Chapter 25:

Her Commands!

Who will the Villainess choose?

Damien pov.Bookmark here

I looked at the girl who snarled and glared at me all the time. Even when she gave me that fake smile, her eyes were always throwing daggers at me, trying to adjust to the so-called future emperor of the empire.Bookmark here

That is why I hate love. It makes you weak and soft. Though I did not like women. She was quite amusing. The way she tried to stay brave even when she was shivering from fear and the way she snarl at me when others were afraid to even look at me.Bookmark here

I was sure there was no woman like her in the whole empire. Too bad! She was even going to get married and bound herself in the chain of politics. Royal palace was nothing but a place full of thorns.Bookmark here

“Your highness, lord Damien wants to host a contest for the best businessmen in the town and he wants to invite you as the chief guest, since it's an honour for him and everyone in the empire to get rewarded and praised by you. This way we will also be able to check the stores and see if his father or his sibling is here.” my eyes widened as she told everything to him.Bookmark here

But when I saw Andrew sitting there calmly and listening to them, I realized that he already knew everything.Bookmark here

My teeth gritted as I looked at the girl, no matter how witty she was, she was still a lovesick fool!Bookmark here

“Hmm, the plan is effective but there is just one problem.” said the man nodding his head like an elder. and it did not need his reply to know that he was going to deny.Bookmark here

“Oh. What problem is there, your highness?” she asked with a worried face but her eyes were telling that she had an idea of what he was going to say.Bookmark here

“I have not yet said yes to help him.” he said nonchalantly as he took a bite of his steak and started eating. Did he forgot that this place was booked by me and i could throw him out anytime i wanted!Bookmark here

“Of course, you have not said yes yet. After all, he has not formally invited you with your gift of invitation.” she replied with a laugh as if she had heard a joke.Bookmark here

I looked at her with confusion and I did not need to turn to know that he was looking at her too.Bookmark here

“A gift!” he asked when she did not clear it by herself.Bookmark here

“Yes, your highness. Do you remember his majesty is trying to make a channel of water so that when the rainy season arrives, the flood could be controlled?” she replied with a smirk on her face.Bookmark here

‘I must say she was bold enough to offer my property to her lover without even asking me. As if she was the mistress of the house. But the most surprising thing was, I was not offended at all! in fact. I was feeling a strange content when she acted as the owner of the dukedom.’Bookmark here

“So, lord Damien is offering the whole land in front of the river to me as a gift if i help him?” he asked with an interesting tone.Bookmark here

‘Greedy human! Their selfish desires and greed were always stronger in front of their emotions and love!’Bookmark here

“Yes, he is too concerned about the empire, right, lord Damien?” she asked, blinking her eyes. This was the first time I noticed that she had such a beautiful shade of green eyes. It was similar to an amulet in her neck. They both were sparkling in the sunlight!Bookmark here

My eyes widened when I felt her feet over mine. She was glaring at me badly and using her full force to dig those heels in my shoes! Bookmark here

“Right, lord Damien.” she asked with so much pressure that i nodded unconsciously.Bookmark here

“So, your highness. Will you accept the invitation then?” she asked with a sweet smile on her face.Bookmark here

“That is clear discrimination!” I mumbled before I could control myself.Bookmark here

“Discrimination! What kind of discrimination?” asked Andrew and even Akira looked at me with confusion.Bookmark here

“Discrimination among the businessmen. I want you to discriminate against them on the basis of their ability to recognize me. Anyone who will think they have seen me or a child that looks like me should be given preference. They will take the hint and will tell everything they know then.`` I glared at them when they continued to look at me dumbfounded.Bookmark here

It has been days since I have shed blood! Have they started taking me lightly in just a few days!Bookmark here

With that thought my hands reached the knife that was beside my plate.Bookmark here

“Of course, of course. I will make sure to ask them about everything. And will keep the portrait of your brother and father all the time in my hands.” she replied sharply as her eyes looked at me and then at the knife and then at me.Bookmark here

I frowned, how did she know! It was clear that she knew I had not picked the knife for eating but throwing it on Andrew! How did she know me so well?Bookmark here

I loosen my grip on the knife when she took a breath of relief and finally looked at her plate. Bookmark here

To check my doubt, I moved and held the fork and her breath hitched again. It was so amusing to see her reaction. I did not know when I felt that someone looked cute when they were scared of me.Bookmark here

I just took the fork nonchalantly and started eating with it. She took a deep breath again and then started eating, forgetting about my existence again.Bookmark here

I frowned as I held the bigger knife this time. Her eyes once again settled on my hand and then on my face.Bookmark here

But this time there was no fear in her eyes. In fact, she was glaring at me. Bookmark here

“Would you stop playing with me and eat your dinner silently or do you want me to tell you how to use a knife and fork for eating?” She scolded me in a harsh tone, making me stunned.Bookmark here

No one! Even my parents never had the courage to scold me in that voice!Bookmark here

“You!”Bookmark here

“You what! Huh? When will you grow up? Playing childish games. I could not believe that you are a duke! Now eat your lunch silently.” she scolded me further and i did not know why i was not feeling angry! Shouldn't my bloodlust take over me now.Bookmark here

And if that was not enough, my hands have already started moving and eating the steak silently as if she could command me.Bookmark here

“May I know what personal joke you are sharing and Akira how close you are to Duke that you are talking so informally to him?” came the cold voice of the prince and I could feel smoke in the air.Bookmark here

For once now I was satisfied with the way she reacted. At least, I could see the burnt face of him.Bookmark here

“Why? You are her fiance. Did she not talk to you this way ever?” I asked with a big smirk on my face.Bookmark here

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