Chapter 29:

Maeva vs Ravlynn

Adventures of Zeleon

Today is the day of the Group Finals. Four matches that will determine the final four for the Semis. The dome of the Coliseum was opened, allowing a dozen dragons to sit up top and cast a very powerful magical barrier. This precaution was to keep the audience safe as the competitors were allowed to start showcasing their true powers.

Leon was in the competitor's room early today, with Silva attached to his back. In fact, he was so early that when Maeva arrived she thought she was late.

"Eh?! Did the first match start already?!" She exclaimed, scurrying into the room as she looked to the clock to find she was early.

"You're not. I'm just really early today. I got too anxious and just came in here. Sorry to scare you like that." He rubbed his head somewhat embarrassed.

"I see. Well, that gives us time to chat. You've outdone yourself so far, I'm actually really impressed with how much you've developed." She smiled at him warmly, as she laid down and sprawled out on the opposite couch.

"I did my best and stuck to a strategy and did a bit of improv taunting that got under Perceval's skin."

"Improv taunting? About him overcompensating? Funny enough, that's an actual proven fact. Their kids were made through that...invetro whatever it's called. just did him in with common knowledge. What likely hurt worse was the fact that he thought you knew about it." She held herself back from chuckling about it.

"Whoops…" Leon actually felt bad and it was written on his face.

"Don't feel bad now. You're good at reading things, that's an incredible skill not many have. But now, in all seriousness. I suppose the Queen and Princess talked to you too? We get added pressure to win today. Not that I'm complaining but, I had no idea Xavera was active again. We can't let anyone from there take the Guardian position." Her tone was darker than before, and the glint in her eye wasn't there like it was a moment ago.

"We've got this. I'm not planning to lose today, we need to have our match and two rejects aren't going to stop us." Leon responded with confidence, which made Maeva crack a smile, even if it was slight.

An hour passed and the other two competitors walked into the room, with the first heading to the arena to face Justice.

"Maeva. You have a clue who that Justice person is?"

"Actually, none. Other than you they're the only one I have jitters about facing."

The match was over in a few minutes. No one was sure about what power that Justice used, but that person won with complete ease.

"Seems like you're up sooner than expected Maeva."

"Ugh….seems so." She hopped to her feet as she took a deep breath. "Wish me luck."

She walked into the tunnel as the medical staff ran ahead of her to cart out the one who lost. After they got the person they rushed back, letting Maeva continue her walk under the now opened dome.

The moment she did, the crowd cheered and chanted her name. "Mae-va Mae-va! Mae-va!!"

Her green eyes were focused on the tunnel as Ravlynn stepped out from it, with a cocky look on her face.

"Well, well, well. It's about time miss Maeva, are you ready to have your dreams crushed today?!"

Ravlynn's tone left much to be desired. But Maeva almost ignored her taunting tactics. "I'm not here to play games. Shut up and get yourself ready."

Maeva grabbed her blades from her hips, staring Ravlynn down with a stoic expression. She wasn't here to play, or have fun, this was business for her.

Ravlynn grabbed her blade as she seemed taken aback by how Maeva looked at her. "I thought she was more aloof than this, but as she is now, she looks like she'd kill me if given a chance."

The announcer spoke amongst the crowd's chants for her. "The Group B Final, Ravlynn Zakaria versus Maeva Alderwood is about to begin! Competitors are you ready?!"

Maeva simply gave a nod, Ravlynn raised her hand for fanfare. Which would prove to be a mistake.

"Let the Group B Final begin!"

Maeva gunned for Ravlynn immediately, punching her in the stomach so hard she damn near lost her blade. She repeatedly struck her before giving her a reverse spin kick that hit flush in the jaw. Then quickly followed up with a roundhouse kick on the other side of her jaw making her stagger backwards.

Ravlynn was in a daze, and already in a desperate situation. She unleashed her special power, one that forced Maeva to put distance between them. A chilling ice blast came from her hand, freezing the ground around her to give herself time to recover.

"A cryomancer? This puts me at a bit of a disadvantage doesn't it?"

Ravlynn laughed as she got back to her feet, her golden brown eyes looking devoid of their usual shimmer. "That caught you off guard didn't it? Me and Oni have the two elements that completely beat you."

"Beat me? Little girl, get that pipe dream out of your head. I'm fighting Leon next round."

"You dare overlook me?!"

She loosed wild blasts at Maeva, missing her each time before she made a counter attack.

Her body glowed a green aura that quickly created a whole forest in the arena. Ravlynn was quickly disoriented as she was surrounded by bushes.

"Where...where did you transport me to?!" She panicked, letting out ice blast after ice blast freezing the foliage around her.

However, it was to no avail, it seemed they were in a simulated rainforest. The air was thicker with moisture and the steam off the ice took away her vision even moreso, as it mixed with what was already there.

She ran out into the open being unsure of what to do. She soon heard rustling and a shadow moving about. The shadow reappeared to her left as it tried to strike her but blocked it with her blade just narrowly.

The shadow returned from her right and nearly struck her again, but she barely blocked it. This continued on and on, Ravlynn was defending herself, until she used her ice powers through her blade on contact, making the shadow fall to the ground. As she peered down at it, it turns out it was literally just a shadow, not Maeva.

Ravlynn began to sweat, the rainforest environment was warming up and became uncomfortably humid. She tried using her ice to cool herself down desperately but it wouldn't work.

"Ohhhhhh. That's the cost of your magic hmm? You use the hydration in your body and it comes out in that form? I've heard rumors about the people of the mountains who are capable of this, but never thought I'd meet one." Her voice echoed through the forest, almost sounding like there's multiple of her.

"Come out here now! Fight me, you know you can't win woman to woman, you coward!" Ravlynn's got agitated and forcefully did the insane. She exhausted whatever she had left, in a massive ice slab in the air, slowly coming down on both of them.

"I'm not opposed to taking both of us out!"

Everyone watched in horror as the desperation move was made, even Oni had a grim expression. If he helped Ravlynn they'd both be disqualified, Leon knew the same on the other side. But the ice slab suddenly exploded all across it, Maeva had used explosive pods that destroyed the slab into smaller pieces, the use of these made the forest disappear.

Ravlynn looked up to see her plan failed. The chunks of ice fell around both women, making the ground shake on impact. Even still, the two were solely focused on each other.

"Nice try. I'm not dying like that."

"Can it, you bitch!"

Ravlynn charged her, with every swing was either a miss or a block as Maeva quickly took over. She began out predicting her opponent's strikes, and sliced her arms, her face, and her sides with her two short blades.

Ravlynn kept it up until Maeva was through with her. She cut at her hands somewhat deep, making her lose her grip on her blade. After she was defenseless, she gripped her hair with her right hand and used her left to pound her face repeatedly, swinging on her over and over until she was completely out cold.

No one's sure if she noticed. But there was a large chunk of ice lodged in the back right wing of her shoulder.

The announcer called the match as the audience was cheering for her.

"Maeva Alderwood advances to the Semis!!!"

After the match was declared over, Leon raced out ahead of the medical staff. Maeva turned to him with a weakness in her body, the ice chunk had blood pooling around it, making him panic a bit.

"Leon, why the face? I'm not going to die. It just started to hurt actually…" She mustered a smile at him, as he took her under her left shoulder and helped her off.

The audience clapped for his display as the medical staff could focus on getting Ravlynn stretchered off.

"Heh..look at you. Playing the hero before you're even a Guardian."

"Shut up. Your husband actually stopped me yesterday and asked me to watch over you. He had a similar bad feeling that I did."

"Man, I'm a lucky woman, a great guy in my life and the most noble teen I've ever met."

Leon blushed slightly at those kind words as he helped her back through the competitor's room and into the hallway. He soon got her to Remoire who was in the medical room.

"Got the patient for you Doc." He said as she took a deep breath.

"What's the pain level, Maeva?"

"Erm...7. I think it's probably melting in me, it's less noticeable in the slight shifts."

"Alrighty. I'll have a look. Leon, I wish for you to exit for now."

Leon sighed as he sat Maeva down in one of the beds before nodding to Remoire.

"What should I tell Robin? He's going to be shaking me asking about her condition."

Maeva chimed in. "Just tell him I'll be okay and ready to beat your ass in the Semis."

Remoire didn't approve, but she knew of Maeva's reputation, and what she wished to achieve.

"Yes. Just tell him that. I'll have her ready to go, though it might have to be postponed."

"Alrighty. Get yourself prepared then Doc, because I have a bad feeling about my match today also." He said running out of the room.

"Maeva, what happened out there?"

"Things under wraps with the royal family. But, Oni is with her. So, Leon isn't lying about the extreme of that match. I'm actually really worried for him."


Leon met Robin at the division line and as expected he shook him. He looked imposing as a six foot three guy with darker than black hair and light red eyes. He had a bit of a serious looking face even with glasses on, but in reality, he was a big baby.

"Is Maeva ok? She had a chunk of ice sticking out of her! I knew it! I had a bad feeling and it came trueee…" He was about bursting into tears, making Leon feel a bit awkward but he patted his shoulder comfortingly.

"She'll be ok. Remoire is the best doctor on Zeleon, and she'll be good to go for the Semis."

"That's wonderful news!!" He hugged Leon and squeezed the life out of him almost, he tapped his shoulder to notify him to let go.

Leon caught his breath after being let down as he looked at Robin, who now had a serious expression. "What caused that Ravlynn girl to do that?"

"I can't disclose it. But it's not good. My match is definitely going to take a similar turn."

Leon walked back a bit before Robin called to him one last time.

"Please be careful Leon, I want to see you and my wife have the match you both want! Something hard fought, but honest!"

Leon gave him the thumbs up as he walked away.

"This is bad. Oni is going to come in more desperately than Ravlynn. And he seems stronger than her too…."

Leon's thoughts were interrupted as a medical staff member rushed him a note.

'Leon, I remembered Ravlynn saying something at the start of the match. Both her AND Oni had straight counters to my abilities. I figured this would help you somehow. Please be safe.'


"Ravlynn had ice. So Oni must be….fire. That's the only good straightforward answer. Great, fire is tricky, and depending on how hot he can get it, very deadly. Yeah, this one is going to make or break me for sure."