Chapter 14:

Chapter 8: In Sickness and In Health

Super-powered Maids Showed Up Out of Nowhere, and Now I Have to Change My Otaku Lifestyle

“Hah, looks like you’re gonna be in for a long day today, ‘ey Specs?” teased Tsubaki.

“Quiet you. At least I got to sleep on the plane. Guess I better call into work today then.”

“You were going back to work today?” Sakura asked.

“I was, but I can’t now.”

“Oh, everyone, before we forget to introduce her, this is Tsubaki. She’s a fairy who showed up mysteriously. Please welcome her as a part of our family.” Sakura announced.

“Welcome to the group Miss Fairy!” cheered Lysia.

“Pleasure to meet you Tsubaki. I hope we can get along well.” said Amari, bowing.

“Good to meet you too, Otaku Maid, Fox Loli.” Tsubaki said.

“We’re doing nicknames now?” Sakura asked.

“No, we aren’t. Hey wait a minute, Amari, why aren’t you and Lysia sick like the others?” Akira asked.

“I don’t know about Lysia, but I’ve been using my powers regularly so I can privately read lewd manga.”

“That’s my girl! I taught you well. Let’s pretend you never told me that though. I don’t wanna be held responsible for it.”

“So, Fox Loli isn’t sick, but you guys don’t even know why? She must be using some sort of power if she’s not sick, right?” Tsubaki asked.

“That’s what I was thinking, but not even Lysia knows what her power is.” Amari responded.

“Strange. Well, let’s get to helping out the others.” Akira said.

“Let’s start by massaging them to reduce the strain on their muscles when they use their powers,” said Sakura.

“I’ll help Rose, you help Yuri. Lysia will watch after BunBun like usual. Master, you help Willow.”

Akira looked at Willow nervously.

“What’s with that look dear? It’s ok, I don’t bite. Not usually anyway.” Willow said with a wink.

“Is it really ok to touch you? I mean, not in a weird way or anything. It’s just to help you get better, right?” Akira stuttered.

“My my, of course it’s ok for you to touch me, Master. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Tsubaki flew over to Akira and stood on his shoulder.

“Hey, don’t get any weird ideas. Sakura’s gonna have her eye on you, and so am I.”

“Of course, why would I think anything dirty while massaging a woman?” asked Akira rhetorically in a monotone voice.

Willow moved onto her stomach and put her arms under her chin. Akira started to massage her back for a bit, before Willow spoke up.

“No no dear, this isn’t going to do anything through my clothes. You have to get right in there, skin against skin.” said Willow.

Akira’s face turned redder than the rising sun on the Japanese flag.

“I-is, is that really the only way? Do I really have to touch your bare back?”

“I’m afraid so dear Master, but I don’t mind if it’s with you.”

Willow began sliding the back of her shirt up, revealing her bare back. Her smooth skin glistened underneath the artificial indoor lighting.

Akira wanted to look away out of habit, but watched every second of the events unfolding before him.

“You’re having lewd thoughts, aren’t you?” Willow asked in a lulling voice.

“Of course I am. Who wouldn’t in a situation like this?”

“Oh well, I’ll let your dirty thoughts wander. Now please, continue the massage.”

“R-right, that was a thing.”

Akira cautiously started massaging Willow’s back again, making extra sure not to let his hands wander off on their own.

“Oh, someone seems to be getting a little bit jealous.” Tsubaki whispered.

“Of course she is. Why wouldn’t Sakura be jealous of me rubbing the silky smooth back of another beautiful woman?”

“Oh, no, I meant me. I’m getting jealous. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had a proper massage? Human hands would probably crush me to death, so I can only get a decent massage from another fairy. I had a friend who was willing to give me one, but I haven’t seen her for a long time.” Tsubaki responded.

Akira, Sakura, and Amari continued to give massages to Willow, Rose, and Yuri respectively.

“I brought soup!” announced Lysia.

Willow pulled her shirt back down before getting up.

“Thank you for that wonderful massage, Master.” Willow said in a sensual voice before kissing Akira on the cheek.

Akira stood motionless for a moment smirking to himself before Tsubaki slapped him in the face.

“Hey, quit gawking at Big Boobs over there!” Tsubaki shouted.

“Ow! You know, for how small you are, you slap really hard.”

“Master, why don’t you and Sakura have some soup too?” Lysia asked, offering him a bowl.

“Sure, I was getting hungry anyway. Thanks, Lys.” he said, taking the bowl and patting her head.

“Not to be a bother, but I’m hungry too, ya know. Any chance I could get some of that?” Tsubaki asked.

“Oh, sure! Wouldn’t a bowl be a bit too big for you though?” Lysia asked.

“I think I’ve got a shot glass in one of the cabinets.” Akira replied.

“Why do you have a shot glass? You don’t drink, do you?” Sakura asked.

“No, it had the fig leaf symbol from my favorite anime on it, so I bought it.” Akira responded.

“I’m on it!” Lysia said.

Lysia went into the kitchen and filled the shot glass with soup. Everyone sat at the regular table and ate.

“This soup is pretty good you two. I might have to have you help me with dinner some time.” Rose said while wrapped in a blanket.

“Thanks a lot Rose. We just followed a recipe we found online, so it’s really nothing special.” Amari replied, blushing from the complement.

“Alright girls, it’s time for you to drain your powers. We need someone injured for Yuri to heal. Master, could you be our test subject?” Sakura asked.

“Sure, no prob- hey wait, test subject?”

“Too late, you already said yes.” Sakura said before having Akira sit down on a chair. “Sorry about this. This will hurt me more than it’ll hurt you. Well, it actually won’t, but I won’t enjoy it.”

“Well, I’m not sure how much I’ll enjoy this, but I don’t wanna be sick anymore.” Rose said, placing her hand on Akira’s shoulder.

Green energy barriers bound Akira’s arms and legs to the chair, restricting his movement.

“H-hey, what gives?”

“So sorry dear, but I have to drain my powers somehow too. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle with you.” Willow said.

“Don’t say it like that!”

Rose’s hand started glowing a dull red, emitting a small amount of heat.

“Hey, this isn’t too bad. I can do this.” Akira said.

“Oh trust me, you’ll feel it soon. Rose is still weak right now. Just wait until she’s feeling better. You’ll be sorry you said that.” Yuri said, placing her hand on Akira’s chest.

A few seconds later, Rose’s hand started to glow a bit brighter.

“Oh wow, that’s getting pretty hot. How much longer do we need to go for?”

“Until the girls start feeling better.” Sakura responded.

Akira sat there for a few minutes until Rose’s hand started glowing a brighter orange color.

“Ow, that’s way too hot! Can we stop yet?”

“Nope, not even close.”

A few minutes later, Akira screamed as Rose’s hand glowed a pale orange, nearing white.

“I’m dieing! I’m burning alive!” Akira screamed.

“Calm down idiot, you’re gonna get the cops called on us.” Rose yelled.

“You’ll be fine, I’m healing you, so you won’t have any marks left after this.” Yuri said.

Rose’s hand started glowing a hot white, small sparks emanating from her fingertips.

“I AM IN MY OWN PERSONAL LIVING HELL!” shouted Akira who was now writhing in pain and sweating profusely.

“M-master, are you ok? Would you like me to hold your hand?” Sakura asked, hoping it would help calm him down a little.

“Yes, please.” Akira said, panting for breath as he held out his right hand for the girl.

“Man, I was kinda enjoying this at first, but now this is just sad. I feel bad for him.” said Tsubaki.

“We’re almost there. Just a bit further.” Rose said.

Her hand erupted into flames as she forced even more heat out from her body.


“Should we help?” asked Lysia.

“Nah, I’m sure he’s fine.” Tsubaki said.


“Are you sure he’s ok?” Amari asked.

“No, I think he’s being tortured at this point. Poor guy.” Tsubaki said.

“Master, please hold out just a bit longer.” said Sakura, trying her best to remain calm and not cry while watching Akira in pain.


“Yes, finally! This near death experience is going to make him reveal his true feelings to her!” cheered Tsubaki enthusiastically.


Tsubaki stared blankly at Akira in disappointment.

“Oh, ok.” Sakura said.

Rose’s hand stopped glowing and her flame went out, leaving a small trail of smoke behind before that too dissipated.

Yuri blasted Akira with a final healing pulse before flopping onto the couch in exhaustion.

Willow lifted her restraints from Akira, who immediately dropped onto the floor in the fetal position.

“I have experienced true hell. My life will never be the same again. No amount of therapy will ever make this moment ok.” cried Akira, who was now rocking back and forth like a small child.

“Jeez, he looks so messed up. Are we really sure this was a good idea?” Rose asked.

“Hey wait a second, why couldn’t the Useless Healer just use her powers to cure their sickness?” asked Tsubaki.

Everyone stared at each other in silence for a moment before turning to stare at the whimpering Akira.

“I guess we should have thought about that sooner…” Yuri said.

“I need my mommy!” cried Akira.

“I’ll be your mommy.” said Willow in a seductive voice.

“Now’s not the time for that.” Amari scolded.

“Master? Can I help you feel better?” Sakura asked?

“How? Nothing can make this better.”

Sakura sat down and placed Akira’s head on her lap. She ran her fingers through his hair and tried her best to calm him down.

“Better?” Sakura asked.

“No, not really.”

“Well, at least he isn’t screaming in agony anymore. That’s a start I guess.” Tsubaki said.

Akira laid in Sakura’s lap curled up for over an hour.

“Is he doing much better yet?” Rose asked.

“I think so. He’s asleep right now, so he must be fine.” Sakura replied.

“Good thing I could heal him. You’d have probably killed him if I hadn’t.” said Yuri.

“I do feel quite sorry for our poor Master. And to think, that’s how I repaid him after my wonderful massage.” added Willow.

“It’s ok, I’m sure he’s enjoying Sakura’s thighs.” joked Amari.

“Hey, Strawberry Princess, why are you still letting him lay on you if he’s asleep?” asked Tsubaki.

“Well, our master really cares about us, so it’s only fair to care about him in return, is it not?”

“Sure, sounds reasonable to me.”

Akira grumbled a bit and slowly opened his eyes.

“Morning sleepyhead.” said Sakura.

“Oh, so you’re finally awake,” said Tsubaki.

“Man, I don’t wanna go through that ever again. I felt like I was going to die.”

“Please, even if I hated you, I wouldn’t have killed you, idiot.” shouted Rose.

“Yeah, and I wouldn’t have let her kill you anyway.” added Yuri.

“If anyone ever tries to lay a finger on you, I’ll deal with them swiftly and efficiently.” added Willow in a creepily calm voice.

Akira sat up on the couch off of Sakura’s lap.

“You have very soft thighs.” Akira said.

“T-thanks. I appreciate it.” Sakura said, blushing.

“Oh come on! Just asked her out already!” Tsubaki said as she flew towards Akira to smack him.

“So, how is everyone?” Akira asked.

“I’m doing fine, thanks for asking,” said Rose.

“All good here!” cheered Yuri.

“I’m feeling much better thanks to you, Master.” Willow said.

“Well, good to hear you girls are all better.”

“Hey, aren’t we forgetting something?” Tsubaki asked.

“What is it?” Akira asked.

“We never figured out why Lysia isn’t sick. She’s obviously used some sort of power, but we still don’t know what it is.”

“Well, we don’t really have a way to know what it is if she doesn’t know.” Sakura said.

“Then how does everyone else know what their powers are?” asked Tsubaki.

“Powers manifest based on the life of the holder. For example, if someone grew up in a rough environment, and they became a bad person who steals things, then perhaps they’d develop a power that helps them with their thievery.” Willow said.

“What about you girls?” Akira asked.

“We don't really like talking about that...” Willow added.

“I’ll share my story a bit.” chimed in Amari.

“Yeah, I wanna hear how you can turn invisible,” said Akira.

“Well, let’s just start by saying my family life wasn’t very good, to put it lightly. I’d always run off and hide from my parents whenever things got scary, and after a while, I could turn invisible.”

“How’d you know you could do that though?” Tsubaki asked.

“I don’t know, I just felt it in my heart, I guess.”

“Great, so we basically have nothing to go off of.” Tsubaki complained.

“So, what kind of life has Lysia had so far?” Akira asked.

Lysia’s eyes grew wide and she started tearing up. She broke out crying and ran off to Akira’s room. Willow went after her to calm her down.

“Akira, we aren’t supposed to talk about it…” said Sakura.

“Oh, I forgot. I made her cry again… I feel terrible.”

“Way to go Specs.” scolded Tsubaki. “Alright, lemme go fix this.”

Tsubaki flew into Akira’s room and came back not long after.

“Alright, she’ll be fine. You just have to uphold one promise.” said Tsubaki.

“Anything, what is it?” asked Akira.

“You’ve gotta take everyone to the beach tomorrow.”


“That’s what Fox Loli asked for. You don’t wanna make her cry again, do you?”

“I am so going to get fired.”Akira said, letting out a sigh.

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