Chapter 20:

Half and Half

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

Heading towards the Chablis continent.Bookmark here

Now what to do with this situation.
Bookmark here

Iris and Loralei are both sitting beside me. Grayson is driving the carriage. Evelyn is sleeping on the other side while Martin is just inspecting his weapon.Bookmark here

The two beside me aren’t saying anything, but the silence is so loud.Bookmark here

Plus, there’s space in the carriage to fit 10 people.Bookmark here

But they really chose to sit where I am.Bookmark here

It's just like last time with Iris.Bookmark here

Just stay calm.Bookmark here

I shouldn’t let this faze me. Bookmark here

I am a God, and I will not fall prey to these awkward situations.Bookmark here

I shift a bit. As if taking the opportunity, the two shift closer.Bookmark here

Okay. Someone please intervene.Bookmark here

“Just like that, we’re allies?”Bookmark here

Martin scoffs. Thank you.Bookmark here

“Attacking us was a direct order, they can’t just refuse it”Bookmark here

He points at Loralei and Evelyn.Bookmark here

“I still can’t trust those two. And she almost broke my weapon!”Bookmark here

“Really? You aren’t mad about being thrown and stabbed?”Bookmark here

“Who cares about that? I can always be healed. My rifle on the other hand, can’t be repaired”Bookmark here

Dwarves are really something else.Bookmark here

“Maybe I should tell you then. Your father made a prototype of your rifle. We can use that to replace the bolt assembly”Bookmark here

Martin falls silent. He then laughs.Bookmark here

“You’re joking right? That was good, pretty good”Bookmark here

“I’m not joking. Noah made a temporary base in the Epheron continent before he went to face the demon lord”Bookmark here

“And how would you know that? He’s been dead for centuries”Bookmark here

Loralei speaks up.Bookmark here

“You dwarves are very smart when it comes to tech, but I’m surprised you’re bad at figuring things out.”Bookmark here

“What does that even mean? Are you telling me he’s some sort of immortal? Are you?”Bookmark here

Martin and Loralei turn their gaze towards me. Bookmark here

“Does it matter? Would you believe me if I told you I’m the god Aelius?”Bookmark here

“I’d believe you”Bookmark here

Both Loralei and Iris say that sentence at the same time.Bookmark here

Iris suddenly grabs my arm. What.Bookmark here

Martin suddenly falls deep in thought.Bookmark here

“Can I ask why you’re…”Bookmark here

He eyes me up and down.Bookmark here

“…you. I feel underwhelmed”Bookmark here

Tsk. Hearing that from a dwarf somehow ticks me off more than a human saying it.Bookmark here

“I summoned myself by accident”Bookmark here

“Is that why you’re…”Bookmark here

“Yes.”Bookmark here

“Alright. If that’s true, then why don’t you just…”Bookmark here

“I’m mortal as of the moment.”Bookmark here

“Alright”Bookmark here

He thinks about it a bit more. I bet he’s already thinking about the prototype.Bookmark here

Iris lets go of my arm.Bookmark here

“Aelius, do you want to rest? It’s been a long day”Bookmark here

I guess that wouldn’t hurt. Bookmark here

Uh. The two of them are sitting right beside me. Am I supposed to sleep sitting up?Bookmark here

Iris looks at Loralei.Bookmark here

“If you don’t mind, could you move over a little? Aelius needs to lie down”Bookmark here

I can feel the tension in the air.Bookmark here

Loralei stares at her for a moment.Bookmark here

“Sure.”Bookmark here

She moves over to the side, giving me space to lie down.Bookmark here

That was unexpected.Bookmark here

But why was I expecting something in the first place?Bookmark here

I’ve observed too many otherworlders.Bookmark here

Iris places my head on her lap.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I wake up.Bookmark here

It seems to be around evening.Bookmark here

“You’re awake.”Bookmark here

Ah. I’m lying on Loralei’s lap.Bookmark here

I immediately stand up.Bookmark here

“Sorry about that, where’s Iris?”Bookmark here

“She went out a while ago. Don’t apologize.”Bookmark here

“Okay. Where are we?”Bookmark here

She stands up as well.Bookmark here

“The Knight said we crossed into Chablis about an hour ago.”Bookmark here

“Alright thanks. His name is Grayson by the way”Bookmark here

I try to exit the carriage. Bookmark here

She holds my hand.Bookmark here

“I know his name”Bookmark here

“Oh, that’s good then-”Bookmark here

“I want to thank you. Let’s talk a little longer.”Bookmark here

She sits down. I do the same.Bookmark here

“When our father was still alive, he would often tell us about Aelius and how he and Amaris were the ones who watched over the world, keeping it from evil. Evil is a vague concept don’t you agree? Humans would often point to the Demons as evil, but it’s the same for them. Humans do all sorts of evil things, hypocrites all of them. What’s worse is they do it of their free will. As you know, the demons have no choice but to attack the humans. It’s all that God’s fault.”Bookmark here

She looks at me.Bookmark here

“But you’re different. You are against all that is evil in this world. You will end this sham once and for all, won’t you?”Bookmark here

I suddenly feel guilty.Bookmark here

What she’s saying is dead wrong.Bookmark here

She continues talking.Bookmark here

“I was often interested in father’s stories when I was a child. Not of his exploits. I couldn’t accept that demons would always be the evil ones. Take my mother for example. Father loved her, and she loved him. Thanks to her draconic lineage, she had a choice. She wasn’t bound by the blessing like the other demons.”Bookmark here

I keep silent.Bookmark here

“Only a God could remove that curse – is what he said to me. He also told me that Aelius would one day do that for us. And here we are.”Bookmark here

She walks over and sits beside me.Bookmark here

“Once again, I’m sorry I attacked you. And thanks for saving me and my sister. Thank you, Aelius”Bookmark here

Great. Another girl who likes me. She probably looked up to me like some sort of hero as her father told her about me. Now I freed her just like in her father’s stories. She’s mistaking her feelings for me as love.Bookmark here

The guilty feeling inside my chest is getting heavier. Bookmark here

She stands up.Bookmark here

“And about Iris. Does she often leave the group at night?”Bookmark here

Iris?Bookmark here

“I think so. Maybe she’s out for a walk”Bookmark here

“If you say so. I’ll go check on my sister. Thanks for talking with me Aelius”Bookmark here

She manages a smile. It’s a little forced. Bookmark here

It’s like she hasn’t smiled in a while.Bookmark here

She heads out the carriage.Bookmark here

I look at the night sky. It’s a little cloudy tonight.Bookmark here

I head out. We’re in the middle of a forest.Bookmark here

The three carriages are arranged in a triangle. There’s a campfire in the middle.Bookmark here

Almost everyone is there. Hanging around, talking. Elizabeth, Jace, and Hannah seem to be preparing dinner. Toshikasu is talking with Julie and Elen beside the fire. Mercedes and Renz seem to be exchanging tips on Martial Arts and Magic.Bookmark here

“Did you do something?”Bookmark here

I turn around. It’s Aidan. He’s leaning on a tree behind me.Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“I meant nothing by it. But with the way you reacted, you did do something”Bookmark here

I let out a sigh.Bookmark here

“Just feeling a bit under the weather”Bookmark here

He looks at me with suspicion. He then walks to the other carriage.Bookmark here

“Okay then. I hope you feel better soon”Bookmark here

I need some quiet. I head out into the woods.Bookmark here

The path is a little dark since the clouds are blocking the light of the moons. I continue walking despite the darkness. I think about what Loralei said. She was a bit confusing, but I get what she was trying to say. It’s not the demons’ fault, it’s not the humans either. She thinks it was Oberon’s fault since he’s making the demons attack the humans. And I’m here to stop him.Bookmark here

I walk a little faster.Bookmark here

It’s not like that. It’s not just Oberon. I’m to blame as well. Bookmark here

I start running.Bookmark here

For as long as anyone in this world can remember, the demons were always at war with the humans. And as far as I remember, we Gods were always the ones making it happen. Bookmark here

I run faster.Bookmark here

All of it, it was just a game for us. Me, Oberon, Amaris, Oriana, it never mattered to us what happens to the world. Humans die, demons die, we wouldn’t bat an eye even as we watch them kill each other by the millions. Bookmark here

I stop.Bookmark here

And now I know what it feels like to be one. To be mortal. To be tossed in a battle no one wants to fight. I can’t even begin to imagine what everyone else feels like. They’ve definitely had it worse.Bookmark here

“Silence”Bookmark here

Even though I’m out of breath, I manage to let out a scream.Bookmark here

I scream out as loud as I can.Bookmark here

Not a single sound can be heard.Bookmark here

No one will hear me.Bookmark here

The silence seems to go on forever.Bookmark here

Release.Bookmark here

I can’t let these thoughts distract me. It will not wash away the blame, but I can at least do this. Once I’m back to my old self, I’ll stop these meaningless things. If Oberon wants the crown so badly, I’ll let him have it. It’s not worth another second of war in this world.Bookmark here

The question is, will I actually follow through with it when I return? I am aware that this human body is causing all these feelings to surge within me. I don’t know anything anymore. Bookmark here

It’s best to stop thinking about it for now. I have to head back to camp.Bookmark here

Now where is the way back?Bookmark here

Everything looks the same around here.Bookmark here

I don’t have my book, so I’d rather not waste any more of my mana.Bookmark here

I head in a random direction.Bookmark here

The path starts to light up as the moons emerge from the clouds.Bookmark here

It’s still quite dark though.Bookmark here

I keep walking forward.Bookmark here

*tack* *tack* *tack*Bookmark here

Footsteps?Bookmark here

I immediately cast a cloaking spell on myself. Someone’s here.Bookmark here

I head towards the direction of the sound. Bookmark here

As I walk closer, I suddenly step on something.Bookmark here

What the heck?Bookmark here

I seem to have stepped on a demon. Thankfully he seems to be dead.Bookmark here

But how did the demons get this close to us?Bookmark here

I examine the corpse.Bookmark here

His armor is ripped open and his guts have been pulled out. Bookmark here

There are also other bodies here. Looks like a fight happened, and they lost badly.Bookmark here

I should get back.Bookmark here

*crunch* *snap*Bookmark here

Crap, I stepped on a bow.Bookmark here

Suddenly a figure dashes towards my direction.Bookmark here

I fall on the ground as metal claws swipe just above me.Bookmark here

The figure hits a tree behind me, making deep cuts in the wood.Bookmark here

“Oh? I thought someone was still alive… Must be my imagination~”Bookmark here

*tack* *tack* *tack*Bookmark here

The sound of their footsteps fills the silence.Bookmark here

The moonlight begins to glow brighter, revealing the area.Bookmark here

It’s Iris.Bookmark here

She’s not wearing her maid uniform. She’s wearing casual clothes… under a metal exoskeleton. Under her feet, the metal extends around half a foot into some sort of- I can’t describe it, a tube over a metal plate? Whatever it is, it’s making that distinct stepping sound.Bookmark here

Iris seems to be a lot faster with it as well. She’s wearing metal claws on her fingertips. And that smile, it’s the smile I remember seeing that night. Under the light, she seems oddly beautiful and surreal at the same time. There’s blood and pieces of flesh all over her clothes.Bookmark here

“Aelius?”Bookmark here

Oh no. Bookmark here

It’s Loralei. She seems to be looking for me.Bookmark here

“Aelius? …Iris.”Bookmark here

Iris doesn’t even flinch that she’s been seen like that.Bookmark here

“Oh hello~ What are you doing here?”Bookmark here

“You made a mess out of these demons. So you’re the one who’s been decimating the scout patrols”Bookmark here

I stand up quietly. Patrols? You mean she’s been taking out multiple units without our knowing?Bookmark here

“Impressed? Do you think Aelius would like what I did here?”Bookmark here

“I’m not, but I’ll turn a blind eye since they are our enemies after all. And I’m sure Aelius wouldn’t like this.”Bookmark here

Loralei turns around and starts to head back.Bookmark here

A metal bolt suddenly flies towards her head. Loralei catches it with her hand.Bookmark here

“Oops~”Bookmark here

Iris then tries to slash Loralei with both of her claws. Loralei grabs both her arms. Her eyes widen a little as the metal suit slowly overpowers her.Bookmark here

“Amazing, isn’t it? Hydraulics was it called? With this, I can continue helping Aelius kill more and more scum like you~”Bookmark here

The claws stop just inches away from Loralei’s neck.Bookmark here

“You attacked me first.”Bookmark here

“Hm?”Bookmark here

She jumps and kicks Iris with both legs, sending her flying through the trees. Bookmark here

Loralei walks towards Iris.Bookmark here

“I’ll have sister heal you back at the camp. Stay still”Bookmark here

Iris stands up. She smiles. Loralei looks surprised.Bookmark here

“Not bad Half-demon! I’m not as strong as you, but an attack like that is nothing to me~”Bookmark here

“You heal faster than a demon. Surprising.”Bookmark here

A magic circle appears beside her. She pulls out her scythe.Bookmark here

“Let’s see if you can heal from this.”Bookmark here

Alright I have to intervene.Bookmark here

I stand between the two and dispel the cloaking spell.Bookmark here

“You two stop this, please”Bookmark here

Loralei lets go of her scythe.Bookmark here

“You were here this whole time.”Bookmark here

Iris is visibly shocked.Bookmark here

“A-Aelius!? What are you doing here?”Bookmark here

She’s clearly not stable in her head. I need to calm her down.Bookmark here

“I was looking for you Iris”Bookmark here

Iris freezes up for a moment. She’s frightened that I saw her.Bookmark here

Up close, I can see her clearly. Wires from the suit are embedded into her skin, powering the suit. She’s not human. But I can’t tell her that. She was keeping it a secret for a reason.Bookmark here

“I-I…”Bookmark here

She slowly backs away.Bookmark here

“No Iris, it’s okay. Calm down. Let’s just talk”Bookmark here

“Y-you… s-saw me…”Bookmark here

Iris suddenly launches a metal bolt from her suit. Crap.Bookmark here

Loralei catches it before it hits me. She’s pissed.Bookmark here

“He said it was okay. What’s wrong with you?”Bookmark here

Iris freezes up again. Bookmark here

“I d-didn’t mean to- he…I…”Bookmark here

She falls down. I’ve been casting knockout spells on her multiple times now.Bookmark here

A magic circle appears on top of her.Bookmark here

The wires on her suit suddenly detach from her and the suit itself glows and disappears inside the magic circle.Bookmark here

“Her suit has similar enchantments to my scythe”Bookmark here

Loralei picks her up. She looks at me.Bookmark here

“You could have stopped her earlier. Were you interested on me fighting her?”Bookmark here

“I was just shocked for a moment”Bookmark here

“Hm. Okay. Let’s head back.”Bookmark here

She walks in the direction she came from. I stop for a moment.Bookmark here

“Thanks, Loralei, you saved my life back there”Bookmark here

She stops as well.Bookmark here

“It’s the least I can do for you… I mean it’s to be expected”Bookmark here

She heads back.Bookmark here

I look around. There are at least 30 bodies here. Iris decimated an entire unit by herself.Bookmark here

And Loralei shrugged off her attacks like it was child’s play.Bookmark here

Both of them are strong. Too strong.Bookmark here

I head back as well.Bookmark here

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