Chapter 6:

Training Begins

The Scarlet Romance

The next day Kurenai took me to a clearing in the nature reserve to help me recover some of my so called ‘lost abilities’. On the trip up to there he explained how they weren't necessarily gone or forgotten as I had been subconsciously been using a few this entire time, but what I lacked was full control over those ones and my other unused powers. “first, to truly prove my theory correct, we will try to use a power only the true child could use. I would like you to combine the powers of fire and earth to create a flaming torch. Any questions?” he ended his sentence with a strange glint in his eye but I saw through that facade. “Any questions? Are you serious? Of course I have questions! I have no idea how to use any ability and you just casually ask me to complete an impossible task! I swear you really know how to get my blood boili-” I stopped. During my outburst, a wooden stake coated in vivid red flames had materialized next to me. As soon as I noticed it and got distracted the flames went out and the stake crumbled to ashes. He nodded knowing what he had done. “it seems it worked, your anger response caused your magic to overflow due to anger causing the parts of the soul responsible for such production to be kicked into overdrive, and since you were thinking about my request, that's the form the excess took. Looks like I was right. You are the child I've searched for, meaning that training can really take place now.” I felt my anger leave me as laughter started to well up inside me, he had tricked me and despite this the fact I had proven him right in such a way caused me to burst into hysterics, as I tried to catch my breath I saw him crack a faint smile. “that's the first time I've seen you ever smile, I didn't think you had it in you” his face went flushed for a second as he straightened out his mouth. “le-lets continue with your training, it only gets more difficult from here on out”.Bookmark here

After this and for the next few days he taught me many things about the theory of magic power and its storage, how to control the elements aswell as more information about our origins. On the final day of my training, he switched it up and instead sat me down in my living room. He had a solemn look on his face like he was about to say something more serious than anything he had said before, I waited anxious of his next move. He sighed. “I have something for you, it isn't related to training but I thought you might want to see it” he passed me a photo frame. I peered at the image held inside and saw a beautiful women, with stunning long hair that looked silky smooth to the touch, eyes that glinted even through the image, a figure that not even the most talented of models or fitness lovers could ever achieve and a smile that seemed like it could entrance anyone who looked her way. “that is a picture of your mother, I just thought you may want to see how she looks” I felt tears welling up in my eyes as I thought about the childhood I could of lived with such a beautiful and kind looking person as my mother. I flung my arms around Kurenai, catching him of guard. He recovered and hugged me back with the awkward kind of tenderness I would of expected from him. “thank you, this really means a lot to me, despite your serious tone you truly are a great guy you know that? I cant thank you enough”. He patted my head as my tears continued to flow, comforting me even further.Bookmark here

The Scarlet Romance

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