heart skip a beat. An ordinary girl might have taken the opportunity to grab his hand, but for someone as delicate as Mochida-san a light squeeze of his clothing was the furthest she could get.

“Oishi-san?” The sound of his name on her lips would never get old. He found himself thanking whichever of his ancestors first bore the epithet; if not for them, he could never have experienced the pleasure of hearing her say it! It was like the Oishi lineage had all been building to this point, just for Mochida-san’s soft voice to bring the word to life!

“Y-Yes?” Daisuke asked. She clutched his sleeve a little tighter, twisting the cloth with her whole hand now.

“If… If delinquents come and attack us… like they did with Ueda-san… would you protect me?” Mochida-san asked. “Would you… rescue me like you did her?” The hopeful tone of her voice was irresistible. How could he say that it was a misunderstanding when she asked him a question like that?! Daisuke couldn’t break the heart those pleas belonged to!

“Of-Of course I would!” Daisuke said, puffing himself up a little taller.

Mochida-san let out a long, loud sigh, and he felt something soft press against him. It was one of Mochida-san’s mochi-soft cheeks, resting against his shoulder. Daisuke felt like someone had set him on fire he was so hot.

“Of course,” Mochida-san swooned. “My hero…”

A stab of guilt shot through Daisuke’s chest. No, Mochida-san! Don’t fall for it! I’m not a hero, I’m just some loser! He wailed to himself.

“Oh!” Mochida-san gasped, pulling off of his arm. He desperately missed her softness pressed against him, but it was for the best. Mochida-san pointed at the vending machine by the corner. “We turn a right there, next.”

Daisuke nodded and they turned at the corner again, continuing their walk. Daisuke felt a strange sensation. He looked around, this street looked awfully familiar…

“Here we are!” Mochida-san smiled, coming to a stop. “This is where I live!”

A large sign reading MOCHIDA CONFECTIONARY hung above the shop.

The shop directly next door to Oishi Family Restaurant.

“WHAT?!” Daisuke exclaimed in shock, his eyes shooting between the two buildings. SHE LIVED RIGHT NEXT DOOR THE WHOLE TIME?!

“Oishi-san, thank you for walking me home tonight,” Mochida-san said, bowing gratefully to him. “I was scared to come back alone, but I just knew that a hero like you would make sure I got home safely!”

Daisuke was at a complete loss for words. With the shock that he had walked her all the way around the block when she lived right next door compounded by her aura of delicate sweetness, he had nothing to say to her.

Mochida-san raised her head, still smiling.

“Have a good evening, Oishi-san! Get home safely! I’ll see you tomorrow at school!” She said, rushing inside and leaving Daisuke out on the street.

She didn’t even give him his sweater back.