Chapter 15:

New partner

Scorpion Grasses or simply, Forget-me-nots

"Life is about making an impact, not making an income.” — Kevin Kruse
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“Good mor-“ Bookmark here

He ignores her and keeps ongoing.Bookmark here

“Right, I forgot.” She says disappointed as she runs after him. “I can nag you how much I want now!” Bookmark here

Her devilish smile makes the boy sigh. This is going to be a very long day. But he will still enjoy it. Bookmark here

“I was thinking of going to the fourth floor and search for that yellow girl.” Bookmark here

The boy trips over the stairs and a folded note falls from his pocket. He stands up fixing himself and goes straight to his office.Bookmark here

Kibo understands his gestures and picks up the paper.Bookmark here

“Find someone for me.Bookmark here

Her name is Hoshi Daichi, Hajime Daichi is her brother. She might take you to the one you’re looking for. Bookmark here

Find as much information as you can on her.Bookmark here

Good luck!”Bookmark here

Before she could realize her smile faded. She didn’t know how to feel about this… They don’t have a thing, right?Bookmark here

“Even if we liked each other, which is not the case, we couldn’t have a happy ever after.” Her mind affirms. Bookmark here

She closes her eyes for a moment while tightening her grip on the note. A delightful thought appeared like a dream before her.Bookmark here

It was raining like in a movie and she was dancing with Haru. They were laughing so loudly that the music could not be heard. He had a hand on her torso and with the other one, he was holding her right wrist. Bookmark here

There were no bandanas or surveillance cameras. In that world, it was only the two of them, no one else. Bookmark here

It was a place where time didn’t exist and they can dance for eternity.Bookmark here

She opens her eyes and her smile appears again. It’s not forbidden to dream, right?Bookmark here

“This will become my favorite fairytale! A fairytale where he is the prince I must save and I am his brave knight who wins over his royal heart!”Bookmark here

She giggles at the image of them wearing feudal clothes. Bookmark here

*****Bookmark here

The fourth floor didn’t look much different. It was almost the same as the one representing Fear District.Bookmark here

People here seemed interesting, they all had a strange aura around them.Bookmark here

Kibo spent the whole day searching for the two girls. None of them was anywhere to be found. All she could do was hope that she will bump into them by accident.Bookmark here

She didn’t know how Hoshi looked, but with the help of that yellow girl, she had higher chances to find her.Bookmark here

At some point, a speaker announced the hour, which was 9 p.m. This time meant the end of the first shift.Bookmark here

“What? Is it already this late? I should hurry to the entrance before Haru!”Bookmark here

Rushing on the stairs trying to doge people she managed to reach his floor. The office was empty so he must have already left. She ordered a little his desk and put some of the found documents in a drawer.Bookmark here

Before leaving the room, she left a note on the computer.Bookmark here

When the doors opened, an intense pair of green eyes was revealed. She recognized the girl immediately because of the party cones. The two hearts on them were glowing in a bright red color.Bookmark here

They stare at each other for some moments. Judging from how the girl looked Kibo up and down it was clear as the day that she wasn’t thin air.Bookmark here

“Liking what you see?” Kibo articulates the words without thinking twice.Bookmark here

“Not really. You’re not my type.” A grin appears on her face.Bookmark here

“You know, you might look crazy for others. You’re speaking to-“Bookmark here

“An invisible person. Yeah I know, honey! Don’t worry, no one is around.”Bookmark here

Kibo points to a surveillance camera and the girl giggles.Bookmark here

“As I said, don’t worry! I’ve got my ways!” She winks. “I’m Hoshi by the way.”Bookmark here

“Hoshi? Like in Hoshi Daichi?”Bookmark here

So the two girls she was looking for turned to be one. This makes her situation easier.Bookmark here

“I see I’m pretty popular. But you see, when someone presents themselves, it’s polite to do the same thing.”Bookmark here

“Aiko.” She says while avoiding eye contact. “The surname doesn’t matter.”Bookmark here

Hoshi squeezed her eyes analyzing the one in front of her again.Bookmark here

“I don’t like liars. But let’s say that I forgive you because you didn’t know that.” She walks closer and puts her hands on Kibo’s shoulders. “You need me as much as I need you, so don’t screw things up. Okay?”Bookmark here

“I didn’t lie. My name is Aiko.” She adds while distancing herself. “Why would I lie about a damn name?”Bookmark here

“I never said your name was the lie,” Hoshi adds with a big smile on her face. “Thanks for confirming!”Bookmark here

“What’s the deal with you?”Bookmark here

“Already fed up with me? I didn’t even start!”Bookmark here

“You were the one who gave me your brother id, right?”Bookmark here

“Not really. Someone else did me that favor; I just gave him the card. He’s a close friend of mine and he also knows about you. You’ll get to meet Mieko soon.”Bookmark here

Even if they had the same height, Hoshi seemed a little more intimidating. Behind her outgoing personality, she was prepared for everything. She had her guard up.Bookmark here

“I’ve seen you today on my territory. May I know what you were searching for?”Bookmark here

“I was looking for you. Someone is interested in you so the person sent me to find information about you.”Bookmark here

“Seems like we had to meet sooner or later. I’ll take it as a sign.”Bookmark here

“What about you? I’ve seen you some days ago staring at this office.”Bookmark here

“I asked a man of mine to follow you and they said you spend most of your time in here. Haru’s woman, huh?” She tries to tease the little liar.Bookmark here

“Jealous, aren’t we?” Kibo returns the same energy.Bookmark here

“Just a little, but not for him. I don’t not into younger persons. How old are you?”Bookmark here

“I’m 21.”Bookmark here

“Then I'll make an exception for you! It’s your lucky day!”Bookmark here

“I’ll pass, but thanks anyway.”Bookmark here

So she’s older.Bookmark here

“I think someone is becoming impatient.” The one in yellow points outside.Bookmark here

“Oh no!”Bookmark here

She forgot, again. She runs towards the stairs.Bookmark here

“I’LL SEE YOU TOMORROW, HONEY!” Hoshi screams after her, trying her best not to laugh after seeing how clumsy Kibo is.Bookmark here

“SUUUURE!” An answer comes with an echo.Bookmark here

*****Bookmark here

He sighs in relief after a well-known silhouette exits the building.Bookmark here

Her face was red and she looked sweaty. Her heavy breaths were so loud that you could hear them from miles away.Bookmark here

“Did she run until here when she realized she was late?” Haru question himself holding an amused smile.Bookmark here

Before giving Kibo a chance to catch her breath he starts walking away.Bookmark here

She groans and swears all the way to a crossroad.Bookmark here

“If you don’t wait a damn second I will push you myself in front of a car!”Bookmark here

He takes out his phone and pretends to scroll on it.Bookmark here

“That’s what you get for making me tie my laces for 15 minutes.” He thoughts to himself.Bookmark here

After a few moments, she arrives next to him still very tired.Bookmark here

“I found her!” Kibo says between gasps for air. “She is the yellow girl I was looking for.”Bookmark here

The light turns green and they both move. She kept on staying behind, so he made his steps smaller.Bookmark here

“She can see me and there is one more person who knows about me. She said something about a Mieko?”Bookmark here

MIEKO? He hopes that’s not the Mieko everyone knows about. He is bad news.Bookmark here

“I will meet her again tomorrow to get to know each other. But she said that I need her as much as she needs me. I have a feeling that something interesting is about to happen!”Bookmark here

Her excitement never fails to relax him. He waited the whole day just to see her for a little while.Bookmark here

“It’s worth it!” He says out loud.Bookmark here

“What it’s worth it?”Bookmark here

He ignores her gain.Bookmark here

“HEY! What’s worth it?”Bookmark here

“Hello?!”Bookmark here

“WHAT’S WORTH IT?”Bookmark here

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