Chapter 15:

Two of a Kind

The Forbidden and the Gifted

[9:07 a.m., August 8th  2048, London, England. Natsumi, a shorter girl with long, blonde hair, and Daisuke, a built, middling height guy, walk past the London Eye with Natsumi humming to herself as Daisuke checks his phone. The two are following a set of GPS directions on their phone which had been preset for them by Takuya back in Tokyo. Hachiro trails them from afar, having found their whereabouts since receiving the call from Karina at 7:44 a.m. London time]Bookmark here

Natsumi [Sighs]: I’m so tired…Bookmark here

Daisuke: Didn’t you sleep on the plane?Bookmark here

Natsumi: I tried, but I couldn’t catch a wink.Bookmark here

Daisuke: What about at the hotel? Bookmark here

Natsumi: You expected me to sleep there?Bookmark here

Daisuke: I mean, I slept there.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Idiot!Bookmark here

Daisuke: Huh? We got into London before the sun even got up, I thought you’d at least rest for an hour like I did. Why didn’t you?Bookmark here

Natsumi: I’d be even more tired like that, you know?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Really? I thought getting at least an hour would be good for you.Bookmark here

Natsumi: I could’ve gotten an hour, but I would’ve been even more tired. Jeez. Why’d they make us take a night flight like that anyway? Couldn’t they have planned things out better?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Well, Shinzo did tell us to wait on standby cause he didn’t know where we’d be sent to after London. We did sign up for this…Bookmark here

Natsumi: Oh shut up with your logic!Bookmark here

Daisuke: I mean, I’m only telling you the truth.Bookmark here

Natsumi [Shakes her head, then skips ahead of Daisuke]: This is fun though, isn’t it?Bookmark here

Daisuke [Thinking]: That was a quick mood shift.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Whad’ya mean?Bookmark here

Natsumi: Oh silly, y’know? Being alone, just us two, all the way across the world, on a top-secret mission. Sounds like something you’d see in an action movie crossed with a romance anime. Oh man, it’s the best, isn’t it?Bookmark here

Daisuke [Thinking]: Weren’t you just complaining a second ago? Well, whatever.Bookmark here

Daisuke: As much as this mission’s stressful, being all the way in London is pretty sick. They’re pretty advanced out here, aren’t they?Bookmark here

Natsumi: No kidding. Who would’ve thought that they’d have a bullet train out here too?Bookmark here

Daisuke: And even the high-rises, I mean God, the Riverside Tower looks like something that they’d build in Dubai, not out here.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Oh, don’t get me started on those freaks in Dubai, how many towers do they have there now? Five? Six?Bookmark here

Daisuke: I honestly can’t remember. I know they were supposed to start construction on the new Skyhigh this year.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Really?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Yeah. It was that Sheikh… what was his name?Bookmark here

Natsumi [Confused]: Don’t look at me – you’re the one who knows this type of stuff, not me!Bookmark here

Daisuke: Ah, I can’t remember. But he’s the one who separated the Emirates and Dubai from the rest of that Arabian supercontinent.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Wait, they’re not apart of it?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Aren’t you the one who always tells me you want to fly to Doha or Dubai? Shouldn’t you have known that at least?Bookmark here

Natsumi: What, I don’t know all these politics and all that! I just know what I know after all!Bookmark here

Daisuke: Whatever, whatever. [Pauses] Anyway, the GPS says that we should probably take the next right. Bookmark here

Natsumi: How far away are we?Bookmark here

Daisuke: It says we’re probably like ten minutes walking distance.Bookmark here

Natsumi: So, in that case, we got time to burn.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Huh? Whad’ya mean?Bookmark here

Natsumi: Don’t be stupid! You know good and well these guys probably won’t be dealing with us until at least 11 a.m.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Huh? Why?Bookmark here

Natsumi: Did you do no research on London before coming here? Do you only know the damn politics and logical things that have to do with everything?!Bookmark here

Daisuke: Huh?!?Bookmark here

Natsumi: London workdays start at 11 a.m. every day! I thought you knew that, and we were just leaving early to get a head start since the place was far away!Bookmark here

Daisuke: Wait, wait, wait, where’d you read that? I don’t remember seeing anything of the sort.Bookmark here

Natsumi: You moron! It’s on the London Entertainment page on their city’s website!Bookmark here

Daisuke: Why would you check that?Bookmark here

Natsumi: Why WOULDN’T you check that?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Because this is a damn business trip, we aren’t just out here for fun! You know that!Bookmark here

Natsumi: But if I didn’t check this, we’d be even more deprived for information. You should be thanking me y’know.Bookmark here

Daisuke: What’s there to thank you for – it’s pure luck that you knew about that.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Coming from the guy who didn’t know that foreign work schedules are completely different from Japanese ones – yeah, good one. Bookmark here

Daisuke: How am I supposed to know that, pre-tell?Bookmark here

Natsumi: I don’t know, leave your room once in a while? Socialize? Interact with other human beings rather than being stuck in your office every single day?Bookmark here

Daisuke: How would any of that help with finding out a foreign countries policy? In fact, I’m better off just searching for this kind of stuff online, am I not?Bookmark here

Natsumi [Pouts]: Well maybe if you poked your head out of your damn cupboard once in a while, you’d actually know about these things.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Again, what point are you trying to make? I believe my way of life is quite ideal, mind you. Bookmark here

Natsumi [Bursts out laughing]: Your way of life is normal? Good one!Bookmark here

Daisuke: Huh? What’s so wrong about it?Bookmark here

Natsumi: What’s wrong with it? [Pauses] What’s not wrong with it? [Laughs] You would’ve been a lost cause if Shin didn’t start talking to you in high school man. You barely attended first and fifth period and skipped so many days because you wanted to hole yourself up at home.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Well, Shin definitely saw potential in me – hell, I’m the one who brought you along for the ride! Bookmark here

Natsumi: Yeah, yeah, but any guy like him would be interested if a girl like me told him they’d be willing to join his band of misfits.Bookmark here

Daisuke [Looks at her, then puts his hand on his head]: What do you even provide that isn’t being an annoying nuisance? Why did I vouch for you back then?Bookmark here

Natsumi [Smiles and throws her arm around Daisuke]: Well, you did, and look where we are – middle of London. I mean, as much as I make fun of you, look at you – got an expensive get-up with some nice kicks, a hot girl by your side [She winks at him] and you’re walking in the middle of one of the biggest metropolis’ in Europe to meet some big shot from Sybil. Bookmark here

Daisuke: Yeah, that’s kinda wild to think about. Honest to God, I thought I’d be doing crypto trading and working a 9-5 for the rest of my life.Bookmark here

Natsumi: You really wanted a 9-5?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Hell yeah I did. I wanted to work some office job. Thought it’d be easy enough.Bookmark here

Natsumi: I mean, you used to be a ball of fire in elementary school, that’s for sure, so I didn’t think you’d want to do something as dull as an office job.Bookmark here

Daisuke: I always had that as a goal but coming to high school and only knowing you was rough as hell. Eventually I decided, screw it, lemme start skipping class and all that. Probably the worst possible decision I could make, but what other choice did I have? We barely had any classes together, and it wasn’t like I could easily make friends with anyone. Sitting at home in front of my P.C. and making money through trading was better than anything.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Well, I guess it worked out. The one guy you managed to bump into was someone who’d change your – and my – life. Bookmark here

Daisuke: What Shin’s done with Eastern’s been nothing short of incredible. He’s incredible.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Hell yeah to that. We gotta make him look good to these guys from Sybil eh?Bookmark here

Daisuke: You bet. Bookmark here

[The two fist-bump and continue walking, following the GPS’s directions. Hachiro continues to follow them from a distance, until they approach the building – a corner unit with a dark alley running parallel to the building – with two tall men in black suits standing at the door]Bookmark here

Natsumi [Looks at the door, then at the two men]: When does this place open?Bookmark here

Henchman 1 [Looks down at her]: You talkin to me?Bookmark here

Natsumi [Smiles]: Yeah, I am. We got directions to this place from someone we know. Bookmark here

Henchman 1 [Looks at the other Henchman and chuckles]: Girl, I’m sorry to inform you, but this isn’t some sort of a fun-time establishment. Did you get sent here thinking it’s a Monty’s Pub? That’s a couple doors down.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Oh no, no, we’re sure we’ve got the right establishment. When do you guys open your doors though?Bookmark here

Henchman 2: Listen girl, there’s no way this is the right place for you and your boyfriend. No chance whatsoever. What’s the place that you’re looking for?Bookmark here

Natsumi: I told ya, I’m looking for this place.Bookmark here

Henchman 1 [Slightly irritated]: You got an address or something?Bookmark here

Natsumi: Yeah, it’s 1750 6th Street. Even the picture on the GPS looks the same as this place.Bookmark here

Henchman 2: 6th  street East or West? The road goes in both directions you know…Bookmark here

Natsumi: Obviously East… why would I be here otherwise?Bookmark here

Henchman 2: I don’t buy it.Bookmark here

Natsumi: What do you not buy? I just asked about when y’all open, that’s it.Bookmark here

Henchman 1: Listen girl, we don’t have time for your games.Bookmark here

Natsumi: It’s not a game man! I’m being dead serious! We were told that this was the place by our boss back home.Bookmark here

Henchman 2: Boss?Bookmark here

Natsumi: Right Dais?Bookmark here

Daisuke [Nods]: Yeah, he told us that it should be here, and that we’d come across people like you at the entrance as well.Bookmark here

[Henchman 1 walks towards him]Bookmark here

Henchman 1: Listen bud, I don’t wanna buy your garbage time games, okay? Go hop, skip and jump to the pub, alright? We’re through with you.Bookmark here

Natsumi: But – Bookmark here

Henchman 1: Don’t give me more bullshit. We played along for a little, now go play with yourselves at Monty’s or somewhere else. Bookmark here

Hachiro [Only his voice can be heard]: We’re here for Lockwood, you damn brutes.Bookmark here

[Hachiro stands in the alley next to the building with a large backpack slung over one of his shoulders, out of view of the two henchmen, Daisuke and Natsumi. The shot pans to him, only showing him smoking a cigar with one of his legs kicked up on the building]Bookmark here

Henchman 2: Eh? Who was that?Bookmark here

Hachiro: I said, we’re here for Lockwood man. Why’re you harassing the damn girl? What’s wrong with you morons? Thought the English would be somewhat courteous, but I guess not.Bookmark here

Daisuke [To Natsumi]: That’s…Bookmark here

Natsumi: Must be, right?Bookmark here

Daisuke: I didn’t know theyBookmark here

Henchman 1 [Appears on guard, then turns toward the alley]: Show yourself.Bookmark here

Hachiro: Fine, fine. [He kicks his leg down and walks forward] You happy now?Bookmark here

Daisuke [To Hachiro]: You came?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Of course, I did, you fucking dork. Bookmark here

Henchman 2: Who’re you?Bookmark here

Hachiro [Points at himself]: Oh, me? I’m just another guy with them.Bookmark here

Henchman 1: How do you know Lockwood?Bookmark here

Hachiro: How do I know him? I work with these two morons after all [He puts his arms around both of them], naturally we know who your boss is.Bookmark here

[The two henchmen appear extremely confused]Bookmark here

Hachiro: What’s the problem? Weren’t y’all just harassing Nats here just a second ago? I think she’d like an answer to her question, eh Nats?Bookmark here

Natsumi: Yeah, I would.Bookmark here

Henchman 2: Wait, wait. Lemme ask again. Who are you?Bookmark here

Hachiro: What, you want my whole government name and all that? Man why?Bookmark here

Henchman 2: Because I’m still lost on how the hell you know Lockwood.Bookmark here

Hachiro: Man, lay off, lay off. Didn’t these two morons tell you that Shin and Karina sent us? Can’t you tell we’re Japanese? Put two and two together you damn lackeys.Bookmark here

Henchman 2: Taiki?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Yeah, Shin Taiki man. I’m with him, alright? Jeez.Bookmark here

Henchman 2 [To the other henchman]: So, these are the guys?Bookmark here

Henchman 1: I guess? I mean, who around here would know who Taiki is?Bookmark here

Hachiro: See? It’s not that hard.Bookmark here

Henchman 1 [To Daisuke]: You Shinobu?Bookmark here

Daisuke: That’s my surname, I just go by Daisuke. But yeah, I’m Daisuke Shinobu.Bookmark here

Henchman 1: Well shit, why couldn’t you start with that?Bookmark here

Hachiro: HUH?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Well…Bookmark here

Hachiro [To Daisuke]: You didn’t tell them that Shin and Karina sent you? What the hell?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Well, Natsumi told me that I shouldn’t be the one talking to people, so she took the lead and talked to them.Bookmark here

Hachiro: And you listened to that?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Well, she ain’t wrong, is she? Bookmark here

Hachiro: Well no, she isn’t, but still… what’s wrong with you? [He turns to Natsumi] And you! Why the hell wouldn’t you start with telling them who you were?Bookmark here

Natsumi: I thought they’d know!Bookmark here

Hachiro: How the hell are they supposed to know?Bookmark here

Natsumi: I don’t know! But I thought Karina would’ve told them!Bookmark here

Hachiro: Rina told them y’all were coming, that’s it! God, no wonder she sent me after you two.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Well… [she looks at the henchman], you got a Natsumi on your list?Bookmark here

Henchman 1 [Suspiciously]: Last name?Bookmark here

Natsumi: Hyun. Bookmark here

Henchman 1: Spelt?Bookmark here

Natsumi: You need it spelt out? Really? Man, y’all really don’t trust me. Fine, H – Y – U – N.Bookmark here

Henchman 1 [Confused]: Yeah, wow. Yeah, that’s you then.Bookmark here

Natsumi: What’s the fuss? Bookmark here

Henchman 1: Nothing… I’m just surprised that you’re a chick after all.Bookmark here

Natsumi: EH? You thought Natsumi was a dude’s name? Really? Actually?Bookmark here

Hachiro [To Henchman]: That’s pretty stupid, I can’t lie.Bookmark here

Henchman 1: Well, you sir [Points to Hachiro] – you have no identification on our list.Bookmark here

Hachiro: Oh, come on ya bastard, I’m the one who got this whole ball rolling, wasn’t I? Imagine you sent these two away, then what? Lockwood’s probably canning both of you, no questions asked. Bookmark here

Henchman 2: You’re with these two, aren’t ya?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Of course, I am. I’m just here to keep watch over them, that’s all. Didn’t have anything to do in Japan for now at least, so Rina sent me out here.Bookmark here

Henchman 1: You gonna see Lockwood?Bookmark here

Hachiro: I’d like to, yeah. Y’all gotta be able to make an exception here.Bookmark here

Henchman 2: We’ll see what Lockwood says. We’ll tell him and see what he has to say.Bookmark here

Hachiro: That’s fine then, yeah. [Pauses] By the way, when the hell do you guys open? That was the first question this dumb girl had for you, wasn’t it?Bookmark here

Henchman 2: Oh yeah, Lockwood said he’d get here by 11:00 today.Bookmark here

Natsumi [Looks at Daisuke]: Told ya! 11:00 starts out here.Bookmark here

Daisuke [Rolls his eyes]: Whatever.Bookmark here

Natsumi [To Hachiro]: What’s the time?Bookmark here

Hachiro: 10:09.Bookmark here

Natsumi [To Henchmen]: You guys got any coffee shops around here? Cafes or the sort?Bookmark here

Hachiro: I saw one on the way, I think it’s a little family-owned place?Bookmark here

Henchman 2: Yeah, there’s the Café at the end of the road, maybe a three minute walk from here or so? If you guys want a pub, Monty’s is the other way like I said before.Bookmark here

Daisuke: A pub? At 10 in the morning?Bookmark here

Henchman 2: What, you guys don’t do that?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Hell no! Liq’s are for the evening man! Come on now.Bookmark here

Henchman 2: Well, shit if I know. Bookmark here

Henchman 1 [Interjects]: Y’all are gonna be back at 11:00 then, eh?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Bet your ass on it.Bookmark here

Henchman 1: Alright. Don’t be late. We aren’t letting Mitch wait on you guys.Bookmark here

Hachiro: Yeah, yeah, don’t worry. I’ll keep track of it.Bookmark here

Henchman 2: Alright then, see y’all around.Bookmark here

[Hachiro, Daisuke and Natsumi turn around and walk towards the direction in which the café was]Bookmark here

Daisuke: So… care to explain why you’re here?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Eh? Whad’ya mean?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Why didn’t either of us know about this before?Bookmark here

Natsumi: Yeah! How come you didn’t tell us man? Were you just tailing us?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Well, that was the original plan.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Aw, did Rina put you up to it?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Didn’t I tell ya already that she did? Bookmark here

Natsumi: There really wasn’t anything else to do in Tokyo eh?Bookmark here

Hachiro: I mean, I don’t think there’s a lot. Hell, even she caught a flight.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Really?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Rina actually went somewhere? I call bullshit there.Bookmark here

Hachiro: Nah mate, she went to meet up with Shin and his group.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Oh really? Man, so y’all just left the old man Tak in Tokyo and took off?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Takuya can handle things out there, don’t stress on that. Bookmark here

Natsumi: He’ll probably just have a bunch of paperwork ready for us when we land back.Bookmark here

Hachiro: Probably, haha.Bookmark here

Natsumi: But seriously Hachi, does Rina not trust us with this mission? Bookmark here

Hachiro: Well, yes.Bookmark here

Natsumi [Shocked]: Huh?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Aw girl I’m just kidding. [Looks at Daisuke] Look, even he wasn’t fazed by that, he knew it was bullshit.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Well, no shit, she sent us first so she’s probably expecting shit from us, isn’t that right Hachi?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Yeah. She knows that y’all should be able to carry the brunt of the work in this. She just wanted me involved as a security measure. Hell, y’all weren’t even supposed to know I was here.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Really?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Yeah, I wanted to keep distance and just scope the area to make sure there weren’t spies from Dread or anyone else that might’ve been suspicious. Bookmark here

Daisuke: Then why’d you come to us?Bookmark here

Hachiro: I couldn’t bear hearing the convo you guys were having. Sure, you probably would’ve gotten in, but those two just sounded like idiots. Little did I know that it was both of your faults.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Hey, are you really gonna blame us for them not knowing who we are?Bookmark here

Hachiro: YES! How the hell could you not tell them who you were or where you’re coming from? Come on now…Bookmark here

[The three arrive at the coffee shop, and Hachiro opens the door. The cashier asks him for the number of seats, and Hachiro holds up three of his fingers, and she quickly escorts them to a table]Bookmark here

Natsumi: So… I assume you’ve got information to share with us?Bookmark here

Daisuke [To Natsumi]: Well, won’t it be information that he wants to share with both us and Lockwood? Right Hachi?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Well, I’ve got some shit that I’d prefer to keep between us.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Oh really?Bookmark here

Natsumi [To Daisuke]: Told ya!Bookmark here

Daisuke [Ignores her]: So, what is it?Bookmark here

Hachiro: It’s info on who the mastermind behind all this is.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Oh…Bookmark here

Natsumi: Wait, wait, where’d Shin get this info from?Bookmark here

Hachiro: They took down the main guy’s former right-hand man?Bookmark here

Daisuke [Slams his hand into the table]: Really?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Calm down, calm down.Bookmark here

Daisuke: That’s huge though, isn’t it?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Well, not when it takes three people, and they barely actually get the guy.Bookmark here

Daisuke: It took three? What the hell?Bookmark here

Natsumi: Which three?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Elec and Drift and it was Yuki finally knocked him down.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Sheesh.Bookmark here

Daisuke: It really took all three of our strongest guys? [Pauses] Are any of them injured though, or are they good?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Ah shit I didn’t ask, but I’d think they’d probably be roughed up a bit at least. Maybe not Yukes though.Bookmark here

Daisuke: So, we’re gonna need this backup then, is what you’re saying?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Well, it’d be a helpful addition to what we already have, that’s for sure.Bookmark here

Daisuke [To Natsumi]: Y’hear that?Bookmark here

Natsumi [Drinking her coffee]: Huh?Bookmark here

Daisuke: These negotiations are gonna have to go well. We’re counting on ya.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Me?Bookmark here

Daisuke [Sarcastically]: No, not you.Bookmark here

Natsumi [Slaps him]: Shut up. Why me?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Uh… you’re clearly our best negotiator, despite how stupid you may have looked in front of those guys back there. Ain’t that the reason Shin sent us here Hachi?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Yeah. We don’t really have room for error Nats. Maybe we can’t get all that we want, but we need some backup at least.Bookmark here

Daisuke [To Natsumi]: Plus, you’re the one who’s been able negotiate deals in the past for us. Remember Melbourne?Bookmark here

Natsumi: Melbourne was like a year ago! You’re basing everything on that?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Well, you were the one who negotiated with that bastard… what was his name again?Bookmark here

Natsumi: Don’t look at me like I’d remember!Bookmark here

Daisuke: Hachiro, you got a clue?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Nah. I remember what happened, but I don’t remember the weasel’s name. We squeezed nearly four times what we could’ve gotten out of him though.Bookmark here

Daisuke [To Natsumi]: All thanks to you!Bookmark here

Natsumi [Pouts]: Well, what can I do? If you guys need me this badly, I’ll do my best. Bookmark here

Daisuke: That’s the spirit!Bookmark here

[Natsumi sips her tea, as Hachiro scrolls through his phone, before he places it down unexpectedly]Bookmark here

Hachiro: Shit I almost forgot, lemme just finish dumping my info on y’all before we have to go meet those guys.Bookmark here

Natsumi [Puts her tea down]: There’s more?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Didn’t you say he was his right-hand man? What else…Bookmark here

Hachiro: The other reason why I said that we shouldn’t be celebrating too early is because this guy’s not the current second-in-command.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Eh?Bookmark here

Hachiro: This guy was the second-in-command, or at least was ‘acting’ as it when shit went down. Over time he’s slowly been pushed farther from that second-in-command seating, but he’s still one of the top dogs with them no doubt.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Just to make sure I’m following correctly; we’re still talking about Dreadknight right?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Yeah, yeah. This guy’s still an elite in the inner circles, but hell, we don’t think he’s second or even third-in-command. Bookmark here

Daisuke: The hell? Really?Bookmark here

Natsumi [Interjects]: Wait, you said he used to be part of the old guard, right?Bookmark here

Hachiro: He was – him and the top dog were the ones who originally started this.Bookmark here

Natsumi: You know who that is or no?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Oh yeah.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Then who is it? We got any info on him?Bookmark here

Hachiro: We’ve got plenty of information.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Huh? Really?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Yeah. [Pauses] Cause this one's the guy Shin’s been chasing all this time.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Wait –Bookmark here

Daisuke [Stands up, surprised, and grabs Hachiro from across the table]: You’re kidding me. There’s no way.Bookmark here

Hachiro: I mean, logically it does make sense. Same guy from all that time ago becoming the head of this empire – it doesn’t really shock me.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Well yeah, but still, that’s huge.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Uh – Bookmark here

Hachiro: He’s strong as hell though.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Oh definitely, and he’s probably only gotten stronger from then.Bookmark here

Hachiro: Yeah. Shit though, hearing that it took three people to take down this other guy made me nervous, especially knowing this.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Uh guys – Bookmark here

Daisuke: Fuck. We really need that backup then, eh?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Oh, you bet. This guy’s a cunning bastard, we can’t leave anything unturned.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Nats should be good for that though.Bookmark here

Hachiro: Oh yeah, that’s fine – right Nats?Bookmark here

Natsumi [Slams the table]: SHUT UP! WHO ARE WE TALKING ABOUT?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Eh? You didn’t clue in?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Wait Nats, you don’t know? The guy Shin’s been searching for?Bookmark here

Natsumi: There’s been like a billion people that he’s been searching for! How am I supposed to know which one we’re talking about?Bookmark here

Hachiro: The main one that he’s been tracking since he founded our organization!Bookmark here

Natsumi [Slowly clues on]: Ohhhhh… wait… ohhhhh! Katarov? Really?Bookmark here

Hachiro [Signals to keep her voice down]: Yeah, yeah. He’s the bastard that’s the ringleader of all this shit.Bookmark here

Natsumi: Wow, who knew life came full circle?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Frankly it doesn’t, but this is a chance for Shin to kill this bastard once and for all. Who would’ve thought it’d happen through a human trafficking scandal after all?Bookmark here

Natsumi: They must’ve really wanted that girl then eh?Bookmark here

Daisuke: She’s probably better looking than you, I’ll tell ya that much. [Laughs]Bookmark here

Natsumi [Glares at him]: That’s not funny.Bookmark here

Daisuke: It was funny in my head.Bookmark here

Natsumi: You’re not funny.Bookmark here

Daisuke: I am pretty funny, aren’t I Hachi?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Don’t look to me for help. You’re on your own for this one pal.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Shit.Bookmark here

Natsumi [To Daisuke]: Apology?Bookmark here

Daisuke: Why do I have to apologize? [Looks to Hachiro] Hachi help me man!Bookmark here

Hachiro [Ignores them and continues talking]: Anyway, anyway. Just to let y’all know, there’s two other guys – the second and thirds in command – that y’all should know about.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Names?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Vlar and Fetistof.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Russians?Bookmark here

Hachiro: I’d guess, especially the second guy.Bookmark here

Daisuke: How strong?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Probably strong as hell if they displaced this guy, right?Bookmark here

Natsumi: That’s true. Bookmark here

Daisuke: You got any info though? Or nothing?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Vlar’s newer apparently. He’s the assassin and apparently is pretty damn skilled with it.Bookmark here

Natsumi: You know where he is?Bookmark here

Hachiro: If I had info on the #3 in their group, who’s a damn assassin, which makes it even harder to track him, I’d probably be the most wanted man in Europe, no?Bookmark here

Natsumi: Fair point.Bookmark here

Daisuke: What about the other guy? Fetistof?Bookmark here

Hachiro: He’s a part of the older guard from what it looks like, climbed up the ranks a bit though.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Assassin too?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Nah. Probably just another tough as nails bastard like the other guy was.Bookmark here

Daisuke: Shit. Well, we’ll leave the fighting up to Yuki and them, eh?Bookmark here

Hachiro: Yup.Bookmark here

[Hachiro looks down at his watch, which clocks at 10:52 a.m.]Bookmark here

Hachiro: Shit, shit, we should probably get going. Leave the money and a tip for the waitress, alright? We gotta get moving.Bookmark here

Natsumi: What’s the time? Bookmark here

Hachiro: We got 8 minutes…Bookmark here

Natsumi: Okay, okay. Dais, cover the bill!Bookmark here

Daisuke: Okay, I got it, head on out then!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Natsumi [Her and Hachiro push open the door]: Okay, we’ll see ya there!Bookmark here

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