Chapter 13:

The Final Day of Your life

Grimm: Life or Death

As I drive up to her house for the last time, I pull up slowly. She comes running out, as if it was our first date again. She looks absolutely magnificent, as if she knows that its her final day. I ask her what she wants to do today, that today is her day. She said that she had a few ideas, but she just wanted to spend the day with me, and technically she's gonna be spending the rest of her life with me. We redid everything we did on our first date, and it was even better than the first date. It almost made me forget what I had to do. I saw it fitting to kill her in the same place that I killed everything to her, so when I drop her off I ask her if I can come in. As I walk in the vision of the strangely familiar place is starting to come back to me. As we are standing where her grandma died. She turns to me and says "I know what you are. I'm assuming we're both here for the same reason. We both don't want to do it, but we have to. It has to be done. Grimm, I'm an angel. I have to kill you, and you have to kill me." I stood there in disbelief that she knew all of that, and that she was an angel. It all makes sense now. She started talking again, with each word piercing me like a very ragged dagger, "Grimm, I want you to kill me. Over this time I got to meet you, I got to see the real you. I want that to carry on. Just remember me." she told me this as she took her last breath. I did the normal person thing, and called the cops. While I was waiting for them, I used that time to "grief" for what has just happened. They said the cause of death, was heart break. On the day of the funeral, I was the only one who showed up. As I laid the lone flower on her coffin, I realized that she was my vision, and that I would never see this vision again.Bookmark here

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