Chapter 15:

Chapter 9: Let's Go to the Beach!

Super-powered Maids Showed Up Out of Nowhere, and Now I Have to Change My Otaku Lifestyle

Early in the morning, Akira woke up earlier than usual. He slipped on his signature hoodie and put his glasses on. He slid open his bedroom door and walked into the living room where the maids were sleeping.

“Sakura, wake up.” he said, shaking her shoulder.

Sakura grumbled a bit before waking up and turning to Akira.

“Oh, good morning Master. Is something wrong?”

“I need you to take the girls shopping. You’re gonna need swimsuits for today.”

“Ok, understood. Girls, wake up!”

The rest of the maids grumbled and woke up. Tsubaki flew out of Akira’s room, hair disheveled and rubbing her eyes.

“You were in my room?” Akira asked.

“Hehe, yeah. Man, you sleep like a little baby.” Tsubaki teased.

“Why’d you have to wake us up so early?” Rose complained.

“Today’s our beach trip, and we need to go buy swimsuits.” Sakura explained.

“Yay, beach day!” cheered Lysia.

“How the heck do you have so much energy? You just woke up!” shouted Tsubaki in surprise.

“Here’s my card. Don’t spend too much money, ok? I’m already down twenty thousand yen from a figure I just bought.” Akira said, nervous to hand the credit card to Sakura.

“No worries here, I’ll make sure we don’t spend too much. Everyone, get changed and we’ll leave as soon as you’re ready.”

“Yes ma’am!” said the maids in unison.

After eating breakfast and getting changed into their everyday clothing, the maids all left to go shopping.

“You aren’t going with them?” Akira asked.

“Nah, they’ll be fine on their own. Besides, they don’t make bikinis in my size.” replied Tsubaki.

“Well, I was going to watch some anime alone, but since you’re here I guess I’ll watch it on the TV.”

“Alone huh? Don’t you mean you were gonna watch something lewd? It’s alright, I’m mature enough to handle it.”

“Shut up. Hey wait, how old are you anyway?”

“In human years, 20. In fairy years, also 20. Human years and fairy years are the same, even though we live for much longer.”

“Uh huh, ok then. Anyway, let’s just watch something family friendly instead.”

“Aw, you’re no fun. No wonder Tsundere doesn’t like you.”

“Do you have nicknames for all of us?” Akira asked, slightly annoyed.

“Yep, of course I do. Sakura is Strawberry Princess, Rose is Tsundere, Willow is Big Boobs, Yuri is the Useless Healer, Amari’s the Otaku Maid, Lysia is Fox Loli, that little pet BunBun of hers is a Living Jelly, and you’re Specs.”

“Makes sense to me. How about I give you a nickname too? I think I’ll call you, Goth Fairy.” Akira teased.

“Absolutely not. It’s only cool when I do it.”

“Whatever. Just shut up and enjoy the show.”

“Yeah yeah, I will.” Tsubaki said, flying to sit on Akira’s shoulder.

“Ok girls, we’re here!” announced Sakura.

“Um, Miss Sakura? Do we have to buy swimsuits?” Amari asked nervously.

“Of course we do. We wouldn’t want our normal clothes getting all wet and sandy now would we?”

“Well, I just don’t think I’d look good in a bikini. I mean, Master Akira might like it, but I don’t want any other guys there to look at me in weird ways.”

“Then just don’t get a bikini.” chimed Rose.

“Really? Ok then.”

“I will be getting a bikini however. I’d like to flaunt my assets and make Akira flustered.” laughed Rose.

Yuri snuck up behind her and grabbed her chest.

“Hey, what are you?!” Rose shouted before being cut off.

“Hehe, they’re padded. So much for your ‘assets’.” laughed Yuri.

“Why you little-!”

“Now now girls, no fighting please.” Willow warned.

“Amari, you and Lysia can go look at one-pieces since you don’t want a bikini, and she’s too young.” Sakura said.

“Alright, come on Lysia, let’s go over there.”


“Willow, what are you thinking about getting?” Sakura asked.

“Something to ‘flaunt my assets,’ as Rose put it.” Willow joked. “How about you?”

“Hmm, I think I’ll get something with frills on it.”

“Not a bad choice. I think I’ll go look in the larger sizes to accommodate my chest.”

Willow went off on her own, leaving Rose, Yuri, and Sakura to look together.

“Ooo, this one’s pretty sporty. I like it.” Yuri said, picking up a black sports bra and shorts set.

“Guess I’ll go with this.” said Rose, picking up a dark red standard bikini.

Sakura looked around for a bit before spotting what she wanted.

“This is the one.” she said, picking up a frilly pink bandeau swimsuit.

Shortly after, Amari, Lysia, and Willow all joined back up with the group and together they paid for their swimsuits, using Akira’s card of course.

“We’re back!” Sakura announced, opening the door to the apartment.

“Great, go put those on under your regular clothes, grab a bag, and let’s get going. Tsu helped me find a good beach online.” Akira said.

“Yep, all thanks to me. Also, what did I say about nicknames?” Tsubaki said.

“Ok, we’ll all go change in your room. Be right back.” said Sakura, as she and the other maids went off into the bedroom.

A few minutes later, they came back out and were ready to head out the door.

“Alright, ready!”

“Great, let’s get going then. What about you Tsu?” Akira asked.

“Again with the nickname. Whatever, I don’t care anymore. I’m gonna go chill with my mom for the day. I’m sure she’s curious about what you’ve been up to. Laters.” Tsubaki dismissed, flying through a small purple portal before disappearing.

“Well alrighty then. Come on girls, it’s beach time!”

After an hour and a half train ride, Akira and the maids arrived at their destination, the beaches of Kamakura.

“We made it girls. There’s the beach. Go have fun, but don’t wander too far.” Akira said.

“I’ll set up the blanket. Miss Sakura, could you get the umbrella for me please?” asked Willow.

“Sure thing! I’m on it.”

While Willow and Sakura set up, Akira played games on his phone.

“Alright girls, it’s time.” Sakura said.

The maids removed their normal clothing, revealing their swimsuits. Akira starred in awe at the sight. He was especially entranced by the bounce of Willow’s breasts in her black sling bikini.

“Ooo, the perv is staring at us. Should I burn him?” Rose teased.

“Oh come on, let him look. We’re at the beach after all.” Sakura said.

“See something you like?” Willow asked, posing with her hands on her hips and head like some sort of fashion magazine model.

“Well, I could lie and act flustered like some anime character, but I won’t. I see two things I like, as a matter of fact.” Akira responded.

“Oh my, how naughty of you, Master.” Willow laughed.

“Ok you two, get a room.” grumbled Rose.

“I’m gonna sit in the shade and read.” Amari said, putting her glasses back on and grabbing a manga volume from her bag.

“Yuri, is something wrong?” Sakura asked.

Yuri was blushing intensely and lost in thought.

“Huh? Y-yeah, all good here!” she stammered.

“Wanna play catch with BunBun?” asked Lysia, holding up BunBun.

“Hey wait a second, people will see him!” panicked Akira.

“Don’t worry, watch this. BunBun, ball!” announced Lysia.

BunBun tucked his ears in and puffed himself up into a sphere.

“See? People will just think he’s a cute beach ball!” Lysia commented.

“Alright, but make sure you don’t lose him.” Akira warned.

“Yay! Let’s go Miss Yuri!”

“Alright kid, you’re on! Don’t expect me to go easy on you.”

Yuri and Lysia ran off towards the water to throw around BunBun. He didn’t seem to mind.

“Well, I’m going to be working on my tan. Don’t bother me unless we’re going somewhere.” Rose said arrogantly.

“Want some ice cream?” Akira asked dryly.

“Ice cream?!” gasped Rose, who sat up in an instant.

“Wow, you like your sweets, don’t you?” Akira asked, handing her the packaged ice cream bar.

“No, idiot. I LOVE sweets!” said Rose, who was now noticeably friendlier after receiving the treat.

Sakura sat down next to Amari with her knees to her chest. She was watching Lysia and Yuri.

Willow stretched and laid on her stomach.

“Master, could I bother you for a moment?” she asked.

“Sure, what is it?”

“Could you please rub lotion on my back?”

Akira hopped up and immediately kneeled down next to Willow, lotion bottle in hand.

“With pleasure!” Akira said enthusiastically.

“Not too much pleasure.” Rose teased, ice cream in her mouth. Just then, a bit of ice cream melted and fell onto her chest. “Ugh, great. This stuff is so sticky.”

“Here, I’ll help you clean it.” Sakura offered.

“No thanks, I’m an adult, I can clean it myself.” Rose said taking a napkin from Sakura.

Akira squirted lotion into his hands and started rubbing Willow’s back.

“Mmm, that’s nice. It’s just like that massage you gave me the other day. Oh, the lotion is a bit cold though, but your hands are so warm~” Willow said seductively.

“I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Get a room you two!” complained Rose.

Akira finished and sat next to Sakura with his legs crossed. He pulled out his phone and started playing games again.

“Really you two? Amari’s reading manga, and now you’re playing your gacha games? We’re at the beach. The least you could do is enjoy it.” Sakura scolded.

“I am enjoying it. I’m also enjoying my game.” Akira said dismissively.

Sakura puffed up her cheeks and took Akira’s phone from him.

“Hey, give it back!”

“Nope. Willow, may I?” Sakura asked.

“Sure, I don’t mind.” Willow responded.

Sakura slipped the phone between Willow’s breasts, making it disappear completely from sight.

“I’m never washing my phone after this.” Akira said.

“Well, now you have to find something else to do.” Sakura said authoritatively.

“Fine, I’ll go play with the other two.” Akira said, defeated.

“Hey, why didn’t you take my manga from me?” Amari asked.

“You’re at least reading. Besides, Akira really needs to spend more time with those two.”

As Akira approached Yuri and Lysia, Yuri turned towards him to speak.

“Hey Aki-RA!” Yuri shouted after being hit in the head by BunBun.

“Sorry!” apologized Lysia.

“No problem, just a little slip up.” Yuri said smiling. “Master Akira, I have to talk to you about something.”

“Ok, alone?”


“Lysia, could you give us a moment? There’s ice cream in the bag next to Sakura if you want one.” Akira said while crouching down to meet Lysia’s height.

“Ok! Come on BunBun!” Lysia cheered, running towards the rest of the maids, BunBun hopping behind.

“Master, I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately. I-I’m not sure what to do exactly.” Yuri said, her tone changing to a more serious one.

“What’s the matter? I’m here to help.”

“Promise you won’t laugh?”

“Of course not. You can tell me anything.”

Yuri and Akira continued talking for a bit before Akira patted Yuri on the back and headed back towards the blanket. Yuri followed behind shortly after.

“Hey, Rose?” Yuri called.

“Huh? What is it?” Rose said, lifting a pair of sunglasses from her eyes.

Yuri looked at Akira. Akira nodded to her, and she nodded back.

“I… I like you Rose. Like, I really like you. I really like getting to hang out with you all the time. You know how to make me laugh, even when you don’t mean to. You’ve always been there for me. You’ve always helped me when times got tough. I like the way you get flustered when I tease you, the way you stick by my side no matter what happens. I like the way you smell, how soft your hair is, and how pretty your eyes are.”

“Stop. I’ve heard enough.” Rose said, standing up to face Yuri.

Yuri took a step back in shock.

“You idiot. I can’t believe you’re really gonna make me say this out loud. I… I like you too, Yuri. I always have. At first, I’d try to push you away because I didn’t want to accept my feelings for you, but over time, you grew on me. I love how energetic you can be, and how you somehow always find a bright side to any situation. You’re the one person in my life who never fails to make me smile.” Rose said.

“Rose, I-I… Wait, would it be okay if we… d-dated?” Yuri stammered.

“Well, it would be pretty unprofessional of us to show affection during work.” Rose said.

The two girls turned and looked at Akira.

“I’ll allow it.” Akira said.

“Then, there it is. Come here you big idiot.” Rose said, smiling with her arms wide open.

Yuri leapt forward and the two hugged in a warm embrace.

“Aw, well isn’t that just sweet. Looks like SOMEBODY finally managed to confess their feelings, unlike a certain bespectacled idiot I know.” said a voice coming from behind Akira.

“Hey, Tsu, what’s up?” Akira said.

“I just got back from visiting my old lady. She REALLY wants to see you. Like, now.” Tsubaki said.

“Now? Really?” Akira said.

“Yep. Hurry up and pack everything up here.”

“Are you girls ok with leaving a bit early?” Akira asked.

“We’ve done pretty much everything we wanted to. Let’s go home.” Sakura said.

Akira and Sakura packed up the blanket and umbrella. Everyone walked back to the station together. Rose and Yuri walked together, hand in hand.

Upon arriving back home, Akira swiftly unlocked the door to the apartment.

“Hey, I didn’t fumble it this time!” he proclaimed proudly.

“Oh, welcome back, Akira. I’ve been waiting patiently here for your return.” said a voice from the living room.

“Hey mom. Don’t mind her, she let herself in.” Tsubaki said.

“Mom? She’s already here?!” Akira shouted, confused as to how anyone could have entered his locked apartment.

Akira rushed to the living room and spotted a figure he hadn’t seen in a long time.

“Good to see you again Akira. I’ve heard so much about you from my dear Tsu.” said the woman.

“Terra? Is that you?” asked Akira in surprise.

“Miss me?” replied the woman, skin white as porcelain and eyes red as blood, a heavenly glow surrounding her.

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