Chapter 10:

My First, and Probably My Only, Date

Grimm: Life or Death

Today is the day. I'm going to finally be something other than "Death Jr." I see her first thing in the morning, so dad gave me some "ice breakers" and some tips on what I should first do. The main thing I need is her address though, I already know where she lives, since I killed her grandma, but she doesn't know that. So when I first see her I decide to use an ice breaker and I say to her "are you getting excited" a nice, easy one to start with. She tells me that she is and that she just wants to get out of the house. Then I ask for her address and she gives it to me saying "Just look up recent deaths, and you'll find my grandma, it should give you the address." I was shocked to see that she was sharing this with me. She must really confide in me. I didn't have to look it up since I already knew where it was, so I met her there. She was shocked to see that I found the place so much and she told me "I wanted you to have to find me, but I guess that was just too easy." That left me thinking, is there a deeper meaning to what she said about "find me". But I tried not to worry about that too much, since tonight I will be having fun, in a way other than killing people. I had her lead the way, and whatever she wanted to do, that's what we did, since I really don't know what there is to do. So we first went to this thing called a "bowling alley" and she was asking if I've played before, since I got a 300 in it, which is the best apparently, and I told her that it was my first time. Then after like 3 games and a bunch of laughter, mixed with some falls, we went to get food. Now I don't eat, since I really don't need to, so I wasn't ready for this part, but she lead us to an Italian restaurant. She got some "Chicken Alfredo" or whatever it is and I got just some normal Alfredo. Based on her expressions it must've been really good. I couldn't really taste the food, or anything else for that matter. Then once she was done and ready to go we finished it off with a movie, since neither of us had to really be home at a specific time. We chose just a random movie that we both thought would be pretty bad, just to make fun of it the whole time. She thought it was bad just because of the "actor choice" where I just thought it had a stupid name. We got a large popcorn to share and I tried to get drinks for the both of us, but she cut me off and said "make that 1 large drink please". I couldn't see at this time what she was planning, but I had a good idea of what it could be. We find our theater and we had it all to ourselves, so we could be as loud as we wanted. During the funny and stupid parts we would laugh and talk about them, but during the slow parts, she would lay her head on my shoulder. I have no feeling, but for some reason I could feel this. I went for a drink, and I could taste her lipstick that was left over on the straw. Anything involved with her, I could feel. I guess she really has a big affect on me. So the movie concludes, and we both fell asleep towards the end, which is also weird, since I don't sleep, or really need sleep. But I take us home and we were listening to this thing called "music" all the way back to her house. I have no opinion on it, but she seemed to be really enjoying it, I guess I'll have to learn more about this. We finally get to her house and she says that she had a wonderful time, and that she'd love to do it again, and as I turned away to get back in my car, she said "wait, you forgot this" and as I turn around, she had ran towards me and she grabbed me and kissed me. The feeling from before came back, this feeling, felt good. Like something that nothing else can fulfill. I guess that this was a pretty successful evening. At least I thought so.Bookmark here

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