Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 Excuses

Years apart to met by a coincidence

You're late.

Calm down precious, nights still young.

Unlike you, it is.

Enjou made it just in time, and as expected Suzuka welcomed him with insults and complaints while Darla and Hana knew she was more than happy from just seeing him.

They went to the commercial district, girls went from store to store and Enjou followed them like a dog, they tried a bunch of clothes while he sat waiting for them.

Hey Old men, if we go there, are you going to buy us something?.

To my future wife? ANYTHING.

First get a hair transplant before the wedding, and then we talk , okay?.

Darla asks Enjou to stay seated on a bench with Hana.

She asks Suzuka if she is planning on going serious with him, she only evades the questions but her behaviour shows her true intentions.

Hmm… Mr. Enjou…

Nah, just Enjou, Mr makes me feel old.

When are you going to confess to her?.

Hana, we're just friends, there is nothing going on between us.

If that were the case an almost 30 year older wouldn't've spent his day off with 3 highschoolers.

Agh, look, tell me what you think.

He took out his phone, showed her the screen, Hana got surprised by this, then she smiled with relief.

Looks like your friends left you alone, or it was planned perhaps , you asked them to do it?.

it seems you have way too high self esteem.

Changing the topic, are you going to college or looking for a job?.

No idea, what would you recommend?.

Going to college is not anything but, working has its own responsibilities.

For the first time Suzuka realised the two of them were talking seriously about something instead of joking, his face looks different from last night filled with havoc, despair and boredom, now he looks the same Enjou that Suzuka has always had been looking up to.

She calls out to him to buy her a crepe, when she bittes it Suzuka looks beautiful but more than that happy.

He feels a mix of tranquility and intrigue,he wants to know more about her, be with her and like her.

Do you see that?.

What?, my beautiful face?.

Sure, why don't you follow me to a certain place?, is not too far.

They walk to a normal bench with a tree behind it. She tells him that if this is his intent of being flirting or romantic is not going to work on her, he turns around , looks at her eyes and smiles, then looks in front of him to everything around them.

Regardless of age,sex or ,life rhythm all this people walk without stop nor looking around, you and i we could be the same as them but here we are looking at them but, for them were nothing, here is the same as being alone in a dark room.

I get it, Enjou….. mm forget it.

He is impatient, wants to tell her but he also thinks he is letting himself go way more than he should, when he sees Suzuka not being capable of say what she wants to, chooses to remain silent, and nods.

They went back to the other two they felt that something went wrong, both of them looked in the dumps, maybe they fought or someone mistook them for being sister and brother, kept their distance, even if they crushed with the crowd they didn't make a big deal about it.

Hana asks Suzuka to accompany her in the restroom, on the other hand Darla asks Enjou to lend her money to buy water at the vending machine.

Are you going to confess to her now?!.

I don't think it is going to work, why don't we leave if like th..

Is not about working out or not, first you need to try, show some initiative, just by being together doesn't mean her and your problems are going to be solved by some sort of magic trick, maybe you feel less tense, help each other out but the only one to make a change its you, there is a limit of how far you can go away in life ,you know?

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