Chapter 14:

The First Day of The Rest of Our Lives

Grimm: Life or Death

I return to dad who said "You have completed your test. I am so proud of you. You are my son. I have also gotten a gift for you" and as he turned to show me the gift, it was almost like it happened in slow motion, he unveiled that my gift, was her. "When you kill somebody, their souls go on. When you kill an angle, their bodies go on. But when you kill your soulmate, they come back as you. She is yours now, from now until eternity." Me and Achelois both ran at each other and embraced each other, just like it was our first date. We get to spend the rest of our lives together, as Mr. and Mrs. Reaper. We celebrate by taking out an easy target of some shut in neet, who was going to get nowhere in his life, it wasn't his time, but we just wanted to celebrate. We could tell that as we both harvested his soul, that this was going to be the best thing ever. We would keep doing this forever and every. Then she took a little break, and we settled down for a little, and that's on how you came to be. Grimmm... My son.Bookmark here

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