Chapter 2:

The Introduction

The Stairway To Heaven

While I was waiting for the song to end, Freddie offered me a beer. I accepted it with pleasure. As I was taking the beer, I said to Freddie, "Thank you, darling." He looked at me dead serious  for 10 seconds, then exhaled and said: “Oh come on…. Really? You’re using my phrases darling? Okay, I suppose you’re going to stay with us, so I'll have to get used to your behavior”. Wait he said I'm going to stay with them??? Then I realized that the place I was in was the right place for me, among the famous rock stars.Bookmark here

The last thunder in the song "Riders on the Storm" has just been heard and Jim Morrison was next to me, happy that someone was listening to him while he was performing. He extended his hand to me and said: "Oh hello there... Look who we got... My name is Jim Morrison. I think you know me, but if you don't I'm The Lizard King, as my friends want to call me". I thought to myself: "Wow.... I  already have a friend? And not just anyone but Jim Morrison". I said to him:"I'm George Scotfield..... Nice to meet you Jim, it's a pleasure to meet you".  Bookmark here

The others came to meet me as well. I was so happy that the voice that spoke to me had decide to put me in this room, with this group of people. I could't control my thoughts and feelings, so I immediately ask them: "Guys, how do you find yourself to be a band?". John Bonham told me that there was an extraction and that's how they ended up here. As much as they spoke I was more and more curious. I ask them again: "And what's the name of your band now? It must be a mixture... But I won't ever know to assemble a name for a band that is a mixture between Queen, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix on his own, Led Zeppelin and Motorhead". Lemmy Kilmister answered it: " We won't know either". I was surprised and again I ask them: "So how is your band named?" On that question everyone answered with: "Simply "The Rock N Roll Band". The more I asked, the more I got confused, so I just simply replied with: "Aha okay.... I will call you "The Heaven Band" if that's okay". They all answered it with yes. I asked them one more question: "Are there any other rockers here who had died?". Freddie answered on this question: "Oh darling... There are many such as Bon Scott, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, George Harrison, even Bob Marley is here and many others". I said: "Wow... that's strange.... Bon Scott is in heaven.... He sings "I'm on my highway to hell" his entire life". Everyone laughed.Bookmark here

After the many questions, Ray Manzarek suggested to the others to show me their "apartment". I was really happy that I'm gonna stay with them forever. I must get used to the new people and the new environment. It was all white and perfect. They have a very big "apartment". All rooms were the same size. They had 6 rooms: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, guest room and a practice room, where they played all the good music they made. After the "apartment" tour, Freddie took me aside and we both said at the same time: "I want to ask you something". I gave him an advantage and he asked: "What happened to John Deacon?.....Or as I would like to call him Deaky". I didn't want to lie to him so I told him the truth: "After your death and the tribute concert that was made for you Freddie..... he disappeared". Freddie started hitting himself and saying: "It's all my fault.... I left him.... I shouldn't done that.... Oh my dear Deaky.... Where are you now?". I hugged him and said that it isn't his fault and he shouldn't blame himself for what happened. He said: "Okay... Now it's your turn.... What do you want to know?". When I heard that he's asking me I suddenly ask him back:Bookmark here

"What's this all about?..... Why am I here with you guys.... I'm not a famous rock star... I am just a Rock N Roll fan, that's what I am". I saw in his eyes that he didn't want to lie to me so I expected honest answer. He said: "Look.... You were honest with me and now I'm gonna be honest with you too. The reason why are you here is because the voice that asked you about your name, already knew your answers. And he wanted to reward you for being a Rock N Roll fan all your life, so he let you go with us. What are you going to do is next: You're gonna spend 24 hours with each of us.... That is 6 days in total. And then on the seventh day you will say who do you want to be your leader. I think that is fair". My only thought was: "SPENDING 24 HOURS WITH EACH OF YOU..... Wow, I must admit that this is way better than I expected". Bookmark here

Thank you voice..... Whoever you are.Bookmark here

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