Chapter 5:

The Truth

The Scarlet Romance

I arrived at my home and sure enough he was already inside lounging on an armchair that I had situated in the corner. He noticed my arrival and turned his head lazily to face me. “so I think its time you found out who I am and why I'm here” he spoke slowly, picking his words carefully. “well first of all, my name is Kurenai, a word meaning ‘crimson’ which I think is quite fitting of a creature such as myself. Carrying on from that, let me tell you the whole story. Long ago, before man first discovered electricity and still burned any who dare oppose them, there existed a man who’s name has now been lost to time. This man disliked the weak and frail nature of mankind and looked for a way to improve it in by any means possible. One day, while out searching for any materials that could aid in his mission, he came upon a dilapidated cave system one that had not been touched by man in thousands of years. Curious to see what it might contain, he pressed on into the dark and eerie cavern. He wandered through natural passageways and through huge open areas until he came upon what looked like a crude stone chest. Without a moments hesitation, he opened it to see what lie inside and what he found, changed the fate of the world forever. It was a scroll, written in what appeared to be a modified version of hieroglyphics that contained a formula which could transform a human into a being of ungodly power, but it stated this power would come at a price. The creators of this scroll had not been able to succeed in creating this creature due to their lack of understanding in the realms of science and mysticism but as time had progressed, so had societies understandings of such obscure things. Excited, the man rushed home and began preparations to turn him and his family. His family consisted of his wife, two elder sons and a younger daughter. It took him many years, but he was able to perfect the formula after testing previous failures on countless wild animals. He gathered his entire family in one room and one by one, injected them with the formula and lastly himself. It took a few seconds to take hold, but when it did the effects were extraordinary.Bookmark here

Wings sprouted from their shoulder blades as sharp and pointed teeth slid into the places in their mouths where teeth previously had stood. Their eyes darkened into a blood red and their senses increased tremendously. Their muscles bulked up and they each gained one unique ability. And as they were transforming they gained a new feeling. A thirst for blood. This was the price for such huge amounts of power and immortality. Their thirst was uncontrollable and they soon had drained the town dry. Realizing the threat they posed, they fled into the mountains where utilizing the second sons ability to create any barrier imaginable they created a hidden fortress. It was there they secretly farmed humans for their blood and created more creatures stemming from the same recipe with modifications added in. these creatures were only semi-immortal to prevent uprisings from happening, and instead of having unique powers they each could control a different type of element which had its own subclasses. They called this ‘magic’ just like you humans would today. Eventually the creatures gained the name vampires due to their like hood to creatures described in the novel ‘Dracula’. While these half-vampires were made from ordinary humans, no children were even born from the original true vampires except one. You see, some time back in the late 17th century the first son decided that they shouldn’t live hidden from the humans but the others disagreed. Nonetheless, he wanted change and wouldn't take no for an answer. He broke out through a weakened part of the barrier a weakness he had been slowly creating over the centuries that they had existed their. After his escape all hell broke loose. Half-vampires that agreed with his ideals began to retaliate against the true vampires and war broke out. This war eventually split the vampire race into two sides. The side with the true vampires who believe in peace with humans were called The Savior's of Dark. The side that believed in destroying humanity were called The Bringers Of Anguish. Fearing her brother would destroy the world, the daughter of the true vampires decided to create a warrior capable of destroying him once and for all. She secretly had an affair with one of the highest ranking half-vampires and gave birth to a daughter with powers like no other. Due to being a mix between the true vampires and the half-vampire not only did she have her own unique power, she also had full control over all the elements and could survive without blood which was unheard of. Anguish spies caught wind of these and leapt into action. Under the cover of the still waging war, they kidnapped the child and stowed it away due to it being unkillable.Bookmark here

The daughter of the true vampires decided to send out only her most trusted ally to retrieve her child, and chose me. I have searched for hundreds of years yet I haven’t seen any traces of her child. Until I met you, you see that injury on your leg? Well its just an illusion because it would seem you are that missing child despite having no memory of anything to do with vampires, I cast a spell over your leg to simulate pain and injury when in actual fact you didn’t receive a single scratch from your accident. This is why, I must help you regain your memory and your powers by any means necessary.” he finally finished his story, and as I saw glimmers of hope start to appear in his eyes, I knew I was in for a rough journey.Bookmark here

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