Chapter 27:

Needs to be pampered!

Who will the Villainess choose?

Andrew pov.Bookmark here

I was feeling so frustrated when she said that she was in this predicament because of me. I was just trying to play hard to get. Who would have thought that she would be so stubborn to not to request me further but will enter in the cave of the beast.Bookmark here

I saw how he was looking at her on the dining table. She did not know but I could see the curiosity in his eyes that was turning into attraction towards her. And no one knew better than me how attractive she was.Bookmark here

The anger was surging in my heart so badly that I wanted to crush someone. But I knew that the man was untouchable. He has the power of a dragon that makes him invincible. Even if I use all the army, he could not be defeated.Bookmark here

So, instead I took out all my anger on Akira. I did not want to shout at him, but I could not stop myself either.Bookmark here

“So, you are here to get rid of our dinner?” she asked in a colder tone. There was not a single hint of hurt on his face and i felt like a fool to love this heartless womanBookmark here

If someone else would have been at her place they would have cried or complained or apologised! Burn no! Here she was asking so calmly as if we were talking about someone else. Her behavior made me even more angry.Bookmark here

“Yes, I certainly did not want to spend my time with a cold blooded person like you who does not have emotions at all. I would rather spend my time with those who have sentiments and those who will feel honored to spend time with me!” I replied in a fit of anger. For once! Just for once I wanted to see her crying or upset because of me or telling me that she felt lucky too when she spent time with me.Bookmark here

“Then i think i should leave you alone or have some time with the girl you have brought with you. I am tired anyway. I would like to take a walk myself in the market and explore the town since I hardly get that much time. Would you like to share my carriage or would you go in a separate carriage?” she asked so calmly. Not even a ripple of emotion could be seen on her face. As if my hatred meant nothing to her.Bookmark here

“I am fine with this one.” I said, trying to steal more time from her day and thinking of a way to stop her from leaving. She nodded silently and looked out of the window.Bookmark here

“Akira..” I called her as the silence was deafening. It was hitting my core.Bookmark here

“Yes, your highness. Are there still some insults left?” she asked so nonchalantly that i felt guilty.Bookmark here

“I was not trying to insult you. I was telling you it is too cold and you need to warm it up a bit. You should socialize better and meet others warmly. As an empress, it will be your duty to socialise and make good political relations with the nobles. Bookmark here

Why don't you spend more time in the palace and learn all the etiquettes. I will personally take care of your learning progress.'' I asked, as it would be the best way to spend time together.Bookmark here

“I will make sure to assign myself for that course, your highness.” her reply came colder than before.Bookmark here

“Better, in that case, I can spend the day with you. If we both will handle the matter of the store together. Our pair would get a lot of good publicity for the public.'' I encouraged her and finally she smirked.Bookmark here

“I apologise, but I am not a puppet who sits and stands as you instruct her to do. I have finally understood that you did not want to spend time with me. And I have accepted it. I would rather explore the town for now.'' She repeated her previous words, making me tongue tied.Bookmark here

“I thought you wanted to strengthen our relationship!” i mocked her words to make her feel guilty but she just laughed.Bookmark here

“Yes, and I still want to do that. But that does not mean I do not have any self respect. We will spend time together when you think we should spend time together. Not because you want to show the empire that our relationship is strong while in reality you can not even stand my presence.” she replied as she continued looking out of the window. She did not even look at me or give any reaction at all.Bookmark here

I gritted my teeth and stayed silent. Even I would see how much she would resist and stay haughty. I will make sure to bring her closer to me.Bookmark here

“Your highness.” we have arrived in the market area.
I nodded and walked out of the carriage without even looking back at her.Bookmark here

Not because I did not want to, it is just to know that she would still have been looking out of the window, ignoring me completely.Bookmark here

“Your highness, where have you been?” the same lady asked who had shared a carriage with me before.Bookmark here

Even looking at her face made me further annoyed. Not to forget the way she was trying to wrap her arms around me.Bookmark here

I jerked her away mercilessly and she fell straight on the floor.Bookmark here

“There is no one to see your act. So, keep your filthy hands away from me.” I snarled and she cowered in a corner.Bookmark here

“How is the preparation of the store going?” I asked my side. Looking at my dark face, he shivered but understood the reason too.Bookmark here

“Your highness, the preparation is all done. Why don't you rest on the upper floor as i prepare some rose tea for you.`` I nodded at his offer and walked towards the stairs.Bookmark here

“Where is lady Akira, my lord?” he asked as I took a sip of the hot tea served by him.
“She did not behave the way you have assumed. She was flirting with that cursed dragon in front of me and even asked why I was here. In anger I said that I was here to avoid her.Bookmark here

But instead of feeling remorse, she left me telling she is not my puppet. And she would only be with me when I want to be with her. What does that even mean?” I asked with a sigh as I finished the whole cup in a single gulp.Bookmark here

He hesitated for a second as he continued to look at my annoyed face.Bookmark here

“Tell me!”Bookmark here

“It means that she wants you to apologize to her for your scolding and rude behavior and she would not spend personal time with you until you apologize to her.” Bookmark here

“Why do i need to apologize when she is the one who is taking dumb decisions?” I asked exasperated, she was the one who continued to appoint me and spend time with that cursed dragon.Bookmark here

“My lord. Sometimes women like to be pampered. Why dont you buy a gift for lady Akira and give a surprise visit.” he said with conviction and my eyes sparkled with that thought.Bookmark here

“Good then prepare the carriage and the best dress of the store. I will leave right now.”Bookmark here

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