Chapter 9:

The Grimm Lore

Grimm: Life or Death

Dad sat me down and started to tell me on how he was in the same position as me. He was saying on how stuff like this just didn't work with us because we outlive them, and they can't benefit us. But he was saying that I did have a mom, but she died back in like 2 or something. But that it is possible for us to love. He started to explain to me what that feeling was like, and the whole time he was explaining to me what love is, I realized, that's what I feel for her. I love Achelois. I never knew until now, because I never knew there was a word for what I felt until now. I asked him why it never works, and he told me that he was never able to figure out how to turn them into us. So they could be together forever. He tried and tried and couldn't get it. But he wished me good luck, and got me some necessary stuff for going on what he said was a "date" like a car and stuff. Which I've never been in a car, nor known that these things exist, so he taught me how to use it. I got it down pretty fast, and it was a nice car, he got it from one of his jobs. He called it the perfect "Chick Magnet" whatever that is supposed to mean. Then he got me a custom tailored suit, and said "you're ready". I looked at the time, and it was time for me to go get her from her house. I don't know what we're going to do, but all that I care about is that I'm with her.Bookmark here

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