Chapter 14:

Not meant to be

Scorpion Grasses or simply, Forget-me-nots

“The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything.”– Frank Sinatra
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“From now on the higher-ups will spy on me again.”
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“Then use this opportunity to be the perfect worker they want to see.”Bookmark here

A shadow of sadness appears on his face.Bookmark here

“They will record me with the surveillance cameras. The one they use in the offices has microphones so I won’t be able to talk to you anymore…”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, I will wait outside the building when you finish working. I can walk you home!” She says cheerfully.Bookmark here

“But they will put someone to follow me… We don’t stand a chance against them!” Bookmark here

Haru leans on a side of the fountain.Bookmark here

“I bet they will start from tomorrow.” He adds with a sigh.Bookmark here

“Wonderful!”Bookmark here

He gives her a confused look.Bookmark here

“I will go and find the yellow girl and search more of those underground floors. I will keep the camera by the way!” She smiles innocently. “I will wait at 9 p.m. In front of the factory and walk you home! You don’t have to look at me or even speak because it will be suspicious. Don’t worry, I will do the talking! I will explain how the searching is going.”Bookmark here

“What if it takes forever?”Bookmark here

“Then you will have to bear hearing me talk every day!”Bookmark here

“Thank you, Aiko! It means a lot to me!”Bookmark here

She got a little disappointed when he called her Aiko this time. She never felt like this before, was she starting to like him? Bookmark here

No, it’s not that. She can’t replace Aiko in his heart. Kibo must find a decent match for him. Bookmark here

But how would her name sound if he were to say it? She shakes her head trying to come back to her senses. This needs to stop! Now that he won’t give her any attention will be the best chance to get over him. For sure she will start to see Haru as a friend again!Bookmark here

Because of her thoughts, she didn’t observe that she was waking up. Half of her body already disappeared.Bookmark here

“Aiko, can I ask you something?” He asks without looking at her.Bookmark here

His cheeks turned a pale red as he nervously was playing with his tie.Bookmark here

Since the girl didn’t answer he pursued the question. Bookmark here

“What type of guy do you like?” He finally decides to act confident and face her, but when he turned around she was nowhere to be found.Bookmark here

There was another forget-me-not on the ground.Bookmark here

He picks it up and stares. Every time she has the same effect on him. Bookmark here

He wonders if falling in love is a bad thing and if is possible for the two of them to be together. Does he stand a chance in front of the boys from her universe? Bookmark here

“I bet most of them are head over heels for Aiko…” He whispers to the flower. “She doesn’t need a new admire, I will only bring her problems.”Bookmark here

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“You’ve been really tired recently, dear. Do you not get enough sleep?”Bookmark here

“Mom, I’m fine! I’m not a morning person, that’s all!”Bookmark here

“But you were always the most active when you wake up. Is something wrong?” Bookmark here

The mother asks with a worried voice.Bookmark here

She changed a lot and Kibo appreciates her hard work.Bookmark here

“I’m fine, mom! I love you!” She gives the woman a peck on her right cheek and runs to the front door.Bookmark here

“Take care!” The mother screams after her daughter.Bookmark here

“I will!” Bookmark here

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“Father, I’m home!”Bookmark here

The man was standing on the balcony. He was finishing a cigarette while talking on the phone.Bookmark here

“Yes, I’m sure understands the situation he is put in. I will scold him properly! Thank you so much for your help!”Bookmark here

The boy gulped and closed his eyes for a second. This is a bad sign.Bookmark here

“Haru.” The man simply says and shows his son a free seat next to him.Bookmark here

The boy goes there without hesitation. Should he beg on his knees for forgiveness? Should he try and explain the truth?Bookmark here

Instead of doing anything, a slight feeling of fear froze his whole body. His father was the worst when he was angry. He scolded the boy badly a few days ago, but now he seemed relaxed.Bookmark here

“How old are you?” The man asks while lighting another cigarette. Bookmark here

“I’ll turn 22 this year.” Bookmark here

“In almost 22 years I haven’t seen you happy, not even smiling once. But guess what?”Bookmark here

“W-What?” His voice was cracking.Bookmark here

“You’ve been enjoying yourself lately. A little too much actually.” He turns his gaze on the paralyzed boy. “I heard your electric shocks were turned on at some point. Is that true?”Bookmark here

What’s the point of lying? He knows everything already.Bookmark here

“Yes.” Haru was avoiding those piercing eyes of his father.Bookmark here

“Wealth or social power didn’t make you happy. I guess something insignificant got your attention. You’re exactly like your mother, but from what I see you didn’t take her courage.”Bookmark here

What is he trying to say?Bookmark here

“Look, I’ve got it. It’s the perfect age to find yourself a good woman. It’s very clear to everyone that you’re in love. You’ve been behaving differently lately.”Bookmark here

The boy was hit by a strong feeling of confusion. Does his father know about Aiko? Will he try and harm her?Bookmark here

“Haru, listen. I should have said this sooner instead of nagging you all along. You know in what type of world we live in, do you think that a girl will like you for who you are? They all want you because you are the Prime Minister’s son. You have a bright future in front of you. If you’re interested in marriage then chose a woman from whom you can gain benefits.”Bookmark here

“You’re wrong! You know nothing about the world I live in! You never cared enough to try and understand me! I’ve met a girl that can’t gain anything from my status. She wants to help me achieve my dream!” That’s what Haru wanted to scream out loud, but again, he was too afraid to face his father.Bookmark here

“My right-hand man has a beautiful daughter. She works in the Surprise Department and has a lot of power there. Her family is wealthy and can support you in the future. Try and meet with her, but never mention her brother. He was a big disgrace to their whole family.”Bookmark here

He didn’t need her. He couldn’t even bring himself to think about another girl and why would he? Life is exciting when you have a crush and even if Aiko doesn’t like him back he will still enjoy spending time with her. Bookmark here

“When will you care about what I think? When will you be willing to listen to me?” Haru wondered while giving the man a sad look.Bookmark here

“What’s her name?”Bookmark here

“Hoshi Daichi. She’s two years older than you. You would look great together.”Bookmark here

Daichi. Where did he hear this name?Bookmark here

“HAJIME DAICHI?!” He yells in shock.Bookmark here

“That’s her brother’s name. How did you know it?”Bookmark here

The man stares strangely at Haru. Was he a part of the incident with the stolen id from that morning?Bookmark here

Was his son the one who started the fire alarm? No, that doesn’t sound right. He was in his office at that time and the alarm was the one from the third floor underground. Bookmark here

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Then he must know who was behind the incident. But how can he make him talk?Bookmark here

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