Chapter 26:

The fight!

Who will the Villainess choose?

Akira povBookmark here

“Oh lord, how much time we have utilized in having lunch. We should hurry or else the markets would be closed for the day.`` I stood up and laughed at both of them awkwardly to ease the tension.Bookmark here

They both looked at me as if they knew what I was trying to do. I took a deep breath and threw the napkin on the table.Bookmark here

“Both of you are getting on my nerves now. If you have to create a scene and fight on every little thing, then do it. But I am tired of babysitting both of you. So, if you tried something funny once again, I will abandon both of you and leave from here.'' I replied in a strict town as I folded my hands on my chest and started tapping my feet with impatience.Bookmark here

Both of their jaws almost hit the floor when they saw me showing authority like that.Bookmark here

“Shall I take your silence as acceptance?” I asked, completely ignoring their shocked eyes.Bookmark here

“Good, then let's go. I have work to do here.” I added, when they did not say anything further.Bookmark here

I was expecting one of them to continue to sit there or at least argue or deny but surprisingly both of them followed me after a minute or two when they came out of their stupor.Bookmark here

I felt giddy as I enjoyed the authority over them. If I knew before that they were rich brats and needed a slap for getting them right, I would have done that a long time ago.Bookmark here

They both came and entered the carriage sitting on the seat in front of me.Bookmark here

“So now, I want you to ask all the staff to publicize the reward. And give them the timing of tomorrow.`` I asked Damien who kept glaring at me but he nodded and looked at his aide who was standing holding the door in his hands.Bookmark here

The man was visibly shaking as he looked at me and then at Damien. Bookmark here

“Yes, my lord” he nodded and left after that.Bookmark here

“Your highness, you were here to visit our newly opened store here, right? I think we should go and visit since your work should not suffer.” I said in a softer tone this time.Bookmark here

A smile formed on his lips as he nodded, “at least you remember something about me too.” though that was still a comment, i ignored it taking it as a childish way to retort.Bookmark here

“What will i do till then?” asked Damien like a kid who was not assigned any duty by the teacher.Bookmark here

“You are free to roam the market and study more. Maybe someone will recognize you and connect you with your father. Or you can accompany us and check the store.” I replied as I seriously did not know why he was asking me in the first place.Bookmark here

“Ha! Do you think I was that free! I am earning thousands of gold coins every second I am breathing. I am not that poor that i need to check every store by myself even when i am the future emperor of the whole empire.'' Here he started again, but for a change I agreed with him.Bookmark here

I was having a hard time believing that Andrew came here personally just to check a store! Before I thought that he was here to spend time with the girl! But then i have not seen the girl since we met in the market!Bookmark here

Then why was he here? He frowned, feeling both of our gazes set on him.Bookmark here

“I am trying to improve my image among the citizens.” he replied with a glare. Though the reply was still doubtful, I let the matter go for now.Bookmark here

“If you do not want to come with us, why don't you go and rest for a while. Even the chancellor was going to reply in a few hours. So, you can wait for it while handling a few important matters.” I offered as he continued to look at me.Bookmark here

“I am not interested in spending all day with you anyways.” said the man as he walked out the carriage and closed the door with a thud.Bookmark here

“When did I say that he wanted to spend his whole day with me?!” I asked with no one in particular but Andrew did not reply.Bookmark here

His eyes were narrowed on the door. He must have thought that the man was rude.Bookmark here

“Let him go. We should not spend our time and energy thinking about him.`` I said, to divert his mind when he looked deeply in my eyes.Bookmark here

“Once his brother is found, I do not want you to spend time with him. No, I don't even want you to be in the same vicinity after that!” he said with such a serious tone as if Damien was a monster or something that could harm me!Bookmark here

“Start the carriage.” he instructed as i did not reply to him.Bookmark here

“We are thinking of organising a masquerade ball party for my birthday.” He started the conversation again and I frowned. Bookmark here

That was the time when the player was first introduced to the game. At his birthday party. But didn't it happen after the picnic and many other scenes which I was shown as the background story.Bookmark here

“You are not looking happy with the idea?” he asked in a frosting voice.Bookmark here

“It is not like that, your highness. I am just worried that I have not paid any contribution to it.`` I said, changing the topic.Bookmark here

He nodded his head as if he agreed to me.Bookmark here

“How would you, when you are busy in playing the knight and finding the runaway father and lost brother of that cursed dragon.'' I gritted my teeth.Bookmark here

“If it had not been your wish to change the time of our dinner date, I would not have even met him till now. And now you are the one who is accusing me?” I asked with an unbelievable tone and he looked at me stunned too.Bookmark here

“So, you are saying that it is all because of the dinner we were going to have tomorrow?” I was not expecting him to be this stoned and even remember our dinner date but I nodded in acceptance.Bookmark here

“And with all this chaos, do you think we will even be able to have it? That was a dumb decision from your side.” he commented as he folded his hand and started looking out of the window.Bookmark here

“You must be happy since you did not want to have dinner with me in the first place!” I retorted back, mimicking his pose and looking out of the window too.Bookmark here

“For the first time in your life, you are perfectly correct. I do not want to spend time with you at all. That was why I was here in the first place. But look at my luck, even after running away so many miles, I bumped into you here.”Bookmark here

“..................”Bookmark here

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