Chapter 9:

Chapter 9: When Given the Choice Between Hanging Out With a Guy or a Girl, Always Choose the Girl!

Love Bites

Daisuke woke up with a feeling of nervousness welling up in his gut. Friday mornings were supposed to be a relief, not provide him with an insane amount of pressure.

The weekend didn’t promise to be much better.

He couldn’t believe he actually had a date tomorrow. His first ever date with a girl. And not just any girl, a date with the soothing and gentle Mochida-san, of all people. She was the cutest girl he’d ever met, and she looked at him like he made the sun rise and set, like he was the most wonderful person she’d ever seen.

Daisuke needed to find some way to get out of this.

He was supposed to meet with Ueda-san after class today in order to plan out their date, and he knew that after that meeting he would be completely trapped. There would be no getting out of things.

What was he talking about? There was no getting out of this date no matter what. Ueda-san wanted him to go out with Mochida-san. She wanted him to seduce Mochida-san and make her fall in love with him, and eventually have sex and make babies with her.

And then Ueda-san wanted to market these babies to famineans like her. The whole thing was horrific, and Daisuke couldn’t do anything about it.

I want to protect Mochida-san… I won’t hurt her. I won’t let her get dragged into Ueda-san’s mess, Daisuke vowed.

The strength of his willpower lasted through breakfast, right up until he walked out the door and saw Mochida-san leaving her house at the same time. She waved shyly at him, her face flushing scarlet. He felt his own cheeks begin to heat up at the sight of her smile, and waved awkwardly back at her.

They had a date tomorrow. She wasn’t his girlfriend or anything, but still. His first date.

His first date, and it was all based on a lie.

They walked a healthy distance apart, which was a relief to Daisuke. If Mochida-san came any closer, said a single word, then his heart might just stop in his chest from joy. It was too early in the morning to hear the sound of her voice, not if he wanted to avoid feeling floaty for the entire school day.

Daisuke stared at her from the side of his eye. How could any girl be this cute? The early morning sun struck her hair and gave her a shine like a halo, making her pale skin glow with supple tenderness that made him want to reach out and touch her, but he resisted.

Then he saw that Mochida-san was glancing at him out of the corner of her eye, as well. Their eyes met for a brief instant Daisuke was certain that in that electric moment he turned as red as she did. Their eyes shot forward. Daisuke studied the ground intently, seeing their shadows stretching ahead of them.

Mochida-san’s shadow drew closer to his, and Daisuke’s heart skipped a beat.

Perhaps, in another time, things could be different.

Maybe tomorrow could be an actual date. Their first date, perhaps even the first of many. Maybe they could have gone to and from school together, or wish each other good night from their bedroom windows.

A real couple.

But such a future was impossible for him. It was a dream, a fantasy as delicate and ephemeral as the gorgeous faerie walking beside him. Her feelings for him, whatever they were, were based on a lie, after all. He wasn’t the kind of hero who could save Ueda-san from a group of thugs. Mochida-san only idolized him because she thought he was her hero.

But he was just Daisuke Oishi, a random high schooler. A girl like Mochida-san wouldn’t like him just for that.

It was unfortunate, but tomorrow he was probably going to have to do something to break her heart. If he drove her off, made her hate him, not even Ueda-san could complain when things didn’t work out. He wasn’t sure how many times that trick could work with all the countless girls Ueda-san would want him to mate with, but it was the best he could do for Mochida-san right now.

He just had to enjoy his life with Mochida-san for as long as it lasted. The thought that this would be the last day where he was reflected in her eyes, the last day where he would be the target of her smile, the last day where she would think about him fondly before bed…

The joy of her presence dimmed slightly. He found himself wishing that they would get to school just a little slower today.

When lunchtime came, Daisuke’s day had reached the pinnacle of stressful. He had to find some way to get out of his meeting with Ueda-san this afternoon. If he could find some way to dodge her, then he could play the fool when the date tomorrow didn’t go as planned. That was the issue that was on his mind when Tora sat his desk across from him, asking Daisuke what was up.

“You seem kind of down today! What’s the matter, man? Girl troubles?” He laughed.

Daisuke sighed. Tora was an idiot. A good-natured idiot (on a scale where Ueda-san was a factor, of course, but Daisuke couldn’t be picky) but an idiot nonetheless. So if he wanted some counseling, it would be difficult.

He had to think of a way to explain things to his friend that wouldn’t reveal anything dangerous. He glanced around the room and saw that Ueda-san was eating with her friends, with her back to him. He turned back to Tora and kept his voice low.

“Yes, it’s girl troubles,” Daisuke admitted.

“Something about your date with Mochida-san? You mentioned something about that yesterday, did you manage to ask her out for Saturday?” Tora laughed. Daisuke winced at the volume, and nodded his head.

“No… well, yes,” he admitted. “Keep it down!”

Daisuke looked over his shoulder to see if Ueda-san was looking their way. She wasn’t. He turned back to Tora and whispered, “Ueda-san, she wants to talk with me after class today. It seems she’s heard about my date from someone else in class, and would like to… give me her thoughts on the matter,” he explained carefully. Not quite a lie.

Tora cringed at the thought of that, glanced past Daisuke at Ueda-san, and shook his head. “No, that’s not good. One of the worst things that can happen is when one of your old conquests gets clingy. Just blow her off.”

Blow off Ueda-san?! Daisuke knew Tora was an idiot, but he thought the other student would at least have a better idea than that! “Um, I don’t think that’s a very-“

“Dai, you’ve got to show that girl who’s boss!” Tora insisted. “She can’t control you! Listen, instead of going to meet her, I say come out with me. We can hang out and discuss the plan for your date tomorrow!”

Daisuke knew that if he blew off Ueda-san, she would get mad. Incredibly mad. She might actually bite his fingers off. But he also knew that if he went to meet up with Ueda-san, the chance that she would tell him exactly what she wanted him to do on his date was 100%. And if he was forced to follow her instructions, then he wouldn’t be able to drive off Mochida-san. He would be leading her right into a trap.

On the other hand, Tora might be able to help him figure out how to get rid of Mochida-san. “Tora… can I ask you something?” Daisuke asked.

“Sure Dai, what?”

Daisuke swallowed. “Have you ever… had to deal with a girl where you were trying to drive her off? Like, make yourself seem less appealing to her, so she stops hanging around?”

“Like a stalker? Is Ueda-san that clingy?” Tora asked. “I know she’s got a bit of an aggressive side, but I didn’t think-“

“No, it’s not Ueda-san,” Daisuke clarified, shaking his head. “I just mean, like… hypothetically. If, after you go on a date with someone, but didn’t want to go on another date with her, have you ever had a problem with her getting too attached?” It was kind of trashy thing to do, but Daisuke had to try and find a way to explain his issue.

“Nope, never had a problem with it,” Tora said, shaking his head, a curious expression on his face. He let out a laugh. “Nah, after I get together with a girl, I never have to worry about seeing them again!”

Daisuke figured Tora was that kind of scumbag. “So you’ve never had, like, a second date or anything?”

“Nope, never,” Tora chirped.

I don’t think that’s something to be proud of… Daisuke thought. Still, if Tora was such a master at repulsing women, then he might have some secrets that Daisuke could use to drive Mochida-san away.

Now, Daisuke just had to work up the courage to do it. He closed his eyes and imagined Mochida-san’s face. A faerie in the forest, sunlight streaming down on her delicate features, bringing a sparkle to her eyes as she looked kindly upon him. Her soft lips spreading in a warm smile, her cheeks flushing as she spoke to him…

Daisuke needed to protect Mochida-san. He knew blowing Ueda-san off was reckless, but he would accept whatever punishment she had to give him if it meant that he could protect that innocent faun from the hungry predator that was Ueda-san.

“Okay, I’ll go hang out with you after school, Tora,” Daisuke agreed. “I have more advice to ask for.”

Tora cracked a big grin. “That sounds great, Dai! And don’t worry about Ueda-san! She won’t be a problem!” He gave Daisuke a thumbs’ up, and Daisuke felt a great swell of pity for him. He had no idea what Ueda-san was like.

But Daisuke had made his decision. Rather than Ueda-san, he would seek Tora’s advice. What was the worst thing that could happen?

Daisuke needed to stop making bad life choices. After meeting up with Tora after school, he had, like an idiot, followed Tora to an abandoned building on the promise of a “private conversation”, and he was immediately knocked down and tied up. Now here he was, sitting in an old warehouse and bound with thick rope, Tora standing over him and boasting.

“I can’t believe you’re that much of an idiot!” Tora howled, holding his sides. “Just following someone like this? You’re too trusting, Daisuke!”

Daisuke couldn’t deny that. He was definitely an idiot.

I really should have learned from that mess with Ueda-san, Daisuke thought, shaking his head. While Tora was laughing at him, he thought about what had probably happened. Tora was almost definitely a faminean, considering how easily he had taken Daisuke down. He and Ueda-san definitely knew that the other was a faminean, meaning that Tora probably got curious about why Ueda-san was suddenly paying attention to him. Maybe he could smell that Daisuke had that special genetic whatever that made him taste good? Either way, Daisuke was definitely about to get eaten, that was for sure.

“I suppose you’re wondering what’s going on,” Tora said, staring down at Daisuke, a wicked smile on his face. Gone was any sign of the idiotic womanizer that Daisuke had gotten to know over the week. “Well, you see-“

“Not really, I’ve kind of put it together,” Daisuke said. “So can we get it over with?”

Tora stared at him, his predatory glare dulling into a look of confusion.

“Wait, what? No, you have no idea what’s going on!” Tora snarled. “You think this is some kidnapping scheme?! Daisuke, you fool, I’m-“

“A faminean, right?” Daisuke interrupted. “You’re going to eat me. I’ve been here before.”

“WHAT?!” Tora exclaimed, his eyes bulging out in shock. “Then Ueda-san already showed you what she was?! And she didn’t eat you?!”

“Basically yes,” Daisuke nodded.

“What’s the matter with that stupid girl?!” Tora ranted, shaking his head in disbelief. He turned to Daisuke. “Still! Do you have any idea what’s going to happen to you?! You’re one of the most delicious-“

“Yes, yes, I taste good, Ueda-san already told me,” Daisuke interrupted again.

“HEY! I’m trying to brag here! The least you could do is act a little scared!” Tora growled, stomping his foot on the ground. “Your best friend just betrayed you, Daisuke, and revealed that he’s a man-eating monster about to devour you! Where’s the shock!? The sting of betrayal?! You’re not even afraid?!”

“…I knew you for like less than a week, and I didn’t even really like you much,” Daisuke coldly admitted. “You were just someone to go to for advice, I didn’t really think of you as that great of a friend, sorry.”

Tora fell to his knees and slammed his fists against the ground, a cloud of depression hovering over him. “That’s really cold, Daisuke, how can you say something so hurtful? I was trying really hard to pretend to be your friend, you know…”

He jumped up and pointed an accusatory finger at Daisuke. “You’re the real monster here! Exploiting someone’s friendship when you really don’t care about them?! Aren’t you humans supposed to be about friendship and loyalty?! You’re just an asshole! A hurtful asshole!”

“I don’t want to hear that from someone who’s going to eat me."

“At least be a LITTLE surprised! Otherwise I’ll feel like my brilliant scheme of befriending you to get you alone so I could eat you was for nothing!” Tora demanded.

Well, Daisuke actually was surprised. Not about Tora, he didn’t really care one way or the other about that. He was more surprised by his own reaction. He thought that when his death came, he would be panicking more. But actually… he was almost relieved. If Tora ate him, then Ueda-san wouldn’t be able to threaten his family anymore. She wouldn’t have any reason to go after Mochida-san.

It wasn’t that Daisuke wanted to die, but if he looked at it objectively, this might be the better situation to find himself in.

It’s a pity… I wish I could have at least kissed a girl before I died, Daisuke mused. His thoughts turned towards his sister and his parents. What would their reactions be when they learned he was gone? That was the one reason he could think of for not wanting to die, how it would affect his family and friends. Rika… Mochida-san… they would both be heartbroken by his disappearance. Ueda-san would be mad her plans had fallen apart, and that was about the most he could expect.

For some reason, Tora was still talking, rather than eating Daisuke. Was this something famineans did, rant to their prey?

Tora was still upset. He sighed, shaking his head. “Okay, fine, so maybe it wasn’t that sting of betrayal I’m used to seeing from my victims. Oh, well.”

Tora licked his lips. “You know, usually I go after girls. They’re a lot easier to get alone. Smile and be charming, and they’ll follow you just about anywhere… I didn’t expect you to be just as easy, Daisuke!”

Daisuke made a disgusted face. Tora ate the girls who went on dates with him? That was revolting. Even Ueda-san only ate criminals. Wait, wait, they’re still eating people! There’s not moral scale here, eating people is bad no matter what! Daisuke reminded himself.

“And you know what the best part about eating girls is?” Tora continued, his eyes glowing sick shade of red as his mouth stretched and cracked, a thick tongue slipping past his lips. Daisuke really didn’t think he wanted to know. “When a human has sex, they release all sorts of pheromones…” Tora panted, his cheeks flushing. He approached Daisuke, swaying like a prowling tiger. “It really seasons the meat when you eat them right after the act. I seduce them… and then, after we have intercourse, I can feast!”

Well, that was certainly disgusting, but-

Wait, Tora was still coming closer to Daisuke. No. No way, he couldn’t be planning to-

“Now then, Daisuke, let’s get to it, shall we?” Tora said, reaching for his belt.

Well, that explained why Daisuke was tied up instead of Tora just eating him.

“ARE YOU CRAZY?!” Daisuke exclaimed. “I-I’m a guy!”

Tora tilted his head to the side. “So? You’re a human, shit like that doesn’t matter to me.”

“WELL IT MATTERS TO ME!” Daisuke shouted. “What kind of crazy logic is that?! That just because I’m human it doesn’t matter whether I’m a guy or a girl?!”

“The logic of a sick mind, that’s the logic.”

Daisuke gasped, a familiar voice touching his ears. He strained to look over his shoulder, seeing Ueda-san standing at the door of the warehouse, her figure framed by the bright sunlight.

She DID NOT look happy.

“Ueda-san!” Daisuke gasped.

“Kuua Ueda,” Tora snarled, narrowing his eyes. “What the hell are you doing here?!”

Ueda-san didn’t answer. She lowered her head and kicked off the ground, and for the first time Daisuke saw just how much strength she really had. She soared through the air and landed right next to Daisuke, and for a second Daisuke actually felt happy to see her.

Her eyes were red, and they were glaring at Tora. But her voice was surprisingly cool.

“When it looked like my little pet ran away from home, I sniffed him out and followed his scent here,” Ueda-san calmly explained. “And look what I happened to find, a pervert trying to play with him.”

“Perv-?!” Tora sputtered. But he quickly regained his cool. “Listen, Ueda, I don’t know why you think I’m-“

“You have sex with humans,” Ueda-san said, a wave of revulsion crossing over her face. She crossed her arms in front of her chest like she was trying to shield herself from Tora’s eyes. “That’s the sickest thing I’ve ever heard of. Eating innocent humans is bad enough, but sleeping with them? What, you’re such a loser that you can’t even make it with another faminean? Pathetic.”

“That’s not it!” Tora exclaimed, his face red hot. “I have sex with humans because the pheromones they release make their meat taste delicious afterwards!” He waved at Daisuke. “Look at him! Surely the reason that you’re spending time around Daisuke is because you know just how delicious he must taste! God, just the smell alone, you have no idea-“

Yes, yes, you only have sex with humans because it makes them taste better, I’m sure,” Ueda-san said, rolling her eyes. “And remind me, you found this information out how, exactly?”

Tora blanched. “Err… that’s…” He averted his eyes and that just made Ueda-san smirk triumphantly.

“Make excuses all you want, you’re just a pervert, fucking sub-faminean animals because you can’t get your rocks off with a member of your own species,” Ueda-san chortled. “And who in their right mind would want to sleep with an idiot like you? Seriously? You were just going to eat Karaage-san?”

“Of course I was going to eat him! Just imagining how he would taste-“

Imagine!?” Ueda-san burst out laughing, holding her sides. “A brain-dead pervert running on sheer instinct wants to imagine something? If you want some fucking imagination, maybe think a little further than your next meal!”

Ueda-san sobered up.

“Real imagination, real vision, that’s what I have, pervert. That’s why I don’t just sink my teeth into anyone stupid enough to be alone with me,” Ueda-san proudly declared. “I’m going to take this pathetic fool whose only worth is how he tastes, and use him to breed more delicious human beings! That’s what imagination is, and that’s why you stupid Hunters who only care about your next meal are relics of the past. No faminean WOULD want to be with you, your recklessness would just get them exposed and put down as well.”

Ueda-san’s words sounded fierce and biting, but Daisuke didn’t really get it.

“Ueda-san, what… Hunters? Exposed? What are you talking about?” Daisuke asked, confused.

“In Japan, famineans generally fall into one of three groups,” Ueda-san explained. “The most dangerous of the factions are the Hunters, like that fool over there. Normally, famineans don’t just go around eating whatever humans they please. If we did, there would be chaos. So we have very heavy restrictions on who and what we can eat, and very serious punishments for breaking those rules. We’re civilized people just trying to get by in the world, we’re not monsters.”

“YOU’RE STILL EATING PEOPLE!” Daisuke exclaimed. “Of course you’re monsters!”

Ueda-san rolled her eyes. “Ugh, again with the anti-faminean bigotry. We’re just trying to live in peace! But Hunters like him give us a bad name!”

“You’re a fool, Ueda,” Tora snarled, glaring at her. “You try to dress up what we do, when really we’re just predators! Humans are food, what’s the matter with eating them?!”

“Not a thing, haven’t you been paying attention?” Ueda-san asked, rolling her eyes again.

“NO! LOT’S OF THINGS!” Daisuke objected. Ueda-san growled, and kicked him in the shoulder. Daisuke winced in pain and bowed his head in defeat.

“You Hunters are fools who are going to put us all at risk. All you do is eat whoever you want, whenever you want. The other two factions have their hands full trying to keep Hunters like him under control.”

“Other…?” Daisuke gasped out, his shoulder still stinging.

“There are the Watchers, and the Savers,” Ueda-san coldly explained. “The Watchers want to keep the status quo. They see humans as a resource to be exploited, and focus their efforts on more efficient methods of doing so, so that the famineans stay as the dominant species. And then there are the Savers. The Savers believe that human beings are worth more than just being our food source, and strive to create a world where humans and famineans can live together in harmony and mutual understanding.”

Ueda-san placed her hand over her chest, flashing a beaming smile. “Of course, I myself am the rising jewel of the Savers faction!”

“What kind of shit is that?!” Tora exploded.


“How rude!” Ueda-san huffed, crossing her arms indignantly. “My deepest goal is to create a world where humans and famineans can live together! I’ve told you this already, Daisuke!”


“Humans will live harmoniously with us, in the mutual understanding that their duty in society is to serve as food,” she calmly stated.


Ueda-san covered her ears. “You’re so loud, stop whining. Besides, the important thing to focus on right now isn’t how I’ll lead Japan into a glorious new era-“

“Your horrible slaughterhouse society isn’t ‘glorious’!”

“SHOVE. IT.” Ueda-san turned to Daisuke, silencing him with a glare. Then, she returned her attention back to Tora. “Now, as I was saying, before this noisy food bag interrupted, I’m going to be taking Daisuke back now. Bye. He has greater things to do than become prey to a Hunter like you.”

Tora narrowed his eyes. “Oh, you think so, huh?!” He held his hands up, and to Daisuke’s horror, his fingers stretched and twisted, thick nails jutting out into long claws. As his hands grew, his mouth cracked open and row upon row of glistening sharp teeth burst out, oozing with drool as his long, hideous tongue wiped around. Tora’s previously-handsome face was broken apart by the cracks of a horrific monstrous visage, and he let out a hot breath of fury as he stalked towards them.

“What are you going to do about it, Uedaaaaa?!” Tora rasped, looming over Ueda-san. But Ueda-san didn’t seem intimidated. She reached up and wiped a fleck of drool off of her cheek, staring calmly back up at Tora.

Daisuke, on the other hand, was practically peeing his pants. He stared up at Tora, terrified. Ueda-san was a monster… but could she defeat him? He wasn’t sure.

“Daisuke, step back,” Ueda-san said. The fact that she was using his name was sobering. Ueda-san’s fingernails extended, and with a swipe of her hand the ropes binding Daisuke were severed. He quickly obeyed her orders, scooting away from her. Ueda-san and Tora were radiating intensity, and Daisuke wanted to be as far away from them as possible.

A showdown of monsters…

“U-Ueda-san…” Daisuke stammered out, “will… will you be able to win?”

“Oh, my poor, foolish Karaage-san,” she sighed, shaking her head. “Haven’t you realized what a faminean’s greatest weakness is?”

Daisuke had no idea what she meant.

She glanced back at him over her shoulder, her red eyes shining dangerously as a wicked smile spread across her face.


Exposure? Daisuke wondered. What did she mean by exposure?

Ueda-san took a deep breath, exhaled, inhaled again, and…


Damn. She could really yell.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Tora exclaimed, swinging at her. She jumped back, avoiding the slash, and shouted again.

“HELP! POLICE! JSDF! MONSTER! IT’S A MONSTER!” Ueda-san kept screaming at the top of her lungs.

Daisuke realized what she was doing, a smile spreading across his face.

Tora might have been a Hunter or whatever, but the fact that he had to seduce girls in order to eat them and hide as a human meant that he couldn’t just go around revealing himself. Daisuke didn’t understand all the rules of these monsters, but he knew that Tora needed to keep his identity a secret! Famineans might eat people, but if people became aware of them then the structure might seriously collapse. So they hunted in secret, like Ueda-san and Tora!

So this was what Ueda-san meant when she said that a faminean’s biggest weakness was exposure! Daisuke couldn’t believe that he hadn’t realized it until now!

“Shut up, or I’ll shut you up!” Tora shouted. “Stop wailing like prey and fight me! You’re a predator, act like one!”

“If I fought you it might hurt,” Ueda-san snorted, rolling her eyes. She threw back her head and shouted out her loudest shout yet.


Ueda-san definitely had the sharper claws of the two.

“What the hell are you talking about?!” Tora exclaimed, returning to his human guise. His face was bright red in a mixture of embarrassment and pure, seething rage. “Two-inch-?! It’s not that small! SHUT UP!”


“THAT DOES IT!” Tora shouted, grabbing his pants and pushing them down. “TAKE A LOOK AT THIS! DOES THIS LOOK SMALL AND PATHETIC TO YOU?!”

Ueda-san looked. Daisuke didn’t. But Ueda-san’s nonplussed reaction seemed to speak volumes.

“Daisuke, we’re going,” Ueda-san said, and suddenly Daisuke felt immense pressure on his waist as monstrous strength pulled him off the ground. Ueda-san carried him out of the warehouse.

“COME BACK HERE YOU BITCH!” Tora shouted, running after her as he frantically tried to pull his pants back up.

Ueda-san stepped out into the sunlight… and promptly threw herself sobbing into the arms of one of the policemen outside.

“Officer! Officer! Oh, it was so terrible!” She wailed, enormous tears streaming down her face. “He-He threatened to assault us!”

Tora stepped out of the warehouse, and his face went pale as soon as he saw all the police officers gathered around.

“There he is!” One of the officers shouted.

“Pull his pants up! No one wants to see that!” Another cried.

“Wait, what the hell is going on?!” Tora exclaimed, finding himself surrounded. “Hey! Let me go, I didn’t do anything! It was that bitch Ueda!”

“He was bragging about how big he was and pulled his pants down to show us!” Ueda-san cried. “Kara- Oishi-san and I just barely managed to escape!”

Ueda-san held up her phone.

“THAT DOES IT! TAKE A LOOK AT THIS! DOES THIS LOOK SMALL AND PATHETIC TO YOU?!” Tora’s voice came out of the speakers at the press of a button.

“…That’s enough for me,” the officer comforting her said. He broke away from Ueda-san to go join the others. “Take him down to the station and see if he can explain himself.” As he walked away, he didn’t see the smirking Ueda-san behind him sticking her tongue out at Tora.

“YOU BITCH!” Tora shouted, and for a second Daisuke feared that the monster would begin ripping the police officers apart. But he didn’t put up any more of a struggle than a normal person would.

“Not even he’s foolish enough to try and kill this many police, it would only draw the attention of the other famineans.” Ueda-san walked up to Daisuke, pressing her phone to her lips and smiling mischievously. “That’s why I called in backup.”

She glanced at Daisuke and winked.

“The police are the allies of upstanding citizens like us. Someone like that is just a perverted flasher.” Didn’t I tell you?” She smirked. “A faminean’s greatest weakness… is exposure.”

You… Daisuke couldn’t believe it. YOU MEANT THAT KIND OF EXPOSUUURRREEEEE?!