Chapter 1:

The Entering

The Stairway To Heaven

My whole life I was a Rock N' Roll fan. I was very lucky to be born in the 1970s and listening to bands like: Queen, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac, ZZ Top, Ramones and many more. We had the best music back in those days. We went to concerts with friends who were thousands of miles away just to see the bands perform live.
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The best concert I've been to for sure was Queen. I remember, they held a concert that lasted maybe 3 hours. I was at the front row. We were singing to those hits that made Queen and enjoying our time. And at the end of the concert Freddie looked at me, smiled and said in front of the whole audience: "Goodnight my darlings, I hope you had a great time". And then he bent down to show his ass in front of us. Damn.... what a concert was that. When I heard on the news that he died I was really in shock.Bookmark here

By the time I got married, I had a perfect wife who gave birth to two wonderful children. I became a father. Wow.... what a strange feeling. When i first held my child I felt chills run through my body and an inner voice told me I would be a great father. It was pretty much same with the second child. The first one was named Bobby and the second one we named it after the singer from Fleetwood Mac, Stevie. Bookmark here

Time was passing by. We were getting older, the children were growing up. I don't know how but somehow I got lower respiratory infections. We went to the doctor and he said that I didn't have much time to live. It was not even a month after we discovered this disease that I got, and I could hardly move, I couldn't eat or drink well, simply I was just exhausted.Bookmark here

After three months of finding my disease I could no longer move, I lay in bed and just waited for my time to come. In the room where I will spend my last memories were LP records that were even older than me, and I was only 51 years old. There was also a phonograph that was inheritance from my father. I called my wife and told her:
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"Sweetheart, please listen to me...... I know that these are my final days in my life, so please do me a favor..... Play "Who wants to live forever" by Queen for me to listen to her on the phonograph while my soul leaves my body quietly and slowly". She was upset about what I was searching for. I saw her face.... It was all in tears. She said: "NO! You aren't going anywhere. You will stay with us..... with your children". But she fulfilled my wish.Bookmark here

It was August 24th. What a beautiful day. The sun was up in the sky so high, birds were singing on the trees, everything seemed perfectly. While I was taking a nap, someone's voice told me: "Come on George..... It's time to go". I called my wife and the children to say the last goodbye to them. They immediately ran into my room. Bookmark here

"Listen kids....... I know that you weren't ready for this but... I must go". I turned to my wife and said to her: "Thanks for everything.... for being my wife, my soulmate, for giving me the two most beautiful children in the world..... for everything.  I know that it's hard for you to understand but..... I will always watch you and take care of you. I hope I was a great husband and father". She yelled at me: "NO! Please don't leave us. Yes you were the greatest man in the world. Thanks for everything that you made for us. I will never forget you". Her face was all in tears,  the children were in shock. They didn't know what was happening. I looked at my wife, smiled and said: "The show must go on". Bookmark here

And then I felt how my soul left my body. All of a sudden when I closed my eyes, I saw a very strong light and heard a voice telling me that my time was up and that I was no longer alive. Then I thought to myself: "Eh is this what it is..... You die and after that... nothing? I can't imagine nothing lasts forever". At that moment, again the voice appeared and asked me: "What's your name?". I answered it with fear in me: "George....... George Scotfield". The voice said: "Alright..... Wait here". I was scared what was going to happened next. Then a door appeared in front of me that opened on its own.Bookmark here

When I looked through the door I saw all rock stars that were dead. They made their own band. As I wanted to call it "The Heaven Band". Freddie Mercury and Jim Morrison on vocals, John Bonham on drums, Jimi Hendrix on guitar, Mr. Lemmy Kilmister on bass and Ray Manzarek on keyboard. Damn... what a band is that. When I entered the room Freddie was holding a beer in one of his hands and listening to Jim who was singing. The song that was playing when I entered the room was "Riders on the Storm". Damn.... what a masterpiece. Freddie noticed me and came to me saying: "Come on in darling, take a sit, we are practicing".Bookmark here

I sat down and thought to myself: "Damn I must had to go up to the stairways to heaven". Bookmark here

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